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Limit pinjaman zidisha

Berapa limit pinjaman zidisha ya..kok saya dapat pinjaman cuma 10rb..memang segitu atau gmn..

3 Jul 12 Indonesia

Request for My Credit risk payment of my previous loan

Helo managment team, am done with the payment of my previous loan and i have a credit risk deductions of 66 Ghana cedis. Pls how do i apply for thi...

4 Jul 12 Borrower Questions

My loan progess

Am now worried about my loan progress. It was 82% funded, days remaining 2. But unfortunately, "it has decreased to 56%" what may be the problem?

1 Jul 12 Borrower Questions

Gross revenue

How to indicate gross revenue am trying to apply for a loan and it keeps saying gross revenue is required

3 Jul 12 Borrower Questions

How to know my next credit limit

Hello. How do i know my next credit limit. Its not reflecting on my page

1 Jul 12 Borrower Questions

Request for another Loan

I recently just joined Zidisha, i was given a small starting loan which i am already almost done paying. My question is how long does it take for m...

2 Jul 11 Borrower Questions

Repayment Status

Awesome. Madam Julia and her team have fixed the problem. I have successfully been credited all payments that were pending and received a bonus as...

2 Jul 11 Borrower Questions

Deactivate my Zidisha account

Please am requesting my account at zidisha platform to be deleted with immediate effect since impatient to wait for disbursement that long.

2 Jul 11 Borrower Questions

Zidisha invalid merchant on MTN

I am trying to pay back my loan instalment but whenever I enter ZIDISHA as merchant, it says invalid merchant. What could be the problem?

3 Jul 11 Borrower Questions

pinjaman ke dua

pinjaman saya yg kedua kenapa ada tulisannya "groos revenue harus diisi" padahal sudah saya isi semua kenapa ya? mohon bantuannya terima kasih

1 Jul 11 Indonesia

Indonesia disbursement banks / Bank pencairan pinjaman

Previously, loan disbursements could only be sent to BCA bank accounts in Indonesia. We are now able to disburse loans to any of the following ban...

16 Jul 10 Announcements

Tentang pengajuan pinjaman

Saya mau mengajukan pinjaman kembali.pada saat saya SDH memilih cicilan dan harinya saya klik lanjut knp ada tulisan give Gross harus diisi.itu mak...

1 Jul 10 Indonesia

Loan funds have not entered the account

Here the payments are due, but the loan funds have not yet entered into account, and I can notify if the loan funds have been sent. thank you

1 Jul 10 Borrower Questions

On time up date

What is currently happening that payments are not updated as soon as they occur unlike before?

3 Jul 10 Borrower Questions

No Credit Limit

I don't get any credit limit on the amount l paid. I have sent a support ticket but l was told some people credit limit are intensionary hidden. ...

9 Jul 10 Borrower Questions

Loan amount

I do not understand my credit score is 10.500 IDR means I apply for a loan only 10.000 RUPIAH yes .. Please explain

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Criteria for members to be highlighted a high risk

What critirium does zidisha use to highlight borrower as high risk?

6 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

Credit Limit

Hi... I have read about the on-time repayment rate and understood. However, I can't understand why my rate has remained stagnant for such a long de...

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions

bisakah bayar cicilan menggunakan rekening BNI orang lain?

saya baru daftar ke zidisha dan mendapat pinjaman sebesar 15rb, nah saya mau membayar tapi tidak punya rekening BNI, apakah saya bisa membayar pinj...

4 Jul 9 Indonesia

I chose the wrong destination bank.

Please help me wrong select bank destination loan but no my account is correct. Can anyone help?

1 Jul 9 Borrower Questions