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To add the materials for my barbersshop for a better service

First I will thank the zidisha team for the loan of 5637 that they borrowed me second I will use this loan to buy a spring chair for my barbersshop,to make my client to sit comfortable.

To care for my rabbits

My dear lenders, I am so grateful for your help. I have used my latest loan to buy a 50 kg bag of rabbits feed 3 dollars the remaining 1 dollar has been added to the money allocated for the purchase of building materials for new cages.
What makes me hopeful with the project is the fact that I have signed a contract with a rabbit- meat exporting company to ensure the marketability of the rabbits. I am looking forward to growing the project so that I can provide employment opportunities hence help in improving the living standards in my area. I pray that we walk together every step of the journey. Thanks again dear lenders!

Electronic and mpesa services.

Hie lender,thanks for partnering with me in doing business.

Buy wimbi for procesing

Maize meal product

Buy wimbi for procesing

The posho mill that also does milling to the neighbourhood

Buy wimbi for procesing

Hi Andreas and Justin.Nice to meet you in this forum.I have already sent my appreciation to Mr paul. and to you now.I very want to thank you all for your very generous hearts to help people like me establish business that changes lives
As I mentioned to Paul earlier this business is only 5 months old therefore in the formation stage with many teething financial problems of rent,marketing new products,buying processsing materials , meeting salaries for workers and transportation of finished ptoducts to the market.and competing with more established companies.However there is a great joy that we are moving in the right direction and yet breaking even which I hope will be in nxt 3 months or so.I do hope it will be much sooner with your financial assistance
. Meet Douglas who is the machinist operating the posho mill and the machine that sifts maize to produce grade one maize meal.He also helps me to pack various products

Purchase a computer for producing music

I am so grateful for the $ 160 I received it has been a big booster towards buying of the system unit ( C.P.U ) honestly speaking I feel I am getting closer and closer towards my dreams. I am so grateful and happy to have ever stumbled on Zidisha family. Joost your words really encourage me cause they show you care. Be blessed 100 folds.

Poultry farming

I added a few chicks and the eggs have hatched I now have more than 10 chick's and the egg stocks are increasing. I am very grateful Zidisha.

Cement, nails, and other equipment for building homes

Thank you so much my dear lenders and entire Zidisha platform for funding my account.This will improve my living standard and positive thoughts towards future of my children. The disbursed amount will be used to buy 10 bags of cement at a cost of KES 7500, 5 bags of water proof cement(penetron) at a cost of KES 3500, 5 kg of steel nails at a cost of KES 1500,a pair of gum boot at a cost of KES 1500,5 packets of red oxide at a cost of KES 2000 .These purchases will increase profit margin, school fees for the children will be paid when schools open,clothes for the family bought, food will be provided well and all business and work expenses will be paid well.

Expansion of poultry business

May i take this session to thanks my lenders for project to move to another level.i managed increase my poultry stock and comes this festive season i will make some good business.currently i have an increase of 6dollars per day which have really help in having good stock for the addition to that iam also expanding into sheep project.during this chrismas seasson my neighborhood will eat alot of hens and that is bussiness for me.

Poultry upgrade facility

I am proud of you Zidisha team and more importantly my dear lenders. I have the pleasure to thank you once and again because of your unrelenting supportive spirit. my 6year old son has been able to make it to class 3. next year just because of your support through the funding for my poultry upgrade facility. I am happy for that. I believe you will continue supporting me till I accomplish my mission to support him in school up to University level. Thanks

Beauty salon

I want thank all the people who showed interest in my loan application and indeed, made contribution to fund my request. It's been good as at this point because l have a fully functional air conditioner in my hair salon now and clients are comfortable getting their hair done in my place. The enormous heat is gone now and the increase in patronage has been very good. I get almost double the amount l used to make and l can't be thankful enough to all my lenders. Thanks for your contribution.

I will use this loan to buy more raw materials.

Dear Don, Johannes and William,
Thank you so much for lending your money to my business. You have lent me not once not twice, and therefore I want to dedicate the success in my business to you my beloved lenders.
This time I have received ksh 9920, which I have used to buy 132 litres of used cooking oil, which is the main raw material I use in my soap making project. That quantity of oil will make 250 pieces of 1kg bar soaps, which is sold at ksh 25000 at retail price.
Thank you so much,
Denis Otieno.

Buy water tank

I built three rooms and the proceeds of the three rooms I added another three room right now they are six each going for four thousand, after paying electricity and water bill I remain with 18,000 per month this has helped me to pay my daughter's school fees easily since tailoring business has gone down, and am able to help the needy. The photo below indicated the children of Kapedo school that needed sanitary towels since when they have their monthly periods they don't go to school but sit on sand until the periods are over. Thank you for your support

Company registration, office set-up, upgrade motorcycle

At a house construction site in a neighbouring village doing electric piping.

To stock my store

The loan help improved the standard of my stationary business

Hardware business

let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.everything is going on well and i hope for the best.

Loan toward a car for taxi business

Thank you Lan for helping me me with the loan to expand my business, am a taxi driver here in Ghana and for so doing am planning so well to make it a one time business so that i can have my personal cars to also hire other drivers to work for me. Thank you so much for the loan, i really appreciate it.

Business mentorship program

Dear Lenders! I wish to let you know that I received the funds and was able to secure the office in time. In fact am currently having it partitioned and renovated and will be moving in by next week! All thanks to your open hands that were willing to lend to me! May you enjoy God's blessings in your lives!

Business growth

Adding stock to my book shop
I purchased crayon and exercise books which i added into my shop.This increased my profit and also created confidence to my customers as they would always get what they want in one place other than buying one item here and going for another in the next shop.My family members are so happy as we approach festive season .I will buy them christmas gifts due to increase in my profits.

Livestock medical care

thank you so much my lenders through the money you helped me.i added another one I I was able to buy spraying chemical for my cabbages in the farm
now they are healthy and I hope soon to sell them and get lot of really changed my situation through that loan

Housing units investment

My last loan went a long way to assist in the putting of final touches on the rental units, thank you. The next loan should enable me to complete the job


Thanks my lenders.i used the money i to add. Some seedlings to my farm.

Setting up an apiary

Dear lenders.
We have added our newest member to the Zidisha Family. Gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing 4.1kilos. We are doing great. Thanks lenders for being here. The work continues......just slowed down abit

Add stock to my bussiness.rice and groceryshop

I purchased salt,matchbox,soap which i added into my shop.This increased my profit and also created confidence to my customers as they would always get what they want in one place other than buying one item here and going for another in the next shop.My family is also happy as we approach festive season .I will buy them christmas gifts due to increase in my profits.

Opening another new barbershop

Thank you very much Zidisha lenders,The concluded loan made a great impact not only to me but also less fortunate in my community also my family as I was able to provide them & paying my daughter school fees who is in secondary school, Not forgetting ihave learnt a great lesson from Zidisha lenders about extending a hand to other needy people as its creates a huge impact in their lives.Thank you again for impacting many lives God bless you.

Loan for expansion of my computer college.

to this far, Zidisha has nade me a stable business person,,,, despite taking too long to update on the progress, on note form i managed to change the outlook of my premises, constructed a shade along the verandah, (u can compare with the first pictures), diversified to gas vendoring, My money agency still doing good and also managed to buy a new photo printer epson px 660 for efficiency delivery of my services. may zidisha live long. see images of the current business premises.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Lenders, How are you? Hopefully everyone is in good health. This week in Indonesia it has started to rain, the rainy season has come to replace the long dry season. A few days ago, I bought inventory, hopefully it will be sold quickly and I can buy a variety of other items. Thank you very much for the help of the loan provided, so that I can continue to sell and get the benefits that I use for my daughter"s future. May we all be in good health. Greetings, Endang

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Dear Lenders,

Apa kabar? Semoga semua dalam keadaan sehat. Minggu ini di Indonesia sudah mulai turun hujan, sudah datang musim hujan menggantikan musim kemarau panjang.

Beberapa hari kemarin, saya membeli persediaan barang-barang, semoga cepat terjual dan saya bisa membeli variasi barang lainnya. Terimakasih banyak untuk bantuan pinjaman dana yang diberikan, sehingga saya bisa terus berjualan dan mendapatkan keuntungan yang saya pergunakan untuk masa depan putri saya. Semoga kita semua dalam keadaan sehat.


Firewood business

I bought more wood with the loan I recieved and this helped me get more proceeds.

Buy chicken feeds

The loan I received helped me buy the bean seeds, now am preparing my land to plant them, thanks for the loan and I will keep updating my progress as I go.

Banana growing

Earnings have reached 14,000 shillings a month

To purchase call cards and mobile money for sale

Zidisha loan is saviour to me and my family. Having completed university without getting a job after completing national service , it's through Zidisha loan I'm able to start my own business of selling call cards, mobile money, transfer of credit. I'm able to support my husband pay for the bills, pay the children school fees and put food on the family table.
Always grateful and thankful to Team Zidisha and to all lenders for your show of love and care. God richly bless you all

To buy an Artisan A3 wi-fi printer for large printouts

Hello Zidisha and the lenders me patrick still the progress is good and the management so far on my side running smoothly i am happy for the money transaction tabs you have added to ease the work and i recommend the team for the good work. My daughter closed school and they is alot of warmth in house this vacation season.My profit is making me able to make the repayment and so far so good.
Best regards

Motorbike to ferry eggs/cereals from farm to my store.

Hello lenders hope you are fine,here in Kenya am doing great.
The motorbike that I bought courtesy of the loan I received from Zidisha has really transformed my life and those who depend on me.
Since I bought the motorbike my sales for eggs has increased before I was selling 40 trays of eggs per week,but today I sell over 70 trays per DAY since I now do supply of eggs using the motorbike.
This made my stock of eggs to look very little, but through my trust and faith which zidisha community found in me,I got a supplier of eggs who has also trusted me and he now gives me eggs worthy 1000US dollars and above,I sale them and then pay him.
My lenders with the aid of the motorbike it makes me sale 500 trays of eggs in one week.
This has made my profit to increase to 100 US dollars in a week.
But my wish and prayer is to buy those eggs at CASH ,and my plan to buy them on cash is through repaying my current loan then Apply for another one that will enable buy my eggs on cash.
My lenders I have faith that you will support me financially again.
God bless you all.

Buying screen mill for hammer mill to produce quality breakfast meal

previous loan enabled me buy spare part that was much needed for my hammer mil business, As my credit limit increases, I would like to borrow a higher loan amount that will enable me to acquire the much-needed hammer mil motor and screen mil equipment

Food retail

that is me in the weeked

Phone accessories

The loan will be use to mobile phone accessories such as covers, chargers, hands-free kits, batteries etc. This will help me in growing my phone business to make good money to meet my family needs.
Thanks to my lender's, thanks to zidisha.

Buy a spraying machinw

The loan really assisted me, I bought medicine which I sprayed my crops and made get more profit than before.

Automobile parts for resale

The loan helped me a great deal in airtime for both internet and phone.
I reached many other customers who needed my goods but were in far flung areas.
thank you Zidisha. I have more orders for goods now more than before. My earnings are set to increase

To fix electricity meter at my shop

The loan received was used to re-roof my koisk and am able to complete the re-roofing with the loan,this has enable me to start working again. Except that I have to fix my matter if which I intend using my next Loan. Thanks to my lenders, am able to make some profits by 50percent.this has enable me to pay my utilities, school fess, rent, and others has stated in my proposal. This has put Smiles in my family faces.

Buy some spares

I had some challenges but my bike now is up and running.
thank for the loan you gave me.

Hotel management

hi, I intended to improve my poultry with the loan, at the moment I have 30 hens and I want to buy more

Soybeans farming

First is to appreciate for the already completed loan. It have really improved my life n the life of my family. My son has just done his kcpe. Am happy cos both of them have been attending the best school in the area.

Young sukumawiki sacco

Thank you for the loan I received it helped me to weed my cabbage, the remaining amount of money I applied pesticides in my vegetables, the estimated amount was £15 , am proud with zidisha, I look forward to develop because of you people

Loan to buy phone accessories

Zidisha has brought a lot of difference in my life i always fell happy when i see myself achieving my dream

Loan to relocate my pig farm to a safe and hygienic place

Thank you so much lenders and thank you Zidisha Team, for the flexible and affordable loans giving. The loans have changed a lot of my business activities and i can do more business with less time and gain more profit, through the machines i bought such as Colour Copier Core i3 Computer for the control of my cyber cafe. Pork is consumables here in my Village and i am making money of 55% from the sales of pork.. All the above is the help and support of Zidisha and Lenders. Thank you very much

Transportation of fertilizer to my farm

Though I have never attempted to work with online lenders, I must admit I'm very please that Zidisha is REAL and I'm developing interest as time goes.
The loan I sought helped me in that it saved me time and did packaging for my sweet potatoes and transferred them to market by the expected time. I appreciate this a lot and will forever be grateful.

Beading and arts

thanks for the loan. it's boosting my business

Cow shed

I used the loan to build a cow shed

Stationery business

Thank you ZIDISHA lenders for the 80 dollar loan.It has really impacted my stationery business by adding stock such as calculators, novels and programming books which I managed to sell among my college friends and was able to get pocket money ,support orphans in Zimmerman and take part in Marie Stopes programs on educating youths on the importance of family planning for the future.I really appreciate the support through the funds that is make me independent and be able to apply what I learn pursuing my business degree at JKUAT University.


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