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To purchase one more computer and stationeries

i received my first loan of a round ksh.8034 which helped me purchase a photocopy papers, which i have used this 2-3 months.
This helped me do photocopying easily,without handship,No customers went away due to lack of papers.thanks lenders and zidisha family for you help.

Buy a hand driven compactor

Dear lender,
Am grateful i received 40000kenya shilling as i had applied ,and am proud to inform you that i was able to buy the second hand motorcycle ,and this has helped me in transporting water pump ,vibration machine and operators to various construction site at ease .it has also reduced cost of operation ,which is an increase in profit sincerely thank-you and i look forward to working with u more and more.
Your sincerely Ephantus kariuki.

Cosmetics and hair salon & M-PESA

Hi all my lenders, am soo greatful of u all for
lending me generously that has improved my business in a way dat i hav variety of the products in the cosmetic such that i do satisfy most of my customers thus increasing the magin of the business. i believe once i get another loan that i hav applied i wil b able to improve it more

Buying a photocopy machine for computer repair business

Thanks so much for everything.I have to admit that the business has been moving on well despite the normal ups and downs we always face in our businesses.I have managed to get more than ten students that takes a course in computer packages.Therefore I feel that I should raise the repayment from 400/= to 1000/=.
Thanks in advance

Purchase more medicine and shelves for pharmacy

Hello my lenders, my loan helped me improve my sales so much and thanks a lot to all my lenders! It really made a difference in my life because most of the drugs that my customers need, they get income improved a lot and i hope my next loan will also work wonders like the one i have cleared.I hope you will still help me in my next loan am now applying.Thanks a lot in advance

Printer and laptop to enable me work home more conveniently

Hi lenders,
once again i commit myself to you for the good work you play in promoting our (borrowers) economic welfare.
this was my third loan and since i acquired it i have really achieved a lot. this can be evidenced by my consistency and timely in terms of making my installments when they fall due.

I was given a loan of kshs 25000. I managed to acquire a second hand lap top but in good condition to facilitate my consultancy services.
Since acquiring the lap top, i have managed to provide my consultancy service more efficiently beacause before then, i use cyber computers and this was quite inefficient.

By this i have been able to make at least kshs 18, 000 a month. My services range includes,
- business plan writing
- Academic research project writing
-Data analysis using SPSS
I have managed to achieve this while working from home

I am using my earnings to sustain my family of one kid
i have also been saving kshs2,000 per month besides making a monthly repayment of kshs 4000.
I am also glad to say that my son joined school and from the earnings i have managed to pay him school fees.

Purchase of fast moving mobile phones for my shop

Its amazing how Zidisha loan has boosted my business i have maintained constant flow of customers since i added phone accessories and the returns has been very high compared with previous months. Thank you esteemed Zidisha lenders for supporting my project. God bless you all

Buying of public address system for hire

I am very grateful to the zidisha lenders for advancing me the sum of Kshs. 8130. Which I used to purchase a second hand amplifier for my public address system business. Coupled with my generator, I am able to increase my earnings from Kshs. 1000/= per event to Kshs. 1500/= per event. Am looking forward to a situation where I will be able to provide all public address requirements under one roof.

Capital to boost my new nail palour

Thanks for the disbursed loan. I have received it in good time.
I have already purchased some new supplies and colors.
Thanks alot!

Kimson boutique

Thanks Zidisha for making my dream come true by funding me to be able to start a shoe business.I bought shoes which have been greatly lied by customers including those of children, men and women.My profits are starting to increasing since the day i started.Thank you for your support.

Moving technology to the next leval

Thank you Zidisha i got the sum amount of 8,948. Am heading to the shop to buy a printer now. The amount you sent me last was of great help and now this will do me more things to take technology to the next level. my business is growing thanks to zidisha. am now expanding and my next step is to add computers, chairs and stationary to the business also i have an m-pesa plan. may God bless you all.

Store for my cereals

Hello team thank you team for being an inspiration to my life. My capability of transforming my business was courtesy of you. Now i Have a store for cereals where i can be able to purchase large sacks of cereals and store them well helping me to sell them on retail and be able to have enough stock for tendering to schools. I used the first loan to build a store for packing and storage. I humbly appreciate your assistance

Buying materials to fix roof for catering business

To Zidisha (Julia,Joanna,nicole,pietje,Rainer,PDXLender,Andrew and Magnus)... I personaly want to thank you all for supported throug this strom. I can't tell you how hard I am beeing homeless with a small kids sleep in my lap trying to hold my tears wondering about how tomorrow we can continue my home renovation after the roof collaps. But with God's mercy,you guys,family and friends who supported me, now I can continue my life. I wish this storm i passed encourage me to live for a better live.
Thx again. Only God who can and will bless for everything you did.

My warm hug from Pamulang

Suger & maize flour

Hello zidisha community, i bought pregnancy and HIV test kits which was on demand, the loan was timely to me. So far people have realized the tests are available once again. Am enjoying the changes, though little. GOD BLESS MY LENDERS.

New industrial overlock machine

Hallo! Zidisha and investors, thanks for supporting me. the loan you gave me is making a difference, now I have added a cloth-cutting machine into my work shop machinery. Thanks and may God bless you all.
the machine is a long-term asset that will ensure that my production is effective.
basically when i purchase the materials the first point they go to is to the cutting machine where they are cut into various designs and then it is the work of the tailors to now come up with suits that you see below.

Payment of school fee

Thank you lenders,

Add more milk and expand the shop space

Hey Lenders,
Thanks a lot for the loans you have been giving me. They have really become a blessing to my family. The loans have helped me open a milk selling business which is really doing well. It has subsidized the revenues i collect from my motorcycle business. i can now save all the income from the motorcycle as my daily family expenses are catered by the milk business.
They have also employed my wife who now does in the milk shop who was initially jobless.

Thanks once again. Greetings from my family.
Nerbat Karani.

School fees for my son

Hi my lenders,i would like to thank you for your generous contribution towards my business. it has really picked and these are some of my students.

Distributing quality feeds and fertilizer to local farmers

Dear lenders I am glad to inform you that your loan has been of great help to my business. I am also proud to let u know that i obtained authorization permit for distribution from County Government Authority, I have also distributed my first order of animal feeds and sacks of fertilizer to local farmers who are now preparing their lands since the rainy season has started. Thank you esteemed lenders for granting me the loan. God bless you all

Purchase of local vegetables for sale on the market before eid.

Dear Lender, how are you today

Today as always still run a business selling vegetables, loans that I have received has been used to buy vegetables like capsicum needs large and small, red onion and garlic etc. I wish all the lenders still run well without a hitch activities and continues to find success and happiness with your beloved family.

By the way, I inform you already have some friends applied for a loan from Mamunu city West Sulawesi Indonesia. Hopefully the lender can help them fund their loans.

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Dear Lender, how are you today.

Hari ini seperti biasa masih tetap menjalankan usaha jual beli sayur mayur, pinjaman yang sudah saya terima telah dipergunakan membeli kebutuhan sayur sayuran seperti Lombok besar dan kecil, bawang merah dan bawang putih dll. Saya doakan semoga para pemberi pinjaman tetap menjalankan aktifitasnya dengan baik tanpa hambatan serta senantiasa mendapatkan kesuksesan dan kebahagiaan bersama keluarga tercinta.

Oh iya saya informasikan sudah ada beberapa teman mengajukan pinjaman dari Mamuju Sulawesi Barat Indonesia. Semoga para pemberi pinjaman dapat membantu mereka mendanai pinjamannya.

Purchase beauty products for my cosmetics shop

Dear Zidisha and Lenders, thanks for your support, the loan you gave me helps me a lot, now I have added some of the cream, powder and sprain into my shop. Thanks and may God bless you all.

Tuition for university degree education

For now I'm doing this with the help of my mom and brother. We have already spoken to some shop owners who are ready to take some for retail. I believe the feedback from customers will be very very positive and I know that this business will grow and create job opportunities for more people. Proceeds will be ploughed back into the business. Thanks to my lender once again......

Tuition for university degree education

My pepper sauce is ready for distribution.

Loan for printing-press business

Thank you very much Zidisha. Was able to get myself a home use comb binding machine, immediately after the first three weeks on receive of my loan from Zidisha. The comb binding machine has to retain customers and gain new customers as well. Extra earnings was used to support mums trade and also purchased materials for the office, ie. Combs and egg shells.

Loan to buy chickens

It is umfortunate i have not been update you on the results of the last loan. it is all due to busy schedule at office. By God's grace i was able to purchased the feed and now i have healthy fowls which has increase their selling price. I really thank the lenders for supporting me with that amount. Thank you very much.

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

it has been super cold this past few couple of days, this signifies the coming of the rains which the farmers and as a country we are ectastic about.
Now people can go back to their farms for the planting season, which i must say, is a good thing for my cereals retail outlet as i depend largely on the weather conditions. good weather signifies bounty harvest, a stocked retail outlet, a happy me, and an even happier clientele.
Yaaaaay, God Bless Zidisha.

House upgrade

Hello Zidisha am great-full for the loan you lend me. I have been able to upgrade my machines and now my customers enjoy using it cause it has increased its speed. These has made my small cyber cafe gain more customers than before though the machines at times customers exceed them. My great hope is that you will be able to lend me a much higher loan in order to add more machine . I am thankful for your help and I dream for more with your help. Yours sincerely Godfrey Otiende

To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

The corridor protects from excessive sunlight and wind....but the new batch will go into the net behind the main house as earlier intended...

To Expand Cherry-Tomato Garden

Finally the rains have started to fall...hopefully it will continue...I went ahead and planted the few tomatoes that survived the scorching heat...I have another bed ready with more tomatoes and vegetables...

Loan to purchase fridge for preserving my cakes

I am at work baking cakes that have been ordered and preparing for delivery, here are some pictures of my work, I hope lenders will support me to reach my desired Goals in my business together with my husband.

Equipment and working capital for my bakery

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my Lenders and the Zidisha community for the loan.I was able to purchase the purchase local (Juakali)baking machine bigger than the one i have and the ingredients, baking flour,eggs,milk and sugar for the cakes also I reserved 600 us dollars for my wife 's college ,she will be doing diploma in comprehensive crockery starting on 13.04.2015 at St. Brendan Institute here in Eldoret Town,she is the key person in our family business since most of my time I spend in employment and more so she is the one with know how of cake and mandazi production.Am pleased that our my business is doing better rate production has increase due to bigger machine , i just thought of updating you, and above all i am so grateful for the support .I will be starting my repayments these week end God bless you.

Loan to buy a fridge for my shop

With the loan i was given,i added a little amount of money that i had and started purchasing goods i.e rice from a wholesaler,repackage them into small affordable bags and sell them to neighbouring households.this has increased my profits and am therefore able to clear my loan and meet my other daily expenses.thankyou so much to my lender and the zidisha team for helping us.may the almighty bless you for the great job you are doing

Photo printer for my cybercafe

Thank you all for the first loan. I managed to install my cyber cafe with internet from the money i got from the first loan. The internet installation in my cyber has increase my income from approximately 300/= shillings a day to 800/= shilling a day and number of customers. The increased income i have used it to buy another computer and the remaining balance i am using it to pay part of my sisters school fees.

For the boosting up of the stock for the new branch

i am very thankful for the lenders. i have managed to meet the target of my customers and the profit i made on tuesday was used to pay the hospital bill for my beloved son who was very ill of anaemia, complication in breathing, thank in- advance to all zidisha team.

Stocking projectors to my business

Thanking The Entire Zidisha Team for the first Loan.
I Invested the first loan Buying Mens Shirts at 1 Dollars and selling at 4 Dollars, trousers at 2 Dollars and selling at 5 Dollars or 4 Dollars depending in the client, Baby's Clothing buying at 1 Dollars selling at 3 Dollars,women's Dress Tops at 1 Dollar & Selling at 5 Dollars, we are doing great at the moment as customers get what they need but as the season is changing hopefully when we get the next loan soon we can stock rainy season boots,Pullovers ,Sweaters,Umbrellas so that we can make sell at this rainy season.
Thanks A lot Zidisha Team & Lenders.

Loan to purchase concrete mixing machine

Dear Lenders,

I finally had the chance to meet Evans last weekend, about an hour outside of Accra. Evans works as a mason at a large construction company that is currently putting up a housing development just out of town. We met outside his work and caught a bus to his land. We check in with the owner of the land (Evans has put down half of the payment so far) and then set off.

Prampram, the beach town where Evans lives, is quiet enough. But the village of Tsopoli is positively serene. As we walk through bushes and fields, I comment on the cool coastal air – a nice relief from Accra’s sticky heat. Evans says that’s one of the reasons he moved here from his hometown of Ashaiman, a small but important transport hub. “I wanted to feel the breeze of the land.”

With his Zidisha loans, Evans has been able to put down half of the payment for his lot already. Once he purchases the land, he wants to start his own cement business. He chose this area because it is quiet and the surrounding land is family-owned (buying a plot even adjacent to government land can be a difficult process). But it is also well situated to take advantage of future development. That nearby housing project that Evans’s company is building? That’s meant to support the development of a much larger international airport. So it’s easy to see how an existing cement business could take advantage of this proximity.

Evans is constantly learning. He spends his free time at the internet café, sharpening his computer skills and learning more about the internet. And he is planning to take construction classes soon to brush up on theory and supplement his practical knowledge. To relax, he enjoys listening to music – especially R&B and Country. “Country?” I asked somewhat skeptically, a Texan myself. He asks me if I know Kenny Rogers. Yep. That’s country.

Evans is earnest and uncomplicated in the best of ways. His dream is to open his business, live quietly, and be a good husband and father. I know he is incredibly grateful for the support he has gotten from Zidisha in pursuing that dream. And he looks forward to continuing to work with lenders and build his business.

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Pictured: Evans on his land and a tree that I particularly admired.

M-pesa(safaricom money transfer)shop, business

My first zidisha loan assisted to buy four sheep, which I sold at a profit after rearing them for a period of 3 months. I used the money to pay for my accommodation in college and assisted my younger brother to raise his school fee

Laptop spares

this far i have made it,i thank all those who participated in funding for my loan,i am very grateful since i could not have achieved this were it not for them,i have since opened a spare part selling section at my place of work and it its doing great ,i have since my profit grow to a margin i couldn't imagine,the increased earning have seen me finish paying the loan before time and hoping for a higher loan so that i can invest further into computer business,with this first profit i was able to clear all arrears in school fees for my daughter and opened up a small grocery store and doing great too

Stock in-demand products and hire employee for grocery shop

Thank you Zidisha family for the loan I got.It was Ksh9000.I have already put it in very good use.I have bought more stock of fruits and vegetables and my clients are more satisfied.Gone are the times that I would turn them back for lack of a certain product they would ask for.
I also hired some lady to work with me.She is very cordial and welcoming.I spent KSH2000 for the same.This has helped me run the store very efficiently.

I am so thankful for everything,I will keep spending it wisely and repaying in time as well.
God bless.

Latest youth fashion design clothes.

May I take this chance to thank all my lenders, the money that I recieved I was able to Increase my stock of clothes for sale and this has also Increased my profit whereby I have been able to Increase my stock again and hope to get more profit.
Thanks Zidisha for being there for us.

Market herbal medicine

To my esteemed lenders, this is to let you know that the loan you advanced to me has boosted my business in a big way. I was able to increase my inventory which enabled me to reach more people in far and wide areas. I have now cleared it and I am applying for a second one which I believe will help me grow my business even further.

Thank you for your precious support.

Add new printer and materials to my printing shop

The amount that i received was 335 ghana cedis . i was able to purchase photocopy papers,flash disks,color cartridge and lamination papers from the money i received. A very thanks goes to all lenders who are helping us

Pay medical bill for my dad

Hi lenders,
Thank you for your spirited fight against poverty. I today increase my installment by kshs. 1000 toKshs. 2000. This is due to improved earnings in my business activities which includes video coverage and Editing, DVD & CD duplication among others.

To purchase a milking machine for my dairy business

Thanks to all my lenders, i have just completed paying my loan. the loan was so helpful to me in sustaining and expanding my business, i was able to increase the acreage of which i grow my vegetables for sale. i was also able to purchase two more daily cattle to boost my milk production which has become more popular among my customers. My the deep freezer is also doing me good by helping to preserve and freshening the milk to my customers satisfaction. all these would not have been possible without your generous lending hand. God bless and happy Easter.

Inventory of photo papers and epson ink

Dear wonderful lenders,
I want to acknowledge that I have received the requested amount Kshs. 9039.
I want to top up this amount with the little savings I have accumulated and the go for a photo printer of my choice.
I will update you of my progress and if possible upload photos for you to see the fruits of your good work in me.
Thanks a lot and God bless you.
Lydia Barasa.

Clothing sale

Dear Lenders
Am very grateful for the loan offered. I received Ksh 8,300 and I used this loan to buy stock for my cloth selling business. The business have been fairing well and I have been able to repay my loan on time. Since the business is growing well am willing to take another loan to continue expanding my business. I hope you will consider my request.
Thanks a lot.

Inventory of onions seedlings and organic fertilizer in farm

Hi my lenders across the Globe.I have been faring well in my small farm and i have already harvested my red onions and sold them out to my customers yesterday.The produce was of good quality (first grade)which enabled most of my customers to rush for it .Since the sales was good compared to the previous one,i will be offsetting my loan as early as next week.Thank you my lenders for keeping me moving and also supporting my project.I love you all.
Patrick Nderitu.

Selling mobile phones

Dear Lenders,

I returned to Kumasi last week, the busy capital of Ghana’s Ashanti region, where I had the chance to meet up with Elijah. We met near the KNUST campus and then walked to his home, a strip of several rooms hidden among coconut, papaya, plantain, and mango trees. “Are you hungry?” He asks. I’m not and I laugh at what I think is a joke. But he offers to knock down a coconut anyway, saying “I don’t even have to go anywhere to eat.”

Elijah studied electrical engineering but struggled to find regular work after graduation, even with a degree. Youth unemployment in Ghana is high and regular rolling blackouts (referred to locally as ‘dumsor’) make his industry particularly unstable. After a year of struggling with irregular contract jobs, he decided to start buying and selling online to support himself through engineering work.

Now Elijah uses online marketplaces to buy a variety of devices. At the moment, tablets are in especially high demand. He then resells products online, at friends’ shops, or directly to the individual buyer. A lot of his customers are not familiar or comfortable with online shopping themselves and are happy to have Elijah deal with the confusing part. He shows me some of his recent purchases: a tablet for his friend’s father and a pair of earrings for his neighbor.

Zidisha has played a critical role in allowing Elijah the capital to buy his products upfront. While there is always a high demand from his customers, getting the money to actually purchase the items was difficult before Elijah came across Zidisha. Now he can use his loans to purchase requested items and restock more quickly. As he’s posted in the comments, he’s used loans to purchase tablets, power banks, mobile phones, and even a few small Bluetooth keyboards.

When he’s not working, Elijah sings in his church choir and performs with an independent male quartet, the Revelation Singers. He also enjoys football, both on the field as midfielder and as a fan rooting for Ghana’s Black Stars and Manchester United.

It was such a pleasure to meet Elijah in his little hideaway apartment (which you can see below) and I know he’s thankful for the support he’s gotten from his Zidisha lenders.

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Purchase school stationery for educational supplies business

In a weeks time I complete paying my loan. The loan came at the right time and I was able to service the orders I had with ease. This has put Sterling Learn Services in a better position . The earnings were ploughed back into business. This is why we adjusted our repayment amount upwards.
I February my son joined High School after doing well in primary. Yesterday the rains started we are praying hard that wet enough. Here everything revolves on small scale farming. Good harvest means good business and the other way round. The children I teach are planning to visit Olpajeta Conservancy during the holiday for one day. It will be great fun to see the BIG FIVE in the jungle.

Add a new breed of chicken to my poultry farm

I would like to share with you about this needy children at the slums of kware in ongata ronkai Nairobi .After attending to my chicken i go to meet them everyday.they were not going because they lack school fees.