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Edmond Barasa Khisa     Dec 30, 2014

Previously life was a little complicated as far as wealth and development re concerned. To those who were born from poor families, they had had highest chances of remaining poor as the saying the rich continue to pile more while the poor continue to be more poor. With introduction of these financial means of funding like zidish, life has dramatically changed. Some of the people from poor backgrounds like us with big minds can now easily access money and exploit their capabilities turning them into reality. Looking forward to continue working with zidisha.
I was anlysing my living standard before and after being introduced to you, actually there has emerged a very big difference.this is because i now own eg a poshomill although it is very far from where im based for IT business. (That is way back home) but its doing fine under my parents supervision and they have so far not disappointed me in it. This, i couldnt be having without your previous loan. My other Cyber project although it failed due to strategic position, but i still have the resources i was to use thus i was forced to take them back home and buy time to search for a better place, fortunately ive found the best place ever of my choice which i have already paid for a three months rent being Ksh 20,000 per month. That is ive paid Ksh 60,000 rent. I have almost all things i need for a start which i had bought from part of previous zidisha loan which i also spent in my current business which is doing extremeny well(Thnks to zidisha). the only part remining now is the photocopier which costs Ksh 60,000. The shop is to be vaceted in the next two weeks by the County Government of Kilifi, Kenya in Mtwapa. With Zidisha help for me to get Ksh 40,0000, ill be able to top up the Ksh 20,000 from my business earnings to purchase this.It is one of the major central core of this business thus i must be having it. Thank you as i look forward to working with you Zidisha. God bless.

New printer purchasing
Webuye, Kenya

Hadija Abdulahi     Dec 30, 2014

My free range poultry farm is doing well, I have managed to grow my stock from an initial of 4 hens and 1 cock to about 37 although the majority are cock.

Am currently constructing more chicken coop since the are increasing in number at a relatively fast rate and majorly to avoid pecking in over crowded areas.

Once in a while I sell the large cocks to avoid in breeding and of course i need the money to purchase chicken feed.

My son enjoys this poultry venture more than anyone else, I believe, because every time we go to see them, he never sits down, he`s always outside running round trying to catch them.

All this would not have been possible without your help zidisha, thank you very much.

Hope the pictures will tell more.


Poultry feeds making ingredients and a feed mixer
Nairobi, Kenya

Pauline Kagiri     Dec 30, 2014

Hello Lenders, this is to inform you on how the last loan impacted my life; I used the funds to expand my stock of handbags. This came as a result of the coming in of new clients and the demand being higher than the supply I had. In addition, through the loan, I was able to cultivate good relationships with a supplier who I look forward to working with in the long term.
With time, it has become necessary for me to delegate deliveries of handbags to a lady so I could focus on generating new leads and constant supply.
I am happy that I am on the journey to financial independence:)

More handbags for my emira.
Juja, Kenya

Boniface Simiyu     Dec 29, 2014

Some of my photoshop work, a menu for a new hotel in Bungoma town.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer
Siritanyi Village Bungoma, Kenya

Victor Kibor     Dec 29, 2014

The Christmas was fine and possibly hope that the coming year 2015 will be alright.

Seeds,seedling and fertilizer 4 maize and sugarcane farming
Iten Kaptoo Village, Kenya

Richard Sampong     Dec 28, 2014

These are some of the teak

Planting teakwood trees
Berekum, Ghana

klunpa01     Dec 28, 2014

Dear Lenders!

I am writing to let you know I am back in Dakar for a few weeks for the holidays. I had the chance to stop by to visit Ameth last week to see the progress of his business. Ameth took his first loan with Zidisha in March 2014 and he is currently on his second loan. He lives in the Dakar neighborhood of Mermoz with his older brother Moussa, and his younger sister is currently pursuing her studies at the university.

Ameth works from home, where he raises chickens on the third floor of his house to sell. He purchases them from when they are very young and raises them until they are 45 days old. He then sells them to local clients for 2,500 XOF to 3,000 XOF ($5-$6) gaining a small profit. Since my last visit Ameth has made tremendous progress in the growth of his activities. He installed cages in one of the rooms in order to increase the number of chickens he can raise at once. Now he is able to raise up to 50 chicks in the same room he has his older chickens. He plans eventually to install an automated water tank so he won't have to fill the water twice a day.

Not only has Zidisha helped reinforce Ameth's activities, it has given him the ability to make plans on how he will continue to expand. He has already purchased several quails, from which when he plans to sell the eggs. He explained each quail will lay at least one egg daily, which he will be able to sell in order to boost his revenue. Not only the quails will boost his profit but Ameth has also recently purchased a freezer. With the freezer he will be able to store his chickens which are ready until he has clients. This will decrease the chance of losing the chickens. Another development is that Ameth has commenced to sell 50 chickens a month to a restaurant caterer. Ameth hopes to continue to expand his activities to include other local restuarants.

Even though the commencing loans have been small, this has not limited Ameth's potential to envision the future of his business. Ameth and I spent discussing what the future could hold for his activities. He spoke of land he has in Thioraye, just a little outside Dakar. He said one day his production is large enough to be able to relocate there. He also spoke of his vision to produce mayonnaise or other similar commercial products for local consumption.

Ameth not only has chickens and quails but he has two dogs as well. His two dogs he raised and trained by himself live on his rooftop terrace. They respond to his commands in Wolof. Ameth's forward-thinking and positive attitude is evident when he talks about his prospects for the future. I am glad I had a chance to stop by to visit, and I look forward to seeing his progress when I am in Dakar again!

Paige Klunk
Senegal Liaison

Raising Chickens
Dakar-fann, Senegal

George Mwaura     Dec 28, 2014

Below is a photo with more members of the extended family:

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock
Kinoo, Kenya

George Mwaura     Dec 28, 2014

Hi Michael,

My family and I had a wonderful Christmas with our extended family in the countryside - I have uploaded a few photos of the dairy goat project.

Attached is a group photo with the extended family.

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock
Kinoo, Kenya

George Mwaura     Dec 28, 2014

This one got a kid.

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock
Kinoo, Kenya