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George Mwaura     Dec 28, 2014

Dear Lenders,

I appreciate the assistance you have given me this far.

Below are a few photos from my business.

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock
Kinoo, Kenya

Boniface Simiyu     Dec 28, 2014

I want to thank all my lenders.I just finished paying my first Zidisha loan and it made such a difference in boosting my photoshop and photography business.I have managed to save toward purchasing a new digital camera and even managed to stock my shop from the proceeds of the photography work that had increased because of longer days you made possible for me to hire the cameras for my work.Again Happy holidays and i wish you all the best in the new year.Kids are not yet back to school but i have been having a busy time taking photographs and not only repaying the loan but restocking my business.I look forward to doing more business with you.On Christmas day i made close to 150$!!!! Thanks again

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer
Siritanyi Village Bungoma, Kenya

Eric Ongau     Dec 28, 2014

Dear lenders,
May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your friendly gesture, by accepting to lend me. The money did a great job. By coincidence, when I received the money, after two days my welding machine broke down. The secondary windings and the cooling fan windings melted! The machine was rendered useless. If it were not for the loan today I could be telling a very sad story.
The good news is: I only raised a few extra dollars plus the loan the money was enough to hire a specialist to carry out repairs immediately. After four days of waiting anxiously one morning the technician surprised me at my shop with the machine ready for use! It was a well done job.
The machine is doing a good job. Once again thank you.
In the picture the replaced windings can be seen in white color while the new fan is shiny. I love my trade and with sufficient capital I will make it. Blessings to you all.

Materials for large client order in welding business
Kisii, Kenya

Jackline Polo     Dec 28, 2014

Dear Lenders,
Happy holiday season!! I'd like to inform you that my family and I are well, we enjoyed this festive season spending that much needed quality family time together and we thank God for good health. I trust that you and your families are well too as u await to usher in the new year.
The last loan I took from Zidisha, which I have fully paid back, was ksh. 38,800 (approximately $435) towards my goat rearing and selling business. That money enabled me to expand my goat pen to accommodate my growing stock. The cost of construction is broken down as follows: Timber 200ft @ ksh 49 ($0.5) X 200= ksh 9800 ($110), 20 iron sheets @ ksh 600 ( $6.7) X 20= ksh 12,000 ($134) , Labour cost was ksh 10,000 ($112), the balance of $79 I added to my profit from sale of previously existing stock to cater for transport cost, nails, extra water tank to harvest rain water for the goats.
I'd like to thank you all for supporting my business and upgrading my living standards and that of my son through Zidisha loan. I hope you will continue to support me in my next loan application.
Regards Jackie

Purchase of breeder goats and artificial insemination
Nairobi, Kenya

Mary Neequaye     Dec 28, 2014

Hello Zidisha and Lenders,
l am glad for what you have done for me. l needed money to improve my business and no one wanted to give me but a friend invited me to join Zidisha and now l have seen Changes.Below you will see pictures of my business.

Inventory for salon shop
Manhean, Ghana

Dennis Kipkurui     Dec 28, 2014

This is the machine which I use for typing purposes....

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers
Kapsoya, Kenya

Wilbur Kiplagat     Dec 27, 2014

sincerely I would like to thank the Zidisha team for their entire support. The loan has ever enabled me to purchase high quality materials for making sofa sets. Apart from that, the amount of timber has been increased and there has been ease in making the furniture.
The purchase has been a milestone as my profits have increased compared to the recent times and I can comfortably pay my employees daily or weekly.
My neighborhood is a place to be with a scenery of beautiful trees and vegetation with a good landscape suitable for living

Profitable and lucrative sofa set making business!
Mvita, Kenya

Kelvin Gikonyo     Dec 27, 2014

I once again thank all my lenders for the generosity they have shown me, God bless you all for your Kindness. The loan has helped me alot, because i was able to increase my stock from what i had previously and now i am able to make some more profit.

Purchase of small generator for my poultry house
Kasarani Santon, Kenya

Edmond Barasa Khisa     Dec 27, 2014

Technology has actually made this world a better place to be. As long as you are technologically literate, one with an extra mind can do exploits to earn a living even without being employed. as long as the mind is sharp. Getting access to unique funding microfinance Zidisha is one of them. Due to technology, we are able to borrow, invest, repay it back on time. This has made the world actually into a global village. I love this.with this financial lending organization, a serious individual wont afford losing it or its trust. I really congradulate Zidisha for its heart. Long live Zidisha, to help the entire world's innovative minds.

New printer purchasing
Webuye, Kenya

Esther Wangari     Dec 27, 2014

This is me in the shamba as you can see my carrots are doing very well.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop
Kimende, Kenya