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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Unassignment of Volunteer Mentees

Hello Dave, I have realized that for some time now, no mentee has been assigned to me. Please find out for me the reason behind that because neith...

10 Dec 19 Volunteer Mentors

Loan not funded

Hi Zidisha,my loan disbursement was on December 5,but up to now no funds that have been sent to my account,0701823561,please help me get the funds,...

1 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

VM benefits

Hello team Zidisha, I read somewhere that volunteer mentors are respected members of the zidisha community. I thought that this meant that there sh...

6 Dec 19 Volunteer Mentors

Loan credit limit

Hello zidisha lenders, I had applied for a zidisha loan and given KES. 25.00 which i paid in time , my second loan was KES. 38.00 which i also paid...

2 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

Id approval.

Hi, most of my menteess have called with an issue related to id approval, despite posting their ids the status still reads id not approved what cou...

2 Dec 19 Volunteer Mentors


hello team below are details of my invitees who is no longer available all the details she gave are not going through , therefore i would ...

2 Dec 19 Volunteer Mentors

Disappointing Process!

It"s been three times I"ve made a loan, and everything went smoothly from the submission process to the disbursement. And I am 100% on time in paym...

2 Dec 19 Borrower Questions


Why does zidisha have a maximum in what borrowers can ask for help using support ticket?? for those of us who have reached the maximum does that m...

7 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

Helping my Assigned fellow mentor

Ntsiful Emmanuel is my assigned member. He has also been a volunteer mentor for several members. He is trustworthy in his dealings with zidisha and...

1 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

Loan disbursement challenge.

Hello, My first loan was GHS 299. I finished paying that loan and posted a different one which was GHS 449. During the disbursement, I was sent on...

6 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

My Id uploaded yet Not seen

I was instructed to apload my clear Id card when applying for my loan with zidisha and I did so ,it is very visible in my profile page yet my dash...

5 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

Loan Not Funded

Hello everyone? Can someone advice me please how to get my loan funded. It's only three days to the deadline and only 38% has been funded. I try as...

1 Dec 19 Borrower Questions

Sudah pelunasan ke bni,tetapi kok muncul lagi yang lama

Saya udah tranfer ke bni virtual acaount bni tetapi kenapa saya muncul kembali tapi kenapa muncul kembali tagihan saya yang dulu ,padahal yang dulu...

4 Dec 18 Indonesia

pertanyaan pengajuan dana

hello selamat malam saya mau bertanya kapan yaa pengajuan saya akan di danai karena saat ini saya membutuhkannya terima kasih

2 Dec 18 Indonesia

My account is not funded while am a good client.

Am hereby complaining for my account not funded and am a good paying client its three days remaining only now please help me.

1 Dec 18 Borrower Questions


Hello,i would like to know why evrytime i want to upload my ID,i am not given an option to upload. the only option i have is the one i am being ask...

1 Dec 18 Borrower Questions


Hi members, kindly can someone advice on how to process loan faster than given days?

3 Dec 18 Borrower Questions

No disbursement

Is there a problem? I applied for a loan after that I was told to put a new copy of my national registration card and I did so but still nothing i...

1 Dec 18 Borrower Questions

loan not funded

for 30 days just to get my loan of $3 this is toooooo much

7 Dec 18 Borrower Questions

this is why zidisha is going down

people in Kenya are applying but they are not paying back the loans and this is why zidisha is going down and if the get a big loan that's it...

11 Dec 18 Borrower Questions