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Credit risk payments

Starting this week, new loans will be asked to make a 10% credit risk payment into the Members Loan Fund. Zidisha is a nonprofit organization, a...

93 Dec 4

Technical error causing borrower account declines

A technical error has caused some borrower accounts to be incorrectly declined over the past three days. Please accept my sincere apologies for th...

43 Dec 3

Credit risk payments are refundable to borrowers

Based on feedback from lenders and borrowers, we have opted to make the required credit risk payments refundable to borrowers, in the same way that...

56 Nov 28

Wait-listed loans

As the volume of loan applications continues to grow faster than the supply of lending capital, we have begun wait-listing some loan applications. ...

56 Oct 5

Why loan applications may not be funded immediately

Zidisha is not a bank, but a marketplace that brings together lenders and borrowers who wish to raise loans. Sometimes there is more lending c...

55 Sep 25

Delay in posting Ghana payments

We are experiencing a delay in posting repayments and sending disbursements in Ghana, due to a technical change MTN has made to their payment platf...

87 Aug 30

Duration limitation for reducing installments

When installment amounts are reduced, the reduced installment amount now applies to a limited number of installments rather than for all installmen...

24 Aug 7

Fundraising period now starts after loans pass staff review

Starting today, the fundraising period of fourteen days does not start until after a loan has been successfully reviewed by our team. This is ...

35 Aug 6

Indonesia disbursement banks / Bank pencairan pinjaman

Previously, loan disbursements could only be sent to BCA bank accounts in Indonesia. We are now able to disburse loans to any of the following ban...

16 Jul 10

Optional MLF payments replaced with credit risk payments

Now that new loans carry required credit risk payments into the Members Loan Fund (https://goyimei.info/forum-thread/1629), most new loan applic...

29 Jun 7

Temporary reduction in lending capital

Lending from Zidisha-managed donation accounts is currently reduced due to the discovery of technical errors which had allowed lending to exceed av...

65 May 8

Borrowers can now accept partially funded loans

Up until now, loan applications that were only partially funded by the fundraising deadline have been expired. Starting today, borrowers have the ...

51 Apr 24

Forum moving to Zidisha website

Starting this week, the Forum will be moving to within the Zidisha website: https://goyimei.info/forums. We believe the new forum will bett...

42 Jan 23

Indonesia repayment service (Rekening virtual di Indonesia)

Our payment service provider in Indonesia, Xendit, has just informed us that BCA bank is no longer able to provide the virtual account service that...

30 Dec 30
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