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Volunteering To Mentor

I want to be a volunteer mentor. I have requesting for this many ma many times, in vain

2 Mar 21

Credit limit

My purpose of joining Zidisha is to get a loan to buy vehicle for marketing my products but my credit limit indicate that it will take me about mon...

8 Mar 21

High credit risk charges

Will goyimei.info refund the money if I am not interested to get another loan?

1 Mar 21

loan repayment

NCJ9M2WTIB Confirmed. Ksh1,000.00 sent to Zidisha Inc. the above is the receipt for payment of my loan instalment kindly effect for me thanks

1 Mar 21

Volunteer Mentor

I am interested in becoming a volunteer Mentor and wish to receive more information. Thank you

2 Mar 20

End of membership

John Bimpong Accra, Ghana Dear Sir/ Madam Please assist me to council my current loan application and end my Zidisha Microfinance membership, ...

1 Mar 20

The thread "I want to request for my credit risk" has been moved to the Borrower Questions forum.

2 Mar 20


Interested in becoming a volunteer mentor in this organization

2 Mar 19

Premium Membership Credit Limit

Upon premium Membership, what is the credit limit and can it be increased to suit an individual?

3 Mar 19

volunteer mentor page missing

I am a 3 years volunteer mentor, recently I got sick and missed to participate for some few wks and have now found my volunteer mentor page missing...

1 Mar 17

The loan is stopped

to the zidisha team, loans in Indonesia have been temporarily suspended, 6 months of loans in Indonesia have been suspended, why did the Zidisha te...

1 Mar 17

Loan Disbursement Period

How long does it take to disburse an approved loan after acceptance of the loan?

2 Mar 16


You said that when you refer someone, she/he qualifies for a loan minimum ksh 2000.but i referred a friend but she only qualifies for ksh 60, what ...

2 Mar 15

Premium Membership

Good day friends. I will like to appreciate Director Julia and her team for this great initiative. I have some questions. I invited someone to joi...

1 Mar 15


An interested in becoming a volunteer mentor

1 Mar 15

Interest in becoming volunteer mentor

I would like to apply for becoming volunteer mentor. I am willing to do mentorship job. Thanks zidisha team.

2 Mar 14

Credit risk payment

Do we have to pay credit risk payment in all the loans you go or what is the alternative of not paying it

3 Mar 14


I have paid for premium but I don't know how it works

4 Mar 14

Question about credit limit and deduction on risk payment

I saw a massage on my dashboard yesterday that my credit limit has increase to #54,000. After paying my last loan, I make another loan proposal on...

2 Mar 13

credit risk payment refund

I would like my credit risk payment of the previous loan refunded.

1 Mar 13

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