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Fully funded loans are not being distributed, Ghana

Hey, I´m new here but I've given out several loans already, some have started paying back, most have funded fully and will start paying later. But...

10 May 20

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

44 May 20

Loans to Senegal

Dear Zidisha, Hope you are doing well today. In the past I have been lending funds to people in Sénégal with great repayment stats. Today howev...

3 May 20

Funds transfer

Is there a way to add funds to my lending account other than by credit card, say by an electronic funds tranfer from my bank? I have become very le...

4 May 18

Payments showing as -

Hi I sent and e mail to service, but I haven't heard back. All the payments are showing as minus instead of payments. I am supposed to have 19 d...

3 Apr 30

Why don't I get notified when my borrowers get a new loan

Hi- I have flagged to be notified when one of my borrowers ask for a new loan, but I never get an email. Thanks

4 Apr 27

Does the lender receive an interest?

What is the point of lending if you don't receive interest on the money you lend people while the service fee is 5%?

8 Apr 27

Summary of active money and current loans

How can I see how much money that is still "active" of the money I've lent? I can't find a proper summary. It seems there are hundreds of people t...

9 Apr 27

Add a limit to loan repayment time

I recently made a loan to a borrower requesting a repayment period of several months (I don't remember exactly what the length was). Now, when I l...

13 Apr 21

Is there a "support ticket" for lenders?

All of a sudden, my transaction history is showing a page full of NEGATIVE BALANCES. This is new, and must be a mistake somewhere. Very dishearte...

8 Apr 20

Showing negative balance

Once again, I have a negative balance showing. Can you correct this ASAP as I can't lend to anyone until this is sorted.

5 Apr 12

Loan issue?

Hello, I lent $3 on a loan here. I received 3 repayments that totaled: $2.33. How is the loan totally repaid? Amount Repaid: $2.33 Amount R...

19 Apr 8

inaccurate data showing about past loans

Tonight I have already found on the sites of two fundraising sites wildly inaccurate data on past loans. Specifically in the list of loans the mo...

5 Apr 8

Should fees be charged for any MLF contribution by borrower?

EDIT ON 20180330: Note that borrower can get back any MLF contribution as long as all loans have been paid back fully. While this still does not ...

9 Mar 30

How does a loan expire when it's 100% funded? The money was returned to me as an expired loan, yet it shows as 100% f...

26 Mar 25

MLF payment to increase a borrowers credit limit

I see a lot of comments of borrowers who are complaining that they haven’t received the full requested loan amount. In all cases they have chosen t...

17 Mar 24

What is the criteria for "staff picks" ?

The default filter on the projects page is the staff picks. What is this and is there any data on whether these are more likely to get funded?

3 Mar 24

Transfer funds not working?

Hello, for several days it is not possbile to transfer funds via Credit Card. Regards, Holger

10 Mar 18