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Risk money

I want to know more about the risk money.i applied for the loan of 6000 but I got less money will h did not help me alot because I didn't have enou...

3 Jul 13

Awaiting Disbursement

First and foremost, Zidisha is not bank which I am aware of, but it has come to help a lot of people and I am soo excited to be part of the lucky o...

20 Jul 12

Premium membership fee Not validated

I've paid for the one time membership fees of 1500 but loan not granted, they are still asking me to pay another money again. Please what is happen...

3 Jul 12

Credit Limit decrease

Why is my credit limit decreasing even after I have been repaying in time?

2 Jul 12


My Premium Membership fee not yet refunded

1 Jul 12

Pay button not showing

My name is salami segun peter, my pay button is not showing i don't know why?

1 Jul 12

What is my take home loan amount.

i have applied for a loan but am not understanding the calculations. Is the money going to members fund refundable and what will my take home amoun...

1 Jul 12

Crb listing &batch number

Just talked to TransUnion and they're demanding for a batch number.please send me that batch number

4 Jul 11


I have been doing my repayments through mobile money ever since I joined Zidisha but that option is no longer available on the api.ravepay that ope...

4 Jul 11

CRB issue

I paid the loan in full but before that my details were forwarded to transunion for listing that was on 25/may /2019 eventually i paid the loan ins...

3 Jul 11

Payment mode changes

Please my payment mode has automatically changed from mtn mobile money to pay with card. Please I am not comfortable with the pay with card mode an...

3 Jul 11

Uploading image

Hi, please I get error uploading image. It says “there was an error processing. Any help please

2 Jul 11

Hello worried

Seems the payment of loan is ongoing but seems some of us are still not receiving our loans is been about a week now but others it takes a day for ...

2 Jul 11


Please I need your help. My 100% funded loan has expired. I did confirmed on my tablet only to realise later that it could not go through. Please c...

3 Jul 11

Report from Borrower

I am very grateful to inform you that I am interested in volunteer mentor. I promise to make all my payment this week. I am not feeling well, so I ...

1 Jul 11


Please note that i have requested that my credit risk amount is used to offset my loan outstanding balance. This has become necessary because i am ...

1 Jul 11

Credit limit

Hello team, why am I not getting any credit limit increase after more than 4 loans?

1 Jul 11

I made a mistake when paying for my premium membership fee

I made a mistake when paying for the premium membership fee I didn't include my name. any help or advice?

1 Jul 11