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Buy brand new photocopier, colour printer & 3 computer set

I sincerely give thanks to all Lenders for your successful contribution towards my loan funding. What you have done has really shock me!! . I am going to surprise you with my repayment. God bless you all abundantly and have a happy and prosperous new year!!!

Clothes materials for clothing production

Happy new yearto all my lenders! My lenders I am really grateful for what you have done for me, may God richly bless you all for giving me this loan, I can not explain what this loan has done for, because this loan has really put change in my fashion work.

New printer purchasing

Previously life was a little complicated as far as wealth and development re concerned. To those who were born from poor families, they had had highest chances of remaining poor as the saying the rich continue to pile more while the poor continue to be more poor. With introduction of these financial means of funding like zidish, life has dramatically changed. Some of the people from poor backgrounds like us with big minds can now easily access money and exploit their capabilities turning them into reality. Looking forward to continue working with zidisha.
I was anlysing my living standard before and after being introduced to you, actually there has emerged a very big difference.this is because i now own eg a poshomill although it is very far from where im based for IT business. (That is way back home) but its doing fine under my parents supervision and they have so far not disappointed me in it. This, i couldnt be having without your previous loan. My other Cyber project although it failed due to strategic position, but i still have the resources i was to use thus i was forced to take them back home and buy time to search for a better place, fortunately ive found the best place ever of my choice which i have already paid for a three months rent being Ksh 20,000 per month. That is ive paid Ksh 60,000 rent. I have almost all things i need for a start which i had bought from part of previous zidisha loan which i also spent in my current business which is doing extremeny well(Thnks to zidisha). the only part remining now is the photocopier which costs Ksh 60,000. The shop is to be vaceted in the next two weeks by the County Government of Kilifi, Kenya in Mtwapa. With Zidisha help for me to get Ksh 40,0000, ill be able to top up the Ksh 20,000 from my business earnings to purchase this.It is one of the major central core of this business thus i must be having it. Thank you as i look forward to working with you Zidisha. God bless.

A feed mixer and ingredients to make poultry feed

My free range poultry farm is doing well, I have managed to grow my stock from an initial of 4 hens and 1 cock to about 37 although the majority are cock.

Am currently constructing more chicken coop since the are increasing in number at a relatively fast rate and majorly to avoid pecking in over crowded areas.

Once in a while I sell the large cocks to avoid in breeding and of course i need the money to purchase chicken feed.

My son enjoys this poultry venture more than anyone else, I believe, because every time we go to see them, he never sits down, he`s always outside running round trying to catch them.

All this would not have been possible without your help zidisha, thank you very much.

Hope the pictures will tell more.


More handbags for my emira.

Hello Lenders, this is to inform you on how the last loan impacted my life; I used the funds to expand my stock of handbags. This came as a result of the coming in of new clients and the demand being higher than the supply I had. In addition, through the loan, I was able to cultivate good relationships with a supplier who I look forward to working with in the long term.
With time, it has become necessary for me to delegate deliveries of handbags to a lady so I could focus on generating new leads and constant supply.
I am happy that I am on the journey to financial independence:)

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

Some of my photoshop work, a menu for a new hotel in Bungoma town.

Seeds,seedling and fertilizer 4 maize and sugarcane farming

The Christmas was fine and possibly hope that the coming year 2015 will be alright.

Planting teakwood trees

These are some of the teak

Raising Chickens

Dear Lenders!

I am writing to let you know I am back in Dakar for a few weeks for the holidays. I had the chance to stop by to visit Ameth last week to see the progress of his business. Ameth took his first loan with Zidisha in March 2014 and he is currently on his second loan. He lives in the Dakar neighborhood of Mermoz with his older brother Moussa, and his younger sister is currently pursuing her studies at the university.

Ameth works from home, where he raises chickens on the third floor of his house to sell. He purchases them from when they are very young and raises them until they are 45 days old. He then sells them to local clients for 2,500 XOF to 3,000 XOF ($5-$6) gaining a small profit. Since my last visit Ameth has made tremendous progress in the growth of his activities. He installed cages in one of the rooms in order to increase the number of chickens he can raise at once. Now he is able to raise up to 50 chicks in the same room he has his older chickens. He plans eventually to install an automated water tank so he won't have to fill the water twice a day.

Not only has Zidisha helped reinforce Ameth's activities, it has given him the ability to make plans on how he will continue to expand. He has already purchased several quails, from which when he plans to sell the eggs. He explained each quail will lay at least one egg daily, which he will be able to sell in order to boost his revenue. Not only the quails will boost his profit but Ameth has also recently purchased a freezer. With the freezer he will be able to store his chickens which are ready until he has clients. This will decrease the chance of losing the chickens. Another development is that Ameth has commenced to sell 50 chickens a month to a restaurant caterer. Ameth hopes to continue to expand his activities to include other local restuarants.

Even though the commencing loans have been small, this has not limited Ameth's potential to envision the future of his business. Ameth and I spent discussing what the future could hold for his activities. He spoke of land he has in Thioraye, just a little outside Dakar. He said one day his production is large enough to be able to relocate there. He also spoke of his vision to produce mayonnaise or other similar commercial products for local consumption.

Ameth not only has chickens and quails but he has two dogs as well. His two dogs he raised and trained by himself live on his rooftop terrace. They respond to his commands in Wolof. Ameth's forward-thinking and positive attitude is evident when he talks about his prospects for the future. I am glad I had a chance to stop by to visit, and I look forward to seeing his progress when I am in Dakar again!

Paige Klunk
Senegal Liaison

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock

Below is a photo with more members of the extended family:

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock

Hi Michael,

My family and I had a wonderful Christmas with our extended family in the countryside - I have uploaded a few photos of the dairy goat project.

Attached is a group photo with the extended family.

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock

This one got a kid.

Loan to buy one dairy goat - increasing flock

Dear Lenders,

I appreciate the assistance you have given me this far.

Below are a few photos from my business.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

I want to thank all my lenders.I just finished paying my first Zidisha loan and it made such a difference in boosting my photoshop and photography business.I have managed to save toward purchasing a new digital camera and even managed to stock my shop from the proceeds of the photography work that had increased because of longer days you made possible for me to hire the cameras for my work.Again Happy holidays and i wish you all the best in the new year.Kids are not yet back to school but i have been having a busy time taking photographs and not only repaying the loan but restocking my business.I look forward to doing more business with you.On Christmas day i made close to 150$!!!! Thanks again

Materials for large client order in welding business

Dear lenders,
May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your friendly gesture, by accepting to lend me. The money did a great job. By coincidence, when I received the money, after two days my welding machine broke down. The secondary windings and the cooling fan windings melted! The machine was rendered useless. If it were not for the loan today I could be telling a very sad story.
The good news is: I only raised a few extra dollars plus the loan the money was enough to hire a specialist to carry out repairs immediately. After four days of waiting anxiously one morning the technician surprised me at my shop with the machine ready for use! It was a well done job.
The machine is doing a good job. Once again thank you.
In the picture the replaced windings can be seen in white color while the new fan is shiny. I love my trade and with sufficient capital I will make it. Blessings to you all.

Purchase of breeder goats and artificial insemination

Dear Lenders,
Happy holiday season!! I'd like to inform you that my family and I are well, we enjoyed this festive season spending that much needed quality family time together and we thank God for good health. I trust that you and your families are well too as u await to usher in the new year.
The last loan I took from Zidisha, which I have fully paid back, was ksh. 38,800 (approximately $435) towards my goat rearing and selling business. That money enabled me to expand my goat pen to accommodate my growing stock. The cost of construction is broken down as follows: Timber 200ft @ ksh 49 ($0.5) X 200= ksh 9800 ($110), 20 iron sheets @ ksh 600 ( $6.7) X 20= ksh 12,000 ($134) , Labour cost was ksh 10,000 ($112), the balance of $79 I added to my profit from sale of previously existing stock to cater for transport cost, nails, extra water tank to harvest rain water for the goats.
I'd like to thank you all for supporting my business and upgrading my living standards and that of my son through Zidisha loan. I hope you will continue to support me in my next loan application.
Regards Jackie

Inventory for salon shop

Hello Zidisha and Lenders,
l am glad for what you have done for me. l needed money to improve my business and no one wanted to give me but a friend invited me to join Zidisha and now l have seen Changes.Below you will see pictures of my business.

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

This is the machine which I use for typing purposes....

Profitable and lucrative sofa set making business!

sincerely I would like to thank the Zidisha team for their entire support. The loan has ever enabled me to purchase high quality materials for making sofa sets. Apart from that, the amount of timber has been increased and there has been ease in making the furniture.
The purchase has been a milestone as my profits have increased compared to the recent times and I can comfortably pay my employees daily or weekly.
My neighborhood is a place to be with a scenery of beautiful trees and vegetation with a good landscape suitable for living

Purchase of small generator for my poultry house

I once again thank all my lenders for the generosity they have shown me, God bless you all for your Kindness. The loan has helped me alot, because i was able to increase my stock from what i had previously and now i am able to make some more profit.

New printer purchasing

Technology has actually made this world a better place to be. As long as you are technologically literate, one with an extra mind can do exploits to earn a living even without being employed. as long as the mind is sharp. Getting access to unique funding microfinance Zidisha is one of them. Due to technology, we are able to borrow, invest, repay it back on time. This has made the world actually into a global village. I love this.with this financial lending organization, a serious individual wont afford losing it or its trust. I really congradulate Zidisha for its heart. Long live Zidisha, to help the entire world's innovative minds.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop

This is me in the shamba as you can see my carrots are doing very well.

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

My work place

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

samples of production

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

During the mushroom compost preparation

Farming to live

I take this kind opportunity to say thanks to my lenders of the previous loan.Through the amount,i was able to increase my horticultural (kales) production leading to increased profits.I met 60% of the demand compared to the previous 20%. I was able to provide only two meals(breakfast and supper) for my family but now my family gets three meals in a day due to increment of my profits .Thanks to Zidisha.Am looking forward to cooperate with zidisha in order to continue benefiting from their online lending.Thanks zidisha and all partners.Live long

Spare part for motor-bike

hi lenders,am gretful to the loan i got.this being my second loan has really helped.i have enrolled in the university studying for a degree.thenks to you my long time dream is becoming realistic.the first loan enabled me to expand my hardware business.its doing quite in the university and all is going well.i just did end of semester exams and we are on holiday break resuming january words can express how i feel but am gretful to u all

Dear lenders,
My project of selling (mandazis) is doing well infact i have managed to raise a profit of 500ksh per day and managed to save some money,
i have like 15000ksh on my account i would request to expand and make it a milk bar where i can add other stuffs like milk,yoghurt,sour milk also known as (maziwa lala) in our language ,omlettes and our traditional food for breakfast like cassava,arrowroots etc.
please kindly grant mi another loan of 15000ksh to fulfill that goal
thank you in advance.

Book selling

That there are people out there that are concious of other people's financial struggles is heart moving.. The 50 dollars i received has raised my business by this exted. When I see these faces of lenders I not only see a lender but a builder of destinies. Thank you so much. You help me access funds where my local banks cannot. You are my heroes. This is philanthropic. I see myself growing and going far because of you despite my very difficult background. So blessed people all you are. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015.

Business restocking

The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith
May this day bring you health and success. May you and your family experience God’s loving embrace.
May these be your gifts this Christmas Season
Merry Christmas to all!


Add 3 new classrooms to our village school

Fabrice,thanks for your complement. Its my dream that I do all within my capacity to develop these geographically disadvantaged ones. By His grace and the strong team zidisha,I hope we will make it. Thanks a lot for being part of my just funded loan.merry Christmas to all my lenders.

Adding more africa materials for clothes

Dear Lenders, I want to thank you so much for being of support, the loan you granted me was really helpful and especially this season, I have been working so hard and fulling the needs of my customers, you can even see how quick i have paid the loan, this is because the market was wonderful, i am really thankful and my life as a single mother of 4 children i can now put food on my table without a big husle, once again, thank you soo much

New printer purchasing

Kenya is one of the third world Countries that is growing very first on Information Technology Matters and that makes us the future Generation of Digital Kenya In the world Market, thus we have to prepare ourselves to meet this criteria. Being innovative in IT Business in such Country, one will be on the central core in meeting the Society Demands on this type of service and also create Job opportunities for skilled youths who may be looking for Jobs or Job experience after Training. People with this type of Innovativeness will actually need finance to put such in practice.That makes me give thanks to Zidisha. It has actually coincided with me as you are digital oriented in your system of working.This makes it easier for someone of my type to acquire financial backup and also being self-controlled in paying back the loan basing on the fact that you have entrusted someone you have never come across thus need to appreciate that!
As you help us build ourselves out here and build our nation, we Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Prosperous New Year 2015.God Bless Zidisha.

Materials manufacture of brick red

Good morning, Zidhisa and funders. Yesterday I received an email that my Indosat Dompetku account needs to be upgraded to PREMIUM and yesterday I had to Makassar to Activation in Gallery Indosat, so this time it can be used Dompetku account transactions. Thank you for your attention and cooperation luck always

Distributing milk for local dairy farmers

The first loan was a success. It helped me increase the milk volumes. Now that we are heading to dry season here- when the demand for fresh milk is high, I want to further improve as well as maintain the existing volumes. To do this in a more effective way, I have plans to establish a bulking point- a centralized place where I will be collecting milk. This will give me an upper hand among my competitors as well as help be build trust and loyalty with farmers in the area.
To implement this, I have just posted a new loan proposal and look up to your support.
Merry Christmas and happy new year all.
Thank you.

Create a stock of animal feed to expand my farming business

A big thank you to all lenders and Zidisha team for the new loan that comes at the right time. This holiday season is a special one because of the support of Zidisha friends. I can order animal feed and do vaccination and other treatment for my sheep. More updates will come shortly.
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Premium dog food in bulk for breeding German Shepherds

Merry Christmass too Ma'm. I'm too blessed to have you around. Thank you very much for being there for me and thanks to everybody who believes in me for helping me win this race towards achieving my goals.. I received the money today in the morning and sent it straight to the breeder. I'l be updating you after Christmass.. Thank you very very much Ma'm, may God bless & take care of you all. oh n happy new year too.. :) :)

Funds to boost my farming of red onions

I would like to wish all the members of Zidisha and lenders in general a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2015.
Secondly I would like to appreciate the kind role played by our honorable lender to keep us and our businesses worthwhile. It has taken on your generosity for many potential people to become entrepreneurs and being able to earn a livelihood.
Personally am very happy and much exited for the poultry business that I was able to start courtesy of Zidisha loan, I have also been able to cast my business net wider by starting a clothe business, both of which are currently doing well. I hope to expand even more in future through financing, from Zidisha loan.

Thank you all, Thank you Zidisha.

Rice, maize flour, new tires for my motorbike and tuition

Merry merry Christmas to all lenders and zidisha team. Thank you for your support. My loan have helped to increase income and i will share with needy here to celebrate this festive season. Be blessed all

Computer accessories

Am very much humbled, and by not having mush to say let my God bless you all. The great of all is towards the loan you gave me it was of great boost to my business am now done with fixing my copier, in fact it is fully working, I believe that you are people I can lean to at the time of new years resolution in my business. my work is now well picked for this season of Christmas. I am hopping to fix a print card to that same copier so that it can be enabled to print documents from the computer instead of buying a printer. Truly my business through Zidisha is big. my God bless you, happy merry Christmas.

Premium dog food in bulk for breeding German Shepherds

Dear lenders, thank you soo much for supporting my business. Thank y'll for being warm~hearted. God bless you all. I shall update you with photos of the nice boy i chose after Christmass, thank you all again for making my Xmass special, i have a new reason to keep smilling.. God Bless you all dear lenders..
Oh n happy Christmass to everybody!! :) :)

Inventory of pudding dishes,forks glasses and cooler

dear lenders lam so happy to inform you that my business has improved so much lam able to sell so much because customers are buying so much melon during this hot season its hot here and customers are buying and lam so happy because sales have gone up and lam making profits thanks for zidisha loan
happy festive season my dear lenders

Window curtains and shaggy mats

the earnings enabled me have something for my son's birthday this holiday. we are so happy.

Expand my motorbike taxi business and create employment

Another gift from Zidisha.
In a short while after my second loan application, i receive confirmation that my loan had been approved.
I therefore gave a total overhaul to my motorbike. Now see how am smiling with my 'baby' on the road.
Bravo Zidisha.

Fridge for my boutique to sell cold drinks

Dear lenders
Am very glad and overjoyed i purchased a fruit blender and a juice maker to make drinks for my customers who come to my clothes store and am getting some good income from my fruit juices that i make as they are fresh healthy juices

Stock of cold drinks for my shop

Many many thanks indeed for the loan that my business needed most at the correct business time. The loan helped me increase my Mpesa business float balance. This is a mobile money transfer service which Zidisha and their clients from use most in sending loans and repayment of the same through a pay bill number.
Gladly the business has increased my income by ksh 2500 on average and it is going on well. Thanks again helping me to get here.
Here is another most needed loan to again better my life and that of my family.
I wish to take stationary stock that is exercise books biro pens pencils, rubbers, geometrical sets and rulers as schools prepare to open in the first week of January. This business will run effectively up to June when most syllabus will have been done.
I hope to pay this loan within three months time. I had challenges my last loan including the passing of my beloved mum. in August which contributed in my late payment due to expenses we incurred as we struggled to save her life. that is now behind us since we as a family accepted that in was Gods will.

Logistics to assist in business

as christmas comes, il still put in the giving heart.
i believe the little i have, i can share with the few people who are needy.
i will donate a couple of clothes and toy to the rescue centre around me...
There are orphans and vulnerable children who are in a child rescue center so the little i have i will share and i believe that's the best way.
i will wind up by sharing a meal with family.
it will be great here the whole clan will be converging at one place here in vipingo coast kenya.
Expecting like a minimum of 100 people..
we shall share drinks, foods, any other things and do a Christmas Santa.
i wish my zidisha family could join me..
welcome all


dear lenders , i hope all is well to all of you. happy xmas and new year which is approachingwith me am okey fine and well doing . am enjoying my holiday here in nakuru town in nakuru county. my business is doing well this season without any problem.may you have a worderful x mas.i wish you were near, i would invite you to our nyama choma lunch. roasted meat which is very sweat. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Fish and meat for my cold store

Its Monday morning! Working hard. I love business

Labour for my farm

to all who trusted me with their hard earned cash, am very grateful, i was able to add more inventory to my chemist shop
it has provided a source of self employment to my dear wife who just completed her studies as a nurse as she awaits to be absorbed into the national health system.
she is greatly benefiting from the family investment