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Order more bear for my business

Thanks zidisha I received the money I really appreciate and u are doing a good work to help us.

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)

I cant express my happiness this morning to my humble lenders and the entire zidisha team for making my dreams of flooring the house a reality. thank you and thank you a million times. the journey of repaying my funds and trust now starts.

Be blessed.

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)

Iron sheets step 2

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)


Online and online business

This is the purchase of goods orders from yesterday"s funds. Thank you Zidisha. Always successful.

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Ini pembelian pesanan barang dari dana kemarin. Terima kasih zidisha. Sukses slalu.

Apply for a loan to buy fabrics and yarns

I will use this loan to buy trouser materials. This loan really helped me because I could buy a lot of materials and a lower price. Thank you, thank you to the lender for giving this loan.

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Pinjaman ini akan saya gunakan untuk membeli bahan celana
Pinjaman ini sangat membantu saya karena bisa membeli bahan dengan jumlah banyak dan harga yang lebih murah
Terima kasih kami sampaikan kepada pemberi pinjaman atas diberikannya pinjaman ini

Delivery service delivery service

zidisha has helped my financial flow in running my small business. I am sure that with my strong determination my business will continue to grow, thank you zidisha.

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zidisha telah membantu arus keuangan saya dalam menjalankan usaha kecil saya. Saya yakin dengan tekad kuat usaha saya akan terus berkembang, terima kasih zidisha.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

answered prayer,hard work and the grace of God. the parents whom i take their pupils to school every morning with my taxi motorcycle on weekly and monthly payments, have just paid me in full today Sunday since i worship with most of them in the same church, and that, i have decided to make you melissa and the entire team of my lenders happy by paying the whole amount of loan today. That i say thak you for being patient with me when all was not well in Kenya due to politics of violence last year that forced me to close down my business for safety purpose . Kenya now is safe for business and politics is no more, business is good. am about to ask you to fund me once immediately my payment is reflected on my loan repayment schedule tomorrow. Thank you and may almighty GOD bless you all, amen

I will use this loan to buy 40more litres of used oil.

Dear Gibson and Beverly,
Thank you so much for funding my project.
I make bar soaps using the used cooking oil from hotels. I will use the money to buy 30 litres of used cooking oil, which can make seventy pieces of bar soaps of the size 1kg.
Best regards

Additional stock for my cybercafe

Dear Zidisha Lenders,

Thanks very much to consider my loan proposal.
With the loan I shall be able to do the following
Add my cyber business stationery stock this includes , envelopes, Printing paper, Lamination films, .
I shall also put up a banner so that to be able to market the business outside my shop.
With the increase in revenue I hope to expand the business with my profit so that i can setup a studio after I have cleared this loan.
Thanks Zidisha lenders

To invest in my transport business

Through Zidisha loan, I have been able to replaced my old taxi with a better and efficient taxi cab, this has enable me provide good transport service to the people within my community, especially the school going children at a cheaper cost.
I'm able to pay my younger siblings school fees, pay for the bills at home and above all put food on the family table.
I'm always thankful to all Zidisha lenders and staffs for your care and love is great and very much appreciated.

Product merchandise

250.160 I used to buy furniture equipment. I would like to thank many, who give me trust and loan to expand my business.

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Saya gunakan untuk membeli peralatan furniture.
Saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih, yang memberikan kepercayaan dan pinjaman kepada saya untuk mengembangkan usaha saya.

Supply of raw materials to sell

I will buy merchandise stock. Because with the stock of goods. The job will be easier and the increase will increase. I will use the profits to expand my business. My wife is now very happy because my efforts are increasing. Every holiday I and my family will definitely go on vacation somewhere.

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Saya akan membeli stok bahan dagangan. Karena dengan adanya stok barang. Pekerjaan pun akan semakin mudah dan pendapan pasti akan meningkat. Saya akan menggunakan keuntungan untuk perluas usaha saya. Istri saya sekarang sangat senang karena usaha saya semakin meningkat. Setiap hari libur saya dan keluarga pasti akan pergi berlibur ke suatu tempat.

Home made solar water heater

Thank very much for all your support. My home made solar water heater is going on well. So much appreciated my lenders.

Bread distribution venture

I want to thank all my Zidisha lenders for funding the loan I have just completed. The loan helped me increase my production of pastries and hence increasing my profits. This helped me venture into a new area where I opened my kiosk. Thanks to you I now have a stable business and opportunities are opening. I hope with time I can also become a lender in Zidisha and help others too.

Fruit trees and inputs for my farm

Dear Zidisha Lenders
Thanks for the loan kindly have a look at the project photos

L plan to increase my stock of airtime scratch cards by 50%

I wish to confirm that I received the cash. Thanks a lot for entrusting me with your funds.
My business basically entails buying airtime scratch cards in a wholesale price and selling it at retail price. At low seasons when customers’ demands are not high, I sale scratch cards worth 100 dollars with an interest of 8% from each item sold. On average in a week I earn 56 dollars and in 4weeks 224 dollars. During high business season when customers’ demands are high, the sales normally increase to around 40% of the average sales. The business has an operating capital amount of 500 dollars. I am targeting to increase my sales stock so as to cope up with the increasing demand which will also increase my daily average earning and capital amount by 50%.
I’m in the process of transforming my part-time airtime scratch cards sales into a full time Small scale business. This small scale business will have a full time attendant and it will also include an affordable cyber café for disadvantages youth around the estate. The proceeds will be reinvested in the Small scale business to keep it growing and assisting more vulnerable and talented youths.

To buy an Artisan A3 wi-fi printer for large printouts

So far so good on business but the chilly weather is making most people to stay indoor and thus slowing operations thus they is low population we are serving in business but for now we are entering a new month of cool climate which is favourable to all activities being done , its my prayer for blessings to zidisha and lenders.

Cash for mobile money and credit cards services

Through zidisha my business has been improving a lot. I have been able to pay all my loans given by zidisha and also solve my family issues. I thank the lenders greatly for making my life and other people's lives a better one. God bless all of you and expand your wealth.

Loan to publish my book

I have received my loan today, I have purchased a few printing materials for my book business. I will uploading a picture of my first book here in a few days to come. I thank my lenders and I am looking forward to huge loans to help me print a lot of books to help Ghanaian children and improve upon the life of my family. thank you .

Renovation and branding

I am just confused of what I should say first. I am so happy and I cant find the exact words to explain this! Thank you so much lenders. God bless you abundantly.
I am going to finalize the renovation and branding of my newly acquired premise.
This will attract the attention of my former and new clients resulting to a total and maximum generation of income.
Good night.

Planting beans.

I did bought top dressing fertilizers worth $70 for my maize farm and herbicides worth $50.The purchase has made a lot of difference since i used to use my jembe to weed out the weeds,the farm is very clean earnings have increased by 50% now.i have used my earnings to pay school fees and my personal belongings. My family and the entire community zidisha is very helpful indeed! I would like to visit the Maasai mara to see the wild life in the coming season.

Shaving mirror

Being sincerely , my kids reported on time when the school reopened for their third last term of the year. The much you extended unto me part of it went in for school fees and the rest for their shopping needs. Compared to some other years esp. Schools reopening it was difficult to march my needs and wants to my family, but now am totally relieved of the burden of school fees, am now looking forward for bigger achievement under the roof of zidisha community.

Fruits and vegetables for grocery shop

Hello zidisha team, I used the loan fund to purchase an extra stock for sale, now my inventory has really increased to the desired level to meet high demand from my esteem customers. From the total sells, earnings have increased significantly which has contributed to the growth of my business. I used a portion of my profit to pay bills and other miscellaneous expenses. During holiday period, I usually spend with my family by visiting various places for exposure.

Clothing sales

So far Zidisha has made it possible for me to continue running my business because of the financial support that has been rendered to me so me through. my shop is fully stocked with clothes and business has been running well smoothly

Work tools for building project

thanks to all my lenders from across the globe for holding my hand and making it posible for me to grow my small business ,dispite hard times,i saw all your hands change my life ,that of my fmily i say thanks keep up good job

Addition of facilities

Fast service satisfactory..added sale item

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Cepat servis memuaskan..tambahan item jualan

Purchase a cargo tricycle for transport business

The tricycle business is ongoing but just that the savings has decrease due to the number of tricycles in the business today. I used to save $62 a week with the first one I bought and savings has reduced to $52 a week with this new one due to the increase in number of the tricycles.
We are in the raining season and I am creating a door curtains for my tricycle. This door curtains will serve as a door to block rainwater and wind from entering the tricycle hence protecting the passengers and the driver. The door curtains will cost me about $37. I have made a guide too to protect the back from
damage .

M-Pesa mobile-money business

Dear lenders
Thank you for the support you have been giving me since i joined Zidisha. My business has transformed so much since i had been able to open two more branches from the support i have gotten from you so far. The current loan will be used to support operating float so that to maintain competitiveness over other business.
Thank you so much for what you had been doing to me. It has really changed the life of and my family as a whole.
Be blessed.

Business center

Thank you very much to all my lenders
I managed to buy paint and I painted my shop according attached pic is my shop,
Am looking forward that my next loan how be helped again so that my business can be going smoothly
Thanks once more God bless you

Grocery business

I used tug loans you gave m to purchased some Onions in my business this help me to increase my stocks

Rice and maize flour for grocery shop

Thanks the zidisha team ,I have increased my my stock of rice ,sugar , coking oil ,beans, maize and wheat flour .It has really changed my life I was earning about 8000 kes per week,but now I earn 12000 kes per week.It has changed my family's life bacouse I can now afford to put something for them on the table three times a day whereas we used to suffer sometimes.

Stock of raw chicken and rice to be cooked and cooked

Pecel catfish itself is a very simple food menu to be made, namely the catfish itself which has been fried crispy continues to be served with rice and fresh vegetables such as cabbage, basil, and cucumber and equipped with chili sauce. With the presentation and form of the catfish pecel, the price for selling catfish pecel is quite affordable ranging from Rp. 10,000 - Rp. 15,000 / portion.

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Pecel lele sendiri adalah menu makanan yang sangat sederhana untuk dibuat yakni ikan lele sendiri yang telah digoreng garing terus disajikan dengan nasi dan lalapan seperti kubis, kemangi, dan timun serta dilengkapi dengan sambal. Dengan penyajian dan bentuk pecel lele yang sedemikan harga untuk menjual pecel lele cukup terjangkau berkisar Rp.10.000 - Rp. 15.000/porsi.

Seedlings to plant

Thank you lenders, i have paid for the land and preparations ongoing for planting

Sale of fresh fruits and pudding

Hello my iam really very grateful to you for the previous loan you have just given me.I was able to make enough profit which enabled me to clear my outstanding loan and raised my working capital from $200 to $250.

I lack words to express my happiness and sincere gratitudes you considering it was just recently i was working as a househelp and now i manage my own business.May God of Abraham and Isaac always do you good.Thank you so much

Details of fried business capital costs

I will use this loan money to buy the raw materials needed to make various fried foods including wheat flour, tapioca flour, seasonings, LPG, cooking oil and others that relate to my fried business. Thank you for Borrowers for their trust in lending me money to smooth my business

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Saya akan pergunakan uang pinjaman ini untuk membeli bahan baku yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat aneka gorengan meliputi tepung terigu,tepung tapioka,bumbu penyedap,gas elpiji,minyak goreng dan lain-lain yang berhubungan dengan bisnis gorengan saya.
Terima Kasih buat Peminjam Dana atas kepercayaannya meminjamkan saya uang untuk kelancaran bisnis saya

Buy new ball joints and steering rod for my taxi

Back to school for the third term for my little girl God bless you.

Pigs rearing and sales of pigs business

I thank you very much my lenders, i was able to buy 6 young female pigs and 4 young male pigs for the pig farm, also bought medicine for vaccination and health growth, i also bought 3 older for my supply to the pigs butcher men which will return a profit of 60Ghana cedis, i will re-reimbursed for retail service while taking the profit to by my young pigs feeds and to repay my loan. Thank you very much lenders

Tricycle to convey farm produce to the central market

Hello Lenders,

I hope you are all doing well. It's been a while I send an update on the progress of the loan. I have been out of my country for some months on an educational tour to South Africa. I have arrived and currently checked with the people benefiting from this loan and they are trying their best to ensure things go well. They had a slight problem with their produce but things have resumed now and they are committed to finishing making payment of the loan before the year comes to an end.

They continue to thank all lenders for changing their lives and for their continued support in lifting their livelihoods. Thank you!

LPG-gas-supply business expansion

Dear Lenders
Thank you indeed for having funded my previous loan. I managed to increase cylinder stock and hire an assistant. In the long run, it resulted in increased revenue. God blessed me with a son this month (an heir to this business). Preparing for his coming was a lighter task since there has been better flow of income from the business, to support my salary. I am therefore a happy father and a thankful member of the zidisha community. May the Lord richly reward all my lenders.

New equipment for my bead-designing venture

Thank you so much your interest and support for my venture. With this loan I would be able to provide services for more people with the purchase of my new equipment. Attached to this message are pictures of some of my products. You can also follow my facebook business page Des-Afric to get updates on new products and services I offer with the help of generous lenders like you! I am very grateful.

This fund is in addition to filling my shop

Thank you for your trust ... I received the loan and will use it well ... and I promise to be on time for the loan refund ... this is a picture of the item I bought ... an order from my store subscription. ... this is a photo of my child and my merchandise taking part in the photo ...

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terima kasih atas kepecayaan anda...pinjaman sudah saya terima dan akan saya gunakan dengan baik...dan saya janji akan tepat waktu dalam pengembalian dana pinjaman ini...ini gambar barang yang saya beli...pesanan dari langganan toko saya....ini foto dagangan saya dan anak saya ikut terfoto...

Inventory of groceries for my shop

I am very much thankful for the opportunity you have give this far. My business growth has tremendously improved by almost 20% since I joined Zidisha and i hope through your lending am going to go far and maybe become a lenders to help young Enterprise

Honey distribution project

I wish to thank my lenders for this second phase of my loan. In fact the first one expanded my business and gave me lots of customers for which I am grateful. I hope this second one will help me stay focused on expanding into other product lines within my area of trade. Once again I say a big thank to my lenders

To buy leather materials and beads for making bags for sale

An amount of 2,153 GHS safely received on Aug 20, 2018. All the items successfully purchased, this would help me increase production and then by increase sales. I'm very much appreciative to all my lenders, to team Zidisha and to the Director Julia. God richly bless your effort in helping us fight poverty in this part of our world.

Poultry vaccine and feeds purchase.

I used the last loan to buy the chickens feeds and vaccines. My birds production have been steady and rarely do I loose any to diseases. My revenues have increased though the cost of feeds are highly. I have realised an income from sale of poultry mature too. The birds have complemented my income and I'm able to feed my young family with a balanced diet.

To finance my university education

I will successfully pay my monthly hostel fees, Pay my school fees buy some books for my course and pay for my the training of short courses during the vacation, this would help me in educating myself for the future.
To you lenders, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and kindness in supporting and funding my loan for me. What I can say now is God bless you.

Buy vegetable oil and wheat flour

Thanks to lenders and zidisha. The loan money I received I bought into a cooking pot and plywood to add to the face of my shop

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Terimakasih kepada pemberi pinjaman dan zidisha . Uang pinjaman yang saya terima saya belikan ke kuali tempat masak dan triplek untuk menambah muka pembuatan warung saya

Buying a computer to expand my cybercafe

The loan I received purchased a computer v and opened a ciber cafe which has attracted new customers .The earnings have increase from three hundred to five hundred per day daily sales.I have used the new earning as savings.My family have also liked the internet service as they sometimes use it for learning...We enjoy so much together as family and also we come together as friends to celebrate together during holidays

Farm chemicals

Dear Zidisha family.Am taking this opportunity to say thank you to all my lenders without you i wouldn't have made it this far.
I used the money to buy farm chemicals,this helped in maintaining healthy watermelon and disease free,as most of you know watermelon are heavy feeders and maintenance is not easy.
The money i received from watermelon sales i immediately put up a vegetable nursery,transplanted the vegetables and now the are doing well.This is why i took longer than expected to repay back the loan.
Thank you again,Attached find photos of my vegetable farm