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Hellen Mburugu     May 17, 2018

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for the good work you have been doing onto us.I got a loan of 1091 kes after deduction and i have used the money to buy two buckets for using when preparing the detergents.I have appreciated so much and may God bless you.I will make alot of effort to clear the loan on time so that i will be able to be given more next time.Have a blessed time.

Detergent supplier
Nairobi, Kenya

Jared Oyuga     May 17, 2018

hi, lender these loan goes a step higher in improving my stock up. the money will entirely be used to purchase more drugs that are majorly needed during these season (rainy season) when majority suffer from all sorts of water borne infections secondly it will reduce the cost of purchase, when once bought in large quantity the prices reduces and means higher profits on sale. thank once a gain for your consideration may almighty God bless you all. TEAM ZIDISHA.

Stock up
Malaba, Kenya

Simon Njenga     May 17, 2018

Hallo zindiza.I have been grateful to you as my lenders in my business. That loan has made me different compared with what I had before in my business.I have managed to improve my business and therefore the profit has increased so far.I used to make aprofit of $300 to $330 but now my profit ha risen to over $360 monthly. I have used part of my profit to pay school fees for my children. Also during holiday I celebrated a birthday party for my daughter.Thank you.

Shoes and clothes for my shop
Nyahururu, Kenya

Ratna Ningsih     May 17, 2018

thank you much I say with the fulfillment of this loan I can increase my business capital to sell clothes .. I hope my business will always be smooth right ..

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terima kasih banyak saya ucapkan dengan terpenuhinya pinjaman ini saya bisa menambah modal usaha saya untuk berjualan baju.. saya harap usaha saya akan selalu di lancar kan..

Bandung, Indonesia

Christine Musende Nalupya     May 17, 2018

Dear lenders. I appreciate you so much for the money you loaned me. I was able to buy more materials for the order I got for security guard uniforms though I am un able to supply the quantity required because of inadequate funds as the loan amount I got wasn't enough to cater for the complete order but the goodness is that I negotiated with them that I can deliver part and then finish the other part after they have paid me to which they agreed. I have continued making clothes for people that come with their own materials I charge them for labour only and also I make clothes and sell them to the public, that's why I am able to pay my loan on time. I would want to pay the current loan as soon as possible so that I can get a little more and be able to finish my order. I have inspired two of my neighbours and they have asked me to teach them the tailoring skill. I have shared to them about Zidisha and they got interested but I advised them to come up with a business where they will be able to make daily sales that's when I can bring them on board. They are in the process of setting up their businesses and I am there to help and encourage them. They are so eager. Schools have just opened here. I had a wonderful holiday with my children, we visited Chaminuka safaris where we saw animals like lion, hyena, giraffes, monkeys, buffallo, different snakes. We went on a cruise boat it was a nice experience. We came back the same day. I do spend money cautiously and carefully, within my budget owing to the fact that I have other financial responsibilities to take care of. Indeed I am so greatful to Zidisha for this nice initiative. Thank u all, who have made this initiative a success, may God richly bless u.

Loan to purchase a sewing machine for my tailoring shop
Lusaka, Zambia

Eko Wahyudi     May 16, 2018

My spirits My passions My life My breath

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Penyemangat ku
Gairah hidup ku
Nyawa ku
Nafas ku

Purchasing supplies to make birdcages
Surabaya, Indonesia

Daniel Simiyu     May 16, 2018

Hi dear lenders,humbly notifying you that i received the cash.im so much greatful and humbled for your support and inspiration.i got 6.8 dollars i needed,which i used to purchase CAN fertiliser for my millet farm,key for fruiting period.the harvest will be done in august,where im anticipating about 380kg,where the market price is 1dollar per kg.attached are the fields,indeed i am because u r,God bless you,will be giving updates till harvest time.the last photos are of the sugarcane zidisha lenders supported me top dress with urea,im working out logistics to harvest early june 2018,targeting to get 30 tonnes in one acre,at a market price of 4dollars per tonne.this will add more sugar to the national grid.so greatful to God,long life zidisha team,long life lenders.

Can fertiliser for my millet crop.
Meru, Kenya

Peter Kofi Berko     May 16, 2018

I am so happy for what my lenders have just done. I most grateful for funding my loan. I will use the funds to pay for cost of labour in my yam farm.
One of my dear lenders asked me how i plant my yams, i plant in my farm and take care them by wedding among them. Our land is so fertile to extend that we dont need fertilizer.
Thank u for the loan.

Yam farming
Bassa, Ghana

Carolyne Jerono Lagat     May 16, 2018

Hi lenders. Just to let you know that i was so grateful for the funds. I have been marketing the curtains i sell on facebook and i get new orders each new day. Thanks alot for the financial empowerment.

Buy a sewing machine
Busia, Kenya

Benard Kipyego     May 16, 2018

Zidisha you boost my business alot thanks

Dairy farming
Nazarene Uni.main Campus, Kenya