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Event-decorating business

Dear lenders,
I’m so grateful to you. Due to the loan you have given me, I have expanded my business and now, I’m very happy to tell that I have won the biggest contract all my business times.
Thank you Leander’s and Zidisha team…I’m so happy

Increase and upgrade of equipment for my cyber cafe.

Hi guys. I trust you are all well.
I wish to express my utmost and sincere thanks for all you have done for this Zidisha borrower team. May you all be blessed.

I also wish to report positive growth in my business. I am happy to report that I have grown in terms of customer numbers and therefore employed a young lady to assist. In this way, am happy to have grown personally with my family and also grown my community by employing a youth member, helping her improve her life as well.

I wish you all a happy end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.

Forward we move, and my promise to you is diligent use of my loans, now and in future, for prosperity of self, family and community at large!

Herewith is a selfie with my son, saying a big Thank You!

Electrical installation

I really appreciate it and it helps me alot

Buying of fish feed.

Am happy that my fish farming business is going well since I joined Zidisha. I no longer have financial challenges in buying stocks and feeds in my farm.

Enhancing my business

I used the money to buy one tyre to my taxi so that I can work during Christmas period

Stock unavailable inventories

I will use this loan to complete my E-commerce store where I intend to display my available products for sales to enable me reach out to more customers and buyers at ease. The aim of this Business is to reach out to International Buyers.

Thanks to my lenders! May God reward you abundantly.

Transport of produce.

I used my loan as fare to transport my pfoducs to the local market.

Purchase land & help improve food security

My bananas during rain season with plenty of water. They are almost getting ripe.Still cant imagine all this and more is seated on a land purchased using your funds. The fruits are tasty. I will soon be a exporter of mangoes and oranges. Appr. two years to come.

To purchase call cards and mobile money for sale

Like I said before, Zidisha loan is saviour to me and my family. Having completed university without getting a employment with any company, affter completing national service , it's through Zidisha loan I'm able to start my own business of selling call cards, doing mobile money, transfer of credit. I'm able to support my husband pay for the bills, pay the children school fees and put food on the family table.
Always grateful and thankful to Team Zidisha and to all lenders for your show of love and care. God richly bless you all

To buy farm equipments

thanks to all my lenders.with their help.i have moved my business forward.

Motorbike to ferry eggs/cereals from farm to my store.

Hello lenders,I wish you a Mary Christmas and a happy 2019.

Business expansion

Hi Zidisha team.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas, happy festive season and a prosperous new year! Thank you once again for supporting our entrepreneurship initiatives.


Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Happy Christmas and happy holiday for the Lenders who celebrate. May love and peace envelop us all.

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Selamat hari Natal dan selamat berlibur untuk Lenders yang merayakannya. Semoga cinta kasih dan perdamaian menyelimuti kita semua.

Renovation my playground

Merry Christmas and happy new year

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Merry Christmas and happy new year

To boost my business

I purchased more stock of maize flour, baking flour, sugar and beverage.
The purchase has only made a slight change.
The purchase hasn't been of great improvement as I had mentioned due to the status of the countries economy by then.
I thank God for achievement of our child who has been in school for the last four years and sat for KCSE exam this year.
We are nighbouring a mall where I take my children at times for several activities during the vacation. thanks
I wish to thank you for being business financial solution.

Distributing plastic furniture

With this money i will buy more plastic chairs. This is the season to make good profit.
Thank you all for your support.
My children and i are really really grateful.
God will continue to bless u and your family
Thank you

Help to fund my education

Thank to highly esteemed zidisha lenders for accepting to fund my education. For now I see a bright future life. I expect job promotion after completing my education hence boosting my economic wellbeing. longing see goyimei.infoanisation to start giving grants to youth from less developed countries; kenya included. let me take this opportunity to wish you merry Christmas and happy New year zidisha team. cheers!

Buy an in-calf cow

Thank you lenders for the credit. I was able to acquire more land that I put under horticulture cultivation and my income has improved to the increased productivity.I also take this opportunity to wish you the best in what you do and happy holidays.

Layers chicken breeding

I added some funds and purchased antihelminiths drugs. now am moving house to house deworming kids and adults. majority of locals suffer diseases associated with worms like amoebiosis and fungal infections like ringworms (tinia cirnicata, tinea capitis and tinea pedis)
Next loan I will buy more stock and with time I open a dispensing chemist, then a hospital with community outreach program
profit margin currently is small but with more funds will increase the stock and reach more people.

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

Hi lenders, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you. I'm happy with your hand of help you gave me in the last loan. Surely you helped to uplift my business. I bought a pulley machine and a vibrator for additional machines in my construction business. This addition has been of much help to me and family at Large. The increase amount of profit is utilized in other businesses like farming and cattle rearing. Thank you lenders.

Onions and water melon selling business

The current loans helped a lot as I used to pay for freight charges for my onions purchased from the farms to the retail market.
This coming season I will be upgrading and start buying water melons for resale, and this will upscale my business.

For beads making for selling

Zidisha is the best loan which transform life from nothing to something and with Zidisha i can achieve my goals

Increase distribution

I want to thank my lenders for funding my previous loan. Thank loan enabled me venture into bread Distribution business. I was able to purchase 20 crates of bread at a cost of $4.5per crate. This helped my profit increase by a margin of $14.This has significantly improved my business and I owe it all to God through zidisha lenders. May God richly bless all zidisha lenders.


I'm sincerely grateful to lenders of this platform. You are doing a wonderful job.
My last loan really helped me to get almost all the chemicals/material needed for my production.
Thanks so much and I'm hoping you continue your kind gesture towards us

2019 expansion continua

I am really happy for the loan provided which I used in adding support business. I look forward to being considered for a larger loan to help me scale-up to a larger scale.
The target is to be able to me about 85% of market demand, with these i need to double my sales by buying more inventory and sales more, get a shop as 2019 fast approaching
Once again thankyou for your kindness.
Continue to be happy as you make us happy.

Mobile phone payment service center

I would like to buy printing papers like 50 pieces. This will be enough for back to school sales. With God th profit i will be getting will help me pay school fees for my son who is joining a new school in class six.The rest of the remaining i would like to spend in christmas with my mother, kids and their father. Thanks a million the zidisha family. Attached is a photo of one of the printing papers that am going to buy.

Sustainable dairy farming

Dickson and family


I have collected loan from zidisha thrice.Zidisha is very real.If you want to improve your business,then i may advise you to come and apply for zidisha.You start from small amount to a bigger amount.I used the loan collected from zidisha to improve my solar products and inverter business here in Bauchi state of Nigeria.


I wanted take this opportunity to thank all my lenders here at Zidisha, You have enabled me make a step.

To give quality service and improve rate of browsing

To my esteemed lenders I thank you for lending me money .I used the money to buy duplicating/photocopying papers (3 packets @ at 300) which I used I one week and mad a great profit of 500 per each.I further used my money to buy internet bundles at ksh 1000 per week which I earned 1500 in total.The sales reduced last week because Egerton university closed for Christmas.

Farm mechanization

Hi dear Zidisha lenders. The last loan you gave me went on purchase of chicken nipple drinkers and a pipe. This is to help me install a water system where the chicken use bipples instead of waterers . The waterers eat on our time because we have to keep refilling the m every now and then and this is cumbersome. The chicken sometimes tip them over when there is little waer remaining and this wets the chicken coop causing moulds to build up if not cleaned immediately.It actually is hectic and cumbersome and needs alot of manpower. Spread of diseases isalso very fast. The water system I eant to install will help curb on diseases and extra manpower that eats into profits. All I need to complete the system is a small water tank and voila, my technician can install it.The last loan was not enough to buy all the gadgets needed. But so far I can smile because I have the nipples and pipe

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Dear Lenders,
I take this opportunity to thank all Lenders for my past loans and even as I post this new loan request, I want to let you know that I have seen better sales because of additions of accessories amongst my stock which was not possible a few months ago. I have come to really appreciate having ‘on shelf’ availability of different items because this opportunity has offered increased sales as well as customer satisfaction.

It is my hope that you will again come to my aid as I endeavour to keep building stock and also add variety of items in my business line of Communications.
Again, Many thanks for all past assistance.

My loan

Thanks to my lenders for their great work.Still in the high purchase of roofing sheets.thos loan has really boost my sales .Most of my client are happy since they don't move far in search of hard ware items.Christmas is at hand as most people want to surprised their families by moving into their new home.This Christmas is one of the most happiest one my kids will enjoy.Merry Xmas to my lenders and those who are ready to help in my next loan.

To buy tea leaf leaves to retail supply

Best wishes Zidisha for christmas and a happy new year . I also wish the borrowers a happy christmas as they share good moments with their families and everything to be blessed with prayers . To the lenders i know the much charitable work you have done to this organisation to stand strong like this may i wish you a happy moments,blessings and cheers for your christmas and prosperus new year,
Best regards

To buy an Artisan A3 wi-fi printer for large printouts

Hello Zidisha it now a christmas eve and we have now at vacation with our families we wish all the lenders and Entire team of zidisha a happy christmas and a happy new year.
I know zidisha the much you have done to me and giving me such enough time to pay my loan and comfortably i always wish you lenders and the Zidisha team all the best

Buy more catering utensils to serve events breakfast $ lunch

I thank Zidisha for this supportive loan funds. I bought the chicken rotasier and much improvement have made steps forward achievement for its efficiency and fore front taste when i bench mark with other competators in catering services. Much advertisement have been made through referals from friends after visiting my premises. I would also request once again the zidisha lenders to led me again and Zidisha organisation to led more to community since much improvement can be made through this supportive organisation . My next proposal is buy more outside catering utensils due to hold events that holds much a audience. This would save time when serving them food at the right time and consume food at the same time to save on time.
Best regards always.

Business expansion loan

Hello, my dear lenders,
I sincerely lack the words to thank. I would sincerely like to express my gratitude for the invaluable assistance that you accorded me when you supported my cause. I had tried many other online lending platforms in vain. For this reason, feel highly appreciated. For the two times you've lent me, I have been able to expand my business inventory. With this, my profit margin has gradually increased. I believe with more lending, my inventory will realize the break-even level to meet rudimentary operational costs. I will upload photos of inventories next time I report back.
Thanks and thanks once more. God bless

Buy high speed internet connectivity for my cyber cafe

hi, lenders;
I would like to say am very much thankful for the last that you lent me. it has really helped me grow my business.
I have been able to increase my daily profits, something I couldn't without your loan.
have been able to open another branch of my business, am really thankful

with my loan, I purchased a modern printer for my business where I was able to offer modern services to my clients. my earnings have since then increased by 50% and still hoping to increase more if you lend me again. I used my earnings to reinvest in the same business and also to open another branch.

Anto enterprises

I am really happy for the loan provided which I used in buying feeds for my chicken. I look forward to being considered for a larger loan to help me scale-up my vegetables and seedlings farming (digging a well and installing a pump and buying a storage tank.).Once again thankyou for your kindness.
Happy holidays!

Satellite shop upgrade

Used the previous loan to pay for transportation fee to another local government area of Benue state to install some satellite dishes pictures below

Restaurant expansion

With the money I received from zidisha I bought utensils, pots, more furniture and now my business is bigger than before.

Retail store stock purchase

The last loan I received helped me to paint my two newly built stalls ready to stock one and rent the other. Without it I could not have managed because of financial constraints


I received the loan of 5,469.
i manged to make the use of the loan to buy my livestock feeds
Thank for the loan, and to be honest with you the (Credit Risk Payment) is too much which made the loan so ridiculous.

Growing photocopy business

Thank you lenders. I will stock up on photocopying papers and toners cheaply at wholesale price.
January, I will pay school fees for my 2 kids-- that's ksh.31000. I will buy text books and stationery required for the new school year. Once again, I thank you lenders once again for making all this possible. Ho ho..Merry Xmas, Happy holidays.. I match on with renewed hope into the new year

Procurement of seedlings & fertilizer

My past loan was immensely beneficial as it helped me by ICT accessories and consumables for sale. The sale of the same went into making sure we were timely in harvesting our maize. We are now preparing to plant before January 2019, so that the short rains due then can find seedlings planted for germination.

Farming and adding more stock to my packing business

To all my lenders this is wonderful, I thank you all for your contributions. It is God given. I look forward to making the best of the funds. As things stands now I am in the process of getting my farm tools ready and in high gear preparing for January for land preparation. Besides I am having to deal with school fee matters for my kids. All this will be put in place in regards to the progress of my business. Thanks again and may you all be blessed.

Loan to purchase laboratory equipment

The last loan was used to make initial payment for Hb-Electrophoresis machine, which the supplier has agreed to accept payment in installments. I have started using it and the revenue it is generating is encouraging. I have already had over 10 requests.

Solar lanterns for harvest time

Greetings to All my lenders.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Its been long since i posted and updated you on whats happening at kukula Solar.

This year i i had an opportunity to meet with 44th President of the USA Barack Obama in South Africa as one of the Obama Africa Leaders. It was one the most amazing time of my life and the 5 day event seemed like it was 1 day!lol

This meeting was made possible because when i came here to request my first loan to distribute solar lantern to the most remote communities of my country Zambia, you all came on board and supported me with the loan. Today we have seen the power that a simple solar lantern has. We have seen people who depended on kerosene for lighting switching to solar lantern and saving more money. We have seen children performance increase in rural villages. We have seen five young people earning income through distribution of these solar lantern under Kukula Solar.

Kukula Solar was founded by Zidisha loan. Today we have organisation believing in what we first believed in when we posted the first loan request here on Zidisha. The winners in this all venture all YOU my lenders. You decided to lend me so that over 2,000 women, girls and children can have access to solar lanterns.

As i write this note, i want to say THANK YOU to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

I also want to reaffirm my lenders that i have been repaying my loans all on time. I have engaged Zidisha on why my repayment has been reduced from 100% to 98% when all my repayment are on time. I did make a repayment for 1st and 8th December. Its been three weeks since i made the repayment but till now it has not reflected. I have opened a ticket with Zidisha and no response has been made.

I believe it will be resolved and i look forward to coming to you my lenders as we continue with our goal of distributing 100,000 solar lamps to impact 1 Million lives in rural Zambia.

I Thank you all and Happy Holidays.

Francis Mbewe

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

Thank you so much Lisa for that encouragement. It is refreshing to know that someone likes what you are doing, and that is exactly what you have done to me. Sincerely I love it.
Kind regards

Maxxy Salon

Thanks to Zidisha and my sincere lenders for the patience.
I don't know what to say but I'm sincerely pleading with my lenders to give me a little time to pay off my debt.
Business hasn't been fair with me recently but I'm going to work out to settle my debt.