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Lucy Gakii     May 24, 2018

I take this opportunity to give thanks to all my lenders for the good work they are doing to the community,especially myself, i was far but now i can afford a smile.I started a business with a little capital but now compared to where i started i am far.Zidisha team i salute all of you for the good things you have done to me.May God almighty bless you so much.

Grocery shop
Nairobi, Kenya

Bridget Kithuka     May 24, 2018

Than you for the loan,it helped me buy my own mixer and an egg whisker.T.his will make my work easier to mix the dough

Nakuru, Kenya

Nicholas Saddari     May 24, 2018

The loan will to purchase 60g bond papers to facilitate my books printing. Another 30% of the remaining amount will also be used to make part payment of a taxi to help facilitate my movements in doing the books business. this will help increase my profit. I will like to use this opportunity ones again to thank all my lenders for financing this loan.

Papers for printing books
Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Hagan Golo     May 24, 2018

I have successfully made repayment today May 24, 2018 and want to express my heartfelt gratitude to lenders and Zidisha team. This is a wonderful opportunity Zidisha has created to support young students and entrepreneurs. I would describe this as a perfect and award winning project introduced by Zidisha Director Julia with support from lenders. They deserve appreciation, award and above all our prayers. This opportunity made a difference in my life and one more time I want to say, thank you Julia and lenders for making a difference in my life. God richly bless you.

To finance my university education
Teshie - Accra, Ghana

Emmaculate Ochieng     May 24, 2018

When a person wish you to progress and does everything to see you there, that person cares about you and should be appreciated each and every time, to my lender, thank you for everything and the entire Zidisha fraternity. The day has started well and every time I go to open my shop I remember you. Thank you once again, I see that the just applied loan for the second time is also being funded progressively. I appreciate for you taking time and resources to help those in need to see that their lives change, it's said that the hand that gives receives. May you receive more.

Cartons of exercise books from 32pgs to 200 pgs.
Bungoma, Kenya

Josephine Yeboaa     May 24, 2018

The loan offered to me have given a tremendoes increase in my business now i bake more than the previous. My children too are attending to school without any difficulty. Thanks for the loan it is really making a difference.

A loan to purchase more flour
Berekum, Ghana

Carolyne Muhumbwa     May 24, 2018

Thanks a lot my lenders for the facilitation of this loan and the previous ones. I plan to continue using them to expand my business and later on I plan to upgrade my career from being a bus conductor to a driver by taking up driving classes. Thanks for helping me realize my dream. Thanks again.

Inventory purchase loan
Nairobi, Kenya

George Mrihe     May 24, 2018

I want to thank zidisha community for funding me the money, i purchased the umbrella , this umbrella helped me to carry customers during the sunny and rainy seasons especially in the months of April and May ( rainy months).
I have been able to make a profit of about ksh 10,000 which is approximately 100 us dollars per month and the money i have used to support my family, helped the needy, and saved the rest, Above all i also covered my motorbike.

Purchasing chicken
Kahawa Wendani, Kenya

Iwanto Wijaya     May 24, 2018

Hallo pendana This is my photo with Captain

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Hallo pendana
Ini foto saya dengan Captain

Want to open a fence workshop and iron door trellis
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Moses Kuya     May 23, 2018

Dear Lenders,
Thank you very much for your overwhelming support towards my business venture. The political instability cause by last year’s presidential elections really affected my business. Thus affecting my repayment rate. Now things are better my clients are making more and more inquires.
With this loan, I will purchase more camping and outdoor training Equipment. This will make me be able to extend my services to larger groups thus increasing my business' profitability.
My ultimate goal is to own a camp site and make my precious angels at my children's orphanage have a comfortable life as am still the sole supporter.

Once thank you so much and may God bless you for the great sacrifice.

New equpiment for outdoor experiential learning programs
Nairobi, Kenya