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A space for borrowers to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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A space for lenders to post questions about how Zidisha works.

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The main forum for Zidisha-related topics.

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Announcements by Zidisha staff.

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If it's not about Zidisha, it's here.

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Untuk anggota di Indonesia, dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

1295 Jul 22
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Tidak bisa mengisi komentar untuk anggota yg terlambat

Dear rekan2 Mohon bantuannya saya mentor yg sedang memberikan komentar kepada anggota2 yang terlambat. Namun dari 15 anggota yg terlambat ada ...

2 Jul 15 Indonesia

Cara Ganti No Rekening

Mohon bantuannya cara menganti no rekening gimana ya? karena pinjaman saya cair langsung masuk kerekening yg lama..

2 Jul 15 Indonesia


Knp sya transfer untuk pelunasan ga bsa ya 2 kali atm time out trus maksudnya apa , apa krena belum waktunya lunas apa krena atm ga da sinyal.....

2 Jul 15 Indonesia

Review from staff

Why is this review mentee long time once. I have been writing since the 28th but not yet reviewed by the staff.

1 Jul 14 Volunteer Mentors

Delay in posting Ghana payments

We are experiencing a delay in posting repayments and sending disbursements in Ghana, due to a technical change MTN has made to their payment platf...

86 Jul 14 Announcements

Application Error

I have updated the latest zidisha apk update, but why is still having trouble while doing the loan application

4 Jul 14 Borrower Questions


Kindly dont disburse the loan that is pending disbursement, as i will be going on a journey outside. Thank you I will rejoin when back

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

Martha Nyambura Mwega - Kenya/Clothing Sales

I have loaned funds to this woman, however, her loan application does not come up when I search Kenya/Clothing Sales. I see it is expiring in 2 day...

22 Jul 14 Lender Questions

Wait-listed loans

As the volume of loan applications continues to grow faster than the supply of lending capital, we have begun wait-listing some loan applications. ...

54 Jul 14 Announcements

Zidisha is Awesome until...

......it comes to when as a borrower, your proposal expires for 3 consecutive times without funding. That is my story. There are different factors...

11 Jul 14 Open Forum

weekly repayments.

Hi,i recently applied for a loan,then noted that there are some changes in the repayment schedule.my schedules have fixed weekly repayments,eg rep...

3 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

Adjust repayment option option

Hello all, has anyone here experience this, absence of adjustment option? I really want to adjust my repayment but I can't find the adjustment ...

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

fixed weekly repayments.

Hi all,humbly requesting if the amounts for weekly repayments are no longer adjustable or its a technical error.thanks

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

I need loan of 7000

I need a loan of 7000 ksh but you guys only gave me 12 ksh

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

loan repayment.

Hi Zidisha. I cleared my loan yesterday and today i received a mail reminding me to repay my loan. What could be the problem? From my account,it st...

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

forth of thanks to my lenders and all zidisha team's

am thanking you of my loan i happy giving me loan even though you don't know me, give me job in Kenya

2 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

Next loan

Hello am unable to apply for my next loan what can I do

10 Jul 14 Borrower Questions

My credit limit does not show

Unlike everyone else, my credit limit does not show on my page. Why is it so?

1 Jul 13 Borrower Questions

can not refund

I can not refund because I do not have a bank

2 Jul 13 Borrower Questions


dash like this why yes. you have made too many proposals in no time. please wait a while before making a loan proposal again .. please help

2 Jul 13 Borrower Questions