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Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha family. I want to take this opportunity to thank your for supporting my agribusiness. I have increased my profit and able to feed my family and suply the community with fresh vegetable and also employment to one person.also give fresh vegetable once a week to one of the children's home as way of giving back to the community,long live zidisha family.

Telecomunications and financial services

greetings dear partners firstly I want to thank you for your support and looking forward for further partnership the support you already given has changed my life I can if it was not you I would be nowhere.thanks in advance

Purchase 2 ddr3 hard disks and 8 gb memory

Hello, good evening, the lords of peace and blessings from me may God always be with all of us. I always have a happy Saturday with my family because on weekdays we can"t spend time together besides their busy schedule of school, so I am busy managing my business. "No matter how busy, as far as anything goes, the family is the place to go home. Money and popularity are not able to pay together with family"

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Hallo selamat malam para pendana salam sejahtera dari saya semoga Tuhan selalu bersama kita semua . Sabtu ceria bersama keluarga selalu saya sempatkan karena dihari - hari kerja kita tidak bisa meluangkan waktu bersama disamping jadwal mereka yang begitu padat sekolah saya sendiripun sibuk mengelola usaha saya.
"Sesibuk apapun,sejauh apapun pergi,keluarga merupakan tempat pulang.Uang dan popularitas tidak mampu membayar kebersamaan dengan keluarga"

Inventory of merchandise

Before making a loan I did not have any stock at home, I only made an order if there was an order coming in according to the wishes of the buyer, once I got a loan from Zidisha I started to stock things at home little by little ... thanks zidisha now my business is growing, I the easier it is to serve buyers because I now have a lot of stock at home. Hopefully my next loan will be able to get it again because now I need a tool to store my stock of goods at home so that they are more neat and clean, so my stock is no longer damaged, messy and dirty. Help me zidisha and funders. I will not disappoint you because my passion is very high to be a successful young entrepreneur.

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Sebelum melakukan pinjaman saya tidak memiliki stok barang apapun dirumah, saya hanya melakukan order jika ada orderan masuk sesuai keinginan pembeli, begitu saya mendapatkan pinjaman dana dari zidisha saya mulai bisa stok barang dirumah sedikit demi sedikit.. terimakasih zidisha sekarang bisnis saya semakin berkembang, saya semakin mudah dalam melayani pembeli karena kini saya memiliki banyak stok barang dirumah. Semoga pinjaman berikutnya saya bisa kembali mendapatkannya karena sekarang saya membutuhkan alat alat untuk menyimpan stok barang jualan saya dirumah agar lebih rapih dan bersih, sehingga stok jualan saya tidak lagi rusak, berantakan dan kotor. Bantu saya zidisha dan pemberi dana. Saya tidak akan mengecewakan kalian karena semangat saya sangat tinggi untuk menjadi pengusaha muda yang sukses.

Setelah lama saya tunggu kapan kah pinjaman dana untuk pembelian stock dagangan dan untuk pembayaran sekolah senilai $766

After I started a small business selling food ... the end was increasing starting from my life and in meeting the school"s needs, the child could slowly be fulfilled ... I lived in a crowded city where the circulation of money in the provision of necessities was sought by the people by approaching buyers, the greater increasing the progress of my business

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Setelah saya mulai usaha keciljual makanan ..akhirnya peningkatan mulai dr kehidupan saya dan dalam memenuhi kebutuhan sekolah anak perlahan bisa tercukupi..saya hidup ditengah kota yg ramai disitu perputaran uang dalam penyedian barang kebutuhan sangat di cari masyarakat dengan mendekat dengan pembeli maka akan semakin besar peningkatan kemajuan usaha saya

Purchase of animal feed

zidisha was very helpful for me, and there were still many good things out there even though we didn"t know each other. thanks to investors who have helped small entrepreneurs like me. because at the smallest of our own efforts we are the boss. thank you

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zidisha sangat membantu bagi saya, dan ternyata masih banyak kebaikan di luar sana meski kita tak saling mengenal. terimakasih untuk para investor yang telah membantu pengusaha kecil seperti saya. karna sekecil kecilnya usaha sendiri kita adalah bos nya. terimakasih

Buy new ball joints and steering rod for my taxi

Thank you Zidisha for your continued support my family is very much happy through your continued support.

Full-color digital printing

Here are photos of my shop and printers acquired through loans from Zidisha

Full-color digital printing

Dear lenders, I am most happy to have paid my last installments today before the due date which is 24th August 2018. The loan helped me a great deal to achieve my goal of becoming a mass printing centre. I have managed to add printers and fully repaired my bizhub that now is working. My business is flowing smoothly. I have managed to sort out and establish black printing to a point where I can do mass clear printing without break downs since i have several printers on standby, if one breaks down, I have alternatives. This has asured me of a Kshs. 2000 ($20) minimum income per day. My children are going to school without school fees issues. My life has improved tremendously. My next step is to establish a digital color printing dominance in my market by acquiring Bizhub and Xerox color printers. I also need a photo printer that can do large photos of A4 size and even possibly A3. Thus I will have 3 categories of printing i.e Black, Color and Photo in commercial magnitude. Thank you so much lenders for having believed in me and my dreams that have now come true to be a successful printer. Thanks for elevating my life.

Payment of university tuition fee

Today August 10, 2018, I have successfully made another loan repayment. On this occasion, let me say thank you to all my lenders and to Team Zidisha for your continuous support and for sustaining this vision. A special thank you to Director Julia for taking this initiative. Success can never be achieved unless someone like you, has the vision and desire to initiate it. I recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts. God bless you all abundantly.

Loan to buy a delivery vehicle (van) for my goods at my shop

Dear Lenders if all Lending Instittution were like Zidisha in the world, No one was going to be poor over seas and the entire continent of Africa.The empowerment i have received from Zidisha is so great that i have established businesses in my country Zambia.Despite Business challenges am able to repay my steadily.However through Zidisha empowerment i have employed 7 workers working for me through expansion of my business and increased sales profits.I really thank you my renders for changing my life and that of family and children.May God richly bless Zidisha, the director Julia and the entire Zidisha team for making possible for us to have access of funds through Zidisha.

Cyber improvement

Dear Lenders,
I am happy to communicate with you and we thank God for your help as it has really helped me to established so many things and it has made my life to be what it is right that right now my cyber looks so beautiful that many people admire it.

Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you and expound your boundaries. I am sure that before the end of this year my life will never be the same because of your support.

Thanks again again and God bless you all.

Setelah lama saya tunggu kapan kah pinjaman dana untuk pembelian stock dagangan dan untuk pembayaran sekolah senilai $766

Slowly but surely the dwelling in Zidisha is very impressive to improve the progress of the SHOP egg and staple trading business ... I thank you all for your help

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Dengan pelan tapi pasti punjaman di zidisha sangat mengesankan untuk meningkatkan kemajuan TOKO usaha dagang telur dan bahan pokok ..saya trima kasih semua atas bantuanya

Smartshine boutique

Blessed Zidisha team and lenders I appreciate your support for putting a smile on my face and equipping knowledge to my daughter who completed computer packages course through your financial help. Now she has joined college and very happy to have computer knowledge. God bless you. Your work is not in vain but uplifts someone in day to day activity. Thank you.

Expenses to conduct research and buy building materials

Thank you all my lenders. With this loan I will be able to do research for my masters degree studies and the remainder I will be able to buy building materials that I.want to use to start construction of a poultry house at my farm. Thanks to all my lenders, God bless you.

Fertilizer to top dress my crops

Hi, thanks so much to Zidisha lenders for your support in my farming business. I started with poultry and you've been there for me. The loan that I received was used to buying farm inputs and now my crops are very healthy and expecting good harvest this season.

Loan for greenhouse vegetable seedlings

Zidisha platform has been pivotal to my farming career having allowed me to source money for development. The last loan helped me put up a greenhouse and hence continued expansion. I hope to continue expanding my greenhouse project such that I can be in a position to reap consistent and more income. I, therefore, would like to thank my lenders for continued support.

Mobile phone payment service center

Hi Lenders,

Thanks for the loan it has made my mpesa business work for me since I have enough float and I can transact at any given time. It had improved my finances I will be able to get a holiday this year thanks to you lenders may God bless you mightly.

Ruth Musela

Farming beans and vegetables

Thankyou lenders for my previous loan. I was able to stabilise my electronic money transfer business. _mpesa. The commission I make now makes me smile,my employee works well now and the customers are satisfied. From the proceeds I was able to facilitate harvestingof my crop in the farm,and a boost of my pub and renovation of my rental houses. Thankyou so much lenders,may God bless you immensely.

Still need a pulse stock

I am very grateful to the lenders who have trusted me, I am very thankful that after joining the zidisha program my progress was very significant, and I was able to repay the loan on time before it was due, even I was trusted by one of the telecommunications operator providers to add card stock starter kit and also credit, Terim love zidisha! thank you kind hearted borrowers.

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saya sangat berterima kasih sekali kepada para pemberi pinjaman yang telah mempercayai saya,saya sangat bersyukur setelah mengikuti program zidisha kemajuan saya sangat signifikan,dan saya bisa melunasi pinjaman dengan tepat waktu sebelum jatuh tempo,bahkan saya dipercaya salah satu provider operator telekomunikasi untuk menambah stok kartu starter kit dan juga pulsa,Terim kasih zidisha ! terima kasih para peminjam yang baik hati.

Load proposal

My very sincere greetings of joy and THANK YOU, to Mr. Paul Buchheit of Mountain View, United States for wholly sponsoring and funding my latest funding proposal. Will be heading to shops for my Dynamic Solar PowerBank as soon as my funds are disbursed.
Thank you so much for the support.

Loan to ay9

My recent loan I took enabled me to hire manual labourers who helped me to cultivate my cassava stem cuttings due to the size of the farming land.this prevented me form incurring loss if the stem cuttings had gotten spoilt by been infected by pest if I didn't grow them.I am grateful to Zidisha for playing this vital role.

Capacity building

Thank you very much Treesforpeople for your interest in supporting business in solar as I provide service installations such as solar power plants for homes and business i.e 1kw/h to unlimited Kw/h depending on client consumption. However the there is high demand for solar installations for major stakeholders in Ghana but challenge has been the initial investment capital to get it installed. therefore if i get an investor who is ready to fund projects for interested clients then we could look at processes to secure such businesses. please for details visit


Nails for a hardware store

I bought more wood for building purposes. It has increased my profit to about 12 percent. I used the the earnings to buy school uniform for my kid sister. Now I'm looking forward to buying a college form to further my education.

Adding stock to my grocery business

Hello lenders,i am lucy and i have appreciated a lot for the loan that i have been paying.It has helped me a lot and i thank God for that.i added the stock with the money i got and it has helped me and my customers because the customers had whatever they needed in my store.The earnings have increased by 20 % and i thank God.I have used the earnings to pay school fees for my children and to boost my business.thank you.

Purchase of animal feed

This loan fund really helped me to increase the operational costs of my livestock. thank you for the kindness of the investors

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Dana Pinjaman ini sangat membantu saya untuk menambah biaya operasional ternak saya,. terimakasih atas kebaikan hati para investor


Purchased some items for my vehicle. Made sure it was used friendly. I even enhanced the sound system to enable passengers listen to nice soothing music when ever they found themselves in my car.
With the loan i received I've been able to increase up my profit and that's quite a progress.
The profit I got I saved some amount. My siblings are quite proud of this idea I have at the moment.

Costs for purchasing children"s books and school supplies

Previously I thanked the loan provider who had lent me ... the loan I had previously paid off Alhamdulillah I was very useful I could buy some tools for my business service and cleaning the air conditioner and refrigerator. so I can meet the needs of my child"s school like buying a new sports uniform at school which this year my child is in elementary school in grade 2 Thank you very much to the lender

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Sebelumnya saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pemberi dana pinjaman yang sudah meminjamkanya kepada saya..pinjaman yang sebelumnya sudah saya lunasi Alhamdulillah sangat bermanfaat sekali saya bisa membeli beberapa alat bantu untuk usaha saya jasa servis dan membersihkan ac dan kulkas.jadi kinerja jasa servis saya bertambah hasilnya jadi bisa mencukupi kebutuhan untuk sekolah anak saya seperti membeli seragam olah raga baru di sekolah yang pada tahun ini anak saya sekolah dasar di kelas 2
Terima kasih banyak kepada pemberi pinjaman

Maxxy Salon

Thanks to God and Zidisha especially my sincere lenders. Since Maxxy Saloon started operating from establishment till now you have been of great help to sustain clients and increase sales and profit. My previous loan was used to buy shampoo and other chemicals and new Brazilian hairs. It helped me give good service to my clients and increased my profit margin. I want to specifically use this loan to decorate and lay some new structures for my clients to relax as they wait in the line for their turn of service.
More over i have been using the profit for shampoos and other chemicals periodically as well as helping my siblings at the secondary school.

Thanks to Zidisha ones again for making life little easy for me and my siblings as we depend on the little profit we make from the Saloon weekly.

I'm glad business is strong.

Add stock to my cosmetics shop and buy seats for my salon

Hello leaders, am happy to tell you that you have been a huge gain to me.with your help of your loan,I was able to start a small cosmetics shop,start salon,pigs farming and vegetables farming.all these have helped me increase my profits hence improving my leaving standard and also my family.I have sold pigs and butter nuts and used my profit to buy a small land which I am paying in installments.I have also planted more happy and hope with my on time payment you will increase my loan faster so that I start house project.thanks

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

My previous loans really helped me complete my masters degree successfully, and I was able to manage my small shop of buying and selling toilet rolls, sanitary pad, varieties of soap and detergents. I was able to employ three permanent shop attendants and four causal workers that I pay them monthly.
I was able to supply sanitary pads to rural schools to girls who would have stay home for about five days during their monthly menstrual period for lack of money to buy pads for a minimum fees.
I can confidently say through Zidisha, I now hold my masters degree.
Always grateful to lenders for their support.

Purchasing malaria rapid-diagnostic test kits

The loan would be used to purchase malaria rapid diagnostic test kids (RDTs) and other reagents for my laboratory. Only God knows how life would have been for me without Lenders putting me into business. My business has faced challenging moments yet my lenders kept faith in me, I am very grateful. Previous loans have made great impact my life and my family, and has also impacted a lot of lives in my community.
I have used the business proceeds to assist two of my siblings to complete High Schools.
I hope Lenders would support me in my next loan to continue saving lives and make a living as well.


I will use the loan to purchase stationery and leaning material like puzzles 2ctn $100,numbers shape 3 ctn $150, ABC foam 1ctn$100 pens 1 ctn $50 note one exercise books 5ctn$400, and pencils 2ctn $200 The purchase has made difference in my business and my life.And am able to employed four people in the business. My earning have increased to $1000 My earning have increased a lot because I have able to put another store at my mother's village to enable the village people to see how zidisha have help achievement is I have able to put up two bedroom house and i help some of my family people to get job doing my children are in school. First may is holiday in Ghana all workers celebrity may day and special to me because we organized football match between the government workers. It is very interesting to see how we celebrity the MAY DAY.

Mobile money and food supplements business

Well, my dear lenders asked you very well know, I am into the provision of nutritional supplements to my costumers. This business has made lots of improvement in my life. Before I started my business, basic needs of life was very difficult to come by. But now I am living a comfortable life life in relation to then. I make 75.00 profit weekly.

Expansion of retailing shop in ( all kinds of items )

I've been purchasing blue band margarine from Uniliver for resale. It's very affordable and the market value is awesome. The patronage is very good.

Because of Zidisha I have increased in stock and and the customers are happy the shortage has limit.
With the brand I am into it, I it's very good and it has been increasing the brand I've been purchasing by 33%•
Zidisha has helped me alot and am glad my lenders are also happy am making progress.

Bravo to my lenders and this institution Zidisha I'll always share the success this organization has brought me.

Always optimsitis

Location of the production plant

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Lokasi pabrik produksi

Mobile-phone credit cards and cables for resale

I bought phone accessories as soon as I received my loan. I have supplied them to my customers and made profit of 10% instantly.
My business is improving every day due to the support from zidisha.
Thanks to my lenders.
I hope they will increase my credit limit a little more faster for a rapid expansion of the business.

Clothes production

Since joining you, you are always putting smiles on both my customers and my face

School fees & farming

When I first joined zidisha back in 2015, I did not have enough to even repay my first loan plus MLF but I gave myself hope because no bank could have allowed me to access credit . From my small salary I manage. I trusted myself and the process. Zidisha became the wind beneath my wings, an extra push and my life changed.
Since then I have always been taking loans for education for my children, my wife and for general purpose.I want to take this moment to say thank you Zidisha, Thank you Julia .

Package baby delivery kits

Thank you Zidisha lenders for giving me this loan, i will be able to pack more baby kits so that mothers can have safe deliveries without having to worry about getting an infection from using unsafe materials.

Baking bread and pastries

Thank you family, Zidisha is a God sent, ever since I joined this family in 2015 I have seen incremental records of business. I will buy baking flour, nut meg, margarine, baking equipment all of that in bulk quantity. Because business is good I do make sales of 800 Ghana cedis a day and makes a profit of 120 a day. Am even planing to add a mini snacks and pastries to my already moving baking business. I do pay for my children's fees and even cater for my other siblings.

Restocking my coping/printing /opening new mpesa

Gratitude gratitude to my dear have made me shine you have made me outshine others.with the funds you lend me I was able to open another Mpesa line with photocopy and cosmetics by the name (76 Dollar shop) below is the final touch of branding the shop.iam am expecting an increased profits thanks to you.God bless you.

Mobile phones & accessories, and servicing tool for mobile phones

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the zidisha team for this forum that has connected us to so many people across the globe, last but certainly not the least all the lenders on the zidisha forum because of your choice to help the need has really made a change in so many lives directly and indirectly as this has created job opportunities for many as for me the Loan I have acquired in the past have really transformed my business,my life ,my family and the people around me,my kid's now don’t get sent back for not paying shool fees,as my business is growing I have employed one person to help manage the shop this is one of the people indirectly benefiting from the zidisha forum.with the previous Loan I managed to order stock(phone accessories) and good used and new phones this has made my shop popular in that customers now know were to buy good and affordable used and new phones as well as good phone accessories this has also boosted my phone repair business.without the zidisha forum and all the lender's I will not be were I am now so from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you all for been there for as please continue with the same spirit.included are my pictures in the shop and picture's I took as I took a vacation to Victoria falls with my wife.all thanks to you lender's in fact I recommend you you come to zambia and experianc the mighty Victoria falls in Livingstone zambia

Rice and maize flour,soft drinks and bottled water buying

Using the loan I was given I used it to buy 40 litres of cooking oil,2 bales of wheat flour, 2 bales of maize flour,snacks and juices that are liked by the customers around my business.
The purchase has increased what I have in the stock and has made a big difference in the business by insuring that people don't miss what they need.
Atleast my young girls go to school because even their fees is paid in time before they are sent home for money.
I would like to thank my leaders for the good work they are doing of helping the people and may God bless them.
My regards to all.

Agricultural input business

Hello lenders and the entire Zidisha family, I wanna say a very big thank you for your support so far.
Thanks to you, I’ve been able to complete my first year in college and also able to serve farmers in my community with chemicals they need for the farms.
You guys have played and are still playing a big role in transforming my life and that of others into a better one
I say that you very much and God richly bless you all

Selling affordable mobile phones

I bought phones and sold I made some good profits which helped me pay school fees. Was able to buy school uniform for my children. I rely appreciate the help that zidisha has offered me.

Bar sheds renovations

Dear Lenders,I'm so grateful that you have been able to support me with my business and hence this has really assisted me in so many ways to support myself and my grandchildren with their school needs. I'm able to put food on the table because you have been so supportive to me and my family.
May the Good Lord bless you so much.
Kind regards,
Mary Kasunga Sam.

Renovation my playground

This is my picture my playground I'm sorry late to post my picture

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This is my picture my playground I'm sorry late to post my picture

Rice and maize flour

am so grateful for the loan. it has made me to go a step forward.
I purchased ten kilograms of rice. it has made a very big difference in my business because i bought the high quality rice which is used by most people and its price is affordable.
my business earning has now increased by at least 50 percent.
I have used the increased earning to buy paraffin oil because it s demanded every day and we sell in small quality depending on the amount the customers requires.

Selling baby supplies online

And this is one of the typical Tana Toraja cakes, Deppa Tori, which is made from rice flour and brown sugar is incomplete, it seems that if you go to Tana Toraja, you don"t have to eat it as souvenirs :)

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Dan ini adalah salah satu kue khas Tana Toraja yaitu Deppa Tori
yang terbuat dari tepung beras dan gula merah
tidak lengkap rasanya jika ke Tana Toraja tidak membawa deppa tori sebagai oleh-oleh :)