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Erico Onyango Jayie     Oct 21, 2014

Thanks so much lenders. I am so humbled by your kind gesture to support.Once again thank you and welcome for A piece of water melon anytime you visit Kenya between December and January

Help me build temporary green house for tomatoes
Bugengi Busia County, Kenya

Henry Muya     Oct 21, 2014

I thank you all the lenders for trusting me with your money,after you gave me the funds my sales have increased due to the fact that most of my customers are getting all the products they want unlike when i didn't have the funds. Am looking forward to expanding my business more and more.
My God bless you all.

Selling second-hand clothing
Mombasa, Kenya

Michelle     Oct 21, 2014

Hi Carolyne,
Im so glad to hear that you got the loan! This is my first time lending on Zidisha. I chose your business because you seem like a smart business woman who knows your customers and what services they need at different times of the year. Best wishes and please let me know how you go!
Kind regards,

Increase inventory for clothing retail business
Ngarariga Town, Kenya

Harbard Tochi     Oct 21, 2014

WOOI WOOI;Thank you lenders now am happy for the great support you have given me. Actually my loan is fully funded and am waiting for the disbursement of the loan. I will buy the computers and the printer and my customers I think will be happy with this.

To add two computers and printer to my cybercafe
Kisii, Kenya

Antony Muraga     Oct 20, 2014

This evening, I got mpesa message crediting my a/c with the sum I had borrowed from zindisha. Am so grard for this funding and already tomorrow, I will make an order for goods I had quoted in my application. Thanks zindisha community.

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks.
Nairobi Umoja Estate, Kenya

David Gitau     Oct 20, 2014

Part of this is contribution from zidisha lenders. I look fowaward to your continuedd support

Adding stock of home supplies in my shop
Nairobi, Kenya

Joyce Boro     Oct 20, 2014

Its been a long time since i last wrote to you (my Zidisha Lenders); am well and good great with my business. i was able to purchase a second hand computer which is helping me and i was able to have a trainee who helps me learn the bureau. I thought i need some more time before hiring a permanent help thats why i picked on a trainee who is proving to be very helpful. Am still hopeful in future i will be able to do that. Otherwise its all thanks to Almighty as well as to my Lenders for their effortless help they have accorded me. Thank you again and be blessed!

Kui's Bureau (typesetting, photocopying, binding, lamination, scanning, and design)
Nakuru, Kenya

Susmiati Komalasari     Oct 19, 2014

Thanks zidisha and funders thanks to you all I can develop my PS2 rental business. The evidence that I elaborated effort.

Rental playstation 2 dan 3 dan service stik
Taluk Kuantan, Indonesia

Nana Adjoa Mens     Oct 19, 2014

Dear Lenders, l am glad for the support you gave me when l needed loan to buy books for my studies, l am getting well with my studies and nursing profession.

tuition fees and books to complete a university degree in nursing
Cape Coast, Ghana

David Kamau Waweru     Oct 19, 2014

Hi lenders and zidisha fraternity!I am fine too.Things are not bad.I have collected my first batch of 200 birds a week ago and haven order the second batch.The chicken house is ready and cow project is on course .I have disposed other 40 indigenous chicken.The amount raised will help in payment of school fees balances.Student are at half term break for three days.I wish all good times.

Buy pedigree cows
Salgaa Rongai, Kenya