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Joseph Appiah     Jun 18, 2018

I received about 879 and I bought materials, Glue, wood, nails and foams . Thanks to you my lenders and zidisha.

Sofa sets
Sunyani-kootokrom, Ghana

Francis Kofi Amponsah     Jun 18, 2018

I am extremely overwhelmed with the speed with which my loan was disburse. It has come at the right time since Wednesday is a market day and I need to buy mobile units worth of $10 to be able serve my customers well. Thanks to my lenders

Mobile equipment
Sunyani, Ghana

Owusu Kingsley     Jun 18, 2018

Thanks to you at Zidisha, the last loan helped me in diverse ways,I was able to buy many drugs to increase my profit margin to about 20%,I was also able to plant 2000 mounds of yam,I will use this loan to buy more drugs for my store and also to help in my farming activities

Yam and plantain farming
Techiman Bono Ahafo Region, Ghana

Christine Mudaki     Jun 18, 2018

I'll use the to buy more stock, maize, rice, beans green grams costing $150 but I have been able to save $14 which I will add to the loan. Having good stock in my business will ensure customers can have all the cereals which will drive my sale upwards and my profit margins. I expect to give even better cater to my family with high profit margins and save more.
Thanks lenders for your assistance

Buy more stock for my cereal business
Chuka, Kenya

Su Rono     Jun 18, 2018

this is a holiday atmosphere to see fishing boats still stop because it is still Idul Fitri holiday, in Indonesia is a long holiday then they stop working for 7 days

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this is a holiday atmosphere to see fishing boats still stop because it is still Idul Fitri holiday, in Indonesia is a long holiday then they stop working for 7 days

Loan to buy work equipment
Grobogan, Indonesia

Jared Oyuga     Jun 18, 2018

Hi lender these loan will do more in my drug stores life cause more needed medicines will be purchased. these will also add more profits boosting my life and my family plus the entire community. Thanks much more for being a shoulder to lean on during times of need. God bless.

Stock up
Malaba, Kenya

Beatrice Ndiritu     Jun 18, 2018

Thanks my lenders for helping me improve my business, I was able to add more stock of my potatoes which I make into French fries,this has enabled me increase my earnings and improve on my business.
My business is in Nanyuki which straddles the equator, the town has good views of Mt.Kenya and the plains on the leeward side of the mountain,these plus the large tracts of land where wild animals live are a major attraction to tourists,there are many hotels and holiday homes that match international standards, you are welcome to pay Kenya a visit.

Loan for additional operating capital
Nanyuki, Kenya

Nasta Issifu     Jun 17, 2018

Thanks to the zidisha team for helping me get this loan,this loan I got from you people have helped me increase my earns everyday in such a way that I have bought tools which helps me speedy up my work and I can serve many people than at first.This money have helped me to pay my younger siblings school fees.The interesting things is that during holidays people just come to my work place and have leisure times because od how beautiful my place have become due to your loan you gave to me.

Loan to inverst in my hairdressing businesses.
Berekum, Ghana

Michael Adjei-effah     Jun 17, 2018

I was able to purchased 30 pair of shoes, 15 pair of sandals and slippers each. It made my sales increased and had 25 percent increased in earnings which is 2.25 dollas. I used part to invest back into the business and part to pay my rent as well as my children hospital bills . Now number of people in my neighborhood who come purchase my goods has increased and more people from different neighborhood also come to buy.

Shoes, sandals & slippers for shoe shop
Berekum, Ghana

Agbango Gilbert Aetaaba     Jun 17, 2018

My previous load did not only help me but turned my life around am much please with that. Thanks my able lenders .

Gilbert collection
Nagbere, Ghana