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Yarn for my kente weaving business

Thanks to my lenders the loan facility has gone on to increase my savings towards my university education.Again,I was able to purchase the yarns for the production of my kente cloth making a profit of $15. Looking forward to my next loan. Thanks once again for your kindness

Batik clothing online store

My esteemed surname Eko Mariyatiningsih I am 35 years old. My business is selling batik muslim clothing. I have long joined Zidisha like the sorrow I have experienced. With the loan I funded this time I will use to install Wi-Fi installation at home to develop my Online trading business. Once again I say many thanks to the gentlemen as well as I am always given the ease and smoothness in the business. Yours sincerely Eko Mariyatiningsih

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Pendana yang terhormat nama saya Eko Mariyatiningsih saya berusia 35 tahun. Usaha saya berdagang busana muslim batik. Saya sudah lama bergabung dengan Zidisha suka duka sudah saya alami. Dengan didanainya pinjaman saya kali ini saya akan menggunakan untuk memasang instalasi Wi-Fi dirumah guna mengembangkan usaha dagang Online saya. Sekali lagi saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada para pendana sekalian semoga saya selalu diberikan kemudahan dan kelancaran dalam usaha. Hormat saya Eko Mariyatiningsih

To buy plastic furniture for school kids

I am so delighted that I have successfully completed repaying my loan. Thank you to Zidisha and all my lenders for funding me. I have made profit from the loan I have just completed which I have saved for reinvesting in my business. I have hope that my business of supplying school furniture will grow as I have continued receiving more orders. Thank you my lenders, may God bless you always. I pray that even as I come back to you for more help God will bless your hands to help me again.

3-stuffing king size bed

I bought different inches of foam, different inches of nails and different colors of materials. These items keep my business moving and to my customers they are happy. My earnings increases by 13.5%.
I want to do reinvestment.

Rice and maize flour for grocery shop

This is my new shop

Restaurant capital

Great thanks to every one. I have received my first loan and I pledge to repay it on time

To buy leather materials and beads for making bags for sale

By the support from Zidisha, I'm able to produce quality local ladies' hand bags, sandals. I'm able to sale these items to make a regular income to take care of my aged father, pay family bills and put food on the family table. The pictures below are the types ladies bags I produce

Purchase of phone accessories for my business

I received the loan despite the fact that that was not the loan I intended to use in upgrading my business, it is going to boost much on my business as my stock was much decreasing and now I will breathe that I have something to furnish my businesses. That you my lenders for giving me the opportunity to support myself and family and on top of that support the less prevail edged kids.

To make part-payment for plots of school land

I successfully made the part-payment for the two Plots of land I plan using for my basic school. My plan of building a basic school in Anyaa community is on course. When completed the the children in the Anyaa community would have a better facility or place to learn and develop their skills.
I am always grateful and thankful to all lenders on the Zidisha platform. God bless you all

Pravite classes fee

My loan has played significant role in my education life. I am now able to study freely with pressure from anyone.
I thank lenders

Purchase cafe chair

additional capital for the purchase of a meatball storefront. our business is getting rame buyer .. because our cafe have free wifi facility .. convenient place strategic location in main jl 2 srengseng sawah .. which is close to campus polimedia and also close to yonintel kostrad so to eat it at come to our place. please apply for loan to make our business progress

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tambahan modal untuk pembelian etalase bakso. usaha kami semakin rame pembeli.. karena kafe kami ada fasilitas wifi gratis.. tempat nyaman lokasi strategis di jl utama 2 srengseng sawah.. yang mana dekat dengan kampus polimedia dan juga dekat dengan yonintel kostrad sehingga untuk makan itu pada datang ke tempat kami.. mohon diberi pinjaman agar usaha kami semakin maju

Expand snail and pig farm

Snails Housing under construction for expansion

Shoes & sandals shop

This loan will be use to purchase shoes and Sandlers. The difference now is, I can purchase more goods. My earnings is increasing by $20. Am using it to establish new project.


I have earned an extra 50,000 per day which I can use to facilitate my child"s better education program

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Saya telah mendapat tambahan penghasilan sebesar 50ribu per hari dimana yang tersebut bisa saya pakai untuk memfasilitasi anak saya program pendidikan yang lebih baik

Loan to help pay my university fees

I successfully paid my wards school fees , they are now in school purchased books for them and able to pay their transportation fee. I am also able to start my degree course doing it on part-time.
Thankful to Zidisha lenders.

Loan for buying sandals

Hi people and team Zidisha I really appreciate your work by helping people without nothing as well as people with little to bring to light their entrepreneurship skills. We've really change this world we are living in and I pray The Lord continue to bless your work with long live to help millions more.

Grow business

hello my lenders,.
i just wanted to thank you and update you how my business is going so far since you helped me with the loan, at least now I have increased my profit from 10000 to 18000
my customers are now happy that they can get most of commodities from my shop . am also thanking you my lenders for the help you gave me thanks alot may God bless you
in abundance

I shall increase my spares in my shop

Thanks zidisha for your loan which has enabled me to increase my stock, I have increased my spares in my small shop and also I have widely increased my level of living standard and even paying school fees of my two kids and also paying rent,zidisha has also helped me to go even some parts of the country to see how great business people are doing there business so thanks zidisha for helping me to go on with my business and I pray that my loan to increase so that i can put more spare which are more demanding on my shop I will be happy to see my loan increasing from where I am to high level, I promise to pay my loan in time within the period of time given thanks zidisha.

Mobile-phones shop

I have now finished making payment of the loan. I do appreciate my great lenders for keeping me till this time . i will always appreciate you all and i will be also be faithful to my lenders ans entire zidisha community.I was able to increase my profit margin all the other loans i taken from you . i have encouraged myself to work hard to help growth of the zidisha . May you stay bless and i wish you all long lives and good health always because without you , my business is out of growth . Thank you .

To buy more laptop bags

Dear lender's, am much grateful for how far you have helped me to expand my business. I have been using the loan to buy more school bags which has helped my business to expand alot. I will like to use this loan to buy more laptop bags and traveling bags to expand my business. I will be grateful if my loan is granted. Thank you

To pay my son's school fees

I successfully paid my son's school fees, bought school books, school bag for him. He is no more sack from school because of school fees. Now I have peace of mind and he is learning well too.
I'm always grateful and thankful to all my lenders for you put smiles on our face. God bless you all

Buying spare parts

Thank you very much my lenders. I used the loan to buy to buy one new radiator coolant to change old one in radiator. After changing the radiator coolant, the engine of car ran smoothly. There was no over heating problem again therefore, my income increased by 20% compared previous days. Thank you zidisha, thank you my lenders.

To help my business

Hello my lenders I don't know the amount of words I will use to thank you but I will take this opportunity to thank you that you have really helped me much I received my loan and I used the money to buy so many things to my shop I have bought polish cotton, wooding,zip,etc my shop has expanded thank you my lenders continue to help me thank you

Stationary/parts for the computer

hello my lenders,hope you are all fine.
i just wanted to thank you and update you how my business is going so far since you helped me with the loan, at least now am manage to print for customers when there are many because i bought another printer inorder to be reaching my customers need,
my customers are now happy of my services and how am attending them. am also thanking you my lenders for the help you gave me that thanks alot may blesses reach you,
am also still needing you help on my next loan because the room for renovating is still in

Dairy farming

Zidisha second born with her mummy,thanks all lenders for your support

Loan for ingredients for soap-making business

Hallo lenders? I purchased the several ingredients that i had posted earlier.
The loan really helped me with having a huge stock which was enough for my customers because there is no single time that i ran out of products to supply my customers with.My earnings has increased tremendously and i used to save some of the money which helped me with repaying of the loan and some other cash i used for my home expenses.Currently my siblings are studying,our last born is looking forward to sit for form four exams her final year in high school in November.The other one is almost winding up studies in college and am so happy for them.We are looking forward to visit our rural home in August holiday the interesting thing about my place is that we have people of diverse cultures and its enjoyable to learn from others basic life skills.

Selling affordable mobile phones

Thank you very much for your continued support. I appreciate very much for funding me to buy the phones. I sold and have bought others. The profit is making a difference in my life, I'm able to pay school fees balances for my children and was able to buy them each some clothes. Was able to buy new tyres for my car that I hire out. I'm grateful to the entire fraternity for your great thought

M-Pesa, T-Kash & AirTel money agent

Thank you so much for the good work, I appreciate everything you are doing to help us boost our businesses. The loan that I had just commenced had really helped me in so many ways, I purchased stationery and I had to have another person in the shop who has been of a great help as I also helped her to meet her daily needs. My earnings has grown with at least a good profit of which some i had given the lady to go and open a kiosk at her door step since she is pregnant and about to deliver. Through this I am confident when walking because I know and believe that my kids cant miss school and food on the table.

Bags & shoes to stock my goods selling

The funds I can I will use for the purchase of women"s goods and women"s shoes with a price range of 100-200 thousand to develop my business to stay competitive and can reduce unemployment because I will recruit employees for the admin and packing of goods. I will keep the payment time to be on time because my store sales recap is 2 weeks and there will be sales recap data2

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Dana yang saya dapat akan saya gunakan untuk pembelian barang tas wanita & sepatu wanita dengan kisaran harga 100-200 Ribu
untuk mengembangkan bisnis saya agar tetap bersaing dan bisa mengurangi pengangguran karena saya akan merekrut karyawan untuk bagian admin dan packing barang.
Saya akan menjaga waktu pembayaran agar tepat waktu karena rekap penjualan toko saya 2 minggu sekali dan akan ada data2 rekap penjualan

Clothes and shoes for my business

My business has been good so far I have managed to make a profit of $120 in last stock. I have added more shirts in my business worthy $100.

Selling magroove

Hi zidisha thnx for lendind me loan .the loan has made differnt i have start to plant nessery for mongo tree n coconut tree n also im planning to keep broilers when i get another loan .thnx so much i hope to get another loan n pay on time .

School building project

This wonderful school building project is almost near completion thanks to my lenders. I am very grateful but particularly,these school kids who are the real beneficiaries will forever be in your debt. Again, I say "Ayekoo" to my benefactors.

Kwambo tailoring anddressing making

Hey lenders, my previous loan i purchased materials, increased number of buttons, zips and repaired my old sewing machine.The purchase has increased the number of customers. My income too has increased. My income i used to purchase materials, buttons and zips. My upkeep as well. There has been sudden death of people in my community and leader have attributed to "eating lifestyle". We need a seminar to adjust to the realities in life. Thank you.

Tile repair

thank yu zidisha team you have made me adifferent person that is why ia,m proud to associated with i had communicated earlier the building i was constructing is now fully complete and occupied that is to mean that now i,am alandlord making collection every month inform of rent i,am ahappy man because through your assistance the accomodation problem has atleast reduced .the attached are the photos of the said building standing complete from the inside to the outside once again i say thank you zidisha

Purchasing building/construction equipment and materials

Thanks so much my lenders for the loan disbursed for me, it helped me a lot at for now my children are going to school and at the same time I am doing my work perfectly without stress of money since I joined zidisha iam financially stable once again thank you very much

Livestock loan.

I am very happy with what you are doing in my life, I have been able to buy a cooking gas which has been a dream of my life, now I will have enough time to prepare my meals and safe a lot of money, am going to be almost the same class of my neighbourhood.

Dairy farming

thanks so much lenders i managed to construct silage storage tanks i can now preserve fodder for up to one year. this has enhanced my dairy cows production since the fodder is available even in dry seasons. My dairy production from the five dairy cows is 80 litres per day an average income of 1000 dollars per month.

Health is wealth

I want to really comment my lenders for creating a very easy way of lending money . I just sit for ten to twenty minutes in a cyber cafe' and my loan application is completed. It is a very easy way of getting loan to do small businesses besides we start small but grow as long as you pay your loan as you have scheduled

Photo copier for my business

To all my lenders and Zidisha team,
Good morning,I hope this finds you well,it is my sincere gratitude to write just to thank you for your continued support and the far you have brought me from,I thank Almighty God for His Divine Mercy and protection,and also to you my lenders for having trusted me all this time with your money,May God bless you and your families , abundance grace to you all.
The loan you gave me really helped me in a big way,I was able to pay some debts and also to clear some school fees for my son.
I am here again coming to you my lenders to help me out get another loan to help me fund my daughter's school fees before she's chased out of school.I will utilise this opportunity well and will always try so hard to clear and pay one time.Am so sorry i have been making payments late but this time round,I shall not let you down my lenders.

Free tutoring


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Free tutoring

Our activities

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Kegiatan kami

Supplies of clothes, children"s pants for sale child clothes

I say thank you, with a loan of Rp 10500 I just can buy a hanger one kid dozen clothes,

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saya ucapkan terimakasih,dengan pinjaman sebesar Rp 10500 saya hanya baru bisa membeli hanger baju anak satu lusin,

Adomako credit and busines center

I am always blessed to have such a wonderful and supporting lenders .Thanks a lot.

1 bag of 50kg of sugar for my shop

I used my loan to buy 2 bags of maize flour which was so productive to my business as it has enabled to increase my sales which in turn it has changed my life in a way that I can now provide to my family without much impact on the same business because of the sales and I also paid my loan on time.

3-stuffing king size bed

I bought wood board, different inches of nails, vanish, paint, sandpaper and thinner. The loan supported me to make these purchases . My earnings increases by 14% . I'm doing reinvestment.

Inventory of project material

Thanks for the pendants who have given me a loan for the development of my business

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Terima kasih buat pendana yg telah memberikan saya pinjaman dana unt pengembangan usaha saya

Purchase more stock to boost sales

I received ksh.835 which I used in purchasing more timber and gum poles.I will accumulate the profit to enable me buy my own operating machines.I thanks my lenders for creating a platform for me to realize my potentiality..

Urea for my sugarcane piece of land.

Hi dear lenders,humbly notifying u that the first batch of millet was harvested,now undergoing fermentation n drying process,before being extracted from husks.the one acre piece of sugarcane i took to kibos fetched 18tonnes,each going at 40 dollars,translates to double so greatful to u preceous people,now i have fees for my masters studies.God bless u all.

Expenses to conduct research and buy building materials

Thank you to zidisha you are a wonderful family. The loan am currently repaying its supporting to me to pay for my tuition fees for my masters degree program. My life will neva be the same after I graduate. On a good note today we celebrate 4th birthday of my son Kachimfya. Thanks to Zidisha

Purchase of carts

Thank you for the help. Very useful for my business continuity.

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Terima kasih atas bantuannya. Sangat berguna untuk kelangsungan usaha saya.