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Add stock

I am going to buy new products to add may stock. I really appreciate the loan I have used,I am going to restock my kibanda thank you my lenders

Purchase land & help improve food security

Dear lenders, this is the current state of my land project. I have uprooted all pea trees and the land is ready for planting. I have dug 2*2 inch holes for maize planting. I am harvesting kales and spinach on daily basis for supply in the nearby hotels. I am trying to connect my house with offgrid solar systems with a small battery and a 12vDC to AC inverter. Hence I can listen to radio music to get informed while I work at the farm. I purchased the inverter from Jumia online shop at a price of Kes 2,000. The battery is part of my water pumping system used for trial, I am yet to buy one for my stereo system.

To finance my university education

I received an amount of GHS1,237. I have paid my monthly hostel fees with the loan received, I will make part payment of my school fees for the semester, buy books and stationery items for the semester. I will pay for an IT training courses to enhance my IT skills. Once again I take this opportunity to say thank you to all my lenders. You have no idea how much your help means to me. God richly bless you all for your kindness and generosity.

Inventory for my salon business

A loan of $2 helped to diversify the supply of perfumes and I gained new clients with unique tastes, the income from sales increased and I'm confident to open a big store.
I'm an inspiring young entrepreneur from Kisumu city (K). I live with my husband and 15year-old,son.
I do saloon business and also perfume-selling. Sometimes I do get the products from abroad. I really try to put all my efforts into developing the business and plans to open a big store.

My husband works at a local mining company and, a side from his daily work, he also owns coffee-making machines in several places in the city.

In order to diversify the supply of perfumes, I decided to apply for financial assistance. I plan to expand the variety of perfumes. This will help me to gain new customers with unique tastes and increase the income from the business.

I and my husband are risk takers and we try every business opportunity since this will bring better living conditions to our little family. My husband hopes to open a coffee store or a little cafe someday. We both invest all our time and efforts to create a sustainable future for our little one.

Increase of my stocks of bananas and pumpkin.

Hey lenders, i will use the fund to buy bananas, pumpkin and use the rest to build shed for my storage of those things from rain and sun to prevent them from damage these will improve my earning from 50% to 70% per week. The increased amount can be used to increase stock pick and employ worker to help me,that can to create job for youths, then neighours can get goods nearby without transport then during the holidays I can take my kids out for re freshness. The amount will be used also to pay my rental house and school fees for my children.

To purchase a computer or laptop

The helped me in purchasing a photocopy machine which I use on a daily basis to produce copies of documents for my customers. The sales I have made from it have helped me to pay school fees for my daughter and electricity without any difficulties. This machine has increased my customers and sales too thus securing a future for my family. Its profits have enabled me to divide family needs without burdening a part of the business. I am very greatful to you my lenders for giving me this awesome opportunity to depend on myself.

School fee and sports uniform for my daughter"s kindergarten

Thank you very much for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to acquire this loan. They are an incredible company that always thinks of the people that need it, again thanks!

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muchas gracias por confiar en mi y por darme la oportunidad de adquirir este prestamo. son una empresa increible que siempre piensa en las personas que lo necesitamos, de nuevo gracias!

Expansion of hair salon

Dear Lender I have been able to purchase my water drum. Thank you.

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up

Dear Lenders
It's nine year ago Zidisha start it operation.

Allow me to say Thank you to Julia, the volunteers and all of you who contribute to me for the opportunity you gave me. All of your support help me to be a better person to reach my dream. Sky is not the limit, the ground is.

Hope you all fine, happy and save wherever you are.


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Dear Lenders
It's nine year ago Zidisha start it operation.

Allow me to say Thank you to Julia, the volunteers and all of you who contribute to me for the opportunity you gave me. All of your support help me to be a better person to reach my dream. Sky is not the limit, the ground is.

Hope you all fine, happy and save wherever you are.


Help purchase more goods

Pleasure.I will add ksh.2000 from my savings .this will total up to ksh 9600 which I will use to order purchase for 2 more 50 kgs nails bags and a dozens of door hinges.this will give a good profit increase.

Onions and water melon selling business

I am in the agribusiness, I do buy bulb Onions and cabbages from farmers and resell to stall owners in the urban markets.

Avocado farming

I was able to purchase a water tank and some pipes for irritating in the farm during dry seasons. The avocado trees are doing very well and my farm is being used as a demonstration grounds for interested Farmers who want to grow the trees. It's an amazing venture! My business is also doing great! Thank you for walking with me in this journey! I now want to build a home for my lovely family and I invite you to walk with me!

Tha saviour of my business

The loan was really helpful to me though the amount was small but i really appreciate. Thanks a lot.


I bought chickens from my neighbors and sell them to my customers at the market where I made a big profit

Camera purchase

i purchased bicycle tube and now i can move easily to my clients. my earnings have increase by $2.5 per day as a result of cutting transport cost and reaching many people and i can now attend lectures conveniently than before.

Cabbages project

Delivered for my market customer who supplies to hotels and restaurants paid aproximately 822USD for 30 crates delivery

Cabbages project

Tomatoes in my wagon truck

Hardware and electrical

The business has grown bigger with your help and looking forward to working with you. The next Loan i want to expand my business by stocking my shop with alot of goods

To buy a 55-inch LED TV

Zidisha has really improved both my family and my lifestyle.everything is going on right. Because of you.i have never thought of talking a loan from another financial institution other than zidisha.God bless you all

Automobile parts for resale

Hallow Good People,

Iam in the motor vehicle spares business(New), over the last few days Zidisha has made me reach more customers by providing airtime money for me.
My reach has increased by atleast 10%, i am also growing my limit daily by repaying my loans on time.
I know, very soon, my loans will be higher thereby injecting the much needed capital boast into my business.

Thank You Zidisha family

Abdul multimedia

I actually gonna use the loan to acquire 2 box of A4 papers.
I use to run shortage of paper but since I my lenders support me it has sustained my photocopy business and customers can rely on me for a while.
I thank my Lenders and Zidisha for supporting me financially.
I know with my Lenders and Zidisha I shall get to the highest.

Spare parts for mechanic service

The loan I just completed servicing was of a great help to me and to my business sin I bought the vehicles lifting machine is demanded in this this region and beyond therefore my customers have increased so much by 40% and hence more income and more profit than before.
Thank you so much Zidisha for making me proud in the very time of need.
I wish that Zidisha will continue to grow me again and more people as well in the whole world.

Tuition for university degree in Development Studies

Thank you very much my lenders for accepting to fund my loan. I am intending to use part of the loan to pay for my tuition fees for the ongoing semester at Mt. Kenya University where i am undertaking a bachelors degree in Development Studies majoring in Community development and social work. I will use the balance to purchase second hand clothes which will boost my stock therefore enabling me to be in a position of repaying your loan comfortably.

Shoes and clothes for my shop

Good morning. We are approaching holiday season where businesses pics up. Im hoping for a good returns in my business after adding more stock. Thank you.

Mikes transport business

I used the previous loan to purchase some fuel for my motor-bike. I managed to make some good money out of the loan to enable me pay my loan and also use part of it for buying food in my house. My earnings have increased by ten percent as am till new and the my loan limit is low. My family is doing so well my daughter just closed school for the holiday and work has been increasingly abundant, i thank God.

Poultry feed

hello? this is monica from kajiado am still doing my business of beauty salon and my poultry farm and it's doing well

More products

Thanks very Much for your previous loans. I used the previous loan to restock my business by purchasing the following items;
1. 5 Computer antivirus
2. 2 Computer Keyboards
3. 7 Data cables
4.3 Computer cleaners
The loan made difference in that l got a net profit of more than Ksh 10,000($100) thanks for the funding. This net is significant to my business growth. Thank a lot for trusting in me and making a difference in my life.

Purchase crates to help transport vegetables to the market

Good harvest

Purchase crates to help transport vegetables to the market

my First project never went so well but this time i got it right

To purchase a mobile concrete mixer

I sincerely thank the lenders (
We Not Me, St. Paul, Minnesota, United States) at Zidisha for not only their approval of my dream to own a mobile concrete mixer, but also to support it financially by agreeing to lend me the money, subject to the records, so far totaling $15 USD. I first received $1 fund followed by $14 USD fund as per the loaning criteria put forward by the Zidisha team. While the amount could not fully enable purchase a $1000 USD machine (mobile concrete mixer), I used the money instead to add to my inventory and purchase a medium plate compactor. And I work to service my loan in due time, I also aim at increasing my credit limit so that I can borrow more funds so as to finally purchase this dream concrete product machine.

School fees & farming

This was possible because you went all the way. This Is a success. Thank you lenders, Thank you zidishA.

Farming and adding more stock to my packing business

Thanks Mary, I am happy that all has been going on well even if there have hitches here and there. Beside my business of distribution I am in now in small scale farming where I have two hectares of beans. The beans would be harvested in December. The children are now almost closing for the holidays. They have had a smooth year in learning, thanks to zidisha community.

Broilers 2.0

I intend to purchase a linear feeder and heater specifically a charcoal stove since it is the beginning of the rainy season(cold) .This will help me feed the birds more efficiently and the heater will help keep the birds warm when the weather is cold.This loan is a much appreciated contribution and I would like to thank the lender for enabling me meet the expenses.

Buying advanced sugarcane juicing machine

Things are good since that I have a grocery of tomatoes, cabbages and sweet potato so that is the business I imerged into from selling sugar cane so I want to prosper more by extending it if i get more funds. Thanks a lot lenders.

Glico shamba fresh farms

The loan was for Glico Shamba Fresh Farms increasing productivity. I purchase farm inputs. It has improved my farm operations and increased profit by 14%. This earnings will be for farm improvement, children fees and 10% for charity fund. Our family members are happy from the recovery of my dear wife who had undergone spinal surgery and we thank God that a miracle she is o n her feet!!!!!!!!! We as a family we don't take it for guranteed.

Upendo clothing

I used the loan to pay traveling expenses to my work place. I look forward to getting higher loans to help me in stocking my business.

Food supply

hi .am so glad that we are working together and we shall go far.I thank you for this far

Upgrade business

Up and running

Cabbages project


Cabbages project

Tomatoes harvested in the last season

Tara tailoring

The last loan given, i added stocks of materials to easen my tailoring. this enabled me to work throughout without getting shortages of materials as i had everything in stock. since the economy is not so stable, the movement of sales have been a bit slow though i couldn't miss earning at least 500/=. As i mentioned earlier, i engaged one employee who has been of assistance in running errands like deliveries on time thus creating employment. my family has been very supportive and this has made the business run smoothly. none of my children has been sent back home for lack of school fees. this business enable me pay for my child's educational trip which was required within a short notice period. it has really boosted her self esteem as she didnt expect to go for the trip!

Equipment maintainance

I topped up the money and bought a 4GB RAM for my desktop, the computer is now faster and I can now serve more customers, increasing my sale by 50%. I would wish to save the profit increament to expand the business.


I purchased 31 seedlings of tree. Which my plan is to plant more than 2000 between this year and next year. With a long term invested on timber. It has made a different that in ten years to come I will be able to have timber for selling and I will make profit which will help me to settle in other ventures of business as a stepping stone. It is a long term investment.
My children are doing well in school. Two of the are going to finish their end of year exam tomorrow and they will be in holiday for two monthes. The elder one is pursuing his master degree. I am happy for them. In my neighour people are always busy with there daily running of businesses. Currently I don't have a personal picture in my phone and it has an issue of Cd card to enable store information. Next time I will share my picture. I am grateful for support. Thank you.

Equipment cabling

I qualified for Ksh9,352. I received as terms and conditions applied and since then I have been able to add up to what I had to buy a computer for our DJ. Our DJ was using a computer that operated like a T.V, goes on when power cable is connected and if removed the computer goes off. This would be embarrassing because as music would play and someone touches the connection music would embarrassingly go off.

The computer also had many viral attacks that would disable software's and also eat up space. It was also old and so the purchase of a new computer was very vital.

Thank you zidisha team for ensuring that we have a new computer.

To finance my university education

The loan I received helped me to make necessary payments and have full concentration on academic work within the semester. This would not have been possible if not for Zidisha. Zidisha is really transforming lives and I am one of the testimonies of this transformation. I can't thank you all enough for the good work and smiles you put on our faces. God richly bless Zidisha Team, Director Julia and all you lenders.

Loan to buy genuine seedlings, pestcides and fertiliser

Team, due to ups and downs i am happy to be back on this platform. Despite the setbacks, i am now on my feet matter projects. i have been privileged to run a poultry project though small, photocopying and printing point as well as starting a small mobile money transfer services M-Pesa. My aim is to clear my first loan on Zidisha in the coming two months to stand a chance of higher credit limit. This will bridge the gap on my working capital to be able to meet my clientele demand of my products and services.

Thanks Zidisha team for being there for me.

Printer and reams of paper

thanks lenders with my previous loan i make posters and marketing for my job advet,have seen alot of positive responds from customers , my earnings has increased by 45%,with my increase have made a big advert project for the company with it.thanks lenders zidisha will grow all days .

Buying seats & branding materials for my business

Hi Shena, thanks for your comments. I particularly stated that i am starting a new busisness in a neighbouring estate. This loan intends to purchase equipment for this new business that is smaller compared to the one am running now.This will automatocally include such like fridge or freezer. It is not possible to use one equipment for both busisnesses as they are a little far from each other. The shade is the main eating area and so each business must have one hence for it to attract customers. The businesses are small hence the constant need to grow even if its buying another equipment that i also have. This is just an indication that i have seen the possibilities of growth,thanks.

Tuition for degree in nursing

Thanks to my lenders I was able to purchase the otoscope. Have had a very busy week, or two at that. Was working on a mini-research on Nurse Manager's leadership style and it's impact on staff intention to stay and staff/patient satisfaction. It was stressful but exciting, trying to analysis a data using the SPSS for the first time. I now know that for my final research work I won't have problems analysing data. Hope the past week was productive?

Entrance fee for form one

hi guys,am excited to be in this programme,I'd say I've waited all my a paramedic operating a small pharmaceufical sells outlet and I also do routine diagnosis and treatment..that's in town but I also have,like most of us,a rural traditional homestead where I di some subsistence farming..a small setup with fruit garden and food crops and of course some poultry..all not commercial but for food and's my 3rd loan and am hoping to be at loan level 10 or so by Dec...