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Sewing machine

I received 176 ghs in my account
I will change some old wooden on my shop and replace with new one
Thank you so much for you assistant

To buy additional showcase for my business

Earlier today in my rice and maiz farm with my brother.
Farming now is one of the most lucrative business and I have the believe and trust that one day zidisha would lend me huge amount of money to inject some in to my farming business in addition to my jewellery business.
Thank you lenders for your wonderful support!!!

Powders and foundations for beauty shop

From my previous loan, I purchased a dozen of eye pencils which I included in my inventory. Eye pencils were a market I had not tapped and after my purchase I resold the products which resulted into a slight increase in my returns. My profits have increased by 200 KES. I have added one more dozen of the eye pencils to my stock. I recently opened a business online profile which I have been posting items on for sale. For the past few weeks I have gotten a few orders from new clients. I come from a communal neighborhood where people are happy and ready to offer a helping hand to others.Some of customers from my neighborhood have been a great assistance by recommending the products I sell to their friends which has gained me some new clients.

Loan for home renovation and to expand my business

Dear lenders the loan has has helped me in many ways and the business is doing well am working hard to ensure that weekly installments are paid despite economic challenges here in Zambia at the moment.Without Zidisha i dont know where i should have been interms of business because Zidisha has made me expand and establish my business today.To my lenders i just want to say that am very thankful for supporting my business because my family has benefit a lot as a result of the achievments the business has done since joining Zidisha two years ago.

Transportation of groundnuts

My business doing pretty well,i love to partner with zidisha

Help get a new blowdrier for my salon

Thank you dear lenders for helping me get a new electric kettle for heating water in my salon.Looking forward for more and more support from you.God bless you all

Fan for my salon

I used the loan which i recently got and which was my third loan to employ two more people in my salon. This has really helped me to reduce the work load and the number of daily customers has also increased

Sales of fresh fruits and pudding

Thank you so much my lenders.I received ksh 25747.I have only used ksh 20000 to boost my current stock.Am happy that i hope to enough profits to repay my current loan and cater for other family expenses.Thank you so much and may almighty God bless you big

Loan toward a car for taxi business

I am a a taxi driver for the past 11 years, but it is my greatest wish and determined to have more cars for the taxi business. Since i started to join Zidisha my confidence level has increase . My friends who are also into the same taxi business are also willing to join.

Making soap from recycled cooking oil

Dear Dave,
I want to thank you so much for lending money to my business. I have received the money and I have used it to pay for a printing plate that I had ordered when you accepted to lend me the money.
With that plate, I have managed to print 2000 wrappers for my soap.
This will allow me to sell to supermarkets and other distributors who have always had a condition that I must do proper packaging.
I expect my sales to increase by 300% within the next two months.
I have included a photo of the wrappers.
Kind regards,

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

Greetings and gratitude to all my lenders and also to the hard working Zidisha team who are always working hard in improving things at Zidisha for us borrowers.
With the new payment system that testing is ongoing in Ghana, and I'm privilege to be among those selected for the testing, any loan repayment made, just by click of the button, in few seconds my repayment is credited to my account for a fee free. This is a good news and I'm thankful and grateful to all who play one role or the other for its success.
God richly bless you all.

Knowledge development

I am a psychology student who focuses on my chicken smackdown business, therefore reading and continuing to learn is a task for me I need money to buy some books

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Saya merupakan mahasiswa psikologi yang fokus pada bisnis ayam smackdown saya, oleh karena itu membaca dan terus belajar adalah tugas bagi saya
Saya menbutuhkan uang untuk membeli beberapa buku

Increasing charcoal stock and opening up a new vending store

i am very grateful for the loan i received since i used it to increase my stock. the business has improved significantly as i am now able to supply to a larger market. thank you very much.

Grocery shop

Very happy with my daughter heading to work. Thanks zidisha for loaning me ....that's why I can't stop smiling

Farming beans and vegetables

My beans farm is doing great ,vegetables look fresh it rained and am so thankful and greatful to God.
Ill be taking my first vegetables to the market on sunday market day in our community.

Buying seats & branding materials for my business

Hi Zidisha, my business has really grown since the last loan that you gave me. I was able to grow it by buying equipment like freezer and setting up a small shade for eating. i have seen this business grow hence the need to exapnd it in my neighbouring estate.
I have already started on working on a new food court in my neignbouring estate to build income as i have seen the growth of the present one. i
I am in need of financing the setting up and buying of new equipment. this is a smaller food court that what i have but i believe it will grow with time. This loan will help me purchase the equipment and settin up. Thank you my funders for your continued support.
I have my family well settled, children are in school with no fees arrear as in the past. can also afford a decent meal and have my children enjoy their beautiful life with the support of my business. All this, is thank you to zidisha.

Online business and rs

Thank you, I say to you. This is proof of several orders that are ready to sell.

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Terima kasih saya ucapkan pada anda. Ini bukti dari beberapa pesanan yang sudah siap untuk di jual.

Lease extra land for farming

Hi my lenders I have completed repaying the loan I had applied before.
You are amazing team zidisha .
You have really changed our living conditions.
My children can now go to school uninterrupted due to school fees since my clothing business is growing.
Upon giving me this additional loan I will expand my clothing business thus becoming beneficial also to the society as a whole.
God bless you zidisha.
We feel the impact of zidisha here in Kenya
Its the most convenient,no interest charged.

Shoes purchase

What I love doing best, excuse me for my camera if it doesn't show very clear on your end

Inventory of materials to fulfill orders

Shop for customer order phones.

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Belanja hp pesanan pelanggan..

Fan for my salon

Together with the little savings that i had, i used the loan i recently received to purchase a styling chair. Thank you so much lenders

Blogger, forex trader, online marketer

Thanks so much for lending me money and I also received it on time. Thanks for your help.

Hospital bill

Hallo lenders,I believe you are all well.I would love to inform you that the last loan really made a difference in my life because it was able to take my son for the trip and he was able to have a lot of fun and even made me grow my business.Thanks a lot and God bless all of yo abundantly.

Improvement of my farming tools

I greatly appreciate for the loan you funded into my account and it was disbursed with an immediate effect. The loan has brought a great difference into my life as i run a small farm around my village. I used the loan to purchase a few modern farm machinery and improve my farming in rearing of chicken. Am greatly humbled and i look forward for a great companion. Thanks in advance

To purchase a business motorcycle

I used the loan to purchase office furniture. This has enhanced business work environment which in turn enhanced work efficiency. There has been also increased income due to confidence in clients when they visit office location. There has been 30% increase in income which i have used to employ a new staff to help enhance efficiency further for the increased clients. It is expected that with your continued support i will be able to employ more youths and also help pay school fees for the bright but needy students in my neighborhood.

More chairs for my cafe.

Am currently under my studies. am fairing on well. Thanks for your support

Poultry farming

My last loan has brought more expansion to my adventure. We are now selling even the local bread. All kudos to my lenders on Zidisha. God bless!

School fees

Dear lenders, thank you for your continued support. With the money i was lease a land, buy seedlings and now the kales and fine beans are growing well. Be blessed.

A loan to start rental business

The process of oil extraction

A loan to start rental business

This is the actually oil extracting process after the palm fruits are cooked well and transfered into this locally made machine

Kales and spinach farm

Thank you for your support. I managed to get the machine I wanted.

Loan for importation of second-hand electronics

The loan I took from Zidisha has really change the status of my business in a way I can not believe because the goods I buy now has doubled and am even thinking of expanding my shop if i can get a bigger loan so i can go ahead to employ the services of other workers.

Poultry farming

want to appreciate my lenders Jake Gibson and Beverly for trusting me and lending to me ,thank you very much.The money I received from you I used it to buy airtime which I used it to call my customers and therefore improving my sells,members of my family are really grateful and we are looking forward to working hard to improve our lifes through the money you are land to me by working extra hard by bringing more chicks.may you be blessed abundantly

Adding farm production

Hi,thanks for your loan, I will use the loan to buy seeds and seedlings so that I may meet my customers demand, I will also use it to expand my farm.

Payments of school fees and purchase of working materials.

Thanks so much for the services offered to me. Disbursement of this money will help me to finish paying school fees balance of KES 2500, also buying some building materials such as 5 bags of cement at a cost of KES 3500,two kilograms of roof nails at a cost of KES 400,2 packets of red oxide at a of KES 400, and a quarter packet of water proof cement(penetron) at a cost of KES 250.These purchases will increase profit and eventually increase living standard of family, school fees balances will be paid in time, clothes for the family bought adequately and payment of family and work expenditure catered for. Thank you so much for the financial aid.

Cakes ingredients

Hello lenders, I am so thankful and grateful for my previous loan,it was one of a big support and I used the funds to add some few eggs into my business stock which it has really helped me not to run off with eggs for my baking.
I know soon I will be in position to buy more eggs and other needed products in large number. Bellow are pictures of the few baking I do .

Purchase of chicken feeds

Hallo Zidisha family, I wish to thank you for the support granted.

My chicken are progressing well including the newest flock. However, with the additional flock, it is inevitable that I will have to expand the housing.

I have been expanding a structure that I had since I didn't have capital to construct a new house. This has comfortably accommodated 130 chicken but now I need to have a suitable chicken house as the current one has reached its limit of additions here and there.

I wish to embark on this project at the end of the month after receiving payments and pray that you will support me as well.

Thank you again for lending me funds when I needed for feeding equipment, vaccines and feeds.

God bless you all.

New stock of solar components

Machakos County Solar installations


hi Mike and Jacqui. thanks so much for your financial assistance I have bought some flour and baking to keep my customers happy God bless you


Thanks to ZIDISHA the previous loan has made me to increase eggs production in my agro-business in my farm business is really growing day by day.

Office rentals & painting community office

Word of encouragement:

Our mothers used to cook beans, but before they cooked the beans, they would pick the bad and useless beans and throw them at the backyard, and they would then cook the good beans.

But when it rained, the bad beans became seed and grew into beautiful bean plants. The same person who threw them away would harvest them, with a realization that the beans she threw away have VALUE.........

Don't cry when people THROW you at the BACKYARD,
Don't cry when people REJECT you,
Don't cry while they are LOOKING DOWN on you.

The RAIN is coming and the same people who are REJECTING you today will beg to HARVEST you tomorrow.


Power and transport for my business

The previous loan was an enrollment fee thus am looking forward to another loan. Am very eàger to grow my business once I have the basic stuff to do the work fast and fine.
I have attached photos of the place where we buy wood and have dome services done and also where we buy hardware and tools.. Hope the gives you the picture of what I do.

To purchase manual multitester.

Thanks very much my lenders, with the last amount I receive, I was able to buy Avometer (multitester) to help me to work efficiently in my electronics repair job. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


We are happy in our work place

Development and expansion of wifi hotspot business

Thank you Zidisha and the Giver of Funds, I have smoothly paid off all my previous loans and my hotspot and internet cafe business has increased client and client pc. I intend to apply for a loan again to expand my WiFi hotspot network, which I happen to have established a new tower BTS and I will use the next loan as well as possible to expand the coverage area of ​​my WiFi hotspot network. Thank you Zidisha.

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Terima kasih Zidisha dan Para Pemberi Dana, Dengan lancar akhirnya saya telah melunasi seluruh pinjaman saya sebelumnya dan usaha hotspot dan warnet saya telah bertambah klien dan pc kliennya. Saya berniat untuk mengajukan pinjaman lagi untuk memperluas jaringan wifi hotspot saya, yang kebetulan saya sudah mendirikan tower bts baru dan saya akan menggunakan pinjaman selanjutnya dengan sebaik baiknya untuk memperluas cakupan area jaringan wifi hotspot saya. Terima kasih Zidisha.

Homemade building bricks

Thank you very much for funding my loan proposal. I purpose to use it in my bricks making processes as well pay my assistants.

Fruit trees and inputs for my farm

Potatoes being harvested and sorted

Renovation my playground

I'm sorry late to post my playground photo

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I'm sorry late to post my playground photo

To purchase cooking oil

Dear lenders
my previous loan has enabled me to grow personally and also grow my business, as we speak my business grew to the level of allowing me to also take myself back to school and complete a diploma which I paid from my business, at the same time I was taking care of my family and still I was able to keep my business running .Now that I am a father of one and a husband , I look forward to great things, take my business to the next level my wife and I we work together and we are looking at increasing the space of our shop to a much bigger space and introduce new items like cooking oil machine that allows us to sell the cooking in small quantities but the measurement of the oil will be done by the machine. thank you very much for your continued support, may God bless you and your families.

Expand snail and pig farm

Preparing this land for watermelon farming

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