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Thank ypu zidisha for the loan

Buy exercise books for the orphans school

These are the orphans at Lukkomano Community School who needs uniforms and desks.

Buying a new tent for my tuk tuk

Am grateful to you ZIDISHA lenders my life is absolutely changing positively due to your help. The loan has enabled me to make customers who feel my services have been excellent to them because ZIDISHA have been generous to me I repaired my tuk tuk so I have been able to serve my customers well

Abdul multimedia

I actually received my loan of ghc86.00 which was approved and disbursed to me.
I have added some money to it to enable me buy one box of A4 sheets to do my photocopy business.
Zidisha is really helpful and I want to use this opportunity to thank all staff, management and lenders for this support.

Sales display

increased my onion plantation,for more harvest in onions is of high demands in Kenya

Venture capital

I will use the loan funds to purchase supplies or stock items in my grocery store, with this additional capital will certainly increase my family"s income, an increase of 10% in capital, from this profit 50% I use again for 50% more capital for the cost of education for my child, with this effort is very helpful for life and education, news from my family and my child is in good condition, celebrations in my neighborhood weddings and people"s entertainment, good luck always amen

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Dana pinjaman akan saya pakai untuk pembelian persedian atau stok barang di warung kelontong saya, dengan penambahan modal ini akan tentu akan menambah pemasukan keluarga saya, peningkatan di angka 10% modal, dari hasil keuntungan ini 50% saya pakai lagi buat modal 50% lagi buat biaya pendidikan anak saya, dengan usaha ini sangat membantu kehidupan dan pendidikan, kabar dari keluarga dan ana anak saya ada dalam keadaan baik baik saja, perayaan dilingkungan saya pesta pernikahan dan hiburan rakyat, semoga sukses selalu amin

Skynet enterprise gh.

I received an a loan of GHS 10. Which helped me bought screw driver for my shop. Thanks so much to my lenders

Loan to expand my business to next level

Thanks to all Leander's who has support me in my business. The previous loan has make a tremendous change in business as well as my profit.

Money to add a variety of new stationery

My past loan was paid off on time and I was very grateful because with that loan I could buy new shoes for my child who had just entered kindergarten

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Pinjaman saya yang lalu telah lunas tepat waktu dan saya sangat berterimakasih karena dengan pinjaman itu saya bisa membeli sepatu baru untuk anak saya yang baru masuk taman kanak kanak


hallo,am doing well thank to you

Power connection to my residential house

Hallo lenders it's time for land preparation for planting season coming a farm also.

Cloth sales

Hello, I'm grateful for the loan of Ksh 12. I used the cash to buy some data bundles for my online marketing. So far the response is good. I run a small training center for flower arrangement and decor. I'm hoping to get more students from the marketing I'm doing using bundles bought by the Zidisha loan.

Loan for materials for artwork

The loan will be use to buy materials for a painting work to be done.

Loan to expand my business

I'm highly grateful to my lenders for the help they provided earlier. The loan was really a blessing to me May the Almighty God richly bless them. The loan was use to purchase dried freeze Thermophilic Yoghurt Culture

I am doing a contract farming of french beans garlic

Hello, am very proud to be associated with you. Am 31 years old and doing farming. I look forward to farther interactions

Loan to buy powerful video light for my videography work.

Hey guys ,it's been a wonderful day and weekend and am loving it . I was able to get a video gig so I have enough to pay my loan and some house upkeep so am paying earlier guys . Thanks for the loans and I always appreciate them .


With the previous loan funds,i was able to begin my business by adding more food and chicks. the purchase made a difference since i was able to gain a big volume of produce. The sales has enabled me expand my business and with that am able to meet my family and personal needs .
With the new finances i would like to be able to add more stock which will enable me grow well and be well established.

Cyber cafe

Hello zidisha team, thanks for the previous loan it has really helped me to top up purchase a photocopy papers in a whole sale shop, after selling it i realize more profit through it, not only have sale but also consume at my cyber business, now have repaid my loan, i am now applying for another one to top up purchase a binding machine, thank you so much zidisha team.

Loan for homemade solar water-heaters

Thank you so much my lenders. I was able to build two more solar water heater which have an order already. Thank you so much for your help.

Joyce boutique

hello. thank you so much .i received the loan. I purchased more shoes for my beauty shop. am starting to see them will update you later on outcome

Purchase land & help improve food security

Hi my lenders and friends. This is the current state of my businesses. This is a high level summary. I sold my cow at $240 & bought a small one at $70. However the owner requested I still keep it for him. Part of my profit from this sale was used to finish my small two houses. I know live here and no more renting houses at my rural area! Thanks to Zidisha for buying me this land. Part of the other interest I bought construction materials for building chicken house. I will quote this in Kes faster. 4 iron sheets at Kes 2,400, 38ft wood 1*6 at Kes 2,000, chicken wiremesh a roll at Kes 1800, Wire mesh at Kes 500, handsaw at Kes 350, Nails Kes 200, hasp at Kes 100. I did all the labour in two days despite of the hot sun. I added forest wood since soft wood bought could not complete the chicken house. The house is really beautiful. I have around 10 big chicken and some other small. Earlier my chicken were being eaten by wild animals from the earlier house. I intend to zero graze now. This is also to prevent farm produce damage by the chicks. My peanut business is also doing well actually for the last two days I have been able to make a daily profit of Kes 2000. I do this on part time basis hence the income is not stable but I can make a profit of Kes 10,000 if I am free for five days in a month.My water pumping solar system had broken down due to prolonged rainy season but am in a process of receiving a new one.

A loan to start rental business


A loan to start rental business

I have a projection of making this palm oil extracting business become very big. I am currently suffering financial difficulties because of the death of my mother. I need better and morden machines to aid in this business as about 80% of the oil extracting process is done manually.

Homemade building bricks

Hello my worthy lenders.
Thank you for accepting and funding my loan request.
I promise to work hard and achieve the loan proposal's goal as well repay my loan promptly. Thank you.

Loan to expand my beauty business

Hello dear lenders, I want to sincerely thank all of you for all your wonderful support that you have continually accorded. The last loan has helped me to expand my business and accommodate more clients. I am Able now to pay for my children school fees and pay for my residencial rent. My business has also grown by 40%. All this has been possible because of your unfailing support.God bless you all.

Building equipment

Thanks so much. I was able to buy another steel bending tool whi h is a nepar for my workers to work effectively. That resulted in a speedy output of work on site.

Purchase coca-cola products and both packed water.

The money helped me increase the number of Jerri cans of water I purchased and hence increased my profit by 70%. My children get their lunches everyday of school from the proceeds of this water and soft drinks. And since I have one adopted orphaned child the loan has boosted me a lot even in improving their health. Last week the orphaned child happened to be sick I was able to take him to the hospital and was tested and I also bought medications for him. Thanks to my lenders, I appreciate your support and please continue with this great work.

Materials to complete a building project

Hello Lenders, thanks to the loan I have a stable popcorn business now. We manufacture, sell and even transport the machines within the regions of Ghana. At least everyday we sell one popcorn machine. My most recent achievement has been my successful completion of a four year course in Civil Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The loans given me helped me sponsor my education till completion. I have started working along side running the popcorn machine business and i believe there is more i can do with Zidisha loans. Thank you so much lenders, you have been a life line.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

Today October 5, 2018 another loan repayment safely and successfully made. Once again I am happy and there is gladness in my heart, as I continue faithfully repaying my loan. I say BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful lenders and the dedicated backroom Zidisha staffs. I always appreciate every bit of your effort and sacrifice towards the have not. I know my "thank you" may not be enough to compensate you for your kindness, but I am sure God Almighty in the heaven above would reward you abundantly for all the good work you are doing to humanity, especially to the have not.
God richly bless you all.

Refrigerator to sell ice blocks, cold water, etc.

I thank lenders so much. Zidisha loan has help me take my daughter, Heaven to school.
Thanks you zidisha and my lenders.

Purchasing equipment & stocking inventory

Thanks Urszula, Guenter, Markus, K, and Glenn Butler. I would like to appreciate you all for making this loan facility come through. The help I've received in the past from this micro-lending platform has enabled me to undertake a few steps that would have taken a little bit longer than I have done. I really appreciate your help and I strongly believe that it will help me grow and provide better for my family while also helping a few other people to earn some income. Thanks again and be blessed.

Stock goods for enye crackers

I bought a snack shelter

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Saya buat beli rak snack

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

Dear Liz and Don,
I hope you are fine. I am equally fine.
Today I have just finished making 495 bar soaps of 1kg each. I will stamp them after two days then I take them to the market.
Once again I want to thank you so much for believing in my project. Through your support I know that I will go very far.
I have included a photo of the soaps.
Kind regards,

To purchase call cards and mobile money for sale

Hello , how are you and your family doing. I believe you are doing great.
I want to express my profound gratitude to all my lenders, whom I cannot mention one by one , director Julia and entire Zidisha for your love and support. May the Good LORD bless you in all your endeavor.
I repay my loan from the profit I make, support my husband for the upkeep of the family. I extend my support to a man, who was amputated in both legs because of an accident he was involved in.
The number of people doing retail of Sim cards and Scratch cards, have increase. My profit margin has reduced, and this has affected my repayment.
Thank you so much for being there for us and by putting a smile on our faces, all we can say is God bless you !!

Forage harvester for cheaper farm feed production costs


Thanks again for the continued financial support. The year has been very challenging following a prolonged dry season last year and early in the year. Feeds for out cows have poses a challenge as we didn't meet our projected fodder output from the farms.

We are however out of the woods now and the cows health has improved. Our cows have starting to produce more and cycle well. The forage machine is now in my possession and it will make fodder harvest very efficient by next season.
Thank you.

Beauty products

Hey lender I purchase gel polish and some other product like human hair and it's doing good, athou in the process I came across to a good deal of a strategic location of business althou I could not having enough money to pay goodwill,rent and rebuild the place and still buying barbersit so I hustled and I managed to own the place I'm glad to be a member of zidisha and i realy thanks the entire family of zidisha, my dear borrowers let us keep our promise and work closer with zidisha and we'll fo far, thanks

Retail shop and grocery

I bought goods for my business. it has increased my 50 anding the stock. the business has taken my business and also increase the leaving of my family. my neighbor uses to take their family out and also .me. I. use to take my family out for. enjoying like kilifi beach resort.

Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha family thanks for the loan you have me of have made a different to my agribusiness and know I can transport my commodity easily and cheap. Also taking my children to school with the motobike

Supplies of printed cloth and batik medicine

I thank the lenders because thanks to your capital loan my business is well developed. So it is very helpful in advancing my batik business and changing the life of me and my family. My children can also go to school with good performance and the lives of my children. also experienced a change because of the effects of my business progress. I hope my business can grow even bigger and I really need help from the owners of capital to realize my dream

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Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada para pemberi pinjaman karena berkat pinjaman modal dari anda usaha saya berkembang dengan baik.sehingga sangat membantu dalam kemajuan usaha batik cap saya dan merubah kehidupan saya sekeluarga.anak anak saya juga bisa sekolah dengan prestasi yg baik dan kehidupan anak anak saya juga mengalami perubahan karena efek dari kemajuan usaha saya.semoga usaha saya bisa berkembang semakin besar dan saya sangat membutuhkan bantuan dari para pemilik modal untuk mewujudkan impian saya

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

Dear Liz and Don,
I want to confirm to you that I received the funds you gave me in the form of a loan and I have used it to buy used cooking oil.
Today I began the process of making soap by measuring the oil to be mixed with caustic tomorrow.
I have included a photo of that process.

Pesticides and weedicides

Dear Lenders, the loan you gave me the last time really helped me. I was able to purchase fertilizers and pesticide for my farm. This helped me to increase production and reduce loses. I am happy now because I have got profit and this has enabled me to take care of my parents and also paid the school fees of my nephew who has just got admission to the nurses training college. I am happy we are going to have a nurse in our family. I have also started another farm with the rest of the money and I hope to employ some people from my community. I would not have done all these without you Zidisha.


II appreciated my loan as it was fast and timely.

Purchasing equipment & stocking inventory

I would like to thank all my lenders from all corners of the world for their generous efforts of making these affordable loan facilities accessible. Past loan facilities have helped me in paying my little office's internet and power bills. The last loan facility helped to buy a Faiba Mifi gadget that will enable me to connect seamlessly to internet alongside other freelancers to whom I outsource some of my tasks, and who work within the same office. Thanks again, and it's my hope that this fruitful relation will continue for the long-term.

Milk & milk products business

My past loan enable me to hire a better cooling machine which enable me store my milk fo 3 to 4 days without being spoilt as a result my earnings increased and my daily expenses were minimised.Effectively my income increases and was able to take my siblings to a better institution since my earnings increased from 35% to approximately 65%.At the moment I have encouraged alot my relatives,neighbours and friends to log in to to better their living through zidisha afordable online loans.During our neighbourhood merry go round which we usually used in assisiting the disadvadanged in society the widows,widowers and orphans.

Extending my brick structure to accomodate more bricks

In every business venture, there comes struggles and extreme challenges. My first project (brick making)was a big disappointment and i lost the entire loan i had invested. I didn't change the project, instead i noted down all the inconsistencies that occurred leading me to plunge into losses. I struggled through repaying this loan via side hustles. This almost demotivated me. My status was always late repayment(this was bad).Well, i repaid the entire loan and i never thought my lenders will give me a second chance. Funny enough, i applied for another loan and i was funded with the rating of 33%. I learnt that our lenders at Zidisha are human and they understand the different challenges a business can bring about. They gave me a loan and that was the break through.Since then, i have had a smooth running with my business taking the best track ever. What i can advice my fellow borrowers is to believe in the process and trust the system for effective outcome. Being genuine is also another factor that make the lenders willing to give you a second chance. Finally, i have trusted the Zidisha system and will always be ready to refer anybody to borrow

Building equipment

Thanks for your support, i was able to buy another cutting tool for my steel bending works. I really appreciate that. I have refunded my loan because I have really made profit with it due to the time limit I used the tool. Thanks once again

Charsey phones .

Business is going on well with me and I have gotten a lot of customers who comes to my shop to buy their needs .things are well with me

Purchase of inventory materials

The last loan helped me a lot as we purchased the fishing flies material and our production increased by over 35%. Much thanks to the lenders who offered me.

Education is power

Last loan helps me to pay tuition fee for my daughter thus she has not been sent out of school and it has enabled her to continue with her studies well I really appreciate.

Expand land

Thank you so much to all my lenders and zidisha team for funding my project may the good lord bless you all