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Extremely low limit

Hi team, while I appreciate the constant email reminders to raise my next loan, the limit is absurdly low. A limit of 101kshs translates to less th...

1 Dec 10

Loan expedite

Is it a must the loan to be expedited

2 Dec 9

Credit risk

He team, I need an explanation of 15% credit associated to our loans. What is its purpose please?

1 Dec 9

loan not disbursement

it has been a week and my loan is not disbursement

1 Dec 9

why send proposal on dash board

you keep sending me proposal on my dash board then follow with the bellow is annoying We're sorry, your loan application was not approved. Since a...

1 Dec 8


Hi team, I would like to be a volunteer mentor. I have passion that this is my right way to exercise this earned skills.

3 Dec 8

Loan disbursed not received

I have not received the loan disbursed into my account. But its displays at dashboard that I have gotten it which is false. I have created support ...

1 Dec 8

too Many loan proposals in a short time

You have created too many loan proposals in a short time. Please wait a while before applying again. Please help it’s morethan 24hrs

1 Dec 8

Re loan offer

How much is 100NGN in naira Nigeria currency

2 Dec 8

i want to repay my loan

I am joy tobias from Ibadan Nigeria i want to repay my loan but i don dont have an atm card can i get an account to pay my loan. if it is possible...

2 Dec 8

Repayment problem

Pls I tried to repay my loan today, but when I click the pay now option ,I am not linked to any page that I can pay.

1 Dec 8

Posting loan application

I tried to post my next loan application but when it reach to a point of telling my lenders about my previous loan the web does not submit. Is ther...

4 Dec 8

Loan cancelled because of expedite fee

I cancelled my loan application because it's asking me to pay for expedite fee after deducting service charge and credit risk fee, but this is wha...

1 Dec 8

Please activate my premium account

My name is is chinyere okafor please I paid for a premium account upgrade but didn't not get it done on my account ,it's still showing free account...

1 Dec 7


Hi zidisha I was to pay the second installment on 6th ,by 20th I will crear the loan be blessed.ann

1 Dec 7

Loan proposal not funded and expired on spot.

After paying my loan outstanding, I tried to create a new loan but the feedback is "we're are sorry, your loan application cannot be approved.........

1 Dec 7

Delayed in Paying my MLF and Credit Risk Fees to me

I requested for all my MLF and all my Credit Risk Fees (CRF) on November 9, 2018 and had a reply on November 11, 2018 assuring me the process for ...

6 Dec 7