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Barbershop inventory

Outside my barbershop Stylez-Gold with a friend who is also a Zidisha member and mentor

To employ two workers

am so greatful

To employ two workers

this new product and how i have increased my stock and its going well

Buying feed and building structure for dairy cow business

These are my dairy cows

Purchase of mangoes

Mango season in kenya is approaching its peak ,too many mangoes in Nairobi.Kenyans just love mangoes.

Add stock in demand: pampers, tissue paper + ball pens


Chicken and rabbit rearing

hie lenders,
my business is doing well, the number of my chicken and rabbits has increased, and the society are buying eggs and rabbits for their farm in my farm, i look forward to repay all my loan by this weekend, i haven't been able to update my profile due to lack of access to network service.

Inventory for my newspaper business

Hi Harriet
I do sell Daily nation and the Standard news papers those are the most popular newspaper,although I also sell others like The Nairobian,the star and other monthly magazines


this is a caption of the facility that needs expansion.

Inventory of a salon drier

hallo Kendra.thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I am working hard to achieve my best so I can use the profits to go back to school and finish my degree thank you.

Add inventory for my business

My previous loan was so timely. I was able to meet my clients orders so timely, and i got some referral to new clients. This is a very big boost to my business..
I generated enough profit which was enough to pay for this loan, I was able to do for my children school shopping and my standard of living has improved.

Rent room for my teaching practice.

seriously learning

Rent room for my teaching practice.

In campus

Expanding my electronics repair business

Working hard

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter

These are my dairy cows and i am very for good support you have been giving me,may God bless u abundantly.

Buy irrigation equipment for my vegetable farm

This is my vegetables farm whereby intend to expand my farming

Buying of a good camera and painting my cyber cafe

First I would like to heartily thank you all my lenders for agreeing to support me on my initiative to buy a second hand photocopy machine and because of your kind gesture I have managed to secure one. Am glad since am able to use my machine to make photocopies for several people especially during weekends too. I also have paid my two installments on time. Thank you very much for you support.

To buy bicycles for transporting clients.

Dear Kundu,
greetings from Seattle, Washington. congratulations to your motor bike business, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well and sending your siblings to school. For us education was everything, it opened doors to a good life. Keep up your good work. Greetings, Hilde Pfurtscheller

Buying materials to fix roof for catering business

Dear all,
How are you? Hope you all fine and okay.
As I told you before, I have cattering business since year 2000. Thank you God I have many loyal customers.
My customer not only personal but also restaurant. I supply them desserts such as Apple Pie, Spotted Dick, Rollie Pollie Jam, etc. My Apple pie even got good review in Jakarta Restaurant Review
I wish that after I renovate my home I could have production room and storage room.
Below some of my kitchen product. I use brand Mymessy Kitchen and I have advertise it on my Facebook.
Sometimes I visit a group and teach the house wife or any one who wants to learn to cook or bake. For free. Seeing them could make money and help their husband to support the family makes me happy. Mostly I teach them how to make something from left over raw material such as egg white that mostly not use by the Martabak maker ( martabak is one kind of food like pancake). I use it as raw material for cookies, cakes or poodings. And it works. And now the waste have the financial value.
I hope I could do more then this. And have a bigger chance to take them to have more valuable life. And I hope Zidisha could walk along with me.

Warm regards from Pamulang

Retailshop business

hi my lenders,am glad to for your help,my business in doing well,i thank all of you

Equipment for my fitness centre

Thank you Zidisha and dear Lenders.

T-shirt printing machine

I would like to thank the Zidisha team and my funders for providing me the funds to acquire the Sony camera. I managed to acquire the Camera and I am now in business of producing passports and students Identification cards. Once again thanks to Zidisha team.

Selling sorrel

Hi lenders amiable, very happy to come for a second time from you to seek your support.

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Salut aimable prêteurs, très heureuse de venir pour une seconde fois aupres de vous pour solliciter votre accompagnement.

Loan to help pay fees for tuition & residence hall on campus

Hi. Words aren't enough to express how grateful I am for your support and assistance.. am soo grateful and thankful. God richly bless you. I very much appreciate your making an exception and single-handedly lending me the whole amount. Am going for a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. We started with C++ programming and that's what we are currently on. I'd appreciate those links very much. Thanks again. I'll repay on time and on schedule. God bless this honorable deed.

Loan to help pay fees for tuition & residence hall on campus

Hi we are reminded its best not to lend too much to one person but I have decided to make an exception and lend you the whole amount so you can get the money faster. I had exactly the same problem when I was your age, nearly 2 hours commute to college, driving through traffic, it was so tiring it was hard to concentrate on my mornings first lectures. All the best for your study I hope this gets disbursed fastest. I'd be really interested to know what computer programming languages you chose and may be able to help you with some links

Urgent request for home renovation (fallen house)

My lenders attached is the photo of the girl she came for fitting for uniforms. She was she had gone playing with friends the whole day..
Her name is SHANNY She will start going to school on Monday..

Loan for maize purchases

I have received the donkey i chose,now waiting for a vet to give it some shots.Hope to have a photo of it here soon.Its dry and grain is being sold by fewer people as they hold on to it.In the town demand is increasing and so are the sales.

To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

Today I completed preparing the disused space between my house and my neighbour's wall. I call it the Cherry Tomato Corridor. It is 10 inches deep and almost 4ft wide. The bed is lined with compost and topped with humus-rich soil. It took all morning to lay the rock path. The Cherry tomatoes have successfully germinated in my shed and will be ready for transplanting in slightly over two weeks from today.

Loan for laptop and school fees for education degree

I am back to school with all arrears paid.
Thank you to all and sundry who contributed to my my life.
I now have my own laptop out of the loan.

Buying materials to fix roof for catering business

And this is the picture i took last week. I finally could buy more gypsum and cement and also pay the worker. Thanks zidisha. Specially to all my lenders who give me new hope. (Rainer, nicole,PietjeP,magnus_h,Andrew P,PDXLender)

Farming project loan

new chicks that i bought yesterday

Farming project loan

my chicken rearing almost ready for the market

Improvement of farming

this is the image of cow standing beside is my sister

Increase food stock, repair shelves & purchase a cooler for my business

my fruit store

Buy color printer and add more stock to cybercafe

I would like to take this opportunity to once more thank my Lenders and Zidisha for your support that has brought a big difference in my business,it is growing very fast. I am now set for the Mid term exams with a good stock of photocopy papers. During this period i do alot of photocopying hence require many photocopy papers.Attached is a picture of the stock.

Add leather materials

I just joined Zidisha the other day and I quickly put up a proposal to buy a sewing machine and raw materials since my business deals in leather products. It was not long to be given the loan and I can say that I bought the machine and materials. (See the photo attached)
The qualities of my products are now high compared to the ones I used to make earlier before buying the high quality raw materials.
Everything just happened very fast, immediately I bought the high quality materials I just got an order of 20 motorbike covers to be supplied in Mfangano Island. I was amazed to see the quality of my products. My clients were satisfied beyond their expectation and this has made them to refer their friends who might be in need of leather products to me and thus increased my sales.
Thanks to Zidisha for enabling me get quality raw materials. Now my clients can refer their friends to BEST LEATHER PRODUCTS and without doubt my business is growing.

utensils, cooking pot, and cooking stoves for my restaurant

zidisha your name tells it all my life has been much better than it was. im glad to share that now im seeing blessings. last week my husband got a job and my business is growing from strength to strength. today i am able to take my kids for funfares. as for photos im not able to because my camera is spoilt so as soon as its is fit i will upload a few photos

Improvement of my bee farming

thanks to zidisha this is the pond after lining. I am very grateful to zidisha and the entire lenders. keep up the good work and changing life an not only a fish farmer but a role model since no one in our community had an upland fish pond

Improvement of my bee farming

fish pond before lining

Inventory of a salon drier

Hallo my Zidisha family. due to your loan I was able to buy a nice flat iron and a blow drier for my salon.This has made my work so much easier and my revenue is increasing thanks to you dear are the pictures.

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm

the chicks that am feeding,and i sell them nicely,people often come for them

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm

myself feeding the hens

Loan to purchase more chicken for my farm

these are my hens in my farm

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

i have been super excited this past couple of days, i went back to school to take up my post graduate diploma,and i am studying hard for my barexams at the end of this year.
my business is good,plus i have employed a person to manage the same while i am at school getting an education.
i am looking foward to complte repaying this instant loan, so that i can get an increased ammount in order for me to continue doing exploits.
long live zidisha

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter

Hello,im very happy for your support which you gave to me,i managed to purchase a good heifer and i also constructed a new cow shed for the heifer, thanks and may God bless you all.

To increase my stock in the new business i have opened

This is part of the shop where i have some cosmetics ,body lotions and others like perfumes especially for women

Second hand bales for bras

Hi Zidisha,
I have been able to boost my business, I received my loan on Monday morning, on Tuesday I went to the market and bought some more fruits, I also bought a blender for fresh juice... On Wednesday I had started selling juice and some more fruits for fruit salad. So far the response is good and am positive it shall get even better. Can't wait to finish paying my loan so I can get some more. Thank you Zidisha

Equipment for my fitness centre

I am fully repaid, and I am really grateful my dear Zidisha team and Lenders. Many thanks to our dear Lenders, now my business is going well this time around. May God bless you all and reward you. Thank you.

To expand my cashew nut business

At work

Inventory for salon shop

This is my business.