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Buy music books for training.

I wish to thank my lenders for expediting the process of awarding me with a loan right on time. The previous loan was for me to purchase some uniforms for my team. Zidisha did a fine job by expediting the process and in no time we were able to have uniforms for our team.

Thank you so very much for ensuring that our image is good.
This time with the loan of 9,300 I can be able to add more cables for our equipment. We have already collected 10,000/- Ksh. Now we need about 9250 to be able to add cables for our music equipment namely, keyboard, bass, lead and mic cables. Thank you Zidisha team.

Solar units for homes

Hi Tom,

Business was a bit slow, but is picking up now and will resume my repayments and clear the loan quicker soon.

Thank you for checking up on me.

Tom, i was wondering, is there a way of making biodegradable shopping paper bags safely and in bulk? I have been doing some research on the some, but can't seem to come across reliable source of information on procedure.

Loan to purchase laboratory equipment

This loan will be used to make initial initial payment for the water bath which the supplier has agreed to accept payment in installments. This equipment will help in doing tests such as clotting profile, G6PD amongst other.
I am really grateful to all lenders for the support. Than you all.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Congratulations and please keep us posted as to how you are doing ...

Funds to build a shop shelter

Welcome back! I am thrilled that you didn't give up on your business or this site.

Business mentorship program

Your project is inspiring. I am happy to lend again.

Expanding my farming business

thank u very much my good lenders since i started with my small farming in which i have planted cassava. i have cultivated some of it and put on the market for sale and at the end of the day i had profits from it and im able to pay my loan on time. i thank u people very much and wishing to get a bigger loan for more business

To purchase bags and materials for sale

Thanks very much Margaret .God bless you for the complement.


To purchase bags and materials for sale

Good luck Jennifer with your new loan, your handbags are really nice!

To finance my university education

I successfully made another repayment today February 8, 2019 and wish to express my profound gratitude to all lenders and Zidisha Team for your continuous support. Everything that you do makes a difference in somebody’s life. Thank you so much for that and God richly bless you all.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Hi Isaac.
The work you are doing is worth of admiration.
As someone who hopes to some day also obtain a doctorate, please allow me the privilege of helping you achieve yours too.
Best of luck!

Loan to invest in my transport business

I am grateful to lenders. I will keep on paying

Business permit / asset purchase

Dear Lenders,

I have managed to put the loan to the right course. I renewed my permit at Kshs15,000.00 and paid for part payment of the plot Kshs50,000.00. I topped up from the balance of my previous loan which i saved as the total i received from you is Kshs46,561.00. Attached herewith find the receipts

Business permit / asset purchase

Dear Lenders,
I thank God for all of you. I have received my loan today and i am very grateful as i had indicated; the money will go towards part payment of the plot and renewal of my business permit. I'll send the receipts after completion of the same as the Nairobi County system is down.

Expansion of irrigation systems

Added some amount to purchase a sprinkler to irrigate bulb onion in my farm as the sun has become hot. My plan is to install a solar water pump and construct an overhead water tower to have sustainable irrigation system for sustainable crop production hence expand my agribusiness

Vegeteble farm

Thanks to my lenders for the previous loan. I managed to buy some kales and spinach seeds. Germination was good and the nursery is now ready for transplanting. I have also prepared the seed bed where the vegetables will be planted, please see attached photos. Thank you.

Customs duty cost of my imported goods.

The picture below shows my new business center and my happy self.
Thanks to everyone for spending their precious time to read.

Customs duty cost of my imported goods.

First of all, let me extend my sincere gratitude to all lenders and Zidisha team. You guys are amazing. Without you, I would have been helpless and hopeless, thanks so much for all your efforts to support we the young entrepreneurs and visionary individuals.

As I stick to my initial project or business, which is ;selling of mobile phones, laptops and repairs, I have also ventured into an importation business which I'm doing pretty much well in it.
My last ended loan helped to clear my imported goods at the port. After taking the goods from the port, I used it to fill my inventory. I also have five(5) sales personnel helping for quick sales.
Now I have another goods on the way coming, probably by the end of the month, which I will need this current loan that I'm applying to pay customs duty in order to pick the goods.
The picture below shows my new business center and my happy self.
Thanks to everyone for spending their precious time to read.

School fees

I'm glad to let you know that I've received the loan. I'll be using it to buy some course materials and with that, I know my academic performance will continue to increase.
Thank you lenders for your wonderful contribution.
I promise to pay on time.
Thank you, and God bless you.

Buying spareparts

Thank you sir for your comment .It makes me feel very happy when I hear this from you Thanks.

Installing solar panel

I am really so grateful to the Zidisha community. Since I started this journey of online freelancer writing, all credit goes to you. You made it possible to get my first laptop, to upgrade later and currently, the solar panel ensures my work is not interrupted by power outages.

My sole source of income is now online freelancing.

Got big expansion plans for this project in the days ahead.

Kudos Awesome Team

To buy phone for resale

Good afternoon lenders. Just want to say another big thank you for your help. I am proud to tell you that I have a website now and it tells my clients what am into. you can check it there. This was possible because of the help I got from God bless you all.

Inventory for satellites decoders and accessories.

Waaaaow! Zidisha is superb and 100% faster than before.I just received my loan disbursement in an amount of Ghc1839.00 instantly after I have accepted my loan.Good job Zidisha for this initiative.
I will use it to buy satellite decoders & dishes , digital television sets, satellite finders, LNBF, diseq switches, coaxial cables, TV wall bracketso, decoder/DVD mounts , F connecters, TV and decoder remote controls and all related satellite related accessories.
Once again thank you very much my generous Lenders and thank you Zidisha for given me this opportunity to run my business. I promise to pay back timely to maintain our trust.

Inventory for satellites decoders and accessories.

Today is another blessed day in my life.Many thanks goes to the Almighty God and my generous Lenders for fully funding my loan.
Once this loan is disbursed to me I will use it for its purpose which includes buying satellite decoders and dishes and all satellite related accessories. I will also TV digital flat screen televisions and wall brackets for resale.
This loan will help me a lot to keep my business running uninterrupted.It will also increase my profit margin and boost customer confidence in my business. Thanks so much Zidisha and thank you my Lenders not forgetting of Mr Tim.Thank you for your well wishes.

To pay my son's school fees

I will successfully pay for my son's expenses in his school, pay for his transportation to and from school and also buy books for him. The help from Zidisha is timely and helping me give my son a better education. I am grateful and thankful to all Zidisha lenders and also Zidisha staffs. God richly bless you.


Buying spareparts

James Barasa,

Best wishes for much success in your bicycle repair business. Thanks for your work to keep those wheels turning!

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Purity, glad to contribute to your loan again. All the best.

Bottled water business

The loan has really made a positive impact on my new business of Verna bottled water sales. My clients are confident and happy to always get Verna at anytime they walk in unlike before when they sometimes request and we are unable to supply. I can't thank you my Lenders enough. Thanks for keeping our business running.

Online forex trading

Moses, do you use any applications like EA's (Expert Advisors) in Forex Trading? Let me know if you are looking any special EA's. When you are ready I can give you a client link (free) to one of my master account. You can install it to any or all (real and practice) of your trading accounts. Or open a new practice account. Then your trader account follows my master account trades and copy them to your trade account in a real trading. Install it to your Practice account to see how it works. It is your free passive income source.


A loan to revamp my clothing business

Hi Priscilla,
In which market in Accra do you sell your goods? Is it in Makola?
I have been there a few times.
All the best

Equipment for my barbershop

Thanks to the team, I will the following items pomade, raster cool, sporting waves, powder, cover cloths, and many others as stated in my proposal, this I will sell some to get profit and used some to do my work. This will increase my profit by 50% and the income will be used to pay utilities, rent, hospital bills, pay children school fess, entertainment, assist needy, pay my loan
Thanks once again to the team May God bless you

Purchase of knitting cotton wool thread

The previous loan i applied help me tremendiously becaus i made a profit more than even the loan i collected and it help me pay my children school fees and i even bought one goat to start rearing

Avini water project

I used the last loan to buy pipes for repair on my film,as at no have started drilling another borehole

Code academy setup

Hi lender, I received your loan. Am grateful. The loan is watering the ground and making things easier in setting up the proposed code academy. I will always provide details regarding the usage of the funds committed to me. I will always pay up on time. Sometimes I will pay up long before the payment deadline.
Thank you for your assistance. I will not let you down.

Car maintenance

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the loan. It will help me with the maintenance of the car and the repairs and grow my car business.

Starting a garbage collection service

I received the cash with alot of joy and now my business is able to move on.My in account which I received is $728.53, this I will now be able to pay the truck am hiring to collect garbage a $80 per day once a week. I have two men who do help me to collect the bins and pay them $7 both per day. This loan I will be able run business well as i wait for payment from my client which is monthly. I THANK YOU FOR FUNDING ME. MAY GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH MY LENDERS.

Purchasing nails

Thank you Margaret and Zidisha team for your support. I will continue to work with you and also spread the good news of Zidisha

More raw materials for making ointments

Thanks to you all my lenders for the great job doing. Wendy, Brandon,Tam,Jenej and Mark God bless you keep it up the battle is not ended.

Tuition for doctorate degree

Dear Lenders, God richly bless you all for such a wonderful support you gave me. In fact the previous loan has really improved my academic life. I have acquire my masters degree from it. My Business too has really improved.

Bottled water business

Thanks to all my Lenders for your kind gesture.
This can buy 17 packs of Verna natural bottled water. This is 5 packs more than the previous which was 12.
This will help me somehow meet the demands of my clients. As long as I have constant supply of the product.
Thanks to my faithful Lenders..

Restocking my restaurant business

Good luck and many greetings from Germany

Solar light and kit for sale

Good evening the good people in zidisha. Hope you are all doing well. God bless you all and have a good week.

Motorbike to deliver our bakery goods

Thanks joost you real care, so happy for you. I hope others follows such a kindness altitude, be blessed. Am so happy about yesterday, I went to my wife's brother graduation ceremony, whom I sponsored with my little earning, he is now an electrical engineer, am proud of that.

Purchase land & help improve food security

The suckers of the earlier banana that produced and fell down. Its seems its getting plenty of water. Its maturity too fast as opposed to the others. The water from the roofs goes there.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Really motivating. No pesticides used, just some salty water. The rains stopped a while ago last year so I had to instruct my employee to use the solar pump system and water the Pioneer hybrid maize

Purchase land & help improve food security

Another banana is already producing. The other fall down after getting ripe and I sold the bunch of Bananas at my retail shop.

Purchase land & help improve food security

Fruits of being a farmer. The environment is very friendly, calm and soothing

Online freelancing

I want to keep thanking you for the loan, May God bless you abundantly.

Loan to buy more clothes for my clothing business

I thank you and I'm greaful to you for funding me and giving me an opportunity to grow my business.
I will use the loan to increase the stock of my clothing business. This will enable me to meet supplies to demand and improve products quality and service delivery according to customer demands. This will increase sales and therefore the profit. Thank you again and God bless you.


Seedlings and fertilizer for my vegetable farm

All the best from gardener to gardener, Joseph!