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Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

It is a peaceful rainy afternoon, at Nakuru county in KENYA. am busy taking customers to several destinations around my town with my taxi motorcycle. Am happy to inform you my current lenders that all i s well and it is not only my taxi business which is doing better, but also our small music shop where my wife sits the whole day is doing much better, and that, am now fully in control of all my livelihood bills and operating from a happy position in my family. all is well, i hope you and you families are fine,ones again thank you for choosing me and my family to be your friend by choosing to fund my profile at the time i looked for you help, may almighty GOD bless you and give you a reason to continue being my friends,amen

House roofing (timbers and iron sheets)

Next project

I will use this loan to prepare a plate for printing covers.

Dear Moonknight and Gausdal,
I am very glad to have you as my lenders and I want to wish you well as you go about your daily activities.
So far my business is doing well with an average monthly revenue of ksh 115700. I am confident that with your support this figure will go up because from my end I have the determination that I have to reach my goal of making a giant company that supplies bar soap to the entire country and even East and Central Africa.
I am placing a request for a second loan but I am getting a response that my gross revenue is required, but in my profile I have included all that.
I believe this error can be sorted so that I continue growing my business through your loans.

Best regards

Denis Aloo

Cash for mobile money and credit cards services

I thank all the lenders of zidisha for the usual support they always give to us to grow our businesses and our personalities. I have seen a great improvement in my life and my family through the loans I took from zidisha. The profit is used to pay for my computer science programme fees and part of it is also used to pay for my zidisha loan taken and the remaining is used to reinvest into the business. I thank zidisha for this great achievement.

To buy sewing materials, accessories & equipment

Having received GHS 3,865, I have now purchased additional designer sewing machine, purchase varieties of wax print materials, paid one year rent advance for the shop and also bought sewing accessories, all these are possible, kind courtesy Zidisha lenders.
I am once again grateful and thankful to all lenders and also to Zidisha staffs.

School building project

756ghc can do a lot. Heading straight to purchase the materials today for work to resume. I can't thank you all enough.I will definitely keep you posted.God bless everyone.

Business is improving and speeding with zidisha

I purchased Herbalife body and lotion to serve two customers with GHc18 loan i received from zidisha. I made. GHc12 profit instantly in one day. Throughout the week I made GHc24 profit. In my village called Koraso, in the Bronh Ahafo regoin Ghana, every Friday farmers do not go to farm. According to the tradition, the god that increases harvest visit the farms every Friday. It is believed that if anyone goes to farm on Fridays that person will meet the gods and the gods will punish that person. Fridays is the best days I make more sales because I meet my customers and the prospects in the house since they don't go to farm on Friday.

Shoe shop

I invested my last loan in my Shoe shop, the total loan was used to purchase Children, Ladies and Men shoes, this was very helpful.
i was able to to pay for my children school fees and house keeping with profit i made.
I thank Zidisha and my Lenders.

Purchasing cookware

Order of school and halal reunion events bihalal (Muslim tradition after Idul Fitri holidays)

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Pesanan acara reuni sekolah dan halal bihalal (tradisi umat muslim setelah hari raya idul fitri)

To purchase bales of second-hand clothing for sale

I plan to use the to purchase bales of 2nd hand clothing, cartons of bottle water and bags of sachet water. The Zidisha loan, would help me still be in business, able to take care of my family, pay the school fees as well.
I can't thank you lenders enough for the joy that you bring in my life and in the life of my children. God richly bless you all and reward you abundantly.

Inventory boost

I was very glad to add some stocks as shown in the attached photo and am seeing a great future in this program

Poultry keeping

With your loan,I bought layers mash and and many Chickens have layed eggs. Some chicks have been hatched. All thanks to you zidisha.

Carpet cleaning and marble crystallization services

I do some service work such as carpet cleaning and marble crystallization

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Saya melakukan pekerjaan jasa
diantaranya pencucian karpet dan kristalisasi marmer

Materials for making sofas

I bought 2 by 4 wood, different inches of nails, thinner, vanish and sandpaper. This purchase keep my business moving on successfully. My customers are happy too.
My earn increases by 13%.
My family living conditions are improving.

Farming beans and vegetables

I have been able to harvest my beans thanks to the proceeds I get from my business of mpesa(electronic money transfer),I was able to facilitate harvest and preparation to dry for storage. Thankyou zidisha team for being with me all through my journey to financial freedom. God bless you

Poultry manure to increase the nutritive value

The money I borrowed enabled me to hire two manual labourers who assisted me to cultivate some cassava stem cuttings I bought to meet the rains in this rainy season.I thank Zidisha for all the support.

Upgrade from a saloon to a van for better service delivery

Hi, the small loan was disbursed on time. I didn't manage to get a noah as planned but instead i got a good toyota ipsum, currently at the port it'll be with me sometime tomorrow. Thank you, i'll be able to realize my taxi goals now

Good prices shop

Hello, thanks so much. I received my loan and I have purchased goods for my retail shop worth 220 dollars. I hope for a profit of 20 dollars this time. Am also continuing with farming. Thanks for the great support.

Loan in support of my

My guests house

To purchase poultry feed and drugs for my poultry farm

Having secure loan for three times with Zidisha, I'm able to have a good foundation for my own business and walking from office to office looking for non-existing jobs. I'm able to pay my children's school fees, put food on the family table and also provide for my aged mother. I'm also able to serve the people of my community with their needs.

"Tounsy Beauty Centre" clothes shop

Words are certainly not enough to express my gratitude to you 
You have been my savior in tough times and through 
Just want to say this means a lot in life 
I want to tell you a big heartfelt thank you 
Thank you so much I all I want to say 
For your help..these are the items that I purchase.

Growing photocopy and printing business

Hi Lenders,
Thank you. I received the loan Kshs. 119,435. I went out over the weekend and bought a rice cooker (kshs. 6,000), a pressure cooker (kshs. 4,000) The pressure cooker cooks githeri (a mixture of rice and beans) within 30 minutes as opposed to 1 hour when using an ordinary sufuria/pot. I bought a blow drier so that i can be making my daughter's hair from the house instead of going to the saloon to have it done. The blowdrier cost Kshs. 4,000. I bought toners (kshs. 10,000) in bulk and am sure this will last me a long time depending on the work that i will get. I have saved kshs. 35,000 for school fees for next term. Schools will close on August 1st so we plan to take them for a holiday, we are yet to choose the destination. I shall repair the colour printer and send some money for the cow's feed back in kinangop.
Oh, thank you again and again for the loan, for your kind and generous hearts.

Venture capital

haloo lender I trade mango citrus fruit and avocado every day I can get a good profit because fruit is more expensive and I really need extra funding.

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haloo pemberi pinjaman saya berdagang buah jambu mangga jeruk dan alpukat setiap harinya saya bisa mendapatkan untung lumayan .karena buah2an lagi mahal dan saya sangat membutuhkan dana tambahan .

Yarn for my kente weaving business

I will buy yarns of different colors worth $27 
Proceeds from my kente clothing will go into my upkeep of $5 and $12 savings towards my university education and a profit of $17 after I have repaid my loan facility.Thank you to my lenders for your kindness.

Cereals store

First I would wish to thank zidisha for the help I have received since joining. This has changed my life to a great extent. Now am not only employed but an employer and am still going far. I am hoping I will get people who will trust me strech a helping hand toward funding my new loan. I promise to pay back on time as I have been doing.

Shopping for matoa fruit for resale

Good day lenders thank you for always trust me in the previous loans If I want to apply for a loan for additional capital sales fruit matoa Where I am the fruit season, the demand is also a lot so this loan will I use for fruit shopping matoa for my resale

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Selamat siang para lender terimakasih karena selalu memberi kepercayaan kepada saya pada pinjaman-pinjaman yang sebelumnya
Kalo ini saya ingin mengajukan pinjaman untuk tambahan modal berjualan buah matoa
Ditempat saya sedang musim buah tersebut, peminatnya juga banyak sekali jadi pinjaman kali ini akan saya pergunakan untuk belanja buah matoa untuk saya jual kembali

Supply of basic food items and beauty equipment

I just paid the installment of zidisha installment, how are the funders? Hopefully healthy always. During the school holidays children, I and the family back home to Java west. My parents place. And celebrate Eid fitri there. Below my family photos. And now my time is sorted out and then sell again. Want to taste quickly repay this zidisha installment. But now I am again collecting funds first. In order to pay off the zidisha.

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Saya barusan saja membayar cicilan angsuran zidisha, apa kabar para pemberi dana? Mudah mudahan sehat selalu. Selama libur sekolah anak anak, Saya beserta keluarga pulang kampung ke jawa barat. Ketempat orang tua saya. Dan merayakan idul fitri disana. DI bawah foto keluarga saya.dan sekarang waktu saya tuk beres beres toko lalu berjualan kembali. Ingin rasanya secepatnya melunasi angsuran zidisha ini. Tapi sekarang saya lagi sedang mengumpulkan dana dulu. Agar bisa melunasi zidisha.

Supplies of clothes, children"s pants for sale child clothes

hello I"ve started selling in the market surprised, if I use hijab selling, I am very happy because my merchandise sold a lot because the price is cheap but the quality of goods is pretty good, the benefits that I can still save to increase my merchandise

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halo saya udah mulai berjualan di pasar kaget,kalo jualan saya memakai hijab,saya sangat senang karena dagangan saya banyak terjual karena harganya murah tapi kualitas barang cukup bagus,keuntungan yang saya dapat masih saya simpan untuk menambah barang dagangan saya

Live stock

That's my business feeding dogs cross blinding them and selling

Purchase one HP unit

Work this morning .....

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Pekerjaan pagi ini.....

Cabbage farming

I changed my business from handling plastic bags to Farming

Purchase raw material for brick-making

Greetings Lenders.
I want to give an update about my brick business progress, the process of burning bricks some time ago is not so smooth because the rain fell quite swift when the burning took place so that the fire temperature is not optimal and make some black bricks so it can not be sold to consumers, although later this immature brick can be burned back in the next burning process but this will increase the workload again.

Even so, we keep the spirit because there are no obstacles that can not be overcome as long as we keep trying to the maximum.
Thank you for all your support!

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Greetings Lenders.
I want to give an update about my brick business progress, the process of burning bricks some time ago is not so smooth because the rain fell quite swift when the burning took place so that the fire temperature is not optimal and make some black bricks so it can not be sold to consumers, although later this immature brick can be burned back in the next burning process but this will increase the workload again.

Even so, we keep the spirit because there are no obstacles that can not be overcome as long as we keep trying to the maximum.
Thank you for all your support!

Cabbage farming

During my previous loan, i had planned to purchase some more paper bags but unfortunately as you are aware, the plastic bags were banned in Kenya. This will obvious hinder the business. I thereby opted to change tactic and get to farming where I have been doing some farm produces which include cabbages and tomatoes. The new venture so far is promising but I got some challenges on board which I need your assistance. I want to purchase some quality cabbage seeds by the name 'Gloria F1'

Cosmetics and jewelry purchase.

I will buy cosmetics and jewelries to sell in my shop. Thanks very much for your kindness. I really appreciate it.

Stock my business

i am grateful to zidisha.the$10.2that i had requested from zidisha and after deduction i received $7.85 i purchased drugs for my client.Hopefully if all goes well through the will of God it will rise to a profit of $20.2.I have made trustwith my society around and in all epidermic cases of infections and diseases i always represent my society.During holidays eg.Ramadan,Christmas and any public holidays i always give my client a 5%discount on any drug purchased.

Mobile-phone credit cards and cables for resale

Zidisha has done it again. My loan has been funded and disbursed in less than 24 hours.
I bought mobile phone cables amounting to $10. I have raised my profit by 2% in less than 24 hours since I gave them out to retailers in my community.

Toys for the kids.

I purchased toys which has made differences in my shop and customers to buy more earnings has increased from 2%to5%..My increase earnings have paid school fees for my children' family knows that am hardworking lady.I like singing and preaching the word of GOD.

Educational supply shop

The loan was used to purchased stationaries such note books, casio and scientific calculators,makers which include permanent and temporal,A4 sheets, mathematical sets etc. for my educational supply shop. I am now able to serve my customers better. Though I still have in stock I have an increase earnings of about 20 per cent which I am able to pay my child's school fees through that profit. I visited the labadi beach resort in Accra with friends and in fact it was fun.
Things are really moving on well with the help of zidisha to be specific my lenders. I can't stop thanking you all for the change in my life and my little girl.

Buy telephone chargers

Thanks lenders for the loan you sent me 40 dollars I used the money to buy cell batteries which gave me a profit of 60dollars this has suirted me to pay my tuition fee for my university education

Inventory of merchandise

Alhamdulillah. This week I serve a lot of orders that come into my store .. I am really excited about this all, thanks zidihsa still support my business yaa ... Thank you very much for your investors / donors very well ..

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Minggu ini saya melayani banyak sekali orderan yg masuk ke toko saya..
Saya benar-benar bersemangat atas ini semua, terimakasih zidihsa tetap dukung bisnis saya yaa... Terimakasih banyak juga untuk investor / pemberi dana kalian baik sekali..

Loan to stock more items into my computer-services business

I take this opportunity to thank ZIDISHA fraternity for the role they are playing in my life, my dependants, my clients, community and the growth of my business at large. Currently my business has shown tremendous growth in terms of providing different services and goods i.e. Cyber services, Computer training, Photo shooting/printing, photocopying, soft drinks, stationery, M-Pesa/Airtel Money services among others. The main purpose for requesting this loan is now increase the float on my Mpesa/Airtel Money services since i have money clients who request for higher amount that some times i lack the capacity to serve them.
Kindly i submit my humble application for the said loan to grow my business i look forward for your funding in the shortest time possible as you have always done. God bless ZIDISHA to change peoples lives.

Clinical equipments

I am able to buy the equipment and that has help the clinic with much profit. Things are really working in this clinic.

Support for my education

Am much grateful about the previous really helped me as I said in my previous proposal. Purchased school items to supported my education.My teachers were happy that am part of students on time.and I did well in examination too

Fertilizer for my farm

Thank you my lenders, my farm has been expanded and looking good.

Inks and photocopying papers for my business.

Hi my lenders am glad for your loan it helped me to purchase a laminating machine which will boost my business to make more profit.

Buy a chicken-feed machine to make own animal feed

Just a simple update:

This past couple of weeks I had to skip a payment as I had traveled to a place where I could not access a cell signal. I had an opportunity to also learn how other people are managing their growth, and what issues they face.

I did get some valuable lessons that I hope to implement with time.

I am almost clearing repayment of my current loan, and will sure post another one!

This year I will be finishing my program in University, and shift focus on helping my sons increase their knowledge and passion in agribusiness, or manufacturing.

Perhaps a day is coming, and I sure look forward to it, when we shall achieve what is still a viable niche in the market here, that is produce and raise enough chickens to at least see white meat make it to the diet regularly and at an affordable cost.


20 rolls of materials to make table mats

i confirm receipt of 2,809 KSH. I have bought rolls of materials which i will use to make table mats. i look forward for increased profits and clearing the loan on time. Thank you very much zidisha and lenders i really appreciate your support

Permanent structure for my customers in my washing bay.

Dear lenders, I'm very much grateful for the financial assistance given me. Although the money wasn't enough but I was able to use to improve upon my business. I have been able to buy 10 car dusters, 10 brushes and two medium sized containers of washing powder. These has increased my earnings which has mainly been reinvested into the growing of my business. Pressure on my workers has reduced and I can now provide for my mom.

Purchase one HP unit


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Purchase one HP unit

Thanks God for today

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Thanks God for today