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Project funding request.

Hi Zidisha . I am new here. How do I go about getting my project funded? Its palm kernel supply and processing. I'm from Nigeria.

1 Nov 19

fully funded and Accepted for disbursement Expired

Dear zidisha, I dont things are working well in the system. My loan was fully funded immediately it was posted. After accepting and waiting for dis...

1 Nov 18

Fully Funded loan and Accepted Now Expired

Hello Zidisha Team, My Loan which has been fully funded as soon as i posted it and accepted it has now expired according to the system. How come a ...

1 Nov 18

new not getting founded

Hello zidisha I wanted to ask why my new loan is not getting founded but others are getting founded help me thank you

3 Nov 18

Fully Funded loan Expired

Dear zidisha team, my Loan was fully funded immediately i posted it and i accepted. I later received a message that my loan has expired without bee...

1 Nov 18

loan funding

Hello zidisha team... Kindly note that am worried a bout my loan being funded, its now a bout nine days left for my full time funding, but my fund...

5 Nov 18

Support ticket

Please zidisha team, the support ticket no longer appears on my dashboard. Please may I know the reason?

2 Nov 18

New membership loan credit limit

Hello family, What is the current new membership loan credit limit?

2 Nov 18

About the cost of acceleration

Acceleration fee for a particular account ..

2 Nov 18

Applying for a new loan

Why was my next loan reduced from 9500/_ to 1575 /- and yet I have paid even the members loan fund. Can it be increased.

3 Nov 18

Accepted Fully Funded Loan Expired

Dear Team, Am a new member, My loan was fully funded, After accepting, and they say it will be disburse to me within a week, it has now expired and...

1 Nov 18


I took aloan from you this month and I choose the option to pay it in a period of 1 month. Now your telling me that i should hold the loan until no...

1 Nov 18

Amount not credited to my account.

Hellow over there. Am hereby requesting for my money to be credited to my account. I paid ksh.345 on 2nd november 2017 then I paid ksh.650 on 9th...

2 Nov 18


Kindly zidisha team. I need to know. I red that if I clear my loan before Dec 8, I will get a higher loan limit. I did that today. ( cleared) ...

1 Nov 18


Hello Zidisha family, Just want to find out the procedure for one to become a volunteer. I have been i lending industry for over seven years and...

2 Nov 18

Account Deletion

How do i delete my Zidisha Account.?

1 Nov 17

Lost Of mobile number

Please, I have lost my mobile number that I used to register my account. This has made it difficult for me to make payment for the past two weeks. ...

6 Nov 17

Loan expiring and loan progession not showing

Dear Zidisha Team My loan is still stack at 0% but it is it's a bit funded and I have 2 days left before it expires. Am worried because most of...

2 Nov 17

Dear lenders, help me please

I hope my loan is fast-paced

3 Nov 17