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Membatalkan pinjaman

Saya ingin membatalkan pinjaman

1 May 12 Indonesia

my dashboard

I apply for loan for a couples of days now and my dashboard was showing your loan is now on pending review and when approved it will be showing to...

4 May 11 Borrower Questions

Why I can confirm

Mlm sya want tnya nih, why kok fund sya blm liquid yah..pda thing sya dpat confirm email email sdah liquid ..

2 May 11 Borrower Questions


I please reconfirm about my borrowing. Because I feel objected, bigger payment from loan given.payment.IDR.182.352. while I receive.IDR. 23.235. wh...

2 May 11 Borrower Questions

Kelebihan pembayaran pelunasan

Saya cisero ahmad.. Tanggal 5 mei saya membayar cicilan akan tetapi tidak mengurangi pinjaman karena tidak masuk kredit.. Kemudian saya transper la...

2 May 11 Indonesia


I am Hellen,i finished paying my loan on 10th may,but i am still given 1283 instead of 1604 kes.please help.Thank you.

1 May 11 Borrower Questions

Credit risk payments are refundable to borrowers

Based on feedback from lenders and borrowers, we have opted to make the required credit risk payments refundable to borrowers, in the same way that...

45 May 11 Announcements

Bagaimana caranya membayar angsuran dengan m bca

Selamat pagi, maaf saya mau tanya kalau misalkan saya mau bayar angsuran dengan rekening bca lain apakah bisa ga?

4 May 10 Indonesia


It is getting to two weeks now and my loan is still pending disbursement. What actually is happening?

6 May 10 Borrower Questions

Refund of credit risk payment.

Good evening. I just learnt the credit risk payment can be refunded to the borrower once the loan is fully repaid. How can I get my own back?

2 May 10 Borrower Questions

MLF not appearing and my credit limit stargnant

Am kindly requesting for MLF which is not appearing to my loans. Also my credit limit is stuck at the same point for 3 times and l have been payin...

5 May 9 Borrower Questions

My credit limit

Hey my Zidisha family N Paul, I joined Zidisha for the last 4 years now and am very happy for the countinued support you have given me my life and ...

1 May 9 Borrower Questions

Mata uang

Saya nasabah baru biasanya pencairan dana mata uang apa

1 May 9 Indonesia


Dear Zidisha Team, I wish to change my phone number which I used in registering Zidisha to my former phone which which also bears my name.This has ...

6 May 9 Borrower Questions

The app is never funded

It"s 2x filed but never funded, please guidance it so that my application can be fully funded thanks.

1 May 8 Borrower Questions

I want to apply for a new loan but get an error message

Good morning,I want to apply for a new loan but keeps getting an error message when uploading my picture,what might be the problem, kindly assist.

3 May 8 Borrower Questions

Delay of funding a loan

Loan funding has delayed. May l know from from the team if the loan could be funded when will that be ready? I want to invite someone but l can't ...

2 May 8 Borrower Questions

Credit limit

Hello,am invited by a friend only to qualify for KES 37. I didn't know this until after accepting the loan. This amount is too little and will not ...

2 May 8 Borrower Questions

Quaetion about credit limit

Good Morning, My loan repayment rate score is 100%. in spite of this my next credit limit has been reviewed downwards. May I know why? I am expec...

4 May 8 Borrower Questions

Cara Pembayaran pinjaman melalui M BCA

Selamat siang.. pembayaran angsuran saya jatuh tempo hari ini.. pada tanggal 5 saya sudah melakukan pembayaran melalui M BCA.. saya mengikuti intru...

2 May 8 Indonesia