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I have made payment of my zidisha installment but it has not been credited.

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions


Please Zidisha team I want know the duration(days) given to new members for their loan to be funded. Some new members are saying is 29days but i ...

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

My account is wrongly blocked

My account has been blocked and I think this is an error because I did not provide any wrong information as it has been alleged in the reason for b...

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

No increment of loan percentages

Dear Leander I hope you are doing well, I applied for a loan 4 days are go but the percentages are not showing please I need your help. Thanks,...

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

on time repayment rate been reduce from 99% to 81%

i have been making my payments on time since my taking my loan. Unfortunately this evening i found out my repayment rate is reduced from 99% to 81%...

1 Nov 20 Volunteer Mentors

Starting loan

Hello Zidisha i have a query i recently applied for a loan as a new member when i was referred to you by email by my friend. Now am told on the sit...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Early repayment bonus

Does the early repayment bonus work? If yes how does it work because my last loan I paid the date I was asked to pay and I didn't receive a credit...

3 Nov 20 Borrower Questions


Honestly responsible, I"m Dayana Jean, I"m writing to ask you for a request that I was asking for in the 29th day, now I"m verifying that I"m sorry...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Repaid my loan but can't borrow

I have completely repaid my loan on time but it seems I can't borrow again. I mean I cant access loan application button. What could be the problem?

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Thanks for the disbursement

Thanks volunteers who have diluted my funds .. Thanks for his participation

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded and it does not expires too

Dear Zidisha, My friend posted a loan and after 13 days the loan was not funded and it did not expires too how can you help him so he reapply ag...

5 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Loan funding-7 days left

Hello zidhisa , im worried about my loan funding. Its stuck at 10% and theres 7 days left, i really need loan to expand my business. I promise i wo...

3 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Expired loans

I am writing on behalf of my assign members who complained to me recently about their loans that have been expired merely few days after posting fo...

14 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Pinjaman belum dicairkan

Sudah lebih dari satu minggu tidak ada pencairan. Sementara pinjaman sudah terdanai tolong periksa akun saya

15 Nov 20 Indonesia


How does members loan fund .Because after increasing mlf I have not any change.

3 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

funds not credited in account

Good morning Zidisha?thanks for your good work.am writing on behalf of my assigned member who has called me severally about funds paid on 4th Nov k...

5 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

Hey, I'am a new member in zidisha and my loan was not funded. The volunteer mentor who wanted to talk to me never did so. What mighty have happened.

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

Hi, zidisha I was not among the luck to be funded. I 'am still interested in the loan. Are you in a position to consider my request. Thank you...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Pembayaran cicilan terkonfirmasi double

Selamat malam bapak/ibu. Saya informasikan bahwa pada tanggal 17 november saya telah membayar angsuran hanya pinjaman cuma 1x Rp. 90.000 tetapi di...

5 Nov 19 Indonesia

reduction in current credit limit

Please I am drawing your attention to my credit limit which has been reduced from GHS 1995 to GHS 848 mean while my on time repayment rate is 100% ...

1 Nov 19 Borrower Questions