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Technical inquiry

Hi,I have Been trying to open my zidisha dashboard so that I can upload my ID but it's just not opening... Is it a technical error on my phone or o...

2 May 30

The credit limit does not increase when it pays off on time

I wonder why my credit score does not increase? And I paid off on time. And the credit line is also not increased, whereas in the zidisha page is n...

3 May 30


Kindly help me to change the phone number as I used for my friend when registering. I need to register with mine which new and has MTN Mobile servi...

1 May 30

Second loan application not funded

Hello. My second loan application is expiring in three days without being funded. I have always paid my installments on time and never missed even ...

1 May 29


Hi,how do one go around uploading his ID, I have bee trying for the last three days.

1 May 29


My account is dated April 2030 why? and I have started making payments.

3 May 29

On Time Repayment Status

I have realised the repayment status in percentage rates have not being showing on my dashboard of late. Does anyone have response to this?

3 May 29

loan not received

Iredi, your account profile shows you only registered today! As your dashboard says, disbursements are normally received within a week of accepti...

1 May 29

Non-refundable 5%credit risk to high credit limit entrepreneurs.

I would like to propose if an interest rate could be introduced to high credit limit entrepreneurs that i feel will encourage zidisha lenders that ...

9 May 28

Credit Limit Details Limited.

The details in my credit limit are now shorten. Only the principal amounts are displayed. Any reason?

5 May 28