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Potato project

I decided to save on labour costs for preparation of the carrot seed beds as well as sowing the carrot seeds. It was indeed fulfilling to work on my plot on Saturday and Monday.

See the photos attached hereto.

Payments of school fees and purchase of working materials.

With the disbursement of last loan, I bought 100 bags of cement for building various premises and structures all at a cost of KES 70,000/=,10 bags of lime at a cost of KES 7,000/=,10 packets of red oxide at a cost of KES 3,000/=,one full lorry of sand for plastering at a cost of KES 25,000/=,5 buckets of undercoat white paint at a cost of KES 8,500/=,20 wall painting brushes of six inches at a cost of KES 2,000/=,10 rolls of masking tape at a cost of 700/=,10 spades for hire at a cost of KES 6,300/=.5 litres of turpentine at a cost of KES 350/=. These purchases enabled me to finish most of building contracts and receive good income to uplift living standard of family members, provide basic needs like clothes, building new good shelter, good food,paying school fees for the children in both primary and secondary school respectively and settling most of household expenses and work bills. I am really expecting state of building and construction works to apprehend and income to progress at a good rate of 60%.Thanks to all zidisha lenders supporting me financially and the entire zidisha team to progress in construction jobs and within the family.

Boosting businesses

I am expanding my business with the help of zidisha

To enlarge my business for a future life

First I will thank the zidisha team for the loan that they given me, this loan of 12128 I will use it to buy the dryer machine for my barbershop, so that I can get easy work to my client's thank you soon much.

Equipment boost

This loans are working proof of the improvement of our businesses and livelihoods because of the financial backup you've given us am forever grateful

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Lenders, How are you? Hopefully all of them are in good health and in the spirit of activity. This week, my daughter at her school is following the Mid-Semester Assessment. So, besides accompanying my daughter to study, I also still have to sell to get the benefits that will be used, one of which is to pay for my daughter"s monthly tuition fees. It"s quite tiring, but it still has to be uplifting and fight for my daughter"s future :). I want to update the development of my online store. Today I bought a stock of goods for sale, which is to buy 5 items of clothing for about Rp. 5,000,000 - around USD 370. I am very grateful, because by getting to know Zidisha and the help of loan funds from you, my online store can always add to the inventory that is in great demand by buyers. By turning the profits of sales, I was able to fulfill my daily needs and provide education and buy appropriate food for my daughter. My hope is that Zidisha and the lenders will always be there for us borrowers in Indonesia. Always passionate and healthy. Greetings, Endang

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Dear Lenders,

Apa kabar? Semoga semuanya dalam keadaan sehat dan semangat beraktifitas.

Satu minggu ini, putri saya di sekolahnya sedang mengikuti Penilaian Tengah Semester. Jadi, selain menemani putri saya belajar, saya juga tetap harus berjualan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang akan dipergunakan salah satunya untuk membayar biaya uang sekolah bulanan putri saya. Cukup melelahkan, namun tetap harus semangat dan berjuang demi masa depan putri saya :) .

Saya ingin update perkembangan toko online saya. Hari ini saya membeli persediaan barang untuk dijual, yaitu membeli 5 kodi pakaian kira-kira seharga Rp. 5.000.000,- sekitar USD 370.

Saya sangat ber-terimakasih sekali, karena dengan mengenal Zidisha dan bantuan pinjaman dana dari kalian, toko online saya bisa selalu menambah persediaan barang yang banyak diminati oleh pembeli. Dengan memutar keuntungan penjualan, saya bisa memenuhi kebutuhan hidup sehari-hari dan memberi pendidikan serta membelikan sandang pangan yang layak untuk putri saya.

Harapan saya, semoga Zidisha dan para pemberi pinjaman akan selalu ada bagi kami para peminjam di Indonesia. Semangat dan sehat selalu.


Automotive spare parts

I received a total of Ksh3700 which I used to buy some new spares and at the same time increase the quantity of the existing ones. My income is changing and soon I know my shop will be among the best established shops in town. Thank you very much.

Purchasing nails

I really apprecite this loan. It has helped me to solve some financial challenge in my company. It has doubled the performance of transportation in my business

Cage culture - fish farming

to my lenders:
i would like to restock new fingerlings for my 3 cages
i used the previous loan to procure feeds for my fish
My earnings increased due to adequate feeding patterns which which was made possible through your generous donations in form of loans advanced
i used the earnings to buy more and more fish feeds

Completion of a house

I received the loan I applied on time 72$ and am arranging for the building materials for the shadding flock will now have a conducive environment and enable me good feeding my lenders am much pleased with the kind of parnership and I hope for more cooperation in future.thank you

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Thanks very much for the support. It has really turn my business around. I was able to recruit an administrative assistant as well as a site supervisor. I have also been able to recruit more workers to work on my sites as the volume of work to be done keeps increasing. I am really grateful!

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Dear lenders,

It is a new month and I just want to wish you all the best for the month.

My business is doing well. New contract starts paying and workers are working very well.

Kindly find attached some photos from site
I am grateful for the support and I promise not to disappoint in repayment.

I hope to employ more people as the business keeps expanding. Thank you and do have a fruitful month!

Educational supply shop

The loan was used to stock my shop with educational supply such as foolscap note books which include the small and big size, assorted pens,permanent and temporal makers, trunk and chop boxes for secondary school students, A4 sheets, cartridges for printer and photocopy machine, scientific and casio calculators etc. It has really help me to take care of my daughter and needy kids in my area. My earnings have increased to about 10% . I have saved part of the increased earnings and as said earlier, I am taking care of some needy kids in my community. I went to Aburi in the eastern region during their Odwira festival with friends last month and it was fun. The interesting thing in my community is the odwira festival which is celebrated between october and november every year

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

The last loan has been of much help in my business. I bought a pulley machine to lift up materials in my construction business. This machine has increased my income. Also it has made work easier. My family is doing well, and children are at holidays, schools are closed until January. The rain we expected in October all through to December has not turned in a good way making crops not to do well. Thank you lenders for your help.

Video camera for my event filming service

I thank my lenders for believing in Me.

Online transcription work. internet bundles, electricity.

I managed to make $200 which I used to pay rent and school fees for my children. I also purchased text books for them. This has enabled me to meet my responsibilities and provide for my family. I am grateful to my lenders. My other achievements, I was recently recruited by government, TSC, to be an English and Literature teacher at St. Joseph Mukulusu secondary school, Kakamega. Thanks


Thanks to my lenders I was able to buy 1dozen of the needles you are great,I hope you will still come to my aid to expand this business

Full-color digital printing

Dear Zidisha lenders,
I am most privileged to be supported by you in my struggle to earn a decent living for my young family. May God bless you all.
I have been having a challenge in finances in that I received the disbursed loan on the 23rd August 2018 at the time we were expecting another baby. I was hesitant to spend the money hurriedly owing to our history of jaundice babies in every delivery. We were blessed with a baby on 28th Aug, unfortunately the baby was diagnosed with severe jaundice immediately and she was transferred to a hospital equipped with emergency facilities. She was to be put under photo therapy 24hrs a day which only a private hospital could offer. Blood exchange was also done immediately as the jaundice escalated very fast threatening to take the life of the baby. She stayed under photo therapy and hospital care for 7 days, with the bill summing up to $1500 for hospital and $500 doctor’s fee. Having received $670 from Zidisha and some $200 savings, I had to do the noble thing and save the baby’s life. I managed to acquire the remaining $530 from various people including shylocks to clear the hospital bill and be discharged. The doctor agreed to be paid later in installments. I therefore had 2 months to clear Shylock and other debts coupled with school fees $700. All these weighed me down, but I thank God for seeing me through. I now have only the doctors fee to clear by 10th Dec. I believe with the same spirit of hard work, I will manage to clear my loan by 24th January God willing, to get the limit increment bonus. I am grateful to God and Zidisha for your support, for without you we risked loosing our baby angel. Here are photos of our little angel and the bills and receipts from the hospital.

Mobile money and stationary shop

Hello, I am a driven, passion oriented entrepreneur from Zambia. I am a freelancer and author and my profession being a builder.
Life in Zambia is economically hard as there are no jobs for a lot of youths. I have three big achievements I dream big in life to help my fellow youths with jobs or something to do. I know, for now, many say it is impossible. But with a platform such as Zidisha, the sky is the limit and I know one time I will stand to testify.
The first project am currently working on is the establishment of a small micro one shop that will provide P2P mobile money transaction, photocopying, branding, and printing. I was just approved with $5 as my first loan with Zidisha. That amount may seem insignificant, but it will go a long way for freelancing work.
I am also partnering with my brother for a poultry project which is also on its toes right now.
However, my biggest dream is an establishment of a secondary school in Chongwe District of Lusaka that will provide quality education, employment and empower the community.

I have decided to share with the community here so that it may be a witness that indeed small dreams that begin small ends big.

Thanks to the Zidisha family for this kind of platform. It's the first of its kind in Africa. To all the lenders out there, thank you for helping many African vibrant entrepreneurs realize and achieve their goals. Kudos.

I would recommend this platform to anyone out there with a bright vision to achieve something in life.


Thank you for the ksh1,900.00 I just received
I have managed to add to what I had and replaced all the four tyres to my car

Fencing posts for sale in my timber yard

The previous loan really assisted me to acquire electric extension cable that made my work easier as i can do my work in a more spacious place. I can now do more work at a time and in return add me more income. I'm really grateful to you all zidisha. I was late for a day but it was due to the location i was i can could access the mobile services. Really hoping to continue with you zidisha.

Farm mechanization

Hi Paul. Thanks so much for believing in my project and accepting to lend me money. I will use the amount to purchase a PVC pipe to help connect my water system for the chicken. This will greatly improve my sales because I will not have to worry about spread of diseases due to the coop being wet and dirty by water spillage. Work hours of cleaning and changing watetets will also be reduced and I will use those hours to market and improve my farming.

Farm mechanization

Hi my wonderful lenders. Thanks so much for tgebloan you lend me. I bought 19 chicken nipple drinkers at $1 each This will help me cut down on manhours spent in the coop and money for medications. Space for playing and interacting will also be increased because waterers take alot of space. Once I buy the required pipe and small tank for fixing, my chicken will be a happy lot. They even seemed excited for the arrival of the nipples.

Growing photocopy business

Candy time--

Growing photocopy business

Future law enforcers. Photo taken at the Nairobi International Trade Fair - Police unit section

Business boost

Hope your are fine and everything at large, am now in fabrication of metal items and powder coating them then selling and according to the much I have noticed I think it's a good idea all I need now is sam funding , thanks.

Buy more fodder seeds

Thank you lenders! Setting up a Hydrophonic fodder system will ensure optimum organic nutrition and production of my animals without the exceptionally high cost of commercial feeds which bite into my profits a lot. Commercial feeds are also sub-standard and there is really no way to know what you are feeding your animals.

Completion of a house

I'm going to build a shedding place for my sheep.This will enable in good feeding technique and ease wastages.Also good during dry and rainy season.To my lenders am very much greatful for your partnership, continue with the same spirit and may you get uplifted

Purchase large format printer

Today I purchased an industrial sewing machine with a top up of the loan I took from Zidisha. First, I intended buying an electric sewing machine as I stated earlier in my previous post but after careful consideration of the kind of job the machine will do, I used the loan to top up my school fees to purchase an industrial sewing machine for my mother. The delivery was quick and the assembling was excellent. Looking forward to seeing my mother start resume work after over a decade.
Pictures attached.

I really thank my sponsor Paul Buchheit for your kind support. May God really blessed you.


Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Hi Tim, please receive my heap of thanks for funding this loan.. I have been putting some effort giving demos how the Talkies work especially in places where mobile network is still very poor or none at all. Again this loan goes to fund the Talkies business only and related accessories.
Thank you for your encouragement.

Roofing project

I am gathering all the loans from your platform to roof my new house building project.

Nyaisa farm

Hello Lenders
I am very happy to let know I appreciate all your efforts. Thank you once again for the amount you lend me. I used the increased income in starting poultry farming. I love animal farming and will wish to be the supplier of animal products in my home region. I used $150 to purchase the birds. I hope by next month the birds will start laying eggs and i will be a supplier.

School signboard making order

Thanks you very much my lender for the money helped me to supplement a cost for supplying a client's order and made profit. Thanks alot

To delivery iron fabricated beds

The first loan i got was to introduce me to zidisha i am greatful that i joined and an hopeful that i will be able to grow my business and be aninspiration to my lenders here.

Business travel

Thanks alot to Zidisha Lenders, I used my last loan to purchase more stock of Irish potatoes for my business, this has really made my business to increase in terms of profit, my profit has increased from Ksh 2000 to Ksh2700 per day, the earnings has helped me pay for school balance..My family is also happy of this.

To buy shirts for sale in my shop

I received 64ghs
And the money will be used to buy shirts for my shirts

Shaggy rugs

The last loan I added some cash and bought a fluffy carpet which one of my customers had requested and I made a 30% profit on it. It had attracted more customers who have requested the same.

Expand land

Many thanks to all my renders for your good support to my business i see my business grow even bigger with your continues support from the previous loan i managed to buy quality screen mil which i was lacking previously and this has made the huge difference most customers use to complain about how bad was the damaged screen mil but with the new replacement screen mil customers are now happy my earnings has been increased by 15% and part of realized profit have reinvest to the business

Rabbit farming

I wish to sincerely thank you my lenders for the loan you have given me. I will use my loan to purchase materials for expanding my rabbit project which is doing well.

Potato project

I purchased potato seed and planted them last weekend. I am glad to engage my family with the planting particularly with the aim to instill a work ethic in my daughter.
I am upbeat the potatoes will do well due to the onset of short rains season. I plan to bolster the production of the plot by adding organic manure as well Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer.
The potato harvest will go a long way in boosting my income streams for reinvestment as well as provide food for my family thus help me save on food expenses during the family's consumption of part of the potato harvest.

Green grocery

My previous loan was ksh 500 ,I bought tomatoes Worth sh 500 added my previous stock.the additional stock generated aprofit of dh 200.the 200 was used to add onions.

Green grocery

I used sh500 to buy earning was increased with sh200.the profit I got I bought onions.

Equipment for repairing cars

To all my lenders, i say thank you so much for helping us through goyimei.infoanisation please continue with your good heart of supporting us through out the continent, my business is doing very well and the previous loan i got i bought the small tools box for my garage and i hope to buy the big one next time, while it has made a difference because i use to hire when ever am working on the big engine and my savings has been increased by 15% and have used this money by reinvesting to grow my business

Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha family, am very happy and luky to be associated with you. You have hold my hand when my business was in problem and i when i neeed help,you were there at the wright time to help my business to grow to onother level.I put smels to my family faces thanks to zidisha gamily.I can transport my produse to the market easily,faster and cheapest using my bike by not paying transport cost,I just need to fuel the bike. Thanks Zidisha for helpping my business grow to a high level and i know that my business will grow and grow to big company.

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

It's now almost two years since I used the last loan to buy a pulley machine. It changed the whole business life. Income has also increased. I use the increase amount to do farming and cattle rearing. I also do some little savings. I'm planning to start a new project for i want to register as a construction company. It is a new law in our country for any one with a construction business to be registered. My family is doing well. I'm planning to take my childrens for a tour during this holidays. We shall visit Thomson falls at a place called nyahururu. Thank you lenders.

To enlarge my business for a future life

I'm much thankful for the zidisha team, for the 8286 loan that they borrow for me to boost my business,and this loan I used to buy the balding clipper machine, and now the work is very smooth and there is no complaints from my clients.thank you for the far you have brought me.

Entrance fee for form one

The pawpaws,survived the dry weather,but still kept their fruits intact

Providing facilities

The loan will help me provide classroom to the school pupils to enhance teaching and learning in my community Abease in Sunyani West District , Ghana.

Entrance fee for form one

The kids had a large helping of the readily available pawpaws