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Chemical drugs,food supplements and agro-chemicals for farme

I used the loan to purchased chemical drugs such as paracetamol tablets and syrups, malaria drugs(tablets and syrups) b-complex tablets and syrups,multivitamins, condoms,plasters,gentian Violet,amoxacillin and so on and food supplements like alkaline coffees, phyto energizers, c/24 supplements etc.
The loan has improved my life very beneficial to me and my family by supporting my business financially.Indeed, I have been able to used the loan to pay for my children school fees, light bills,paying my extend family school fees, water bills, my aged mother health care, health insurance bills,feeding all these are as a result of profit gaining out of Zidisha loan benefits or earnings.
I,my family and my community are most grateful to you for your emerse contribution and support to my business as we all benefit always and without Zidisha loan we are nothing and doomed because you have changed our lives as you made us have all that we need at our door step and putting food on our table. Indeed, Zidisha makes myself and my family smiles because we no longer struggle for high interest rate from other banks.I will say Zidisha loan always is the best so far in the world. Thank you for your amends assistance given me and my family.

Purchasing equipment & stocking inventory

I would like to give great thanks to my lenders for making my plans realizable through this micro-lending plan. I have been able to use the past loan facilities to foot my internet connection and power bills, which support my online freelancing venture. I plan to use the net loan facility to get a wireless Mi-Fi connection equipment for my internet connection so as to enable the people that we work with to share the work space and connection without the need of everyone having their own modem. I hope that as the facility increases I will be able to use it to procure more equipment and software to facilitate my online work. Thanks a lot Zidisha and all the lenders that have made this possible for me.

Poultry feed

This is the quality of work I have done and will continue to uphold standards

Buy new network switch & upgrade data plan for my cybercafe

Hi Lenders, today with the loan you advanced to me, I bought a D-Link 24 port network switch. I plan to mount the switch in the course of the week. My internet service provider is ready to upgrade my data plan but since I had already paid for this month's plan, they require that my subscription expires before they can upgrade my plan.
Thank you all.

Order hangtag

good evening sir, thank you for helping me with capital and trust in me, the money I gave you, I bought my business equipment, a press machine to install buttons and paper material, paper is the main ingredient in my business, I I usually buy kiloan paper to make it cheaper in production costs, to pursue competitiveness I chose kiloan paper, it does not affect the quality of paper, for small businesses like me, kiloan paper is very helpful, because it can reduce production costs by around 20%. now the price of new paper is Rp. 4,300 / pcs / plano, and the price of kiloan paper is Rp. 9,000 / kg. once production I can use 100kg of paper. that"s a story about a business that I have engaged in. In the future, I will tell you more. thank you for trusting me. this is the production of today.

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selamat sore tuan,
terima kasih sudah membantu permodalan dan kepercayaan nya kepada saya, uang yang tuan berikan sudah saya gunakan, tadi siang saya membeli perlengkapan usaha saya, sebuah mesin pres untuk memasang kancing dan bahan kertas,kertas adalah bahan utama dalam bisnis saya, saya biasa membeli kertas kiloan agar lebih murah dalam biaya produksi, untuk mengejar daya saing saya memilih bahan kertas kiloan, itu tidak mempengaruhi kualitas kertas, untuk usahayang masih kecil seperti saya, kertas kiloan sangat membantu, karena bisa mengurangi biaya produksi sekitar 20%.
sekarang harga kertas baru Rp. 4.300/pcs/plano, dan harga kertas kiloan Rp. 9.000/kg. sekali produksi saya bisa memakai kertas sebanyak 100kg. itu cerita tentang usaha yang saya tekuni. kedepan sayaakn bercerita lebih banyak.
terima kasih tuan atas kepercayaanya epada saya.
ini hasil produksi hari ini.

Inventory capital

My first payment installment was paid off. thank you for helping my business. more and more purchases of goods due to additional capital

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cicilan pembayaran pertama saya sudah lunas. terimakasih umtelah membantu usaha saya. pembelian stock barang semakin banyak karena ada tambahan modal

Selling sugar cane and selling chicken porridge, young coconut, coffee

This is sugar cane ice that I sell in milled using a grinding machine

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Ini es tebu yang saya jual di giling menggunakan mesin penggiling

Bread ingredients

Making ingredients for cakes To make cakes and sell around the village Adding my income - + 800 rb in a week The results I use to save money, living expenses and school Children diligently learn to achieve better performance Many positive activities in my village are like competitions recite

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Bahan bahan membuat kue
Untuk membuat kue dan dijual keliling sekitar perkampungan
Menambah penghasilan saya -+ 800 rb an dalam seminggu
Hasilnya keuntungan saya gunakan untuk menabung,biaya hidup dan sekolah
Anak anak rajin belajar meraih prestasi yang lebih baik
Banyak kegiatan positif di kampung saya seperti lomba mengaji


buy handicraft materials, to be sold again. This business is to supplement my income. the result is quite good - + 800 thousand per week. This business goal is to develop a multiproduct business. that I like

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membeli bahan bahan kerajinan,untuk dijual lagi.usaha ini untuk menambah penghasilan saya.hasilnya pun lumayan -+ 800rb an per minggu.tujuan usaha ini untuk mengembangkan usaha bisnis multiproduk.untuk menunjang prestasi anak anak saya sangat memuaskan dg nilai yang tinggi.hobby banyak yang saya suka

Buying of electric sewing machine and materials

This loan will be used to buy electric sewing machine help me in my dress making business. The machine will cost about $250 but I will add the loan to the savings I made already. The will help increase my production which in effect increase my profit.

Loan to stock more items into my computer-services business

Hi to my beloved lenders, i am very greatfull for your your continued support towards my business. The loan you gave me has made my business increase the commission by 30% from my airtel money and Mpesa services. Since the business is growing i have employed one assistant to help me render the services fast and efficient. My family too has felt the impact of my business since i have a kid in Grade three, which has also enabled me to pay the whole school fees for this year. God bless you so much as we continue to support me and my dependants.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear lenders, Yesterday, I used the loan money to buy a laptop, printer ink and a variety of home clothes. Stock of children"s legging pants at the supplier, the items are still empty so I haven"t bought them, hopefully next week there will be so that I can buy the children"s leggings. I hope that the stock of goods currently available to me, sell quickly so that I can get more profit to buy back more variations with more. Thanks to all of my lenders, all of you make our days very enjoyable. Hopefully all of you are always happy and healthy. Greetings, Endang

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Dear lenders,

Kemarin, uang pinjaman telah saya pergunakan untuk membeli Laptop, tinta printer dan beberapa variasi baju-baju rumahan. Stok celana legging anak-anak di supplier, barangnya masih kosong sehingga saya belum membelinya, mudah-mudahan minggu depan sudah ada sehingga saya dapat membeli legging anak-anak tersebut.

Saya harap stok barang yang saat ini ada pada saya, cepat terjual sehingga saya bisa mendapatkan keuntungan lebih untuk membeli kembali variasi-variasi lainnya dengan lebih banyak lagi.

Terimakasih kepada semua pemberi pinjaman saya, kalian semua membuat hari-hari kami sangat menyenangkan. Semoga anda semua selalu bahagia dan sehat.


Raising a wall to protect my field from encroachments and thieves

Hello, i was able to raise 35% of the pillars needed. i got the cements and the bamboo poles. the masons are still working on the site. it is too early to access the impact of this investment over my farming activity but next year when we start harvesting passion fruits, the impact will be quantifiable.
Thanks for your help.

Selling food products online

Thank you Mr. Paul. I wish i could share you the experience to taste my food product. God bless you and us. Thank you very much :)

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Thank you Mr. Paul. I wish i could share you the experience to taste my food product. God bless you and us. Thank you very much :)

Purchase land & help improve food security

I took and passed this course. Here is my certificate

Maize &rice for grocery

lender that s my self in the shop

Loan for home renovation and to expand my business

When i was introduced to Zidisha i never believed that Zidisha loans will improve my business.Today am ONE of the happiness members of Zidisha.Zidisha has really helped me grow and sustain my business in Zambia.Am a strong entrepreneur through Zidisha loans through the loans i have learnt how to save the earned profits weekly and repay back to Zidisha.I thank the director, all zidisha staff and all the lenders that have supported me since i joined Zidisha through Second hand clothing which is my core business.My God bless you all

Njoro's Household Goods & Hardware

Hello zidisha lenders, I will purchase housewares and family related requirements. Since i joined zidisha my sales as increased as my purchase are a result what customers require.I hope make 17% profit after a good day sale! The school opened this week and most people went for school requirement. My housewares for boarding students was were i reaped more!

Restocking medicines, minerals and agro-chemicals

Good morning my lenders and management, am very much thankful for the support. I have attached my shop photos and for the stock I purchased.

Order hangtag

Good afternoon, I have completed the order of the hangtag, I, I will send this item to the buyer soon, thank you for helping with my capital.

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selamat siang, saya sudah menyelesaikan orderan hangtag, saya, sebentar lagi saya akan mengirim barang ini kepada pemesan, terima kasih telah membantu permodalan saya.

LPG-gas-supply business expansion

Here is a photo of the sum total of assets, including the assistant I hired, all build from zidisha loans. God Bless Zidisha

Selling food products online

Salty egg is traditional food from my home land, it has unique tastes that can not be made by other. I offered the egg only to buyer in the same town, because to send the package with safe is challenging. Now i confident to offer it in my online shop, and to send it to some towns around (Jabodetabek), since i experienced the safer trick of the packaging. I hope Zidisha lenders can support my shop, my online job. I want to support our family's financial without leaving my kids to stay at the offline shop or to work for other (as employee).

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Salty egg is traditional food from my home land, it has unique tastes that can not be made by other. I offered the egg only to buyer in the same town, because to send the package with safe is challenging. Now i confident to offer it in my online shop, and to send it to some towns around (Jabodetabek), since i experienced the safer trick of the packaging. I hope Zidisha lenders can support my shop, my online job. I want to support our family's financial without leaving my kids to stay at the offline shop or to work for other (as employee).

Purchase of electric saw

The loan will help in mass production and will increase the profit margin by 10% by the end of the week. With the increase in profit I will be able cater for my family and also expand the business.


Hi zidisha family. I want to take this oppotuniny to thank zidisha family to giving me this loan.
The loan will help me to buy a second hand motor bike that will help in transporting farm products and this will help to reduse farm experience hence giving the farm more profit. Thank you zidisha.

Poultry farming

Hello my lenders, your amount increased my poultry farming,two yesterday I made a profit of 3000 Kenyan shillings,. Thank you for your loan,God bless you all

Buy potatoes to make chips

Thank you lenders for your great help, although I had great ups and down due to the government ban on charcool and the impediment rise in the price of charcool I have managed to make a profit of 2250 shillings that has helped in my stay at school. Thank you zidisha

Add stock to my cosmetics shop and buy seats for my salon

Its pressure to thank all of you because of accepting to fund me.Am happy to say that you have been of great help to me and my family I started down and I have now grown and hope to get to the dream of wholesale cosmetic shop when I get this loan ,I will use some money to pay a plot which I have been buying in hire purchase, add more stock to my cosmetic shop and buy good and comfortable sits for my clients in the salon this will make my clients happy then more sales and more profits thanks and live long Zidisha.

Buy noodles, tempeh, flour and gas to sell

Alhamdulillah thanks to a loan from Zidisha, now I can build a small kiosk on the yard of the house so that I can develop my sales, I use the money provided by Zidisha to buy 200 thousand processed foods that I use as snacks, the rest I buy 100 thousand nails and plywood The remaining 100 thousand I was given wood aid by my uncle Ajiji. Thank you for the help Thank you zidisha

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Alhamdulillah berkat pinjaman dari zidisha sekarang aku sudah bisa membangun kios kecil dihalaman rumah agar bisa mengembangkan jualan ku,uang yang diberikan oleh zidisha aku pakai untuk membeli bahan makanan olahan sebanyak 200 ribu yang aku olah jadi makanan ringan, sisanya aku belikan paku 100 ribu dan triplek 100ribu sisanya aku diberi bantuan kayu oleh paman ku ajiji. Terimakasih atas bantuannya
Terimakasih zidisha

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

The people of Nsakina community (especially the women) are happy and are saying thank you to all lenders here on the Zidisha platform and to all Zidisha staffs especially the founder Director Julia. All they are saying is God Almighty richly bless you all.

Order hangtag

Thank you, sir, thanks to the help from my lord, I can produce hangtag, I have bought the staple money from the master, and soon all the processes will be sorted out just packing, the overall capital of this order is Rp. 2,200,000 and I sell for Rp. 3,100,000, hopefully you don"t get tired of helping my small business. thank you sir

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Terima kasih tuan, berkat bantuan dari tuan, saya bisa memproduksi hangtag, saya sudah membelikan bahan pokok uang dari tuan, dan sebentar lagi semua proses akan beres hanya tinggal packing, modal keseluruhan dari order ini sebesar Rp. 2.200.000 dan saya menjual dengan harga Rp. 3.100.000,
semoga tuan tidak bosan membantu bisnis kecil saya. terima ksih tuan

Marketing my business

I was able to buy more packaging packets and it really helped my business.
The added packets helped me since i was able to supply more milk than before.
My earning increased from the initial profit of about 50 dollars a week to almost 70. thanks to increase in distributing packets.

Computer purchase

I purchased UPS machine which actually has been a challenge in my business in any time we experienced power blackout.The difference is now that it is not easy to lose data in computers any time we experience power challenge.With that i have managed to retain my customers and has enabled me to make more profit.

Payments of school fees and purchase of business commodities

Thanks very much ZIDISHA team and my good caring ZIDISHA lenders for supporting me financially. Disbursement of this loan to me will definitely help me to pay the remaining school fees balance for the two children in school in the course of the last term of this year at a cost of KES 2100, and buying some stationery items for the children required by school administration at a cost of KES 350.This will help me to settle remaining balance and income got will be used to buy food, clothes, paying family and work expenses, catering for hospital bills. It will also increase my monthly savings and eventually improve living standards of the family members. Thanks so much for the financial aids.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

The drain works and kitchen sink for the affordable housing. My current contract that I am working on.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

My current work site.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Thank you Jan V. Thanks for believing in me. I am putting everything in place for my business to grow gradually.

Home made water solar heater.

Thank you much my lenders.I was able to construct two home made solar water heater from the last loan.I will sell them to children home or one the near by boarding schools.
Thank so much for big support.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Thank you Zidisha and all the lenders that I cannot mention one by one because of the many who gave me loan assistance. Thank you for your support and trust because it allows my loan to reach full funding. Can"t explain more, but once again I say thank you for giving me this opportunity. Always stay healthy in carrying out daily activities. Amiin. Greetings, Endang

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Terimakasih Zidisha dan semua pemberi pinjaman yang tidak bisa saya sebutkan satu persatu karena banyaknya yang memberikan saya bantuan pinjaman dana.

Terimakasih atas dukungan dan kepercayaannya karena memungkinkan pinjaman saya mencapai dana penuh. Tidak bisa menjelaskan lebih banyak, tapi sekali lagi saya mengucapkan terima kasih telah memberi saya kesempatan ini.

Selalu tetap sehat dalam menjalankan aktivitas sehari-hari. Amiin.



I used the money you gave me to add to what I had and bought a goat

Green house project for tomatoes and capsicum

Hi all
I am so very happy to inform you that with your assistance I have made huge strides, I have been able to combine what savings I had and the assistance you have given me and have been able to finally complete payment for land,now I begin payment for the green house and God willing that too I will soon complete.
I was able to visit the land and see the projects progress for those who already completed payment,I have attached photos so you have in mind what the greenhouse project is all about.

The empty space is where my greenhouse and others will go, currently they have planted tomatoes and after the season is over probably capsicum.

Again from the bottom of my heart thanks for your continued support and good wishes you give me strength to keep going.


My last loan was of great help I bought the generator that increase my frofit by 20% .the increment that i got used to add one employee to help on the farm and I was able to help the needy children but vegetable once every week. The last holiday i want to the rural home with my family.Thanks zidisha.

Apply for a loan to buy fabrics and yarns

The amount of net disbursement after deduction: 493,286 IDR, I have received. We thank the lenders.

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Besar pencairan netto setelah pemotongan: 493,286 IDR, sudah saya terima. Kami sampaikan terima kasih kepada pemberi pinjaman.

LPG-gas-supply business expansion

Dear Lenders
Thank you very much for supporting me and helping build this business. I will purchase 5 cylinders of 13kg capacity as soon as the disbursement arrives. I have lately been profiling hotel clients. Adding this stock will help maintain efficiency and reliability in serving hotel client. It will also result in more profit for the business. Thank you very much.
Kind Regards

Farm chemicals

To Zidisha family thank you for starting such a helpful program. And to my lenders i say thank you and promiss again to maintain 100% repayment.
This money will enable me to buy farm chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides , foliar feeds and also be able to pay my farm workers
Thank you again.

Provide good drinking water in my community

Thank you to all my dear lenders for the loan given to me and in fact it helped me a lot because I have been able to complete my pure water project

To improve my stock

The loan will be used to purchase energy saving bulbs.
The loan help me in improving the quantity of stock I have in the shop. Moreover it helps the community from going through longer distances to acquire these bulbs.
There's an increase of 10% of the items procure.
My earnings have been reinvested to acquire the quantum of stock needed.
with the loan I've been able to improve the stock and the profit is helping me to see progress of the loan given and it's better all engaged in Zidisha microlending for a betterment of their microlending to expand business.
The holidays was an annual camp meeting for our various fellowship within the district and it was song ministrations. It was awesome.

Order more bear for my business

Thanks zidisha I received the money I really appreciate and u are doing a good work to help us.

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)

I cant express my happiness this morning to my humble lenders and the entire zidisha team for making my dreams of flooring the house a reality. thank you and thank you a million times. the journey of repaying my funds and trust now starts.

Be blessed.

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)

Iron sheets step 2

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)