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Hi please i need a help my loan has been funded but am having a problem in accepting. when i click on "Accept Loan" i am being asked to send a mess...

5 May 9

Disbursement delayed

It has more than twenty four hours since my loan was accepted but it has not been disbursed. I would like to know why?

1 May 9

Missed on your call

Saw syour missed call a moment ago.Sorry caught me off guard.

1 May 9


Hello zidisha team i called my mentor but he said have called a wrong number. I wanted to ask why my loan is pending review for a week now. Please...

1 May 9

Accepting of loan

I use tigo to make payment of my premium but I can't use to receive my loan

1 May 9

Mpesa payment

Kindly someone assist in reconciling my Mpesa payment. I've emailed, communicated with my mentor and nothing is done.

2 May 8

Credit Score raising

I have sent my mpesa statement to [email protected] but no response yet what is the problem.Please approve my loan application.-nancy wangari mwaura.

8 May 8


Hi Julia, Hope you're fine. kindly do the maths for me to clear your debt. As far as am concern credit risk fee was met to settle loan in times de...

2 May 8

Delayed disbursement of the loan

Zidisha I am still waiting for the money to be disbursed in my account.Its 2 weeks now.please respond

1 May 8

Repayment taking longer to reflect on my account

Hi, i have repaid my second loan but it is taking longer to reflect on my account. Kindly assist.

1 May 8

Premium membership

I have tried to apply anew proposal but I am unable to where this membership fees arising from,help me opt out of that premium,i want to grow slowly

1 May 8


i need zidisha to use the one thausand shillings i paid as premium fees to repay my loan

1 May 8

Loan credit limit

Hello to you all,I have paid my previous loan,But credit limit dint change it still remains the same. Now I am wondering what is going on. Please t...

1 May 8


The amount of money that was disbursed is less than what I was to be funded. I seriously need an explanation I don't understand.

1 May 8

Received less than accumulated credit risk

1. I made a request for my credit risk and I was given less than expected. Moreover, the refund button at the help centre can't be found after the ...

1 May 8