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How do you apply for a loan? Please info I"m confused. Thx

1 Aug 17

time for review of loans

This is another noted issue of late as after people post their loan, it takes time for Zidisha team to review and post it funding . This is not a g...

5 Aug 17

On-time membership fee.

Hello Dave, Please educate me on this new development. One time membership fee. I just applied for a new loan, I saw this, which has reduced ...

6 Aug 17

Loan application

I would like to apply for a new loan but i can not find anywhere to do so. Please help out.

2 Aug 16

Membership loan fund

I notice in my payment history that a membership loan fund contribution i had made earlier indicates that the amount was refunded on the 19/4/18 w...

2 Aug 16

Procedure to Reduce this Weeks Repayment

Please I can't find an option to change my repayment amount this week. I need assistance please. And is very urgent

2 Aug 16

MLF refund

Please I have payed all my loan requested and I want my MLF to be fund to me

2 Aug 16

Membership Fee

Hello Zidisha,if I pay back my second loan will I be taxed again on the membership fee & Credit risk fee?When I request for the 3rd loan?

2 Aug 16


Why is my current limit is 1203 and it says ksh.12 if i request it

2 Aug 16


Hello, I hereby write to claim my loan disbursement deduction. I applied for 1203 loan but i only received Ksh 22. I have no understanding why it ...

2 Aug 16

Volunteer mentor

Hi, I would like to serve as a volunteer mentor. Kindly advise.

1 Aug 16

Weekly payment reduction

Please how can I reduce my weekly payment amount for this Friday? I can't find any section on my dashboard.

3 Aug 15

Loan not approved

Hey,what's up?..Ive been taking and repaying my loan in time ,but here you are telling me cannot make it.If that's so,let me know please then I see...

1 Aug 15