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when someone has finish paying back they loan they should wait for a mouth or 3 weeks to get the next loan by doing this other people can apply ...

2 Dec 15


whether the loan with mlf is separated from the loan without mlf

1 Dec 15

30 day is not good

this is not good a friend told me that i can get a loan in a week but talking of 30 days!!!!! it's much

1 Dec 15


How do i replace my old cellphone number with the new one ?

3 Dec 15

loan not funded

how long does the waiting list take?

1 Dec 15

Early deposit money

I have paid all my debts. My initial deposit was about 7 jt more. But on second lend I was rejected. And now sy is filing. If this is rejected lg i...

1 Dec 14

My application

I was surprise to see my application turned down after funding. I got to hear that,my application was not part of the accepted ones for funding. I ...

2 Dec 14


My name is Seydina Ibrahima DIAGNE I am a member of Zidisha and I have always honored my commitments regarding repayments, and I would like to know...

2 Dec 14

Unable to access the app

Since the Zidisha app is inaccessible, is there any other way of applying for a loan? It is now two weeks since I completed the previous loan.

2 Dec 14

my mlf fund repayment

i paid my mlf fund of 300 cedis today , december 17 but the message sent tome was that my balance was 911 cedis whilst online it should be 230 ghan...

1 Dec 14


Kindly sort out the issue of the identity card uploading. i have tried several times but its in vain.

3 Dec 14

My ID is failing to upload

My loan application has been unactivated because my I'd card is not clear. Unfortunately whenever I try to upload my I'd card it's failing, what co...

33 Dec 14

do not worry

Referring to the notice of the Director julia kurnia that, now many applications have expired, we are not worried and do not despair, we have the p...

1 Dec 14

Account closed Error

You closed my account and ever since i have been trying to upload my ID but failed. Luckily today i uploaded my ID please reactivate my account.

1 Dec 14

ID upload

Thank you for sorting out the Id issues.

7 Dec 14

ID Uploading

Been told to upload my ID yet there's no option for that how Do I go about that please..Kindly Help

1 Dec 14

SEnd the balance

You can now send the balance my account is limited to 10,000zmw but i withdrew everything so you can send the remainder now

1 Dec 14


MY loan has been funded and the same is for expiry on the 16th December 2017. i have tried up loading my identity card in vain kindly assist its...

1 Dec 14

my loan is fully funded but i cannot contacted my VM

Hello my dear zidisha team my loan is fully funded more than a week now but it is not yet disbursed and i could not contact my VM because his ...

3 Dec 13

funding challenges

We write to let you know that off late the process of funding our loan becomes too much distress, you apply for two good weeks and you expired it b...

5 Dec 13