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engagement with Zidisha

Does anyone from Zidisha read the posts we make in the lenders forum?

7 Jan 14

Why is my previous post not showing here?

I posted some time ago but never see it on the board.

1 Jan 13

can't see how much I have loaned under new UI

When I go to "Your Impact" page - all my loans and no detail of how much I have lent each borrower. Please, please, please can we have this fea...

5 Jan 2

Why Africa Only?

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but for the last few months the only borrowers I see in my feed are from Africa, mostly Nigeria and Kenya. I woul...

6 Jan 2

Does the lender receive an interest?

What is the point of lending if you don't receive interest on the money you lend people while the service fee is 5%?

9 Jan 1

christmas gift

how can i offer a gift card and make sure the funds will be used for a NON withdrawable account?

1 Dec 23

4 of my loans just returned - without any records

This is getting frustrating. Just found that 4 of my loans got returned. Worse, it removes all records of my contribution. I could trace it only be...

4 Dec 15

Missing option to sell loan to Member Loan Fund

I have noticed that the option to transfer a delinquent loan to the member loan fund no longer exists. For example, this loan is behind in payments...

3 Dec 15

Fully funded loans are not being distributed, Ghana

Hey, I´m new here but I've given out several loans already, some have started paying back, most have funded fully and will start paying later. But...

20 Dec 14

Loans made without my authorization

I came in to take some of the money out due to accounting problems with payments being discounted instead of added to my account, and found the mon...

6 Dec 4

Have the policy and practices changed?

Aug 31, 2018 This is a message on Julius Karithi's page. Have the loan policies changed? "Hello I am so shocked by the rate on whic...

9 Nov 27

How does a loan expire when it's 100% funded?

https://goyimei.info/loan/office-renovation-for-block-making-business The money was returned to me as an expired loan, yet it shows as 100% f...

33 Nov 25

Why do borrowers pay back immediately, then post a new loan?

I have seen the following happen several times. 1. A loan gets funded with an extended repayment period, say 12 or 24 months 2. Within a few we...

58 Nov 24

Fellow lenders, can you help fulfill this loan completely?

post deleted by author...

8 Nov 16

Not showing up in Browse Projects?

I've partially funded this loan, but it doesn't show up in the Browse Projects. Just wondering why. I'll probably go ahead and fund the rest beca...

5 Nov 13

Low number of loans available to fund

Hi there, I've really enjoyed lending through Zidisha. It is nice to have direct contact with the people that are benefiting from my micro-lendi...

30 Nov 10

lender account types

Is it possible to change lender account types?

7 Oct 27

Loans that are not repaid

When a loan goes unpaid for a certain amount of time, the lender is given the option of "Receive Advance Repayment". This is good but I was wonder...

3 Oct 23