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Non-refundable 5%credit risk to high credit limit entrepreneurs.

I would like to propose if an interest rate could be introduced to high credit limit entrepreneurs that i feel will encourage zidisha lenders that ...

9 May 28

Credit Limit Details Limited.

The details in my credit limit are now shorten. Only the principal amounts are displayed. Any reason?

5 May 28

Duration for reflection of payments on my account

Hello Zidisha, Last year when I was making repayment they reflected on my account almost immediately. But this year this is very stressful as i ...

3 May 26

Credit risk payment

Please I will Like to know the percentage charged on the credit risk. I have been charged 15% of my loan amount. Any explanation or reason?

2 May 26

Identification Verification

Hi Zidisha, kindly assist how l can upload my ID when applying for a new loan. Whenever I try it gives an unknown error. Thanks.

3 May 26

Lost of Number

I have lost my number l registered with zidisha. Unfortunately for me it was not registered with my name .I bought it and somebody did the registra...

11 May 25

credit risk fee overdeducted

Dear Zidisha Team. Please I don't understand these things and i need clarifications. What i know is that Credit risk for every loan is 10% and serv...

3 May 24

Zidisha Lending Program in Burkina Faso

Hi Zidisha Director and Team This is one year now and Zidisha program is stopped in our country. Loan Repayment isn't entry in our Zidisha acco...

6 May 24

excess payment installment

I overpaid the installment to the zidisha because the zidisha asked for the return of the previous payment, while I have paid directly for 2 instal...

3 May 23