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Application for $300 (ghs 938) for inventory for my boutique

I wish to once again thank lenders for the offer been done me.about a week ago I received my first credit loan of $100 (GHS 319).The money was used for inventory in my clothing business just as i indicated in my loan first repayment will be on Sunday the 8th of February, 2015.My weekly repayment of my loan is $10.I am happy to announce that it I will review my repayment to a much higher amount before my first installment, this is because business was vibrant during my trek to sell at the festival.I came back this evening and hopefully I will go for new stocks on Friday to various markets.Market has been good for me.Thanks to the zidisha team and lenders,especially lenders who funded my loan.I say God bless u.Beyond the sky is the limit for sense and 2015 resolution is to open a clothing retail outlet by the second quarter of this year so I will commit myself to paying my loan on time so I could progress to apply for higher loan facilities.I believe with hardwork, determination, perseverance,business diversification etc the name of my business will be rolling on Tv screen because zidisha empowered young graduates like me through a loan facility to grow our business.
Hopefully very soon I will apply to be a volunteer mentor to help educate and empower the youth to take initiatives.
Thank you.

Expansion of my clothing retail business

I can now afford a smile on my face every day as I see my business grow thanks to the loan by Zidisha. i have really increased my inventory over time and thus profits that subsequently have made it easier for me to remain in school. thank you all that loaned me.

House upgrade

Helo Zidisha Lenders I am glad to inform you that my business has started picking up. The only problem I have is to now increase the number of computers because the once I have at times customers exceed them, forcing me to loose my customers to my competitors. So I hope you will continue lending me a helping hand till I achieve my ambitions. I will always be great-full to the Zidisha team for improving my economic standards, and also living standards. God Bless You abundantly. Yours Godfrey

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

Thank you Gill ,my project is nice one I feel good working with orphans and vulnerable children because I am an orphan and really understand their challenges because i went through the the same.When I manage to keep an orphan in school it makes me so happy.

Re-stocking computers

these are some of the used laptops i have bought advertised and sold.

Water business

Dear Lenders,
I wish to let you know the positive impact that the loan that you offered me has had in my business.I have improved from very little income to an income that is average. I could not afford school fees for my kids and now I can proudly say that my monthly savings have improved to ksh 20000 after meeting my expenses. I now own one electric kerosene pump and I have managed to employ one person in my business premises. THank you zidisha

New fabric and accessories for making another wedding gown

Last Year Production May 2014
visit us at

New fabric and accessories for making another wedding gown

Praise to Allah SWT me and my bussiness are interviewing in Indonesia The Quality Magazine

New fabric and accessories for making another wedding gown

Some of my new Gown that produce Last Year Dec 2014

Funding to purchase water pump for farming business

Am so grateful and excited that my first loan application got its first responder within hours. Believe that it shall be fully funded soon and I shall make effort to repay promptly. These two young men just earned their wages after spraying my one acre bean crop. I intend to do crop rotation and cultivate onions on this plot after harvesting the beans. Will keep you updated!

Procurement of materials for making Indonesian meatballs

Thank you for accepting my loan application. I hope it will be of use to my business.

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Terima kasih telah diterima pengajuan pinjamanku semoga bermanfaat dalam usahaku

Inventory for potatoes for restaurant

My baby is now 7 weeks old and im enjoying motherhood,After having lost 3 times as a first time mother,this is giving me motivation to work harder than before.I now have someone who depends on me and I can't mess up.I have now started payment of my loan installments.Im hoping that at the end of this month,business will pick up.Since parents will be through with school fees and everyone will have recovered from the holiday blues.Then I will be able to make more money.Diapers and formula milk is expensive but it is worth it,because my baby is a precious little angel.Thanks to Zidisha,this is possible because I have a means of income.Words cannot express how grateful I am to the lenders and Zidisha community.God bless you all

Grocery shop

At peace

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In fact the loan has help me a lot, it has increased my stock my daily sales has also gone up, am more than happy thanks be to my lenders.

In this case repayment will not be a problem.
Thank you ever so much.

Raising cattle

Thanks again my lenders. Look they're beautiful and thanks to you, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Inventory of beauty products for salon

Dear Lenders,

I had the opportunity to visit Dokas with Volunteer Mentor George Bonsu this past Saturday. Dokas runs a salon next door to her mother’s water sachet business in the central market of Obuasi, a town about an hour away from Kumasi.

Dokas struggled to pay last year when she and her mother both fell ill. But I am happy to report that they are both better now and Dokas is excited about investing time and money into her business. We rescheduled her loan so that she is back on track. And afterwards, I got a tour of the salon. With her loans, Dokas was able to buy more products and supplies to offer customers – especially quality hair extensions. She also showed me her new hair dryers and a sink that was installed just recently.

Dokas is thankful for the support she has received from Zidisha lenders and her success is evident – a number of her salon’s neighbors have applied for loans as well since witnessing Dokas’s gains. And she looks forward to being able to continue expanding and sharing her passion with the community of Obuasi. We wish her the best!

Ghana Country Ambassador

To buy some cereals for my store

those are the little photos which are bit clear,more when i visit her in school.
thanks to all my lenders your graet support through my business is the reason my daughter is in school now.
thanks all

To buy some cereals for my store

there she is posing on a mono

To buy some cereals for my store

now free to go to class

To buy some cereals for my store

she is through with clearance now set to be recieved by her gurdian mother one of the old student in the same school.
a form two student .

To buy some cereals for my store

now admitted confirming the items the school needed them to buy

To buy some cereals for my store

this was before she got admitted in the new school so she is in her former school uniform

Best pics - opening a photo studio loan

How are you Zidisha members? Since I got the loan from Zidisha and bought new lenses for my camera I have been able to get photography jobs through referrals. This is all because of my high quality photos. Last weekend I was the official photographer for a function at Kindu Bay, South Nyanza and I managed to cover the whole event. Thank you Zidisha Team for enabling my business to step up.

Display for my food retail business

Thank alot Zidisha Inc. I was able to purchase a display for my food retail business worth $30 and this has made my work easy especially when my customers are selecting the food or snacks of their choice.They are able to do this easily from the glass display I purchased. This Display has saved me alot of time taken when serving each customer leading to increase in sales. The sales that I get from my business has enabled me pay part of my monthly bills and also purchase books for my child who just started primary school.Thanks alot Zidisha you are my hero!

First phase of cast and fountain website design

What a beautiful fountain. Thank you for keeping us posted. I hope to see much more of your progress in the future. Congratulations. Thep

Purchasing a cooler for my fish produce business

This is my new stall where I now sell my fish unlike previously i used to operate under an umbrella.

New printing machines and tuition for phd program

my new stock.thanks to my lenders

A motorbike to supply goods to my customers

I have been able to introduce cosmetics in my shop. I appreciate my lenders for their Good job. May God bless you.

Cosmetic supplies for my shop

thank you for your trust in me. I've bought eggs and rice I want. now my customers grow because they do not have to go too far to buy rice and eggs.

To buy additional beehives

At last the the portable food warmer has arrived. I am a happy man as I post this comment. It took a while for me to get the right food warmer that I wanted and now it was delivered yesterday. I believe it will help me to achieve the dreams and even expand more. I am sure that I am capable of supplying to more clients in a day. I will not through away the other food boxes that I have been using but utilize them to carry more food. Thanks a lot to all my lenders who helped me to achieve this dream. I will try best to repay the loan so that I can set other goals for expansion.



Edward, I just saw the pictures of your garden. Your work looks very neat. The field looks very good and the cabbage looks as good or better than I have seen anywhere, tell me about the irrigation of the plants, how do they get enough water to be looking so healthy? Keep up the great work.....Pete.

Materials for handmade fluffy mats

Thankyou theboseugn for starting me off. Hoping to expand my collection

Inventory of Charcoal

Happy new year(i know its a bit too late for that)but the last time we talked was 2014,so i had to say that.....,anyway how are you doing? on my side am OK of course abit lonely(the schools have re-opened) because the house is so so quite, but al get over after a fortnight,we traveled to our rural home for New year celebration which is about 450km from where we are staying,came back at around 15th of Jan,then started preparing the kids to go back to school. that explains why i have been offline,Business wise am doing well,i managed to make a lot of profit by taking advantage of the high season demand,and geuse what i was the only one with charcoal,because i manage d to stock my store to its required capacity of 100bags with the loan that zidisha gave me plus a little savings that i had in my account,as a result i would even sell a total of 10 to 15 bags in a day with my profit margin going up by 20% compared to the usual limit of 2 dollars per bag!and for the first Robert and Zoey got everything that they had written on their shopping list!(usually they write then i shortlist in term of priority because of budget constrains) and for that zidisha get three cheers, hep hep......hurray ,hep hep hurray, hep hep hurray!... looking forward to doing both wonderful and big things this year of 2015.

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter

Hello,that ma tomato farm and spinach, i am spraying to prevent insectsides

Buying of one personal computer for music processing.

Thanks once again lenders,am posting this message to share with you the positive change I have witnessed in my life and the life of others depending on me directly and indirectly. My income and profits has increased and as I am posting this message I am now able to meet the upkeep expenses of my 5 years old child left by one of my relatives after succumbing to illness and thereafter her death making her child to be an orphan at a tender age.and am happy I can now provide with his basic needs including accommodation and eventually I will school him in a near future.
Thank you Zidisha,you hold a bright future to many!
Mutai Ezekiel.

Add beauty stock to my salon & barber shop

Hi guys hope you are all doing well, My son and I are ok, business is a bit low at the moment but hoping to catch up as the days goes by. Thanks guys and be blessed

Add M-Pesa service to my shop

Thanks Simon, I have to work extra hard to ensure I have paid, no laziness, the camera really served me so well in December, I got so many customers, even now am taking passports, it has really helped me. Atleast my business is doing fine. I really thank the Zidisha family, you are great people

Loan to purchase a chaff cutter

Hello,I am very greatful for the support u give me,i managed to expand my cow shed and also increase the feeds for my cows and i thank God because now my cows increased their daily production,now i wqnt to increase the daily cows for more revenue, Thankyou and may God bless u


preparation for the same garden


some of my crops (cabbage) just about to be mature

Mobile phone and electrical equipments

this is my shop where i have the plans to invest on

Duvet & curtain set

There was a significant increase in item enquiries & sales went up about 20%. Its the begining of the year therefore business is quite low. The loan I had taken was used to purchase part of the material needed to make sample sets of duvets & curtain sets. I succeeded in making a superb sample which I've been using to market my idea thanks to Zidisha loan.
Towards mid year, business will pick up & I target to increase my inventory by at least 40%. This will cater for walk-in clients who want to buy without necessarily waiting to order. I also intend to create a business portfolio that will enhance my speciality in matching duvet covers with curtains. I will embark on online advertising as a means of targeting the youth who are social media savvy. My plan is to have a double digit growth by the end of this year. With Zidisha's loans I know and plan to succeed in business.

Funds to add three more computers to my business (cybercafe)

Thank you so much to Zidisha and the lending community/person with your support. Am now filling happy for with your support have bought a mosquito net for my baby.

Funds to buy a metallic door for my business

This are the photos

Funds to buy a metallic door for my business

Thank you to Zidisha and this are some of photos in my work place

Selling mobile phones

I am Tettey Elijah and i want to use this platform to express my sincere gratitude to Zidisha lenders for the enormous help the lending community has rendered me for the past year. Zidisha lent me a loan which i started a business with. After completing my first loan payment i was granted a second loan which i used to import some mobile phones, tablets, power banks, flash drives and other computer related accessories which i have sold to also make some profit.
Currently i own and manage my mini-importation business. With the help of Zidisha, i now import several goods ranging from phones and accessories to mechanical watches and jewelries set. I can now also sell my goods through online and its working perfectly well.
I really want to thank Zidisha for the help it has given me. It is my hope that sooner, I shall also become part of the lending team so i can make a positive change on the life of others just has Zidisha has impacted positively on my life.

Arap chebwai investment

During the loan funds, will buy farm inputs for this will allow me plant my farm inputs on time, and will increase my earnings at 90%, also my dependents will appreciate for repayment amount is affordable. My neighbors will be visiting my projects to confirm the assistance granted to enable them joint the system, attached here under are my photos taken in my small piece of vegetables plot.

New printer purchasing

I still im in the process of developing the project. Currently iv bought the Phtocopier and the Printer which has costed me a total of Ksh 100,000. The shop which is to be vacated hasnt been yet, but in few weeks time it will be ready fro use.As i said earlier, i have already paid fr the shop, thus i just must get to it. This is a project that il be investing much in it. AS im looking forward to working in this, ill always ensure that i keep up to my promise of paying the loan granted to me on time. Thanking you in advance Zidisha.

Loan of ghc1292 helps me to purchase equipment & inventory

This are my children.

Loan of ghc1292 helps me to purchase equipment & inventory

"Before I joined Zidisha my business was moving at a slow pace. l cannot pay my children school fees but now my business is moving fast and l am able to pay my children school fees for this term.Customers are willing to buy my food because of the way l cook my food. Thanks to my supporters.

Purchasing irrigation water pump machine for my farm

Hello, Barosky Kyeremeh!
I am sending best wishes for your success. You mentioned in your profile that you don't love your job, but that now you are good at it. I know what it is like to work in a job you are good at but don't like (I think everyone has that experience in life, sometimes for a short time, sometimes for a very long time). So, for your days to be brighter, I hope you eventually will love farming, and maybe even eventually would love it so much as to consider wanting to farm for most of your life, because first and foremost, the world needs good farmers!
In my opinion, there truly isn't any job more important. You provide nourishment and health to others. What could be more important? Without nourishment and health, not much else is possible or at least enjoyable. And farming is a much more healthful way of working than being inside for most of the day and working at a computer keyboard! Also, it is a more important job than many of the jobs people with advanced university degrees do. And some of those people actually leave those other kinds of jobs precisely to do the kind of work you are doing, because it is better for them (and the world) in many important ways.
Try not to mind too much getting dirty when farming; there is nothing wrong with getting dirty, especially when doing such important work. I love the feel of the soil and the plants when I grow tomatoes and vegetables, and getting dirty is a small price to pay for fresh food from the garden.
On the other hand, though, I understand very well that you cannot force yourself to like something you don't like, or to not like something you do like, so if even after giving it a fair chance, you find you still don't love farming, then it is my wish for you that this endeavor will provide you with the means later on to do whatever other good thing you can do in this world that WOULD make your heart sing.) I am sending my very best wishes to both you and your grandfather!
Zidisha Lender Laurie 30131: