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Jackline Mwongeli     May 25, 2018

Hello zidisha and my lenders in whole I really thank your support to we; the business people. To me it is like a surprise from my lenders who have managed to fund my loan in whole. Am really proud of you guys. I feel very delighted. I will use the loan to stock my shop. I promise to pay my loan in due time. Thank you very much.

Purchasing new stock
Kawangware, Kenya

Sadick Suleiman     May 25, 2018

Zidisha is the best online loan lenders with low interest rates. I've applied for 181 USD to help sustain my mobile money business. 
Serving my customers is my aim.
Zidisha has help to increase my standard of living. 
At first I feed myself twice a day but due to the improvement in my business as a mobile money merchant, I feed myself and family trice a day. 
I thank all my lenders for such a great offer.

Mtn mobile money & selling airtime
Atebubu, Ghana

Twenewaa Sarah     May 25, 2018

The loan I took from zidisha has really helped me and my business a lot, and my earnings has increased to about 75percent and I have made more profit from the loan I took and am much greatful to my lenders.

Items for my provisions store
Techiman, Ghana

Joyce Orembe     May 25, 2018

Hello lenders of zidisha, i had stock my clothes in my business with the loan you provided. The purchase has increase my income and i have been able to visit my student in school and know able to do their shopping. The surrounding has been fully of floods which has reduced movements. It has caused many fatalities me and my family we glorify God for keeping us. Thank you,
Joyce Orembe

Myjoyce clothing and bontique
Ritembu, Kenya

Alfred Luvega     May 25, 2018

I confirm receipt of 9352 KES. I have renewed my license and added some e more stock to my business. Working hard to achieve more profits. Thank you much all lenders for your continued support to my business

Buy equipment and apply for new licence that expired
Rongai, Nairobi, Kenya

Robinson Onyango     May 25, 2018

I thanks lenders and Zidisha team for giving me this blessing opportunity, may the Lord almighty bless them all, keep them safe, may they live longer.
I'm now ready to finish the loan which they gave me. I and my family our life is now going well attached is my wife's picture enjoying meal with her child.
Please keep it up and helping the needy people like us thank you.

Growing a business of cybercafé
Kisumu, Kenya

Geoffrey Wasike     May 25, 2018

thank you the zidisha team i,m sorry to have delayed in remitting my weekly payment surely i was doing my final touches on the rental rooms that i had constructed which turned out to be verry expensive now that i had fully exhausted the amount you had loaned me now the rooms are 100% complete and already i have rented out three units .may i promise to clear my arrears in two weeks period without further delay now that i,m back on track .i thank u for understanting me n i promise to be very faithful thank u zidisha team for your continued support

Completion/painting of constructed rooms
Nairobi, Kenya

Lucky Nguna     May 24, 2018

Dear lenders as i said am going to buy a coloured copier machine, this machine will make my work easier and gain more profit because i will be making coloured copies plus prints. Thank you so much for making my dreams come true. Regards lucky

Buying a coloured copier machine
Makindu - Nguuni, Kenya

Emmanuel Wandiga     May 24, 2018

I am the happiest dj right about now. I just got to purchase myself a 2 terabyte external hard disk. I can now download and save a lot of music. I am so grateful to Zidisha and the lenders. I urge you to listen to some of my mixes at mixcloud. My username is Gazza Dj. Thanks again and be blessed.

External hard drive
Nairobi, Kenya

Leonard Ngeno     May 24, 2018

As I had informed you earlier, I bought three empty barrels for the purchase of keg beer. I now have a stable stock. Even though it a low season for keg sales the stock is enough. I am now planning savings to take my family to the maasai maara at the end of the year. Below is a photo of the maasai community in the maara.

Additional empty keg barrels for exchange when buying new st
Nakuru, Kenya