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Repayment not reflecting on my account

Hello,please I want to know why the repayment which I made last Sunday, 19th Nov is still not yet reflected on my account, please find out for me.T...

10 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

Ajukan pinjaman

Saya sudah ajukan pinjaman 5 hari yg lalu tp msh terdanai 1%. Fitur percepatan dana pun tdk ada pdhl bln sblm2 nya msh ada pilihan percepatan dana....

18 Nov 29 Indonesia

Volunteer Mentor

I am Kyei Benneth Prince. I will be happy when l become a volunteer mentor. I want to become a mentor to serve zidisha. Thanks.

3 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded

My loan is left with 7days and still not even 1%funded.what should I do

3 Nov 29 Borrower Questions


My initial loan has expired not funded 100% and when i want to apply for a new loan its tells me i have not cleared previous loan yet had paid 2 we...

2 Nov 29 Borrower Questions


My loan is at 1% and it is 2 days to expire. This is the third time my loan is expiring the other time it expired after 100% funded and accepted du...

3 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

payment not recorded in account

Dear team, at this time many friends who have experienced recording errors, even payments are not recorded, when they have paid & confirmed their p...

1 Nov 29 Open Forum

loan not funded

I would to ask why nowadays its taking long for the loans to be funded. its been a month now . i would like to expedite my loan because my business...

2 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

Loan expiring and loan progession not showing

My loan is left with 7 days to expire and no funding is taking place it is still at 0% just like what happened to the previous loan which expired w...

3 Nov 29 Borrower Questions


please zidisha look into my account.am confused because i finshed paying for loan and i applied for a new one yet you say i have a balance

1 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

Technical error

recently many complained about technical errors. eg: payment is paid off but on dasbor showing 100% unfinished charge What happened ??? only juli...

2 Nov 29 Volunteer Mentors

unfunded loans

why the 4th loan is always unfunded, I always pay on time, if I do not have the right to get a loan from zidisha

1 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

Error in message transfers

This is a notification of your Zidisha loan repayment balance of 26,600 KES, which has been past due since Nov 1, 2017, has not been received to da...

3 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

loan limit increase

I cleared my loan On 29th nov 2017 because i was given an offer if i cleared before 6th dec 2017 i would get an limit increase of extra 20000...

1 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

The technical errors are getting out of hand

Before and after taking my fourth loan, my repayment percentage was 93% , now it has dropped to 85% for reasons I don’t know. I have not started re...

1 Nov 29 Borrower Questions

No virtual salah

Mohon bantuanny, dr tadi sy mau transfer selalu salah no virtualnya,tolong segera karna jatuh tempo hari ini 28/11/2017

2 Nov 28 Indonesia

the installment is fully paid off but there is still a bill

hallo sir? hopefully today to be happy news. I want to let you know that my loan installment is fully paid off but I see on the dashboard sho...

1 Nov 28 Borrower Questions

pembayaran belum terverifikasi

saya sudah melunasi di tanggal 17 november , pie kenapa hari ini tgl 02 desember di dasbor saya masih muncul tagihan,. saya sudah hubungi pihak ...

1 Nov 28 Indonesia

Nomor Virtual account salah

Mohon bantuannya, saya dari kemarin mau transfer tapi keterangan.nya Nomor Virtual Account salah, lewat M-BCA salah, terus ke ATM tetap salah nomor...

1 Nov 28 Indonesia

my loan has expired and given another repayment

Please i dont undetstant the problem here. My loan has expired and am now told on the dashboard that my repayement is due now. Whats wrong surely?

2 Nov 28 Borrower Questions