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Loan percentage

Hello zidhisa, my loan percetage stuck at 13% and theres 3 days left. Can you please tell me why it isnt increase? Thx

2 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

please help unblock my account

I apologize in advance if my profile contains anything that is not good, because I think it can not be seen, I do not understand it and I hope that...

4 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

On time payment standing reduced to 81%

Early last month I made a payment which was not reflected for a long time, after alot of back and forth, it was rectified but problem is my on time...

1 Nov 21 Volunteer Mentors


It has been on my dash board that if i were to finish my payment by 19/11/2017 then i would receive a bonus .unfornately when i tried applying th...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions


I would like to know why my early repayment bonus was removed.after I paid my loan,i had the early repayment bonus for like 3 days.then when I logi...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Zidisha members

Dear colleagues , Please let us not get tired of sharing our success stories. It will motivate new members.

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

credite limite reduced

I am a new borrower and my first loan was Kes 500 then when I posted another loan the credit was 28 I never applied I thought there was some proble...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

Early repayment bonus

Hello, I noticed the early repayment bonus was not added to my credit limit even after repaying my loan in full with the stipulated time.

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions


Hi zidisha team my last loan disbursed to my account was KES7876 but now am being told the next credit limit is KES5907 why is the credit limit dec...

1 Nov 21 Borrower Questions

There are percentages

Please help me Zidisha team my loan percentages are not being increased but I applied 5 days are go.

3 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

credit limit

Hi my loan was not funded . so I decided to post a new loan proposal but realized that my credit limit has been reduced specifically my early repay...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Undangan Relawan Penasihat

Yth. Tim Staff Zidisha Saya telah menerima email dari pihak zidisha mengenai undangan relawan penasihat sejak September lalu, dan saya juga tela...

5 Nov 20 Indonesia


Hi I want to expedite my loan which has been funded 3℅ please help me

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Started payments

Dear zidisha, am just keeping you informed that i started my payments. I had an accident on the very month i joined this noble association Zidisha....

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions


why was my credit limit reduced,especially my early repayment bonus,it was tyhere then in a flash,its removed,am also on a 100% repayment rate.what...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

loan not founded.

Good day. Zidisha management them. I repaid my loan and applied for next loan twice but it has not been funded for me. I filt sick and I wasn't pay...

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Loan application progress

Dear Members, My loan application is not fully funded all days have passed therefore indicating 0 days left. Do i wait for my dashboard to bring...

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

loans have not been received

the honorable team, there is a member of my named lina yunita, loan application he has melted into account 123xxxx but until now has not received t...

1 Nov 20 Indonesia


Dear Zidisha, I want to find out if an Ngo Micro-finance institution in Nigerian can apply for loan for onlending to its members. Thanks' Okorie...

2 Nov 20 Borrower Questions

Not featuring in the project list.

Though I've finished paying my loan and have duely applied, I can't see myself in the project filter. Can somebody talk to me?

1 Nov 20 Borrower Questions