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I have finished paying my loan in full and no space for me to reapply for another loan but only telling me to post comments for those who are with ...

2 Aug 8


I want to know the benefit of credit risk

1 Aug 8

My account wasn't approved

I have made a fully repayment and my application hasn't being approved. Why ..I have every details to be correct and original. Why is it that my lo...

1 Aug 7

Application not approved 100% credit score

on the written dashboard the loan is not approved even though the credit score is 100%, even though this is the 8th loan, it starts to join zidisha...

1 Aug 7

Pending review

How many days does loan take to be reviewed? Mine has stayed for so long it has not been published what is the reasons?

2 Aug 7


MLF has not been appearing for me to contribute.please help me solve.

2 Aug 7

Difficulty in applying

I've been trying to publish my loan application but always I got feedback something went wrong with winedish collor at background. Please may I ...

1 Aug 7

Delete my account

Dear you, How can I delete my account with permanent? I try to contact the team support but none of them can I find. so, Need information. Ma...

1 Aug 7

Loan application

We are sorry, your loan application was not approved. Plesase what does it mean? I am a business person and l will repay all my loans. I want to us...

2 Aug 6

Why do you deduct credit risk limit from my credit limit?

Hi zidisha staff, why do you deduct credit risk limit from the credit limit when someone asks for the refund .You deducted mine and stated it as me...

2 Aug 6

this is not good

Hello everyone. Am new here at zidisha a friend told me about this organization and it's a good organization but am very disappointed with the star...

3 Aug 6

My loan was not funded.

Hello , I have been paying my loan on time but anytime I try to reapply, I get a lot of challenges. My loan was supposed to be funded in June but...

3 Aug 6

Send invites

Please I would like to know when is a member eligible to invite people to Zidisha? As in how long does it take for a new member to qualify?

3 Aug 6

Credit risk fee

It is a must that one has to pay credit risk fee? and if it's not a must how can one be exempted from this?

2 Aug 6

Delete account

Kindly help, how do I delete my account?

1 Aug 6