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How do i get back Credit Risk Payment?

Dear Zidisha, i have been paying credit risk fee for long now but before i was told that it will get it back when i finish paying the loan. Am kind...

2 Aug 11

Volunteer mentor

Hello what do i do To become a VM?? I rilly wonna volunteer for that

5 Aug 11

Loan review

How many days do you take to review a loan application.

1 Aug 11


My first loan was fully repaid. I was awarded ksh2500 as credit limit. When I applied yesterday, credit limit dropped to 1500. After submission, am...

2 Aug 11

Loan not approved for funding.

Hi, I finish paying my last loan but when I posted a new loan application it was not approved for funding. How long will it take for it to re-open ...

1 Aug 10

Change cellphone number

After all, all the information is requested, if the cellphone number can be changed or not, if you can, how do you do it

2 Aug 10

Loan expiring before being fully funded

Greetings to all for the great service's .pls I have been posting my loan for funding since last year but not founded. But I currently check today...

9 Aug 10


Please my schedule for the next credit limit has changed .my current credit limit ksh 84945 and the next credit limit is also ksh 84945 why.and i'...

1 Aug 10

MLF ,Loan upward sdjustment

MLF is not appearing on my page , and making my loan not improving. please help .

1 Aug 10

Credit limit Discrepancy

On the credit limit section, it is stated that i'm elegible for a credit limit increase, so long as i maintain a 90% repayment history. My repayme...

1 Aug 10

Fully funded loan expired

Hi, my loan was fully funded with six (6) more days to go. I accepted the loan and now am told it has expired. What could have gone wrong?

23 Aug 10


I applied for a loan but it has not been approved.I am told that the loan application is pending.What might be the problem?

4 Aug 9