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Victor Adeya Mbeja     Feb 7, 2015

fish pond before lining

Improvement of my bee farming
Nambale/mabunge, Kenya

Yvonne Mageka     Feb 6, 2015

Hallo my Zidisha family. due to your loan I was able to buy a nice flat iron and a blow drier for my salon.This has made my work so much easier and my revenue is increasing thanks to you dear lenders.here are the pictures.

Inventory of a salon drier
Nairobi, Kenya

Job Omondi     Feb 6, 2015

the chicks that am feeding,and i sell them nicely,people often come for them

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm
Nyamira, Kenya

Job Omondi     Feb 6, 2015

myself feeding the hens

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm
Nyamira, Kenya

Job Omondi     Feb 6, 2015

these are my hens in my farm

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm
Nyamira, Kenya

Wairimu Gathii     Feb 6, 2015

i have been super excited this past couple of days, i went back to school to take up my post graduate diploma,and i am studying hard for my barexams at the end of this year.
my business is good,plus i have employed a person to manage the same while i am at school getting an education.
i am looking foward to complte repaying this instant loan, so that i can get an increased ammount in order for me to continue doing exploits.
long live zidisha

Dry-grain farming to boost supply for my retail cereal shop
Nakuru Rhonda Estate, Kenya

Godfrey Kimathi     Feb 6, 2015

Hello,im very happy for your support which you gave to me,i managed to purchase a good heifer and i also constructed a new cow shed for the heifer, thanks and may God bless you all.

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter
Meru, Kenya

Grace Wambui     Feb 6, 2015

This is part of the shop where i have some cosmetics ,body lotions and others like perfumes especially for women

To increase my stock in the new business i have opened
Nairobi-kahawa Wedani, Kenya

Virginia Wambui     Feb 6, 2015

Hi Zidisha,
I have been able to boost my business, I received my loan on Monday morning, on Tuesday I went to the market and bought some more fruits, I also bought a blender for fresh juice... On Wednesday I had started selling juice and some more fruits for fruit salad. So far the response is good and am positive it shall get even better. Can't wait to finish paying my loan so I can get some more. Thank you Zidisha

Second hand bales for bras
Nairobi, Kenya

Augustine Kwame Ansah     Feb 5, 2015

I am fully repaid, and I am really grateful my dear Zidisha team and Lenders. Many thanks to our dear Lenders, now my business is going well this time around. May God bless you all and reward you. Thank you.

Equipment for my fitness centre
Sunyani, Ghana