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Maliha Salim     Oct 15, 2014

Thank you Jim for message concerning your family, I am 28 years old, am a second born in a family of four.
Two girls two boys. Our first born is a boy who is Suleiman my elder brother aged 29 and twins a girl and and boy my young brother and sister (Rukia + Shabadi)
My brother he is at home jobless, i managed to get employed for few years then i got blessed to start my own small business and where i am today struggling to expand my business.

School uniforms material
Kilifi Mabirikani, Kenya

JimVandegriff     Oct 15, 2014

Hi Maliha,
I have two daughters, Maliha, both in their early 20's who are out in the world and busy with their lives. One of them sews whimsical creations of colored tutu's for children and sells them besides doing her full time job of being a nanny. My other daughter is a worker at a call center for a cellular phone company who has a rambunctious three year old daughter of her own. These are busy girls. My wife and I are older, retired from working for income, and enjoy our home and garden. Thanks for inquiring about my family. All the best, Jim

School uniforms material
Kilifi Mabirikani, Kenya

Fatchur Rochman     Oct 15, 2014

I am very busy in the field of public library administration tasks. I still found time to develop my business. I am also glad that my business is growing. Loan capital of Zidisha, I have been used to add various brands of mineral water products, gas tube and products egg-nut in the brand of SEDAP BETUL. All further added production and sales turnover.
I am very grateful to all lenders of Zidisha. Hopefully, all the more successful and more prosperous.

Additional commodity products for clothing/apparel store
Jember, Indonesia

Nana Adjoa Mens     Oct 15, 2014

Hi Lenders. l have got my loan and l am able to buy some books for my studies.with this l will be able to increase my knowledge about my profession studies. Thank you all very much.

tuition fees and books to complete a university degree in nursing
Cape Coast, Ghana

Peter Karigu     Oct 15, 2014

Hi everyone. I am very happy that I have manged to add another desktop monitor and CPU for my cyber. I am very optimistic to be through in paying the loan 100% by 30th October, 2015.

A loan to buy computers and market/promote my cybercafe
Nairobi, Kenya

McJulio     Oct 15, 2014

Thank you, your shop looks very nice and your daughter looks to be about the same age as mine who is 7. These pictures give me a gimpse at the world outside of mine here in New York City.

Purchasing ink for canon and epson
Boyolali, Indonesia

JillV     Oct 15, 2014

Hello Irene, how are things going? I would love to see a picture of the strawberries! Those fruits are out of season now in the US so I miss them. Hope all is well, God Bless.

Expansion of my farming
Thika Mangu, Kenya

Vincent Kipruto     Oct 15, 2014

My business has improved since its nearing festive season and people tend to buy alot of clothes . I have also started advertising my shop in local news papers and this has positively impart. I can say am now starting to grow into real corporate business all thanks to Zidisha and my lenders. ASANTE SANA

Bravo mitumba stall
Kericho, Kenya

Sophia Mwihaki     Oct 15, 2014

Thank you Zidisha for affording me the loan two days ago. I am shopping around for one refurbished computer to add to the existing ones. The extra computer will increase income and help me to advance more in the next loan. I am very grateful because I could not have gotten this loan from any other source in a short time without collateral. I will continue posting my progress in this page.

Purchase of one refurbished computer
Nakuru, Kenya

Seth Peprah     Oct 15, 2014

i thank all all the team members of the zidisha that they have made me have my work done at my shop its booming and moving and i hope that in the near future i will be one of the best chemical seller in my area

To employ two workers
Biadan, Ghana