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Increase capacity

I am a businesswoman in plantain chips production at a small scale. I was given a loan, which enabled me get slicer. I can now produce more quality per day and generate more income after sales.

Loan for restocking my trolley inventory

Thank you for the previous loan, i was able to update the inventory stock just before al my stock ran out. I am now able to to maintain the supply for the whole week.


Loan to invest in education

Good luck Asana with your new loan!

Restocking clothes business

I will restock clothes and get a rental stall.It will help me get new clients and improve my sales.
No words to express how much thankful and happy I am .You've made my dream come true.

Thank you so very much.

Re-stocking computers

I take this opportunity to thank my lenders for financing my loan (of ksh 264,674 which i received) as well as inform you of my progress. i have been preparing to rent a bigger space so as to separate the shop from the workshop. this current loan came in handy as i was able to get a bigger space and restock as well.
Am so grateful for the financial uplift to face lift my business.
i could not post updated coz i had a problem with my phone and could not access my account

Solar units for homes

That is great news Jonathan.

To purchase bags and materials for sale

Thanks to all lenders

To purchase materials

Thanks to zidisha my profit has increase from 10%-13% and daily sales from 20%-35%.
Thanks again zidisha has really help me a lot

Expansion of my restaurant business

Good luck and many greetings from Germany

Kibera nairobi

Thank you very much all my lenders,may God bless you big, I'm so happy,and I promise I will pay my loan on time,for this loan I'm going to add more computers, for your support I will fulfil this 10 computers


Materials to make my own power generator

Wishing you all the best with your work!

Purchasing an embroidery machine

Hello Lenders. I begin by thanking all of you for your continued support. My last loan was very helpful not only to me, but also to my family and a few other needy citizens. Through that loan, i was able to establish and develop a new clothing joint, which increased my daily income by more than Ksh 1,000, enabling me to pay school fees for my kids and also employ one more worker, who also dependants to support. Through this job, i've also been able to make some savings which i use to visit children's home and give my donation. I'm more than grateful for all the help that has been extended to me.

Soda ash and caustic soda for soapmaking

Best wishes for this loan and your business

Loan to supply 2000 school children uniform

Thank you lender i want this loan to buy materials and machines to help me supply a 4000 uniform to school children in the Yendi Municipality and its surrounding villages, this contract was awarded to me due to the number of girl child trained in tailoring and how it helps reduce girls marrying at young age without having any hand work, which affects their married homes because they are always dependents to their husbands.

Buy industrial sewing machine

I really appreciate for everything and I will still be truthful to u

To purchase some few goods for the store i i started.

Hi this is me there, being able to start small with earnings from Superlife. i was able to get those earnings because of Zidisha. May God continue to empower you my lenders to continue with the good work.

Buying stationeries for my cybercafe business

With the loan I was given i was able to improve my profits which enable to pay school fees for my daughter, also it helped me to buy food for orphans during Christmas.

Selling of clothing materials for men,women and children

I always appreciate my lenders. You make me happy. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for the loan giving to me. God bless you

Full-color digital printing

Dear Lenders,
Thank you so much for your patience and tolerance. I have not performed well in the current loan due to the many detbs accrued from the medical bill I had few months ago. I thank God that I have managed to settle all those debts and am now stable. My doctor has been very understanding, he put the life of the baby first and may God bless his hands. I can now embark on my dreams and visions for my business. Since I had to spend the loan on medical bills, I still in need of the color printers. I will therefore work hard to clear my loan and get the next one to buy the printers and even expand my office as it has become small due to the influx of customers and growing income. It has now become an office and not a kiosk as it started. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true. May God bless you abundantly


Materials to make my own power generator

I would love to see a photo of your generator. Your metal work looks wonderful!

Grocery shop

Hello lenders.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort you have made to make me reach where i am.The loan i got i purchased vegetables and dry goods for my business.This made a big difference in my business.I have many customers who are coming to my store .my earnings have increased by 30%and i am very happy.The increased i got i used it to pay school fees for my children and also my mum had athrities,so i buy painkillers for her every month.Once again thanks alot for the good work you are doing.May God bless you.

Educational support

Thanks very much for your support

Solar units for homes

Hello Tom, thank you for the information. Clement contacted me and we talking, am hoping to meet up with him and discuss further on how his experience with solar cookers has been on the Zambian market.

Many thanks

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements

Thank you for continuing repayments.

To purchase camera and accessories

I will invest all the loan amount in my photo studio business so as to be able to get bigger orders to take pictures and film videos for bigger programs.
This would help me expand my business, serve many people and then increase my revenue.

Always grateful and thank to Zidisha staffs and to to my lenders for this great opportunity.
God gracefully bless you all

Making flour from local millet

Dear lenders.This is to inform you that I have received the loan of $ 360.Surely I cannot thank you enough.I have added my inventory of finger millet and sorgum using the $ 230 .This has increased my profit by 40%.May The good Lord continue to add blessings to your generosity.

Educational loan

Thank you very much Mark Gray for this great financial support. This loan will be added to an amount to fully pay off my school fee arrears to enable me register courses for this semester to access teaching and learning. I'm very much grateful Mark Gray and to the Zidisha family. I will honor payment as scheduled.

Buy more stock in my agrovet shop

I will buy highly demanded farm inputs hence profit rise.Farmers in my locality will also benefit in that they will get a reliable shop for all their farm inputs whenever they need.
I take this opportunity to thank all lenders who contributed to raise this loan at appropriate time. May God bless you abundantly.


Soda ash and caustic soda for soapmaking

I wish you the best, Twumasi. Tanvir.

Business mentorship program

Am so grateful dear lenders for funding me once again. Am ready to continue expanding and impacting more one at a time. Much blessings


Mobile phone payment service center

I would love to see your newly renovated shop Joscah!

Business mentorship program

Hello Susan,
wish you all the best for your plans for the mentorship program.

To pay my son's school fees

Hello Zimei,

Can't stop thanking you for the motivating words. I can only get this at Zidisha where lenders motivate borrowers with such kind, encouraging and motivating words.

Thank you once again and God richly bless you.

To pay my son's school fees

Micheal and Anne,

I'm glad and grateful to you for your support. God richly bless for your love. kindness and confidence in me.

Solar units for homes

Thank you, Zoe, for these very helpful resources on solar cooking! I encourage everyone to have a look!

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Greetings my lender! We just finished repaying our loan and ready to request for a new loan. This time we are requesting a loan to distribute solar lamps for harvest time. All our women are ready to pay off the total cost of the solar lamp once they harvest their crops. Its so amazing to see how people are so interested to switch from kerosene and sub standard battery torches to quality, warranted and affordable solar products we are distributing. Thanks to all of you and please consider loaning me for this great cause!

I thank you all!

Selling locally produced yams

Lenders, I therefore want to thank you for your support and all the zidisha staff,may God bless you and increase your resources and the desire to help more, thanks.

Selling locally produced yams

The picture of my yam tubers.

Moving my business to higher level

Hey Margaret,
Thanks alot for your positive comments and also your support.l appreciate a lot.
Kind Regards ,


Moving my business to higher level

Hi Martin,
I really admire your business skills, you are obviously very good at seeing opportunity and making it work for you. Best of luck to you with your new loan! Regards, Margaret

To pay my son's school fees

Zidisha system of borrowing where the borrower is not require to provide asset as a collateral is a game changer, and has helped and still helping people like me for a good reason. I'm always grateful and thankful to all lenders on the platform.

Buy more rice and tomatoes for my retail shop

Thanks so much Lenders for funding my loan for me, I appreciate your efforts to support my business. I am also going to use the loan to work harder in order to expand my business, God richly bless you you all.

Code academy setup

Hi, Thank you so far for the support.
I have secured some appliances for ventilation, and the premises is taking shape.
People are beginning to take interest in what am doing and are also getting ready to enrol in the program.
Thank you very much.

Loan for the expansion of my shoe business.

Thank you very much I appreciate all that you are doing am very greatful.the has been disbursed to me am very happy I promise to buy more variety of shoe for sales to attract my customers. To increase my profit margin .
Thank you.

Non-woven 80 gsm

Thank you Simon for the kind words.

Inventory of bananas for market stall

My dear lenders: I received my loan on 1st of February, 2019 amounting to kshs 62,640 ($626.4). Thank you so much for the loan. I bought 85 bananas @ kshs 660 ($6.6) per a banana costing me in total, kshs 56,100( $56.1)

Buying and selling

i want to really thank zidisha team for this loan opportunity. i will buy more accessories to stock my ICT stores. so i could make more profits by selling them.

Irrigation farming

This loan will help me to expand my farm. I am planting more peppers and garden eggs. I need more fertilizer and insecticide to spray to young plants and also the old ones. I want to acquire a farm laborer to help. I would like to thank you for the loan. Thank you.

Solar units for homes

Glad to see you are catching up with payments. With regard to shopping bags, the best (imho) is cloth or net bag that the customer brings themselves and uses over and over. Even heavy plastic is good if it is used many many times and finally properly recycled. I believe paper can go to biodegradable, or green waste to be turned into compost for garden fertilizer. I suppose there are machines for cutting, folding and gluing paper together to make bags. The ones in the US are probably expensive, complicated and make tons of bags quickly.
btw, what do think of the various types of solar cookers: evacuated tube, box, panel, parabolic? Best wishes.

Buy toners and new printers

Good luck Alice!