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Loan not approve

My loan has been pending for two weeks now for zidisha staff review, please how long does it has to take for the review? Please help me members

1 Oct 1

Loan not approved for funding

I would like to know why my loan is not approved for funding yet I paid all the loan I owed zidishs.please help me

6 Oct 1

disbursement of loan

Hi, applied for a loan about 4days ago I have not yet received after how long can I wait for the disbursement of loan?

3 Sep 30

Receiving of funds

Hello? I am from Kenya and it’s my first rime on Zidisha. I did everything as instructed but the funds are yet to be sent on my mobile money. It is...

1 Sep 30

disbursement of new loan

hello please i have finished making payment of my first loan and i need a new load ,i will like to kno if am to re apply again or automatically t...

3 Sep 30


Good afternoon,please how can I apply for my second loan?

2 Sep 29

Loan Disbursement

For disbursement to Kenya borrowers,can Zidisha use paypal for quicker processing.. borrowers can easily withdraw into their account using mobile p...

1 Sep 29

Membership fund and loan disbursement

Hi, I asked for a loan of Ksh 2500 and was deducted 1000 shillings as membership fund . Why deduct almost half of the amount of loan and will it be...

2 Sep 29

Loan Disbursement

My loan disbursement always takes less than 48hrs,is there anyone experiencing delay?Its been a week since I received the disbursement message but ...

1 Sep 29

Paying My Outstanding Loan

Hello Zidisha I would like to pay my loan but am unable because I don't understand the procedure.May you please help me with a a paybill and Accoun...

2 Sep 29

Technical Error

Hi Please I have submitted a support ticket exactly 8 days today, but as at now no one has attended to my plea. I have had a problem with my M...

3 Sep 28

Joint project funding

Is there a way to fund a single project done by two people or a group of people?

1 Sep 28

mobile number problem

The mtn number l use to apply for the loan that is 0242834587 is having a problem l want to use a different mtn number that is 0554552327 to repay ...

4 Sep 28

Repayment Not Credited

Good morning to zidisha family. My little concern this morning is that the repayment I did last Friday, 21st September hasn't been credited to my ...

2 Sep 27

credit risk payments

Hey team, am a zidisha active borrower and I don't understand about credit risk payments. Today I have been going through some projects on loan pa...

2 Sep 27