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Dartey Enock     Feb 5, 2015

At work

To expand my cashew nut business
Berekum, Ghana

Mary Neequaye     Feb 5, 2015

This is my business.

Inventory for salon shop
Manhean, Ghana

Monicah Njeri Kariuki     Feb 5, 2015

cosmetics inside the shop other for sale and also for use

Stock for Beauty Salon
Nairobi-dagoreti Conner, Kenya

Monicah Njeri Kariuki     Feb 5, 2015

still inside the saloon now

Stock for Beauty Salon
Nairobi-dagoreti Conner, Kenya

Daisy Olonde     Feb 5, 2015

Dear Zidisha Team. Thank you very much for the loan I got. I managed to get 12 ladies hand bags which are beautiful and believe me, I already have some orders to deliver. Thank you once again for your support to see my business grow.

Daisy’s ladies outfits and bags
Nairobi, Kenya

Jennipher Atieno     Feb 5, 2015

I and the pupils in our class

Buying rice, beans, and porridge for daycare program
Nairobi, Kenya

Wilberforce Oyiengo     Feb 5, 2015

I take this opportunity to thank all zidisha team for the big support you have given me by funding school fees loan for my son, who is expected to join his secondary school by next week. This is to confirm that the loan was full funded on time and has been disbursed, my prayer is that i work had to maintain on time repayment, and i know God will enable me.

Building commercial house
Kakamega, Kenya

Sam Sangalo     Feb 5, 2015

halo zidisha members, my pig gave birth last week, the pigs are looking healthy, but within a month i will sell them off n i buy bigger ones! its had to take care of small piglets, i have a source of nice piglets abt three months old that i will buy, by the end of feb as i have talked to the owner n he agrees on exchange n some money on top! thanx for the support i can effectivelly feed my animals now! be blessed

Adding chickens to my farm
Kisumu, Kenya

Aan Kurniadi     Feb 5, 2015

Thank you to the Zidisha lenders and staff.

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Terimakasih para pendana dan team Zidisha..

Adding inventory for mobile phone business
Teluk Kuantan, Indonesia

David Mutiso     Feb 5, 2015

what am doing now

Milk frezeer for my dairy keeping business
Ilinge, Kenya