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my payment column not active

Please my repayment is due but am unable to make repayment upon trying several tines help me out.

1 Jun 30

Credit limit problem

Please I have maintained my repayment on time, then my credit limit is taken off. Please hard working Zidisha Team and Madam Julia look into for me

1 Jun 30

Please zidisha

I have not received any money

2 Jun 28


I made late payment and I apologize for that,,you listed my account in CRB. Kindly I request you to help me so I cabe removed CRB please. Thank you

1 Jun 28

Request for deactivation of my account

My name is Tom, I'm making my request that you kindly close and deactivate my account and my membership. Joined using my email address, [email protected]

1 Jun 28


paid all due amounts,crb not updated yet

1 Jun 28

Mentor volunteer

My mentor's line is unavailable . please change me the volunteer coz its not helping me .

1 Jun 28

Want to join

I made membership of 40GH but unable to continue my application

1 Jun 28


Kindly how do I get my account shut down and my membership fee reimbursed.([email protected])

1 Jun 28

Payment of loan

Please l am requesting for my risk credit to be use to settle my loan since l am not able to pay my loan.Thanks

1 Jun 28

Premium updating not done

I made payment of #3000 for premium update, but it has not been effected

2 Jun 27

Account activation

My Name is Vetelo. I have duly paid my 1,000ksh for my account activation. Kindly Look into it as i wish to submit my proposal. my number is 072323...

2 Jun 27


Hi Julia, Hope you're fine. kindly do the maths for me to clear your debt. As far as am concern credit risk fee was met to settle loan in times de...

5 Jun 27

Oyeleye contacted

Dear, kindly note that he has been contacted & promised to pay. Thanks. Julius.

1 Jun 27