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Kids sneakers

I used it to purchase a pair of kid's shoes and delivered to my customer. I'm glad to have fulfilled my customer's delivery order.
Thanks to my lenders

Cyber expansion

Am grateful to you my leaders for the last loan you gave me. it helped me much in expanding my business i have been able to purchase a printer which helps a lot in my production and service to my clients. i still hope that my next loan will help a lot .thank you alot my leaders

Laptop computer for my business

Wow! I'm overwhelmed by your kindness towards funding my loan. This loan when disbursed would help me buy a laptop for designing my posters and invitation cards and it will boost my customer relation as I will be on top of my game even in this era off unannounced power outrages. May God bless all lender's abundantly and I promise to pay my loan back and never default. Thank you.

School fees

Hello sir ,am so thrilled to received mine load I say thank you so much and I promised to do all my best to deliver the loan on time bases.I was even in my farm then I get a message to login to my zidisha account around this morning on 7:59 am and for which I did before leaving and low and behold by time I got to the farm it's in my mono wallet I happily thanks and I say again bless!!!!!

Buying a printer

Hi lenders I am very grateful for the funds you gave me. It enabled me buy stock in bulk hence I was able to access higher discount than before. This resulted in greater profits as well as my customers have been able to get services on time making them very happy. I am used this increase to pay school fees for my children and increase stock. Truly it has added value to my family business and community at large. Thanks.

Additional camera to my photo studio

Good evening my lenders, once again I take this opportunity to say thank you so much for what you have done to my life. I am really going on well with zidisha Organization funds. My previous loan was actually enough for the renovation and I am very glad to let you know that I have expanded the business, and as I write now I have two employees with me. I pay them comfortably, the Job is really generating alot of income and I have won the attention of most if not all clients around. All this and many other good things that have happened to me I owe it to the Zidisha Organization and may it live longer.

Planting for food

Thank you very much my lenders for your greatest support given to me. I do really appreciate a lot. This opportunity has help me a lot to expand my farming and second shoes business for my parents to cater for my junior brothers and sisters in school. I had the opportunity to joined my colleaque farmers to grace the National Farmers Day Celebration in my Municipality and it was so exciting and it is my dream that l won the Best National farmer one day. Thank you very much my lenders

New stationery stock for samba cyber cafe

Dear Lenders,
The just completed loans was used to buy new printing papers stock for the samba cyber cafe.
Being the end of the year, businesses and institutions are preparing books, receipt books and invoices for their next financial year and we took advantage of this and did good business.
The printing papers brought an additional profit of KES. 5,000 which was achieved as were able to deliver customers work on time.
The amount has been reinvested in the business to buy more printing papers stock.

Boda boda

good evening my dear friends I am proud that you helped me with the loan am working extra hard to make sure that I have achieved may goal thanks again I got the loan and am busy working with my business

Loan limit

I received my loan of KES 147O. I serviced my motorbike and replaced some worn out parts so that it is perfect for business. Being a rainy season there is alot of transport business using motorbikes. Am thankful to zidisha fir making this happen

To purchase a new midi/usb keyboard

My previous loan of GHc388 was so helpful to me. I used the money to purchase my refillable cartridges for my Canon Color printer. This has helped me so much in offering quality printing services to the people of the Eastern Corridors of the Northern Region.
I am so grateful to all my lenders and potential lenders for the kind help they always offer me. I will assure them of my full commitment in any loans a take.

Poultry farming and rabbit rearing

photo taken recently that shows my chickens for sale!

Pay school fees for my son

with the previous loan I managed to pay for my brother child exam fees, the child is under my care and it's my wish to see her through school. Immediately I received the loan I paid for the fee in the bank and the bank slip posted for my leaders. May I thank them again for it was a quick help that came handy.

Raising livestock & farming vegetables

Thank you for loan of kes 2510 which you offered me. I have completed my tea nursery planted the seeds. I will keep the seeds properly so that I will transplant next year to increase my tea plantation by half an acre.

University fee for my masters degree

I had some social challenges that have kept me in silence but thank the Almighty God who has seen me through.

My two beutiful daughters completed their O Level education this year and just awaiting the results soon

To add materials to my barbershop

Thanks soo much zidisha team for the acceptance you are soo good to my business, you made my barbershop run smoothly.This loan I'm going to buy with it the sterilizer machine for my barbershop, to make the blades safe, so that my clients can be happy with my work, thanks soo much.

Triatech Computer Centre (Chwele)

More of the images

Weighing machine and staple foods for my shop

I received 500KESH from Zidisha and I was able to purchased the weighing machine that has been disturbing me.
Thank u Zidisha for making life easier for business people like us.

Advance my event and function business

hello my lenders, i am glad to receive your package, it really helped me in my small events and functions business advancement which i usually run here at Nairobi kenya,i promise to keep u updated in every advancements i make from now henceforth

A loan to buy more farming tools to enhance my farm

I used the loan to buy weedicide to spray my farm
The loan had help me to improve my farming activities
My earnings has increased more than the previous year
I used my earnings to buy more weedicide
With the help of the loan I now have money to pay my children school fees
Thanks to my lenders

Fashion avenue

hi zidisha family, thanks allot for your continued support though my request for loan of late have not been successful. I have started rearing idegenous chicken which are doing well , I started with 25 hens and 3 cocks. at the moment I have 4 hens that are brooding hoping soon I will have more chicks am hoping to upgrade my chicken house to accommodate more chicks. hoping to get some loan from you my lenders to allow my business to thrive. thank you n good time

Rent for new clothing stall & additional stock

I have just completed my loan and am greatful to lenders and Zidisha for lending my past loan.
The past loan has improved my life soo much both personal life and businesswise.
Attached is a photo handing over foodstuff to a children home we had visited with some of my friends.

Laptop and printer

Dear Valued Lenders,
Thank you for reposing trust in me by lending me.
I will use the money to purchase a laptop computer and a printer for my shop. The addition of the two gadgets will help me render more services to patrons of my shop and this will increase my profit margin. My shop assistant will also have a higher pay and my family will also be better off.
Thank you all.

Purchase coca-cola products and both packed water.

The loan has helped boost my business. I purchase Coca-Cola products and packed water and sell to my customers. I am at a strategic position at the bus stop where these products are seriously needed. It has helped me support my family in providing food, health care and education.I appreciate all my lenders for the spirit showed in supporting me continue in this business you are serving many mouths. Thanks.

Printing science textbooks

Part of the money will be use to purchase 60g bond papers for my printing and the remaining will also be use to finance my PhD education. I will also use this medium to thank my lenders for lending me this amount to expand my business and also continue my education


I am very great full for the loan you offered me. I received it. I got the total amount of kshs. 122 and I have use it to pay electrician who installed for me another socket. This will make it easier for me when I get more customers. I really appreciate and I promise to repay on time and ask for more. May God bless Zididha.

Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha family I am very happy and proud to be part of you. you have made me to be areal father and husband to my family.the last loan was of great help to my agribusiness Ihave managed to reduse transport cost of my business i my profit has increased by over 12% which is a good sign of growth of my business. Thanks Zidisha for making my dreams come true.

Farm mechanization

Hullo Dear lenders. I am very grateful once again for your support towards my business. I paid a down payment of $25 for the Pvc pipes and am expecting delivery as soon as I clear.I have an order for kukus (chicken) this saturday ana am hoping to clear the pipes issue. You have really given me hope in my business. Its good to know there are great people standing with me. From my profits I had ordered some fifty 1 day old chicks which came in on 1st. They are now 6 days old and doing great. The festive season has kind of began here and kukus are on hgh demand. Thanks so much Paul and the entire Zidisha community for your great support.


I bought a new printer, scanner and a new laminating machine,. The loan has made a big difference in my business. My earnings have increased due to new equipments which i have bought, i use my earnings with my familly help them on one or two things. I and my family have achieved more on this loan coz it helps us on our leaving.our hood is crazy on holiday they play around,use their money and other things.

Loan to buy new inventory and pay school fees.

Hello dear lenders, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have surely uplifted my life.I really appreciate all you have done for me. I accept the funds lend.The funds will help me buy me inventory and pay school fees, I am forever grateful for all you ve done.

Provision for my store

The loan I received last week has help me lot to increase my productions .infact zidisha Leander very reliable non profit making organization which help to improve my quality standard of living in my community. God richly bless them all

Adding more papers to the current stock

I am grateful for the financial support you've given for the few months I have been engaged with you. I used the last loan to buy ream of papers as I pitched. The turnover was good and fast. This is due to the relationship I have cemented with my customers for the 2 years I have been in operation. Thank you lenders and I am looking forward to be engaged (as my business grows) as we progress in the future.


Hello, am glad to receive this 500Kes from you. I'm on my way back to my shop after buying one carton of milk. I really thank you for your great support and i will be glad enough when my credit limit will go high.

Business expansion

Good good morning to you all my lenders I really appreciate your support I got my loan of 135 cedis I finally used the loan it really helps me a lot now I can see I am really really improving in my work because of the loan that I have been receiving I will repay all my loan in two days more all I can say is God bless You

Grilled-chicken joint (food-retail business)

Actually the cash l got from the previous loan helped me improve fruits business by adding more bananas due to the increased demand from my customers

Potato farming

Potato plot with organic manure.

Potato farming

I decided to save on labour costs for preparation of the carrot seed beds as well as sowing the carrot seeds. It was indeed fulfilling to work on my plot on Saturday and Monday.

See the photos attached hereto.

Payments of school fees and purchase of working materials.

With the disbursement of last loan, I bought 100 bags of cement for building various premises and structures all at a cost of KES 70,000/=,10 bags of lime at a cost of KES 7,000/=,10 packets of red oxide at a cost of KES 3,000/=,one full lorry of sand for plastering at a cost of KES 25,000/=,5 buckets of undercoat white paint at a cost of KES 8,500/=,20 wall painting brushes of six inches at a cost of KES 2,000/=,10 rolls of masking tape at a cost of 700/=,10 spades for hire at a cost of KES 6,300/=.5 litres of turpentine at a cost of KES 350/=. These purchases enabled me to finish most of building contracts and receive good income to uplift living standard of family members, provide basic needs like clothes, building new good shelter, good food,paying school fees for the children in both primary and secondary school respectively and settling most of household expenses and work bills. I am really expecting state of building and construction works to apprehend and income to progress at a good rate of 60%.Thanks to all zidisha lenders supporting me financially and the entire zidisha team to progress in construction jobs and within the family.

Business expansion

I am expanding my business with the help of zidisha

To add materials to my barbershop

First I will thank the zidisha team for the loan that they given me, this loan of 12128 I will use it to buy the dryer machine for my barbershop, so that I can get easy work to my client's thank you soon much.

Equipment boost

This loans are working proof of the improvement of our businesses and livelihoods because of the financial backup you've given us am forever grateful

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Lenders, How are you? Hopefully all of them are in good health and in the spirit of activity. This week, my daughter at her school is following the Mid-Semester Assessment. So, besides accompanying my daughter to study, I also still have to sell to get the benefits that will be used, one of which is to pay for my daughter"s monthly tuition fees. It"s quite tiring, but it still has to be uplifting and fight for my daughter"s future :). I want to update the development of my online store. Today I bought a stock of goods for sale, which is to buy 5 items of clothing for about Rp. 5,000,000 - around USD 370. I am very grateful, because by getting to know Zidisha and the help of loan funds from you, my online store can always add to the inventory that is in great demand by buyers. By turning the profits of sales, I was able to fulfill my daily needs and provide education and buy appropriate food for my daughter. My hope is that Zidisha and the lenders will always be there for us borrowers in Indonesia. Always passionate and healthy. Greetings, Endang

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Dear Lenders,

Apa kabar? Semoga semuanya dalam keadaan sehat dan semangat beraktifitas.

Satu minggu ini, putri saya di sekolahnya sedang mengikuti Penilaian Tengah Semester. Jadi, selain menemani putri saya belajar, saya juga tetap harus berjualan untuk mendapatkan keuntungan yang akan dipergunakan salah satunya untuk membayar biaya uang sekolah bulanan putri saya. Cukup melelahkan, namun tetap harus semangat dan berjuang demi masa depan putri saya :) .

Saya ingin update perkembangan toko online saya. Hari ini saya membeli persediaan barang untuk dijual, yaitu membeli 5 kodi pakaian kira-kira seharga Rp. 5.000.000,- sekitar USD 370.

Saya sangat ber-terimakasih sekali, karena dengan mengenal Zidisha dan bantuan pinjaman dana dari kalian, toko online saya bisa selalu menambah persediaan barang yang banyak diminati oleh pembeli. Dengan memutar keuntungan penjualan, saya bisa memenuhi kebutuhan hidup sehari-hari dan memberi pendidikan serta membelikan sandang pangan yang layak untuk putri saya.

Harapan saya, semoga Zidisha dan para pemberi pinjaman akan selalu ada bagi kami para peminjam di Indonesia. Semangat dan sehat selalu.


Automotive spare parts

I received a total of Ksh3700 which I used to buy some new spares and at the same time increase the quantity of the existing ones. My income is changing and soon I know my shop will be among the best established shops in town. Thank you very much.

Purchase of computers and peripherals

I really apprecite this loan. It has helped me to solve some financial challenge in my company. It has doubled the performance of transportation in my business

Cage culture - fish farming

to my lenders:
i would like to restock new fingerlings for my 3 cages
i used the previous loan to procure feeds for my fish
My earnings increased due to adequate feeding patterns which which was made possible through your generous donations in form of loans advanced
i used the earnings to buy more and more fish feeds

Buy sheep

I received the loan I applied on time 72$ and am arranging for the building materials for the shadding flock will now have a conducive environment and enable me good feeding my lenders am much pleased with the kind of parnership and I hope for more cooperation in future.thank you

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Thanks very much for the support. It has really turn my business around. I was able to recruit an administrative assistant as well as a site supervisor. I have also been able to recruit more workers to work on my sites as the volume of work to be done keeps increasing. I am really grateful!

Loan to pre-finance my current construction contract

Dear lenders,

It is a new month and I just want to wish you all the best for the month.

My business is doing well. New contract starts paying and workers are working very well.

Kindly find attached some photos from site
I am grateful for the support and I promise not to disappoint in repayment.

I hope to employ more people as the business keeps expanding. Thank you and do have a fruitful month!

Educational supply shop

The loan was used to stock my shop with educational supply such as foolscap note books which include the small and big size, assorted pens,permanent and temporal makers, trunk and chop boxes for secondary school students, A4 sheets, cartridges for printer and photocopy machine, scientific and casio calculators etc. It has really help me to take care of my daughter and needy kids in my area. My earnings have increased to about 10% . I have saved part of the increased earnings and as said earlier, I am taking care of some needy kids in my community. I went to Aburi in the eastern region during their Odwira festival with friends last month and it was fun. The interesting thing in my community is the odwira festival which is celebrated between october and november every year

Fee for registration as a construction company.

The last loan has been of much help in my business. I bought a pulley machine to lift up materials in my construction business. This machine has increased my income. Also it has made work easier. My family is doing well, and children are at holidays, schools are closed until January. The rain we expected in October all through to December has not turned in a good way making crops not to do well. Thank you lenders for your help.