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Tuition for doctorate degree

Dear Lenders, God richly bless you all for such a wonderful support you gave me. In fact the previous loan has really improved my academic life. I have acquire my masters degree from it. My Business too has really improved.

Bottled water business

Thanks to all my Lenders for your kind gesture.
This can buy 17 packs of Verna natural bottled water. This is 5 packs more than the previous which was 12.
This will help me somehow meet the demands of my clients. As long as I have constant supply of the product.
Thanks to my faithful Lenders..

Restocking my restaurant business

Good luck and many greetings from Germany

Solar light and kit for sale

Good evening the good people in zidisha. Hope you are all doing well. God bless you all and have a good week.

Motorbike to deliver our bakery goods

Thanks joost you real care, so happy for you. I hope others follows such a kindness altitude, be blessed. Am so happy about yesterday, I went to my wife's brother graduation ceremony, whom I sponsored with my little earning, he is now an electrical engineer, am proud of that.

Purchase land & help improve food security

The suckers of the earlier banana that produced and fell down. Its seems its getting plenty of water. Its maturity too fast as opposed to the others. The water from the roofs goes there.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Really motivating. No pesticides used, just some salty water. The rains stopped a while ago last year so I had to instruct my employee to use the solar pump system and water the Pioneer hybrid maize

Purchase land & help improve food security

Another banana is already producing. The other fall down after getting ripe and I sold the bunch of Bananas at my retail shop.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Fruits of being a farmer. The environment is very friendly, calm and soothing

Online freelancing

I want to keep thanking you for the loan, May God bless you abundantly.

Loan to buy more clothes for my clothing business

I thank you and I'm greaful to you for funding me and giving me an opportunity to grow my business.
I will use the loan to increase the stock of my clothing business. This will enable me to meet supplies to demand and improve products quality and service delivery according to customer demands. This will increase sales and therefore the profit. Thank you again and God bless you.


Seedlings and fertilizer for my vegetable farm

All the best from gardener to gardener, Joseph!

Tuition for doctorate degree

God bless all my lenders for such a wonderful support.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Graduation pictures

Tuition for doctorate degree


Tuition for doctorate degree

Hurray Hurray Hurray. At long last the battle has come to an end. I have successfully completed my Masters program

Loan for a new photocopier machine and printing papers

Dear zidisha lenders, I just wanted to update you that,I am doing well and my buisness is growing up as well,it's been long time since I updated you but I have never failed to pay my loan back.i am very grateful and nw I have more clients than before and this trust is one that has really boosted my buisness .I am very thankful to you

Purchase of pet bottle for drinking water package

Hello Lenders,
Trust you all started the year well with God blessings,i did too and working hard to market my new project .All is working well at the moment and looking forward to a great year ahead,Thank you Zidisha For investing in me.

Mwangaza mashinani

I bought 4 units of solar home system. I sold and earned double the amount hence was able to get 8 units that I installed and earned 96dollars.I have earned profit through the loan thanks so much to the lenders it has has improved my business.

Ration store

I have managed to get the retail outlet to take off. I have also fenced out a portion of the land and put vegetables in it which reduces my overheads in terms of feeding the chicken. I got a new jiko also.

Bills and stuffs

Zidisha has totally change my life each day..God bless all ZIdisha members

To pay my son's school fees

With the support from Zidisha, I am able to take good care of my son, and educate him, pay my rent and other bills. I am now living with my son with a meaningful purpose. I am always grateful and thankful to all my lenders God richly bless you all for your love and care to me and my son.

Phone accessories

Zidisha loan helped me to boost up my business to the next level

Clothes sellar

I'm great full to be my lender .my business will grow day by day to achieve my dream.Dear Thank u

New gaming console for my gaming parlor

Good luck with your Gaming Parlor Mathews! I have a business selling classic video game consoles in The Netherlands. The retro Nintendo stuff from the 90s mostly. Let me know if that would suit your business, maybe I can get one to you :).

To renovate my apartment and also to repaint & fix up things

Zadisha I really appreciate you alot and the help you have been rendering to the public and also the improvements of the loans to the individuals of the entire public. The last loan I got here was a great thing that happened to me because it brought me good luck.
A business associate of mine who owed me as well just suddenly called me and paid me the money he had owed me for a longtime now.
Credit worthiness is a great virtue and individuals must realise that organisations like Zadisha didn't just start in one day but see how they are helping the needed to acquire much loans. I appreciate you all. My kids are ok

Business expansion

Thank you I received my loan on time, hoping to work together as I grow my business.

Livestock management

hello,thanks for my loan .I have used it to buy new stocks for my small business and I can see it growing, thanks j look forward to working with you so that I may expand my business to be big enough .thanks a lot zidisha team.OK

Inventory of bananas for market stall

Dear lenders: The last loan I received from you helped me a lot. I bought 90 bananas at a cost of kshs. 600 ($6) per a bunchof bananas, totalling to kshs. 54,000 ($540). I sold the 90 bananas within a week at a cost of kshs. 700 ($7) per a bunch, thereby fetching me kshs. 63,000 ($630). Hence giving me a net profit of kshs 9000($90) before deducting expenses. After expenditure I get a net profit of kshs. 7000 ($7).

With the proceeds I managed to pay for my college fees amounting to kshs. 105,000 ($1050) for the whole year(2018). I am yet to pay a fee balance of kshs. 25,000 ($250) before I graduate with a Diploma in Theology and Bible Studies in the month of March, 2019. I also took care of my cow and the calf in the same year.

Teaching students to play traditional African instruments

Hi, I'm very happy for agreeing to lend me some cash. I'm planning to replace a harmonica for teaching music to my students. Thanks a lot to my lenders, now my work will not stand still.

A loan to revamp my clothing business

I will like to thank my lenders for the loan given to me. it helped me a lot in getting more goods for my business. May God bless my lenders.

Open barber shop

I want to say am doing well and my business too.I appreciate zidisha for being kind and understanding am looking forward to finish my lone on time.Be blessed


Fee for my studies

good luck with your studies! :)

Loan for my tuk-tuk (taxi) business

I'm so glad for your donation. I'm going to buy and install my Tuktuk with the safety belts. Thanks a lot and may God bless you.

Loan for my tuk-tuk (taxi) business

Dear Laban,
good luck with your taxi business.
Michael and Anne

Invest in my music career

Thank you for the loan, im on my way to becoming a professional gospel singer

To pay my son's school fees

My Zidisha my life, that is how I see Zidisha, and I can say it's my lifeline now. I was able to take good care of my son, and educate him, pay my rent and other bills. I appreciate the the support and care from Zidisha. I am always grateful and thankful to all my lenders God richly bless you all for your love and support.

To buy 4 laptops

I am really encouraged with the finances I am receiving, because it gives me confidence that I have a financial back up.

Educational loan

Exams in progress and I'm still grateful to Joost and Zidisha for the great support offered me.


thank you for this loan, the picture here is what I am trying to buy with the loan and I know you will continue to help me till I acquire it, thank you once again.

School fees

Dear Lenders, happy new year. Am humbled writing to say thank you for the support accorded me in my studies by your good self which can never go unnoticed. With my just concluded loan i paid my second installment fees which enabled me to break for holiday without arrears. Thank you very much and God bless you.

Starting a garbage collection service

Hi, lenders and zidisha, happy new year! Am happy to enter in to year 2019, I hope to continue working with you. 2018 you been my finance partner and am still enjoying the fruits. Now I have expanded my territories of doing business and started garbage collection services in our town.

Pay university tuition fees for 2019 & expand my retail shop

I will pay tuition fees for my son at the University of Zambia is doing is third year in 2019,
I also need to buy building materials such as building blocks, cement, building sandy, the reason is to extend the retail shop because of increased stocks which i want to add in my shop this year to expand the business and earn more profits.Once i extend the retail shop due to high demand and the new products will i want add in the shop, will help to maximize in profits and also grow the business in our community.

Therefore am very very thankful to you all my lenders, your support has really made my business to be stable and grow steadily.Above all am even able to send two children to school, one at the University of Zambia and the other at College through Zidisha financial empowerment.What words can i say to you my lenders, am speechless, may God almight the author of life richly bless you and give you more years to live.

Beautification/renovation of my house

Happy new year brothers & sisters,I hope you are doing well.

Welding business expansion

Dear Mary.
Happy new year. Iam really sorry for my silence. On 24 the October 2018, I lost 3 family members in a fatal car crush, one survived but as a family we incurred heavy hospital bill. This really traumatised me since I had to close my business for a while. I thank God that all is well now and I have resumed my business for the past 2 weeks. I really appreciate all your support and could never defaulted deliberately. I promise to resume repaying my loan. I pray that you understand me and continue supporting me. Thank you and be blessed for your concern and love.

Stock boost

Thanks so and I will not disappoint you guys.I feel highly honoured by your ever unrelenting support.

Tea leaf sales to retailers

Thanks for the much you have been with us and the efforts your lovely organisation make to make our ends meet everyday.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Happy New Year 2019 my lenders and friends. We had a Merry Christmas festive celebrations with my fellow Christian community at my home. We enjoyed a goat meat.:)

Loan for purchasing a revet gun tool

Hello Zidisha Team,
First and foremost i would like to thank you all my lenders and zidisha team in particular for the good work you are doing of supporting our various business through this platform and through out the continent, God will surely remember you.

My previous loan, i managed to purchased Oxygen Cylinder that have used to refill 37 fridges and 14 air conditional in different client's offices and it has increased my earnings with 30% profit from the loan total amount and it has make a huge different have paid all my workers on time and have again reinvested in my business this is not a min achievement.

Broiler farming

Thank you so much zidisha family,from my loan I was able to buy the chicken feeds which lasted to maturity.
My business has gradually grown positively and has enabled me to give employment to one person who has been assisting me.
I have also been receiving a lot of orders which for now I wasn't able to fulfill since am not on large scale but with time I know I will be able to...
Thank you zidisha so