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Immediate Loan Disbursement

Am Thanking Zidisha for disbursing by loan minutes after it was fully funded. Please continue with the spirit. Regards

1 May 19

technical error

The loan has been paid but on my dashboard the it will be pay and I should be paitent about it. Please help fix it so that I can repay it back and ...

1 May 19


hello! I just want to know, is this amount refundable?

9 May 19

Loan application

Halo,must one pay a membership fee? Because it seems I cannot proceed with my application unless I pay!

2 May 19

Credit risk refund

Hello lenders Kindly I would like to request for my credit risk refund but when I visit request for refund page there is no option to write my req...

3 May 19

Repayment from a wrong number.

I made repayment of 1000 membership fund to 600201 later noticed i had made a typing error on the number which was in my profile. I later changed t...

3 May 19

Risk fee

Hi Zidisha team incase i don't request my previous risk fee for refund will i use it as risk fee for the next loan thanks in advance

2 May 19


Bracnh code is required which i don't know the branch code of my vodafone cash number. please any help here because i need to buy cream and shampoo...

1 May 19

Mode of payment

Can I use bank account to pay my loan instead of mobile provider safaricom line if yes how can I pay

1 May 19

Loan disbursement taken too long.

I really don't know what is going on. My loan disbursement has been pending for several days. I want to know whether the loan will be disbursed or ...

1 May 19

Disbursed but not recorded

hello my loan has been disbursed but i has not been recorded for payment help me plz

1 May 19

profile update

i have been tring to change my no but not going through ....this the error am getting Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

2 May 17

No increase on my credit limit

My credit limit has not been increase on my credit limit I always repay before the due date The due date for repayment is 31may but I paid it o...

2 May 17

Loan not funded

I received legs 70,000,I Iwas deducted KShe 7,000,and also 28,000 kshs.. Am now being asked to repay 105 keys. I was told by Julia Kurnia that ther...

3 May 17

Loan disbursement taking long

Please help, I was fully funded yesterday but until now I haven't gotten my loan yet. It was for use yesterday and it's getting more :( :( for me t...

2 May 17

No loan after paying membership fee of 1000

I payed my 1000 BT I was not given aloan what should I do

3 May 17