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Photocopy machine and printer for my cybercafe

I trust you will continue to use Zidisha to grow your business. I have seen many people benefit greatly in expanding employment opportunities to others and hope you can do the same!


Loan for clothing equipment

Good luck with your new loan! we are happy to hear your previous loans have helped your clothing business.

Distributing affordable solar lights

Thank you all lenders for your kind guestures in financing me this past loan and I will need your support in my next loan

Stock of cabbages to sell

Lenders thank you so much for supporting me with my business , I am doing good to my busines my God bless you my lenders

Importing car dash cameras for selling

Thank you so much lenders...The loan will help me in ordering more stocks of dash cameras..May God Bless you. Il not let you down

Materials for making natural skin care products

Hi Malte,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my business story. Thank you for your encouraging words.
Indeed, we need to move away from chemical-based cosmetics and remedies as they are not only detrimental to our overall health, but also to the environment as you rightfully say.

I wish to create awareness and to "convert" as many users as possible to natural health, wellness and beauty products. I also want to encourage women to be their sisters' keepers because when they buy our products, they help us support rural women by buying raw materials from them. I believe this creates an overall win-win situation for all those involved.

I appreciate that you are interested in my business. I would be grateful for any support in terms of ideas, funding, and even criticism where you think I can do better or differently.
Thank you very much for funding the current loan which I will use to buy packaging containers.

I look forward to engaging more with you.

With my regards,


Materials for making natural skin care products

Hi Mercy,

I like your project very much, because I think it's important to gradually get away from chemical cosmetics due to a number of reasons (health issues like allergies; environmental pollution due to microplastics; cruelty of animal testing; and so on).

Furthermore it's nice that you try to build your business around social and ecologic responsibility by buying the raw materials from local women-led farms.

I would be interested in hearing more about you and your venture!

Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Best regards,


Home construction project

Thanks very much Margaret! I am grateful for your message and support. You're are all part of my success stories through your support. God bless you abundantly.

Books selling

Thank you for the support and for giving me joy in my business


Home construction project

Hello Edem. I hope you can reach you goals. Good luck!

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Thank you all very much I have recieved GHc 4,052.00. I promise to remain faithful and loyal.
Thank you all so much. God bless you all.

Books selling

Good Business!

Loan to add up supplies

Lenders, God bless you abundantly for supporting my business. I have paid up tye loan u gave me recently

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders, I wish to thank you all very very much for your support. You have made my day. I will, immediately when I receive this loan, buy three bales of bedsheets and sell to my customers in Mombasa, mariakani and Kilifi. My financial status has changed and thanks to you all. Long live Zidisha.

Restocking of beauty and hair accessories

Thank you for a great opportunity to improve my business. I was able to buy my weavons and weaves and hair accessories for sell. I sold and made profit. And would love to expand my business more and more. Thank you for the support. You are well appreciated.

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Greetings my Lenders! I want to thank you all for lending to my business. Today i had a chance to meet Andres the woman i have posed with in the picture. She is one of our customers and she upgraded from a one lamp solar torch to a three lamps sun king home 60. You can see the smiles on her face. Together we are not only putting smiles on thousands of our customers but we are also helping them save and invest the saved money in their businesses, their children education and also in their nutrition.

Andres in the picture has increased the trading hours for her shop from 6pm to 10pm! This means more money for Andres and her business will grow.

Thanks alot for all your support and remain blessed


Add feeding program to our school

thank you Mr Rudi very grateful for the loan.i will buy maize and beans for the feeding program be in the school.

To buy goods

Yes I received the loan
Kente cloths
Thank you for the loan

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders, thank you so very much for your support. I really do appreciate and may you be blessed abundantly.

Loan for mini importation business

Thanks to God for another month. Wish you all the best in every aspect of life

Phone earpieces for my shop

Hi I'm grateful to you guys for your support with this loan I'll acquire some ear pieces to increase my customers. Once again thanks so much

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders, am so overwhelmed by your support. Am not able to mention all of you by your names but I want you to know that am so grateful. May the Lord God Almighty bless all of you. Amen

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet


Yaay! Fully funded! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wish me the best even as i embark on the next phase of my small enterprise.

Your kindness never ceases to amaze me.

Shukran (means thank you, in Swahili)

Purchasing an embroidery machine

Thank you lenders for financing my business idea, i'm now in the process of procuring an embroidery machine and the associated accessories. Thanks you once more.

Importing car dash cameras for selling

From the loan that I took a few weeks ago I was able to introduce a new stock of khaki trousers and designer shirts. From the sales of this khaki's and Shirts I have made a profit of 30000ksh. I have ordered for another stock of khaki's and shirts and am looking to be making a profit of 30000 per week. It's with this profits that I want to venture into another business of importing and supplyng car dash cameras to the kenyan market.Thank you Zidisha lenders

Purchase of business stock

Dear Lenders,
Thank you for accepting to fund me. As soon as i receive the funds i will be able to get the required stock for my shop.
Thank you very much Paul, Mark, Lucy, Thomas, Mike and Super Mario.

Small scale business

Thanks to my Lenders, I got my loan and I will use it judiciously to get more goods. I promise to pay back within the stipulated time.

Grow my online business and enroll in an online course

Thank you so much for all your support. Much appreciated. I can't wait to hone my skill and grow my business.

Transplanting costs

Thank you so much for accepting to fund my loan. It will really help in my farm.

To help me expand my business

I hope your business has great success

Loan to start building a house

Thank you lenders for fully funded my loan.
May God bless you abundantly.


To add stock and help pay my sons fee

Dear Sheripher: praying that your business will grow this year and for your care and guidance for Zakir.


I will use the money to purchase more goods. May God richly bless you all for lending me this money. It will really help me. Thanks so much

I still want to pay my brother college fees.

Halo my Lenders, once again am so grateful for all of you for believing in me and for lending me your money to enable me pay my brother College fees in time,
Thanks to all of you and may God bless you all.

Business expansion via annex offices

The Purpose of this Loan is to Boost my Business by Upgrading my stock to meet up with clients demands promptly.

Big Thanks to Zidisha and My Lender, for granting me Business Loan since I have joined Zidisha. It has been a wonderful experience.


Edexpo africa

Hi Emma. Yes Amity are one of my frequent exhibitors at EdExpo Africa. I do not recruit for any of the universities, what we do is create a platform for them to meet prospective learners at our expo. Thanks Emma, for helping fund my loan.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Thank you very much lenders you made it again. God bless you all.

African fabrics for dressmaking

I thank all my lenders. I thank you for having faith in me by giving me you money. I going to use this money to buy African print for my shop. This will enable me meet the demands of my customers and also the current trend of the market. This in turn will increase my revenue and also generate income for few people around who will lend a hand in producing the prints. Thank you.


Oyster mushroom farm expansion

I love Oyster mushrooms! Good luck for your business and for yourself as well :)

Network coverage expansion

Planning to add solar backup for my Internet business with very many power failure experiences here in Kiambu, Kenya

Digital scale

I would like to thank my lenders for the loan, I. Was able to buy the beans for my business and it's doing well.

Additional stock for my retail shop

I have received my loan thank You so much for the positive impact toward my business thank you so much

2 balding machines for my barber shop

Thanks so much for funding my loan God bless you

New shop

Thank you lenders !

To start a tvs tuk tuk garage with auto spares shop

Dear Lenders, I am very grateful for your generous support in funding my loan. This loan will go a long way into making my garage set up a reality. I will be able to set up and stock the garrage. I will keep you posted on progress on this project.

Thank you very much.

Buying a laptop

Thanks my lenders you have
Changed my life.I can afford taking my children's to a better school as I continue to pay I hope to get more loans from you .Asante Sana

Loan to purchase spices and supplements

Hi Grace :-)

Good nutrition is so important, I'm sure your work is very rewarding :-) Just wondering if you obtained the spices etc locally, or if you obtained them from big businesses etc?

Wishing you all the best.
Thanks in advance, Emma.

Paying school fees for my sisters

Thank you my lenders. I am grateful for the support you give to me. my journey with you has been smooth. I am able to support my siblings from the businesses that is supported by you. I am planing to add maize into my stock from my current loan since it is in high demand at the moment.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

We live by the special Grace of the most high God.

Purchase of more iphones

To all my Lenders I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last loan of $520. two reasons I struggled towards the end of the loan was 1. the screen am I was looking for initially I had to order from China because I was looking for the complete screen ( the screen, hinges and covers) I could not get locally it arrives next week so that business is still pending. 2. towards the last repayment week, I fell sick with malaria and typhoid so business went down. All in all this loan was a big boost to my business because I fixed over 6 iPhone screens, sold one laptop, and at the end of all the business i invested this funds I will have made an extra working capital of $200. Thank you