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Laurie     Jul 14, 2018

I'm so glad that Zidisha has been able to help you, Beatrice! :-)

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

It's true, if a human being consumes mostly Non-GMO, organically grown vegetables (as much as one can eat, except limiting starchy ones, such as potatoes); and *some* berries & other fruits; and gluten-free grains (such as quinoa); and nuts & seeds; and herbs & spices; and stays entirely away from all dairy (except mother's milk, and only while under the age of 2, and then no milk or dairy products ever again), avoids all gluten and all extracted oils, minimizes intake of sugar (especially added sugars & other junk), and is careful to keep eggs & fish/seafood & meat consumption between 0%-10% of the food consumed, as well as ensures that good-quality water is the main beverage (ideally, the only beverage), a dramatic improvement in all areas of health, and stamina, will be noticed. Experience* talking! ;-)

*(Well, I didn't know enough until only just several years ago to remove all dairy from the diet--[despite that it should have been a common-sense realization long ago about why that is so important to do!]--or to follow the other advice mentioned, as well. However, after I did that, I very soon began noticing substantial improvements to health and stamina.)

Best wishes for your health, too. :-)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

P.S.: The lack of the milk of another species in the diet (which, by the way, of course, is designed only for that particular species), most definitely is NOT the reason that some vegans unwittingly create dental problems for themselves (not *all* vegan dietary lifestyles are healthy... more about that in a moment).

If we think about what milk is for--(it helps with rapid cell-division to grow a baby quickly in a short amount of time, after which *weaning* is supposed to occur, and then milk is no longer ever intended by nature to be in the individual's diet ever again - [don't give adult cats milk, either - as adults, they need to drink water, too! - however, cats *are* carnivores - they have an intestinal tract much shorter and straighter than an herbivore's, as well as other significant differences which make them true carnivores - and so they must eat meat for *their* health])--then we come to the realization that continuing to consume milk beyond the normal age of weaning (or anything made from milk, and especially if made from the milk of another species!) can result in genetically predisposed individuals being even much more likely than they otherwise would be to develop various health conditions and diseases, including but not limited to cancers (rapid cell division - hello!), most particularly of the reproductive organs. So, not only is it true that milk and dairy products are NOT necessary beyond the normal age of weaning, in fact, it can be very detrimental to health if we fail to eliminate it from the diet.

As a matter of fact, regions that have the highest dairy consumption also even have the *highest* rates of osteopenia & osteoporosis, the exact opposite of what most of us were (erroneously) taught. It is because consuming dairy (beyond the normal age of weaning) is one of the factors that creates an acidic environment in the body (consuming eggs, fish/seafood & other meats, as well as consuming candy & other junk, does the same in humans). What happens then, is that calcium compounds, which are alkaline, get leached from the bones to try to get the blood chemistry back in balance. It isn't entirely successful, though, and the body remains in an acidic state, to one degree or another, as long as the human individual's dietary lifestyle is not vegan. An acidic body is prone to all sorts of health conditions and illnesses (cancer at worst; more rapid aging at best). Other factors can cause acidity in the body, too (such as chronic stress [family and otherwise], sleep disorders, lack of enough physical exercise, etc.). Although it's important to try to resolve those problems, too, adherence to a vegan dietary lifestyle can help to mitigate the effects of those other negative factors.

A caveat about being vegan, though, for anyone who may not yet know this: avoiding soy is a good idea, too, because if consumed too much or too often, it can disrupt endocrine hormones.

In any event, the reason some vegans unwittingly cause themselves dental problems is because of too much sugar in the diet and/or because of a lack of enough healthy--(in other words, plant-based)--fats in the diet (for example, from avocados [which also provide calcium], from nuts, from seeds, etc.) - in other words, it is from eating the wrong types of vegan foods. For example, we all know that potato chips might be vegan, but those really are not good for the body.

It is important, as I know you probably already know--(I write for others reading who may not yet know)--that, whenever possible, we human beings eat the right foods for the design of our bodies. We are not carnivores or even truly omnivores by design: [stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/09/are-humans-carnivores-or-herbivores-2/]**

**He is absolutely correct about that, but [IMO] he is not completely correct about some of the choices he mentions in his "How To Be Vegan" post (linked from his "About" page). Some of the types of plant-based products he mentions are processed in an unhealthy way and actually are terrible for the body! (A couple of examples are, as mentioned above, that soy should be avoided or consumed only in very small quantities and not very often; and, as you will see mentioned below, that all "protein isolates" [even plant-based!] found in any ingredients list [for example, usually found in vegan "meats" and other vegan processed products] should be avoided. Another example is that all extracted oils also should be strictly avoided. Eat the olive, not olive oil; eat some avocado, not avocado oil; etc. Extracted oils (one of many unhealthy "food" choices) damage the endothelial lining of the arteries in humans, which can lead to cardiovascular disease and to other vascular diseases, as well.)

It's very important to eat whole, not processed (or only minimally processed) plant-based foods (but *without* any "protein isolates" of any kind!) for better health, including exceptional dental health and strong bones, too.

AVOCADOS*** are one of the very best choices:

***(Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats, and lots of vitamins and minerals, too, including--[but not limited to]--more potassium than bananas, and calcium, etc., etc.)

To your health! :-)

Funds for my healthcare
Nkawkaw, Ghana

Laurie     Jul 13, 2018

Dear Rachael,

Your profile as currently written is an absolute joy to read!
You are a bright light in this world!! I'm very happy to help you.
Please keep us posted. :-)

Best wishes,

Solar power system to ensure continuous power flow
Ugunja, Kenya

James Nyange     Jul 13, 2018

Hallo to highly esteemed zidisha team and its serial donors! I would to thank you for continued financial support to youth in impoverished countries in Africa. I can witness that your financial support has real changed lives and impacted economically in African communities. Personally my previous loans have improved my financial muscles tremendously and the current loan financed my education . My greatest prayer is may goyimei.infoanization grow to an extent to start offering Grant as start business seed to young entrepreneurs! How I wish that zidisha team will organise visit to these African States and offer financial and technical advice to the upcoming entrepreneurs. Thanks once more to my big hearted lenders and program donors! Big up team!

Help to fund my education
Mtwapa, Kenya

Wahyu Setiawan     Jul 13, 2018

Greetings Lenders.
I try to run a business in an environmentally friendly way. For example is the use of firewood as shown below, this is the waste wood from the plywood factory that they have thrown away but I can use to burn the bricks that have been dry to mature.
The price for this waste is also cheaper than other types of firewood so I can save on production costs. Thank you

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Greetings Lenders.
I try to run a business in an environmentally friendly way. For example is the use of firewood as shown below, this is the waste wood from the plywood factory that they have thrown away but I can use to burn the bricks that have been dry to mature.
The price for this waste is also cheaper than other types of firewood so I can save on production costs. Thank you

Purchase raw material for brick-making
Cilacap, Indonesia

Richmond Asante     Jul 13, 2018

How great and lovely to be with zidisha. Business is good and I have been saving small small. Hope to get my next loan soon so I will use it to add to my little savings to buy a car as taxi to work for me. Zidisha, Zidisha, what else can we say . You are in deed changing lives especially here in Africa where poverty is killing us. Hello African's ! Lets thank and pray for the existency of this organization. Hope by 20-30years ,poverty would be a thing of the past. Love you all.

Loan for expansion of my computer business
Kumasi, Ghana

João Madureira     Jul 13, 2018


Since you're interested in health books, why not sell this book ?

It contains all the information on preventing the major diseases of industrialized countries through a diet rich in unprocessed plant foods. All the statements are referenced to scientific studies.

There is also a cookbook.

I hope you do well in your business and your life!

Inventory for my bookshop
Teme, Ghana

Abigail Addea     Jul 13, 2018

Beautiful dress I sewed for a customer for the contact she gave me

500 yards of fabrics to sew dresses
Kasoa-accra, Ghana

Abdul Karim Mohammed     Jul 13, 2018

Much thanks to the lenders and the zidisha family for their usual support given to me to grow my business to support myself , my education and my family. I have been able to increase my profit margin from $87.96 to $115.18 within a week. This is possible because I have been able to serve all the customers that transact business in my shop. All this happens because of zidisha loans.

Mobile-money services and a printer for my shop
Tamale, Ghana

Beatrice Mirekua     Jul 13, 2018

Thank you to all my lenders. With your help, I was able to eat nourished food to sustain my health. Fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in minerals have helped me. Thanks to your generosity

Funds for my healthcare
Nkawkaw, Ghana

Celline Atieno     Jul 13, 2018

I received the loan i had requested for and am grateful for your generosity. Thank you for joining me and being apart of the creating a better education system for Kenyan children. Ensuring their future one book at a time.
Asante sana

Athena's Kindergarten
Nairobi, Kenya