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Repayment Issue

Please I just repaid my loan and have not received the email to at shows it has been credited to my account..please any help? Thanks you

4 Nov 29

Pending disbursement

I can't get help from anyone? I am still seeing pending disbursement while I have received it last week, for me to pay it back has become problem, ...

1 Nov 29

Access to loan

Good day comred, in applying for a new loan, instead of create a a new proposal, on my dashboard; it is ( load a photo of you in order to reactivat...

1 Nov 29

Awaiting Disbursement

First and foremost, Zidisha is not bank which I am aware of, but it has come to help a lot of people and I am soo excited to be part of the lucky o...

18 Nov 29


I have heard members mention if you request the credit risk deductions after paying all your loans your credit reduces, why is this yet the loans a...

1 Nov 29

Payment not credited

Hello team, I made a repayment of kshs 5000 on Monday 27th November 2018 and has not been credited to my account till now. I then made another paym...

1 Nov 29

Requesting loan

I have been trying to apply for a loan since I repaid my last loan but it's not going through, I get this message from the application, system erro...

1 Nov 28

Loan disbursed not received

I received the loan amount of 371ghs in my account on 16/11/2018 but was reversed back from my account to you on 21/11/2018. Please help me to get ...

1 Nov 28

Loan not disbursed

I vehemently apply for a loan, unfortunately I was not founded and its more than a week now. What shall I do to over come this?

1 Nov 28

loan cancellation

i received a loan of 112 and i want to refund it and cancel it please help

1 Nov 28

Loan repayment adjustment

Am trying to send a ticket to request for loan repayment amount adjusted. Not able to pay full monthly. How do I send the ticket?

2 Nov 28


Please folks I am having a technical problem on my dashboard about me checking periodically to access my next. I really need money to invest in my...

1 Nov 28

New Loan

i am unable to proceed at loan forum to publish. When i press next its not going tpo final publish stage? what is the problem?

1 Nov 28


How do i cancel a loan i intended to apply

1 Nov 28

A / puspita novayanti haryadi.

Sorry for the late payment of my installment now. Because I can"t do the payment right now. Why don"t you pass this account again ...

1 Nov 28

Loan offering

After approving my loan can zidisha fail to give out the loan?

1 Nov 28

Double loan value and no repayment schedule

Please, I created a loan proposal which have been fully funded and disbursed with a double credit value to me and I have not since being provided w...

1 Nov 28

A loan of $1

what can a business man or woman do with a loan of $1 or $10 i can't do this

1 Nov 28

Photo cannot be loaded

For replication of my loan,the photo loaded and save but the dashboard wouldn't open to the next page for me to continue the loan process, what sho...

1 Nov 27