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Everlyne Atieno     Jul 19, 2018

Hello my lenders am back a again and thank you so much for your kindness ,I purchased a sewing machine together with some small material according the loan you gave me.
The purchase made a big differance in my bussines by allowing me to employ one worker and also it helps me to serve customers well.
My earnigs has increased from how I used to earn before.
I have used the increased the profit by paying my rent and also paying my worker and my personal expesses.
My child is doing well in the school becouse I can afford now to pay his school fees and also provide him with food,I thank God so much for all this.
During the holidays I always close the shop inorder to celebrate with my family.

Buying materials
Eldoret, Kenya

Purity Mwirigi     Jul 19, 2018

Am grateful to you my my lenders for previously funding, for my life and my community has benefited alot from your generosity ,for I donated sanitary towel to girls from humble background who missed school on those days.i also donated water pipes to kathita water project which is a community based.I have made significant profits out of the loans you lend me. I posted a new loan and I pray that you will fund me and enable me start "Quick customer services Mpesa and cosmetics shop".i will also restock photocopy and printing shop along with the bookshop. Thanks in advance for funding.hope to hear from you soon.

Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa
Meru, Kenya

Oktriani Putri Wahyu Kusumaningtyas Sudarwati     Jul 19, 2018

Today is a blessing ... Morning delivering school children after that work till late afternoon Go to salon shop to buy salon products that have been thinned ...

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Hari ini penuh berkah...
Pagi mengantar anak sekolah setelah itu bekerja sampai sore
Lanjut ke toko perlengkapan salon untuk membeli produk salon yang sudah menipis...

Adding hair care products
Malang, Indonesia

Leah Muthoni     Jul 19, 2018

We found a small nursery to test new seedlings. The loan amount bought the seeds. We multiply the harvest by increasing seedlings. And in this way we multiply the yield. We endeavor to make prompt repayments.

Nairobi, Kenya

Francis Nguti     Jul 19, 2018

My lenders, I'm grateful I bought lamp holders that gave me a good profit, and I ploughed back the profit to buy energy savers, now have bought 3 [email protected] a total ofb7500 which costs73.8dollars at upcountry ,I'm happy about that on other hand have my shop is well stocked and with a profit ksh15000 I'm proud of that congratulation lenders for your help!

Boost stock
Mombasa, Kenya

Mukti Santosa     Jul 19, 2018

Thank you sir and lady who helped me to make a loan for me, and I have returned on time, to expand my business I need more loans from the lord and lady. See the benefits that I can you do not worry because I will return it on time, business clothes that my child run quite profitable

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Terimakasih tuan dan nyonya yg sudah membantu memberi pinjaman dana untuk saya,dan sudah saya kembalikan tepat waktu,u tuk mengembangkan bisnis saya saya membutuhkan pinjaman lagi dari tuan dan nyonya.melihat keuntungan yang saya dapat anda jangan khawatir karena saya akan mengembalikannya tepat waktu,bisnis baju anak yang saya jalankan cukup menguntungkan

Inventory of goods for business selling child clothing
Purwakarta, Indonesia

Effah Kyere Emmanuel     Jul 19, 2018

Dear lenders as promise i will re use this loan to purchase three bags of cement and pay the manson who will work for me in $4.5 and promise to repay it in time

New equipments for my washing bay
Berekum, Ghana

Rhoda Mwape     Jul 19, 2018

Thank you so much Zidisha.

This Loan will be very helpful in maintenance of my Inflators (Jumping Castles).
Two of my Jumping castles had their blowers blown up and therefore I intend to replace them at the cost of $250 per blower which will cost about $500 for two blowers. The balance of the Loan will be used for other maintenance of the two jumping castles like buying the fittings to prevent air from liking.
I once again thank you Zidisha for the gesture that you have taken to be helping us grow economically.

Kids' entertainment
Lusaka, Zambia

Ahmed Bishir     Jul 19, 2018

Thanks very much for your compliments and encouragement. I made it this far through your advice and guidance.

Loan to buy a Canon photocopier machine, a scanner, and computers
Techiman, Ghana

Ishmael Newman     Jul 19, 2018

please the loan help me in terms of buying my business goods and my phone shops zidisha has made my business to improved everyone should try zidisha

Provision store
Hohoe , Ghana