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To purchase fabrics

you have 17 positive recommendations - the maximum that I have seen for any borrower so far! That too over past 3 years - simply amazing. Great job, keep it up. Wish you all the best in your business.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract


Agrovet inventory

The loan helped to purchase some extra stock which included:
1. 48 X 100ml multivitamins @ 180 = kshs. 8640
2. 48 X 100 ml penstrep @ 350 = kshs 16800
3. 120 X 1 litre albendasole @ 200 =kshs 24000
4. 48 X 100 ml oxytetracline 10% @ 160 = kshs 7680
5. 25 X 20 mls buparvaquone 50 mg @ 800 = kshs 20000

These purchases made a significant change in business return ie increased my margin in terms of profit and the stock.

The business earnings increased due to extra stock that i had purchased by kshs. 3000 per day. The increased earnings have helped me to increase my stock which in the near future will my business margin.
This increased earnings helped me pay the school fees for my children who are in high school.


Shoes and clothes

Good luck Simon with your new loan!

Professional training in agriculture

Thankyou soo much my lenders am exited.This loan will enable me to go for the training concerning Farming and Animal Realing it will enable me to increase resources and learn more about value addition using the products that i farm.Thankyou for the loan looking gorward yo pay as soon as possible so that i may have an increment that will enable me to do more.Mercie

To buy security equipments to build and secure my business

Hello Zidisha family, am very much happy to be in this group. My life has even given a different direction. Am even planning to buy something special which i can't mention here right now till i attain the amount needed to buy it. Let God bless Zidisha to grow a million times Amen. I also thank God who has enabled me to pay my loan without much strain. Cheers all my friends...

Buying equipment and necessities for hair studio.

Thank you very much lenders! With this loan I'll be able to restock my hair studio with the necessary things I need!

Kisi county

Thank you Emma for your contribution,rilly I hard that vision with ideas that you have mentioned down,because with my experience this business is profitable.

Branch restaurant

Thanks zidisha I thank you very much for your continued support during the payment period I went through challenges but above all I'm back on track my business is performing so well which has enabled me to complete paying back my loan thanks for being patient with me. I look forward to working with you n I don't regret being one of zidisha, S family once again I say thank yu

Private pharmacy

Am happy with your help. The last loan I used to and a laboratory section for my private clinic and am now making a lot of money through lab tests. Am now requesting a high amount of Ksh 23000 to help me put up a pharmacy section to my clinic please. I appreciate your help and hoping for better. Thanks

Kisi county

Wycliffe, you mentioned wanting to start making juice... I thought I would make a suggestion that may be more helpful?

Instead of straight juice, putting oats with your fruits/vegetables in a blender will not only make it delicious & nutritious, but it will also be very filling for anyone who may be hungry... Oats should also be rather inexpensive :-) So could be a nice thing to offer.

Oats & banana go especially well together (spinach with it too for added nutrition if you wish).

Hope this is helpful :-)

Wishing you all the best with your endeavors :-)
Warm regards, Emma.

50 rolls of materials to make table mats

Some of my table mats I made with my previous loan. I thank all lenders for this far my business has really improved so much

Well and irrigation for my farm

Dear Zidisha lenders,
thanks for the previous loan, The project was a success despite alot of challenges mainly being tough weather and luck of rainfall. This affected my crop and the potatoes production was not anticipated. But all in all I thank God for i got 22 bags of potatoes.

Jitahidi refurbishment

Last year I requested for support, generously you funded me and I was able to purchase the printer pictured. Now am able to do printing services without much trouble that I used to face when I had a much smaller, slower printer . business is also better as a result and am able to save more since I don't spend on frequent printer repairs as I used to. Zidisha and the lenders have been a major part of my success story and I will recommend many to zidisha.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

So we have a new contract currently that we began work on 3 days ago. It's a wonderful project and we are anticipating to make very good profit from it! Thanks for your support. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the needed opportunity to do more. I am really grateful to you for the support over the years.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Hi all! Thanks for you support. I won an award as a construction entrepreneur late last year. Having troubles uploading photos on here but I think I have found how to convert to the format accepted here.
Thank you all for the support. God bless you.

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Happy Sunday lenders. Kindly see a photo of my previous contract that we are almost bringing to an end. Thank you very much for your support .


Sewing accessory

Good luck Charles with your new loan!

Papaya production

Thanks for the disbursement. The papaya seedlings are on the way. Thanks

Growing French beans for export

Thank you friends for your continuous support, your loans have greatly helped my business to grow.

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable children.

Thanks for the funds I received the funds and bought the two desks

Tuition for my diploma

The loan has been very helpful to me. It has contributed tremendously to the success of my business. Thank you to all my lenders

Home appliances and electronics

Today being 16th day of March, 2019, I Aderemi James paid the first installment of ten from my loan. It's a thing of joy to have received funding from my lenders and the only way I can reciprocate is by paying my loan promptly. I bought some bags of cashew nuts from the loan,which in some days to come I hope to sell to make profit. Once again I am grateful to my lenders.


I really appreciate for the loan, it will help me to purchase computers in order to increase the number of computer in my cybercafe

Building materials

Thank you my lenders remain blessed. You are making my dream true

Supply of potable treated water to the community.

Hi Lenders, thank you all for funding my loan. This is going to help my business grow and to assist me in taking care of my family as well. I really appreciate every effort you have put in growing my business. Once again i say thank you very much.

Azontoh grocery

I'm on the right track

Power connection to my residential house

Hello lender am writing to you to give my thanks to you all for great support through my house project and now my project is full finished,me and my family a very happy happy for your support.Thank you alot.

Building a compact cyber café

I intend to buy more computers for my office. This will enable me get fully involved in UTME registration.
Thank you for the loan

Food retail and wholesale

Thank you so much for a wonderful service. Having about 30 seconds of free time each day, you made something that is usually time consuming and difficult to be a quick and painless success! I’m am definitely a lifelong customer, and am already passing your details onto friends, family and work colleges. Thank you my lenders. Forever Zidisha

Azontoh grocery

Thanks to my lenders for the loan... I have been able to attract more customers since I used the money to get better and fresh fruits for my customers


So far zidisha helped me to be stable since l used the loan to repair my vehicle. Thank you so much for funding my previous loans which I paid as scheduled

Maxxy Salon

Gradually business is making improvements. Thanks to God and my sincere lenders of Zidisha.

Educational loan

The loan I just completed its payment was added to an amount of money I had been keeping to completely settle my school fees. This enabled me register for courses in this second, and last semester of 2018/2019 academic year. Without it, I was not feeling easy any time I went for lectures since I will not be allowed to write my mid-semester and end of semester examinations. In deed, Mark and Zidisha helped me out greatly in the complete payment of the fees. The Zidisha team might not have perceived how happy I became the day the loan was sent to me to completely settle the fees. I'm grateful to Mark Gray and the entire Zidisha family.

Making flour from local millet

My dear lenders .Trully I have no better language to thank you all for funding my business May the good Lord bless each one of you abundantly.You can also count on me.
These funds will be used to increase my wimbi milling and also help me pay my work team.From these funds I will make 30% profit.Thanks to Zidisha team for your enabling me to get this loan.


Mushroom farming

That's awesome! I look forward to hearing how the preparing and spawning goes.

Increase services to boost my cybercafé

Hello zidisha community lenders and staffs I greet you all and thank you for the support my business is growing little by little and I know soon something good will come out thanks to you all.


Loan to stock variety of clothing

Hello lenders an gland to inform you that my business is now ok and I have stock for the coming rainy season am hoping to get profit and repay my loan am also thankful for your support and patience.

To finance my university education

Successfully with today's loan repayment.
I'm most grateful and thankful to all my lenders. Your kindness and show of love is much appreciative. God bless you all and reward you in thousandfold

Loan to support my clothing business

I will like to thank Zidisha and my lenders very much for helping me grow my business. Zidisha and my lenders have really changed my life. I really appreciate what you have being doing for me. I will also be grateful to you all the time.


Hello lenders, have bought liquid soap materials and my wife is back again on her liquid soap business. This loan has help my wife to regained her costumers.
Thank you so much.

Laptop screen replacement and laptop supply

Just after I got the cash I got an urgent order for an iPhone. It has just been delivered to me today and the buyer is picking it in the evening. this is the power of having working capital. once this is paid for I will also get a laptop for a client. if all goes well the profit on the iPhone, Screen and Laptop I should be able to pay one early instalment. To all my funders thank you very much

Shoes and clothes

Hello Simon,
wish you all the best for your business. Share a photo of the shoes that you buy with this loan :-)

To help fix my car

This loan is really going to help my very much in terms of smooth running of my work. and am very grateful to my wonderful Lenders may God richly bless you.
Thanks goes out to my Lenders.

Computer accessories

Thank You very much for believing in me i appreciate you us all. i am grateful to the Zidisha Family

Procurement of sewing and designer machines

Thank lenders , I have received the loan and I promise tonpay back on time.

To buy leather materials and beads for making bags for sale

I will buy leather, GTP Wax print, buy Thread and Pay my rent, light and water bills
This would help me serve my customers well and make few cash for the family expenditure.
To you lenders I say I can't thank you enough for your support

Loan to buy shop supplies

This loan was used to buy clippers, barbaring combs, aprons and other equipment which has boosted my work at the shop I'm so grateful.

To purchase bags and materials for sale

I recieved the loan. Thanks to lenders

Making flour from local millet

Margaret.Am trully grateful once again for. your kind and encouraging words not forgetting your funding my loan.God bless as you bless others.