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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Can not borrow again

Why can"t I borrow again? The statement "you have made too many proposals, wait for a few moments to make a new proposal again". What do you mean b...

3 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

My account is hanging

I paid my loan and i was to request for another loan but i was asked to do the verification again and as i posted my pics the rectangle i was to cr...

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

No update on loan repayment

I paid ksh. 1000 today in the morning and up to now the payment has not been reflected on my account

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Can't View Phone Contacts of Mentee's References

Hi, I have seen this for a third time now - when I try to review a mentee who has been brought back for review upon finishing paying a previous loa...

3 Aug 12 Volunteer Mentors

Pengjuan ke 2

Kmrn sya bayar 10rb trs katany naek limit jd 177 nah pasdiajuin kok sy malah harus bayar segt bkanny dpt pinjmn malah disurh bayar bagai mn kita mw...

3 Aug 12 Indonesia

Loan disbursed is not the one I applied

Hi, I applied for a loan of ksh.1203 and you have disbursed a loan of ksh.12. My loan app shows that am owed 1203, now how can I pay money that I h...

2 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Loan Application

Why is the message below popping up when I try to complete my loan application? "Please write something different in each of your loan profile sect...

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

tidak bisa di klik

kenapa setiap saya klik pengajuan baru selalu balik lagi ke menu dasbor? bagaimana solusinya

1 Aug 12 Indonesia

Loan approved but I have not received funds

My loan was approved and I have waited for it to be disbursed in my account for more than a week now. Furthermore you are requesting me to pay befo...

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions


It is my second time applying for a loan, Zidisha is a proving my loan then nothing is dispursed into my account and they are saying to check for r...

2 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

Loan limit

Dear all, am asking about my loan limit which is dropping down, right from 650 USD to 450 USD and now 380 USD. Kindly advice

1 Aug 12 Borrower Questions

How do i get back Credit Risk Payment?

Dear Zidisha, i have been paying credit risk fee for long now but before i was told that it will get it back when i finish paying the loan. Am kind...

2 Aug 11 Borrower Questions

Kapan dana 100%

saya ajuan yg ke 8 tapi limit pinjaman sudah 3 x tidak naik... dan ajuan yg ke 8 ini belum juga terdanai...kok sekarang proses lama dan untuk poton...

2 Aug 11 Indonesia

Upload foto

Nih mau pinjaman yang kedua Saya pinjam buat bayar kuliah Eh saya foto pegang buku kok di tolak terus yaa

2 Aug 11 Indonesia

Volunteer mentor

Hello what do i do To become a VM?? I rilly wonna volunteer for that

5 Aug 11 Borrower Questions

Loan review

How many days do you take to review a loan application.

1 Aug 11 Borrower Questions


My first loan was fully repaid. I was awarded ksh2500 as credit limit. When I applied yesterday, credit limit dropped to 1500. After submission, am...

2 Aug 11 Borrower Questions

Ingin tahu lebih lanjut tentang zidisha

Saya baru bergabung 6hr lalu... 1. Tiap pinjaman saya selalu saya bayar ke esokan hari,y.. Apakah akan ada masalah dipinjaman saya berikut,y..? ...

1 Aug 11 Indonesia

tidak bisa mengajukan pinjaman lagi

saya batalkan pinjaman, lalu buat lagi tapi kok ga bisa ya? suruh tunggu beberapa saat. berapa lama harus menunggu utk pinjaman baru?

2 Aug 11 Indonesia

Loan not approved for funding.

Hi, I finish paying my last loan but when I posted a new loan application it was not approved for funding. How long will it take for it to re-open ...

1 Aug 10 Borrower Questions

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