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timely repayment increase

I was told if my loan is repayed by 11 june I will get a timely repayment increase, of 3000 but I was never given one after I paid my loan before...

25 Oct 14

late loan updates

I think that immediately u process the loans even if u it takes a couple of days that's when u should start counting repayment days,suppose I neede...

1 Oct 14

late loan updates

Am confused where the loan I applied went since its not on my safaricom account,will u count the days that I will not have received if it fails tod...

1 Oct 14

Disbursement of funds

almost 2 weeks my loan that has been funded has not entered the account, how is the last update between Zidisha & ojk?

1 Oct 14

My telephone number

How would I change my number?

1 Oct 14

Gross revenue

How to indicate gross revenue am trying to apply for a loan and it keeps saying gross revenue is required

5 Oct 13