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Abdul Ropik     Aug 11, 2018

zidisha was very helpful for me, and there were still many good things out there even though we didn"t know each other. thanks to investors who have helped small entrepreneurs like me. because at the smallest of our own efforts we are the boss. thank you

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zidisha sangat membantu bagi saya, dan ternyata masih banyak kebaikan di luar sana meski kita tak saling mengenal. terimakasih untuk para investor yang telah membantu pengusaha kecil seperti saya. karna sekecil kecilnya usaha sendiri kita adalah bos nya. terimakasih

Spending on animal feed costs
Dki Jakarta, Indonesia

Willy Ambani     Aug 11, 2018

Thank you Zidisha for your continued support my family is very much happy through your continued support.

Buy new ball joints and steering rod for my taxi
Nairobi, Kenya

Stephen Anyumba     Aug 10, 2018

Here are photos of my shop and printers acquired through loans from Zidisha

Venture into full-color digital printing
Kisumu, Kenya

Stephen Anyumba     Aug 10, 2018

Dear lenders, I am most happy to have paid my last installments today before the due date which is 24th August 2018. The loan helped me a great deal to achieve my goal of becoming a mass printing centre. I have managed to add printers and fully repaired my bizhub that now is working. My business is flowing smoothly. I have managed to sort out and establish black printing to a point where I can do mass clear printing without break downs since i have several printers on standby, if one breaks down, I have alternatives. This has asured me of a Kshs. 2000 ($20) minimum income per day. My children are going to school without school fees issues. My life has improved tremendously. My next step is to establish a digital color printing dominance in my market by acquiring Bizhub and Xerox color printers. I also need a photo printer that can do large photos of A4 size and even possibly A3. Thus I will have 3 categories of printing i.e Black, Color and Photo in commercial magnitude. Thank you so much lenders for having believed in me and my dreams that have now come true to be a successful printer. Thanks for elevating my life.

Venture into full-color digital printing
Kisumu, Kenya

Hagan Golo     Aug 10, 2018

Today August 10, 2018, I have successfully made another loan repayment. On this occasion, let me say thank you to all my lenders and to Team Zidisha for your continuous support and for sustaining this vision. A special thank you to Director Julia for taking this initiative. Success can never be achieved unless someone like you, has the vision and desire to initiate it. I recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts. God bless you all abundantly.

Loan to help finance my university education
Teshie - Accra, Ghana

Fernard Mutombo     Aug 10, 2018

Dear Lenders if all Lending Instittution were like Zidisha in the world, No one was going to be poor over seas and the entire continent of Africa.The empowerment i have received from Zidisha is so great that i have established businesses in my country Zambia.Despite Business challenges am able to repay my steadily.However through Zidisha empowerment i have employed 7 workers working for me through expansion of my business and increased sales profits.I really thank you my renders for changing my life and that of family and children.May God richly bless Zidisha, the director Julia and the entire Zidisha team for making possible for us to have access of funds through Zidisha.

Loan to buy a delivery vehicle (van) for my goods at my shop
Lusaka, Zambia

Phanice Khaemba     Aug 10, 2018

Dear Lenders,
I am happy to communicate with you and we thank God for your help as it has really helped me to established so many things and it has made my life to be what it is right that right now my cyber looks so beautiful that many people admire it.

Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you and expound your boundaries. I am sure that before the end of this year my life will never be the same because of your support.

Thanks again again and God bless you all.

Cyber improvement
Misikhu, Kenya

Jujuk Septiyanto     Aug 10, 2018

Slowly but surely the dwelling in Zidisha is very impressive to improve the progress of the SHOP egg and staple trading business ... I thank you all for your help

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Dengan pelan tapi pasti punjaman di zidisha sangat mengesankan untuk meningkatkan kemajuan TOKO usaha dagang telur dan bahan pokok ..saya trima kasih semua atas bantuanya

Setelah lama saya tunggu kapan kah pinjaman dana untuk pembelian stock dagangan dan untuk pembayaran sekolah senilai $766
Semarang, Indonesia

Evalyn Bii     Aug 10, 2018

Blessed Zidisha team and lenders I appreciate your support for putting a smile on my face and equipping knowledge to my daughter who completed computer packages course through your financial help. Now she has joined college and very happy to have computer knowledge. God bless you. Your work is not in vain but uplifts someone in day to day activity. Thank you.

Speech therapy
Majengo Estate, Kenya

Bronson Kunda     Aug 10, 2018

Thank you all my lenders. With this loan I will be able to do research for my masters degree studies and the remainder I will be able to buy building materials that I.want to use to start construction of a poultry house at my farm. Thanks to all my lenders, God bless you.

Expenses to conduct research and buy building materials
Kitwe, Zambia