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I chose the wrong destination bank.

Please help me wrong select bank destination loan but no my account is correct. Can anyone help?

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Credit risk payment

Paying my credit risk almost 30% of the loan ... is this really the new zidisha rule

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Volunteer mentor

My mentor volunteers are hard to contact ,, no hp gak active ,,,,

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Zidisha growth

Zidisha is a great concept, and I am very happy to participate in it. It seems, however, that for it to really achieve its mission it needs a whol...

8 Jul 9 Lender Questions

Unupdated repayment

I made a loan repayment via Mobile money but it seems not to be updating. How do i get around this?

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Profile picture

I don't know what happened but my profile picture is not what I chose. How do I set up a new picture please? I went to edit profile but it doesn’t...

2 Jul 9 Open Forum

Posting a photo

I have tried posting my photo,seems to be having an error.kindly help on how to do it.

1 Jul 8 Borrower Questions

Receiving the same amount for five times

I would like to know the reason why anytime i applied to get loan, am always given to choose upto 77 gh cedis. And I receive 77 gh for almost five ...

2 Jul 8 Borrower Questions

my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

8 Jul 7 Borrower Questions


Mohon bantuannya saya ingin melunasi pinjaman saya dengan atm CIMB NIAGA gimana cara nya ya mohon panduannya,terima kasih

2 Jul 7 Indonesia

Creating loan proposal in short time

I am John Nsoh Atibilah l was given a chance to apply for another loan after paying my previous loan. So l attempted to create the loan but unfortu...

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

on time payments

My on time payment records has decreased due the zidisha and mtn issue that happened in ghana.

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

on time payments records

Please due to issue with zidisha and Mtn issue that happened in ghana. My on time payment records has been reduced from 100% to 95%. Please i have ...

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

Credit risk amount

Hi, may you please tell me about this credit risk payment...... Why can't I pay the remaining balance and you top up with that amount because aft...

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

How to change amount requested

I made a mistake when requesting for the amount and only requested 0.12 usd.I need to know how to request for more because sincerely that will not...

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions


I have selected Saturday for my repayment schedule yet the systems insists the step is still required. It is stuck at this point. Help please.

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

Credit Risk Refund

Dear team please help me get an email to make a support ticket so that my credit risk funds can come back. I really hope that the credit risk funds...

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

Membership fee

How can you give me ksh 12? And am not first time borrower? And my first loan I paid kshs 1000 for membership fee

4 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

water tank

Hey lender's, I qualify for 75,000 plus but currently I need 30,000 to purchase a water tank, now will my limit go down? Please answer me

2 Jul 7 Borrower Questions

pending disbursement

Mohon pencerahan mengenai pending disbursement .. ini pengajuan ke 5 saya di zidhisa dan baru kali ini saya mengalami hal ini.. mungkinkah ada masa...

4 Jul 6 Indonesia