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Is there any acceleration feature anyway?

1 Jun 10

Loan repayment

Hi. Is there changes in the weekly repayment period. It seem all loans are now repaid in one week.

2 Jun 9

Refund of MLF

I filled for a loan and only 4ghana CEDI's was sent to my account hoping that when I finished paying the balance will be sent to me,since then I ...

2 Jun 8

mpesa transactions limit

dear team Is there away any loan above $15000 to be transferred to bank a count than sending to mpesa a count. The mpesa transaction limi...

2 Jun 8

My total credit limit

I think zidisha is not fair in dealing with our total credit limit. My limits is reducing drastically below expectations after paying regularly and...

2 Jun 8

my loan

Please Zidisha what is the problem with my loan? My loan always expires, this time it have move from 0 to 7 percent on the 8 day and from that tim...

1 Jun 8

Not recorded my repayment

About a week ago I made repayment (sorry in IDR 90001 and I thought it was okay with my repayment, but just now I got my email from Zidisha that in...

2 Jun 7

Payment confirmation

I have made payment last week 3 June 2018, but until now there is no confirmation and status is still not paid. Then enter the email that requires ...

2 Jun 7

credit card gift

I am sick and lend want send me a credit card gift . How can he do that. He said I ask zidisha team being my sponsors. Thank you

1 Jun 7

I want to cancel my loan

I want to cancel my loan

1 Jun 7

Loan not disbussed

Dear Zidisha fraternity, I understand that some loans do take a week before disbussed but what usually happens for it to delay for more than a we...

1 Jun 7