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Difficult is his submission at this time

Why my submission at this time is very difficult at danas when I always on time payment is always good Her friend suggestion

1 Dec 17

Member loan fund

Hey members. My fellow borrowers is it possible to be refunded the member loan fund I deposited with zidisha to access high credit

4 Dec 17

I need technical assistance

My dashboard is not showing apply for a new loan button on my profile. It is instead showing my third loan that I have completed it's payments . Th...

1 Dec 17

Difficult is his submission at this time

I have repeatedly tried to go back for loan application why is now much more difficult for his in his acc by donors when my payment is very good .....

1 Dec 17

Re: Absence of National Identity card but i use my passport

I am a Tanzania National married to a Kenyan citizen, i have a marriage certificate an independent pass, so in our country we don't have National i...

1 Dec 17

Loam Repayment reminder

Ive paid my instalments till December 24th. Ive just received another email from zidisha saying that my instalment is due today. Whats happening?

1 Dec 17


I'm asking if it is accepted to pay loan daily, hourly and any amount from Ksh10 and above? Or its mandatory to pay the stated day of the week and ...

1 Dec 16

account closed with no clarity

what caused my account to close on 29 november 2017 at cell no bil a / n abdul aziz click, while I have paid full my first loan and mlf payment the...

7 Dec 16

Cant confirm my funding loan

Please the ID picture is still at my page. Due to this I cant confirm my loan funded

2 Dec 15


when someone has finish paying back they loan they should wait for a mouth or 3 weeks to get the next loan by doing this other people can apply ...

2 Dec 15


whether the loan with mlf is separated from the loan without mlf

1 Dec 15

30 day is not good

this is not good a friend told me that i can get a loan in a week but talking of 30 days!!!!! it's much

1 Dec 15


How do i replace my old cellphone number with the new one ?

3 Dec 15

loan not funded

how long does the waiting list take?

1 Dec 15

Early deposit money

I have paid all my debts. My initial deposit was about 7 jt more. But on second lend I was rejected. And now sy is filing. If this is rejected lg i...

1 Dec 14

My application

I was surprise to see my application turned down after funding. I got to hear that,my application was not part of the accepted ones for funding. I ...

2 Dec 14


My name is Seydina Ibrahima DIAGNE I am a member of Zidisha and I have always honored my commitments regarding repayments, and I would like to know...

2 Dec 14

Unable to access the app

Since the Zidisha app is inaccessible, is there any other way of applying for a loan? It is now two weeks since I completed the previous loan.

2 Dec 14

my mlf fund repayment

i paid my mlf fund of 300 cedis today , december 17 but the message sent tome was that my balance was 911 cedis whilst online it should be 230 ghan...

1 Dec 14