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I want to cancel my loan

Reason why to cancel my loan .i was supposed to receive 1203 _(4th)loan but I idont understand why changes me high .imagine u gave sh12 I don't wa...

3 Sep 27


What is MFL and how does it work?

2 Sep 26

Loan not funded

Hello,I love zidisha because it helps me during my emergencies but since you changed your new face nothing is working for me,I applied a loan its n...

2 Sep 26

loan application

Hi members my loan application didnt go through ,Am trying to apply but there is no place for applying Kindly accede to my request

2 Sep 26

Leaving Zidisha

I would like to get a refund of all the money am entitled to when leaving Zidisha, from what I have contributed cause I have no project at hand. It...

6 Sep 26

Repayment adjustment

Hello, I would like to adjust my loan repayment schedule but can't see that option. Please help out.

2 Sep 26


I would like to volunteer and offer business idea improvement and IT-enabled services for Zidisha Family members.

1 Sep 25

Credit Risk Payment

Please am not clear on the Credit risk payment, what it is used for, why do we pay it and weather it is part of interest payment. Thank you

1 Sep 25

Unable to sign up

Dear family, The people I’ve invited to join Zidisha are complaining that, when they try signing up, the account turns to be a lenders account ins...

2 Sep 24

Adjusting repayment schedule

Hello, please help. I would like to adjust my repayment schedule. I can't find that option on my platform .

3 Sep 24

Merchant ID

What is merchant ID. Mtn is not accepting national ID

1 Sep 24

Account Closure

I would like my account to be deleted and stop appearing in Google search results. The fact that this feature is not in place is not ideal - even...

1 Sep 24

Kindly am lacking adjust repayment schedule

Kindly am lacking on my dash board adjust repayment schedule button on my drop down menu on my dash board.

1 Sep 23