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Borrower Questions

A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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Lender Questions

A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

709 Jun 25

Open Forum

The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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Your impact - loan order reversed

I was rather confused to find my oldest loans on page one and my newest ones right at the end - why the change? Personally, I prefer to see my rece...

5 Jun 9 Lender Questions

Paystack is not coming up on my iPad

Hello, pls are there other means of paying back my loan, e.g transfers to bank or quickteller because paystack is not coming up on my iPad. Kindly ...

2 Jun 9 Borrower Questions


Kindly clear me from CRB and please send me the batch number

12 Jun 9 Borrower Questions

Member ship

I paid membership but everyone I log in to create loan proposal it's requesting me to pay membership. I paid 3 weeks ago via mobile money

2 Jun 9 Borrower Questions

Re Loan expired immediately even before it is published.

Hi I recently invited one of my friend to Zidisha and he has been applying for loans at Zidisha and reached his 3rd when there was a technical erro...

2 Jun 9 Borrower Questions

Loan repayment

Hello, am unable to pay my first installment, this is because thieves stole my machine for popcorn which was helping me to make money everyday, how...

1 Jun 9 Borrower Questions

Repayment decrease

My credit limit was not moving up and after I sent you message you said unless I wait for 3 months before you can increase my credit limit and now ...

2 Jun 8 Borrower Questions


My name is George. My email is [email protected] I paid the premium 1,000. But getting a loan of 7,500, after deductions I was been offere...

3 Jun 8 Borrower Questions

How to repay my loan

Hello pls I want to ask can I pay my loan by using someone's mobile number and I do that will it reflect on my account.

5 Jun 8 Borrower Questions

Technical error

The same amount has been repeated for my. Which is 981 ghc. The loan I just finished paying was 981fhc and as I try to apply for another one the sa...

3 Jun 8 Borrower Questions

Refund of membership fee

One of my referral Henneh s Augustine is requesting for his refund of his membership because his loan wasn't approved for funding and he was told t...

2 Jun 8 Borrower Questions

Loan not funded

Pls i requested for a loan and I am told it been disbursed but I have not received it in my wallet.What do I do please

1 Jun 8 Borrower Questions


Dear Members Theres is this member who was assigned to me and it has come to my knowledge that she is sly because everytime i talk to her she c...

5 Jun 7 Volunteer Mentors

Account not updated

My account was not updated after i received my loan.

6 Jun 6 Borrower Questions

Repayment issue

I made a payment using Rave payments system but the money was reversed to my account the following day. I have made a payment again but still not t...

2 Jun 6 Borrower Questions

Error messages

I have been able to update my app but when I am creating loan proposal, it keeps on displaying the same page even if I have provided the necessary ...

2 Jun 6 Borrower Questions


How do I know that my CRB listed loan is updated after payment if you don't give batch numbers. I paid my CRB listed loan amount account no 144242 ...

2 Jun 6 Borrower Questions


Hi! I have now fully paid my zidisha loan please update my CRB reference account number 144242 and send me the batch number.

2 Jun 6 Borrower Questions

loan amount is double the disbursed amount

Please refer to this message:NF44DIH8SA Confirmed.You have received Ksh406.00 from ZIDISHA NOG SUPPORT COMPANY 321511 on 4/6/19 at 5:09 PM New M-PE...

2 Jun 6 Borrower Questions


Two of my mentees cleared with CRB and are even getting loans from other lenders but Zidisha denies them loans. Can someone give the way out please.

1 Jun 6 Borrower Questions

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