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Loan been weeks without disbursement

Hello Dave, my loan has been on weeks without disbursement. I confirmed my loan on May 26, exactly a week now. What is going on?

8 Jun 2


I have just received a mail that my loan application has "expired without being fully funded". I don't understand, please explain...

7 Jun 2

review my account

We regret to inform you that your Zidisha account has been closed, because we have discovered that your account was involved in inaccurate informat...

6 Jun 2


i am raising the same issue again. i understand that zidisha might be having a shortage of staff. but that does not justify pending loans taking mo...

3 Jun 2

partial loan funded problem

my loan was partially funded of 46% out of GHS 2286 which i received amount of GHS 1,019 as my partial loan disbursed which i though the rema...

17 Jun 1

Drastic Reduction in Page Followers

Hello I've had series of complains from my friends in Ghana concerning reduction in Zidisha page followers (lenders) over the past weeks. On 23/...

17 Jun 1


i was told if i pay my loan by 11 june,my credit limit would increase by 3000, but that is not so,i paid the loan by 26 may but the early repayment...

5 Jun 1

payments not reflecting....

Payed yesterday morning hours but till now is not reflecting in my account. . FIRST PAYMENT 31/5/2018 date 5:17 am time MEV5O...

2 Jun 1

re loan posting error

hi i am unable to confirm my loan application for posting what could be the problem

3 Jun 1

Technical error on my dashboard

My dashboard shows that I have made many loan applications, so I have to wait a while to make another new submission, so how long will it take for ...

1 Jun 1

Invite loan limits

Hi kindly advise me on the starting loan limit for new members who have invites

2 May 31


Hi,i just wanted to know how i can go back and send you a clear picture of my I.d card so that I can activate my loan.thanks in advance.

6 May 31