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Adding mobile phone money transfer service to my retail shop

I am happy to report that my business has really improved with the Zidisha loan,my income have doubled because of increased stock.I would like to increase my loan amount because of the increased income and also get the new loan to increase my stock before May when the students get back to school they form a major part of my customer base..

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

i am happy to I am going places with my business and support for the orphans and vulnerable children,the reason why I would like to increase my loan is because I have sold most of my stock and now most of the money is in my bank account because the schools are closing and I cant do much sale so I wanted to increase the amount I pay so that I get the next loan early May to be ready for the purchase of uniforms for the beginning of second term.I am very happy to have known Zidisha I am planning to start a shop outside the school office to sell uniforms and more reach more people when I receive my next loan.

Pay on time

i purchased , more plastic and rubber shoes which which have demand , my profit increased with 20 % , now i used the increased profit to buy more good with demand high my profit is going up zidisha made a good profit incresed in my business in a year i will be seling whole sale , god bless lendres god bless zidisha

Business uplift loan application

Hello lenders, i acknowledge that i received the loan from zidisha of Kshs 9130. i highly appreciate for giving me a chance to help purchase a laptop at my computer shop. this will enable me manage my business easily since the resources have been improved.
once again thank you, i look forward to working with you in future.


Hi lenders .This is to register receipt of ksh 95000.Tomorrow I will by posho mill and within the week I will bring home the heifer( in calf). I will post the photos.I salute you all.Thank you.

Computer training college

dear lender i am happy to bring to your attention that i received the money i requested and i have started procuring the computers. the moment i receive them i will share with you probably tomorrow. may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Furniture equipments

Hi am so glad to receive this cash amounting to K sh 9130. I luck words to express both your kindness and support towards every better course in my business and entrepreneurship at large.
I have actually acquired a brand new vacuum cleaning machine that is powerful and efficient,and i have resumed services immediately.
I have to thank you all so much for your support and God bless you.

Studio set up light box

Dear Lenders
Let me take this Opportunity to wish you and your Family
Happy Easter! I hope some time out for rest and relaxation with your loved ones puts a spring in your step and gives you a chance to celebrate life and all its blessings.

Buy fast laser printer for my cybercafe

I got my loan towards the end of last year. I had asked for a loan to enable me buy a printer for my printing work. I am glad I got the money on time and went ahead to buy the printer which has become a very valuable asset in my business. I no longer have to have my work printed elsewhere since I do most of my works under my roof. I am humbled by your kindness and I can only say thank you and may you continue with the same spirit.

Solar lamps

Hi zidisha team and lenders thank you very much for uplifting me financialy,my life have copletely is pictures of solar lamps beeing charged and one of the student (cilent)is now happy using solar lamp,and she can now read for long because solar lamp does not emit smoke that affect eyes and cause running nose.

Pig feed


I would like to sincerely thank our supporters for their kind heart of wanting to help. I did receive Kshs. 9,130/= and have started to repay my loan as well.
I was able to finish the pig shed . thank you so much for enabling us finish our projects .
I have a total of 20 pigs.

Thank you very much


Loan to purchase 50 banana suckers

Today, I received my first loan amount of KES 9, 130 to my registered MPESA safaricom line. Immediately with due effects the holes are currently being prepared for the banana plantation to proceed considering the fact the rains have started. Tomorrow I will transport the banana suckers for the plantation. Thanks and keep it up with your good work.

Seed, fertilizer and fencing to grow maize and kale

my dear lenders i manged to take care of my produce with the water tank i bought with the loan you offered me,my kale's are almost getting ready for sale and the raining season has just began thank you so much you saved my produce.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

2014 wedding shots

Boda boda transport

Hi lenders , i really want to appreciate the good gesture you gave me by lending me money to increase my stock. I got ksh.9048, and i was overwhelmed with joy. This money am going to use it as follows;
am going to buy girl dresses , baby rompers ( the weather has changed and its cold) , and few boy clothes.
I'm really honored for these was the best time to have gotten this money . my business was a bit slow because i was lucking new stock, customers love to see new arrivals. i will keep you posted on the going of my business.

Addition of a computer and cable for networking

I purchased Skype cameras and headphones, for the loan given by zidisha team. that makes my customers like my cyber, cos their is enjoyment with music and communicating with people hum are outside my country like U.S. people are admired my cyber from yesterday I close my cyber at 11.00 from 9.00. yesterday I earns Kshs. 2,064 from net only, the other days back I was earning 1,873 but new am ok as I see thanks zidisha and my friends hum told me about the zidisha. I will also invent my friends about your good work zidisha team do about has.

Cash for phone money transfer (m-pesa)

thank you zidisha team for funding my loan, here i have the money for my m-pesa business.

Need a storage unit for my clothing business in support of orphans

The first loan that I received has had a significant impact on my life as I am now able to fend for the orphaned children and myself more. The loan helped me in setting up a shed/stall where I am now able to sell clothes at our local market as compared to the way I used to do it initially which was through hawking to friends. I also used part of the funds to add the stock for my business and it is now doing quite well. The profit I am making is not 100% but it is enough because I make at least 18$ profit for each bale I sell. One bale I buy at least 35$ and I can now afford to buy more bales through the profits that I have been making. For the Easter holidays, we intend to spend time at our local church with the children where we intend to have fun activities and games since the children have closed school. It will be a good time where the children will share experiences with each othr and encourage one another. We are also planning with an NGO to come and give a motivational talk to them as to encourage on the importance of having upright and what society expects of them. This we have managed to plan in collaboration with our local community and it is my hope that it will be a success and impactful to the children.

New electric frier for chips making

It's my greatest experience for far in borrowing,paying a loan with no stress.I love borrowing here because it has help me grow than before.My business is growing and the most important thing is am able to support my family,thank you very much.

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop


Dear Lenders and Zidisha Team:

I received my loan om 30.03.2015 and on the morning of 31.03.2015 I managed to add stock to the shop:

In the attached photos are assorted food stuffs and household items. They include:
- Sugar
- Rice varieties
- Cooking fat
- Cooking oil
- Soaps and Detergents
- Baby diapers
- Wheaf flour
- Maize flour

They are being loaded on 2 motorbikes ready to be transported to my estate Retail Shop.

I am grateful and I am optimistic that this Easter Holiday, the sales will be high.

I look forward to working with Zidisha as long as the Lord God gives us breadth of life and strength to do business.

Gos bless you ALL.

New photocopier machine and a4 papers to print examination q

I thank all lenders for their kind support ,with the loan offered me i was able to buy a photocopier machine which is helping my printing press business moves faster in fact it is helping a lot. I am grateful , also a big thanks to Zidisha. God bless you all.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

Dear lenders, I am glad to inform you that I have repaid in full the loan that you granted me.

The bicycles and tricycles that I bought have been a favourite for my customers and this resulted to high sales and in turn good profits.

This in turn assisted me in repaying my loan on time and saving some amount which I intend to use some to take my wife and kids to a well deserved holiday at the coast over the easter holidays.

All this was made possible because of your generous contributions and for that my family and I thank you all whole heartedly.

Field data collection tools

Am so grateful to you lenders. The money you advanced me of KES 9034 has been of great help to my business. My clients are now enjoy larger disk space on their respective accounts.

I have also bagged 4 new clients since February and all I can hope for is a better future ahead.

Thank you all and God bless you abundantly.
Best Regards
Erique Ochieng

Rice & maize flour for grocery shop

1, I purchased a weigh machine which have made my job easier.
2. it have made my profit to rice with about 20%.
and many other achievements which has come as a result of ZIDISHA loan.

Mobile phone payment service center

Thank you very much for funding my loan. I am planning over the weekend I boost my stock of papers and paper for printing passport photographs which will really make a difference in my business and bring me more customers because people will know that what so ever they need I have it in stock.

I really appreciate your very noble gesture and I say a big thank you once again I will be ever grateful to all of you who made me what I am may God bless all of you in a mighty way.


Machine to create custom-made jewelry for clients

mon prêt passé ma permis de renouveler mes stocks de bijoux.
le prochain prêt que je prendrai m'aidera à acheter une machine afin de concevoir des bijoux comme les bagues sur mesure.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Thank you so much my lenders, am now able to work even in this season of heavy rains in Nakuru Kenya, the 8852ksh i recieved helped me to acquire new motorcycle umbrella and three new heavy reflective jackets which are now helping me to work without fear of cold diseases and my customers are very happy the umbrella is sheltering us from rain, Thank you once again my lenders and the entire zidisha team.-

Deep freezer for the tradional vegetables

Hi to my Lenders and Zidisha Team, am very grateful of the loan I got and below are some of the purchases I made and preparations of some orders

Hospital bill and insurance cover for my family

me(left) and my pastor listening to one of my best hit song."familia moja" i.e one family through his mobile phone. the songs have been made phone compatible. thank you my sponsor.

Construction of shelter for potato crisps production busines

At work......packaging

Construction of shelter for potato crisps production busines

I always bought crisps from the Supermarkets.....never thought i would be able to produce them myself....!! I look forward to owning my own factory someday soon to be able to do large productions and sell the crisps nationwide....!

Construction of shelter for potato crisps production busines

I am grateful to my Lenders, I managed to buy the new jiko and so far the business is doing well. I am able to make more crisps and sell them; this in turn is helping me keep my children in school and provide for them, and I am also able to buy their medication. Thank you so much!!

For purchasing of epson printer and laminator

Hi! I am very grateful for the loan you gave me i was able to meet an order of 30 magic mugs. This has increased my profit and it has made me so happy. Thank you. here are some of the pictures of the mugs i made.

Raising cocoa seedlings to pay for my education

New cocoa seedlings I that I have raised. Thank you Zidisha Lenders for you support.

Purchasing irrigation water pump machine for my farm

watering my crops

Raising cocoa seedlings to pay for my education

Thank you Lenders for your support, I was able to buy the cocoa seeds and nursery bags which enable me to increase the production of my cocoa seedlings. I am glad to inform in I will continue my education to the tertiary level this year because all measures has been put in place. I will do this by this by distance education and it is going to assist me continue with my business. God bless you once again.

Stock my mobile herbal clinic

Hi zidisha team,i hope n wish you are well,well from the loan you mended me is was able to buy some three types of drugs which were a challenge to me.,,thank you I was able to serve my patience effectively an accordingly,my clinic is yet micro but am hoping to expand more everyday ,I can go on a good day and make kshs.700,other day kshs.500,other kshs,200 others nil it depends with Gods favour,so far I have noted some small increment like with kshs.100 n kshs.150 n I hope to grow more,I use the increment to equip my business ,about achievement on my family is that my family members are just farmers,my neihgbourhood is just okay in the outcasts of Nairobi and people are indeed business minded and friendly

Loan to buy seeds for french beans produce for export

My Lender Holly,
How are you?I trust you are well am fine and my business is growing by the day.I have bought seeds for spinach as there is quite some shortage and demand is high for greens,currently we have a dry spell.I also bought trays to enable me do an effective nursery before transplanting in the next 3 weeks.In about a month and half(mid may) should be selling.I am trusting to install a drip irrigation kit to enable me conserve water and ensure constant supply.the sacks by the iron sheets are having chicken manure which i will use as a fertilizer for the plants in the farm.Attached kindly find photos.NB with spinach ,a mother plant can be harvested for over 8 months with proper care.

Installation of internet

I received a sum of ksh.6000 from the team and I used the money to get the business permits from the local governing authorities.This facilitated the business's smooth running as I avoided the hustle and bustle of the first three months of the year. Thumbs up guys and sincerely I thank you for your support to this far

Buy more clothing materials and pay my masters degree fees

Thank you very much. The money you lent me has been of great help and it has made a very big change in my life. I increased my stock and made 100% profit which has helped me in paying back my loan early enough and also doing other things which i needed to do.

Attached is the photo of my shop

Help toward tuition fees for Master's degree program in Public Health

So so happy the Zidisha loan has really impoved my stock for the peanut. and it also made me attend some part time classes

Cosmetic supplies for my shop

Now im embarking on an effort to make souvenirs such as pins, bross and keychains.

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Sekarang sedang memulai usaha membuat souvenir, seperti peniti/bross dan gantungan kunci

Boosting/restocking my business of selling towels

The loan was of major benefit. Firstly, it came during the peak season of December. It enabled me to meet the high demand from my customers. I saved the extra for a rainy day. Secondly, during the low seasons of end of January, February and March, it enabled me to stay a float. I had extra cash to meet those unexpected orders. I am very glad for it.

Warm children's wear for my secondhand clothing business

I am so happy to the lenders who has made my business to grow.From the initial loan,i was able to buy 1 bale of ladies skirts from the main supplier.This has so far improved my daily sales compared to some months backs(before you funded me). I am extremely happy as i see more clients popping into my store for their favorite skirts and blouses.To my lenders,I promise my lenders that i will be submitting my loan as i pledged and on time through out my loan period.Than you and have a blessed Sunday.Thanks.

Tuition for my university degree education

I am very happy and want to thank you all my lenders, Since I adjusted my repayment amount. I am very happy to have met Taylor Hanna who happens to be the ambassador for Ghana. She is a very nice person. When I first heard from her that we had to meet, I thought its because I haven't paid all the amount I took. But she met me and some of my invitees and she was so cool and nice to us, encouraging us in our education and trying to find out if we had problems with the organization so that she help explain to us. In fact, I cant thank you all enough. God bless you all.

Dairy farming

Attached are my latest photos at the shop.

Project final phase upgrade

i managed to purchase two new CPU's for the cyber, the two new CPU's have have made a great difference in that i can now serve a larger number than before with easy, without complains of slowness and hanging, thus customers are satisfied and happy, my earning have increased by 15% - 17% , i am currently saving to purchase more computer to make the number to 10 computers and renovate the place to accommodate the the number. i have managed to partner with a friend and decided to create a company that with focus no errands for the busy people working in offices or do not have the time at their disposal, it will include services like, ( bill payments, registration of business names, application of children birth certificates, shop attending for the new mothers not able to do hard work or travel etc) and plans are under way to finish the registration and commence with the new company, the holiday at the time are great as people are getting ready and preparing for the Easter holidays.

Online research consultants

I received a loan of $50.00. The fund was very important for my project because i was able to install internet for my staffs. The initiative has enable them to conduct their online research without encountering much difficulties. Thank you for your assistance.God best because your the best lenders.

4 bales of clothes for the new stall

Hello my lenders. I have never regreted being part of Zidisha community. What i count is an increase in my sales and last week my stock was that big that i had to relocate to a much larger stall. My customers have grown more confident in my business because they are sure to get almost every piece of clothing design they ever wanted. The increased sales have thus enabled me to own a variety of clothing designs and as we know variety is a spice of life. As i grow in Zidisha i trust that my lenders will also cultivate in me the confidence that will bring progress and success in my business. Thank you so much lenders.

My mini restaurant business

hello dear lenders, i am very happy write you this message, i have received my loan in full and i have already hit the ground running and things at the chop bar is moving on so smooth.....
thank you very much for the help for my business is actually taking real shape now.
thank you...