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Rick fee

Please how can I claim my credit risk fee?

4 Dec 6

request urgent intervantion money not credited to my account

Hello there? please i have repaid my loan using a different number which is also mine and it has not reflected yet so urging an urgent intervention...

1 Dec 6

Credit Risk refund

I am following up on the credit risk refund for my previous repaid loan.

2 Dec 6

Risk fee

Please can I claim all the risk fee deducted from my loan till date, or zidisha will refund only the current risk fee if I request for it?

4 Dec 6


Is there a different between when you pay 1000 for membership and the other without registration fee!!

2 Dec 6


I am based in Kenya, I am trying to do loan repayment to Zidisha but I am receiving an error. Kindly let me know the procedure of paying through...

2 Dec 6

Loan Application

Dear goyimei.info. I did not finish my aplication well what do i do next?

12 Dec 6

Loan not disbursed after 11 days

My loan was fully funded and accepted on the 25th of November 2018. Unfortunately up to now it hasn't been disbursed. I opened a support ticket and...

1 Dec 5

Loan not going through

Why lenders my loan is not reaching the published level instead it goes back to dashboard proposal every time I apply please tell me the main probl...

1 Dec 5

New loan

Today is the second day I am creating a new loan proposal but I can't move past the second step.whats the problem?

2 Dec 5


You told me that my loan limit is 1500/= after depositing 1000,and now you only are lending 500/= wat could be the problem

1 Dec 5


Hello Zidisha I am unable to proceed with my loan application process. When I press NEXT BUTTON nothing happens on it does not open the next page...

1 Dec 5

loan repayment

i was asking if i ca repay my loan in full with single installment and if yes will i be able to post a new loan proposal ?

1 Dec 5

Photo cannot be loaded

Creating a new loan proposal has become so difficult, what is actually happening? Madam Juliet is mute, can she please talk to us? I have been t...

1 Dec 5

Zidisha has not received my funds

I paid my loan back but has not been received by zidisha, so I can't apply for another loan

7 Dec 5


I will like to know if is possible for a borrower to make all payments in the last week of repayment schedule?Example I have 3 weeks to make paymen...

2 Dec 5

Repayment Not Credited to Accounts

I and one of my invites have made repayment through the old process if I may say so, but the repayments have not been credited into our accounts. ...

1 Dec 4

Why can"t you cheer again?

After taking a break for a while I wanted to cheer again but why did I go back to the start page every time instead?

1 Dec 4