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For invited bonus fund, how does it get paid?

1 Oct 11

Volunteer mentor

I want to know how I can become a volunteer mentor

2 Oct 11


greetings please i cant accept my loan funded since yesterday.please may i know the reason.

3 Oct 11

Volunteer member

I would like to work with Zidisha as a volunteer member mentor, to zidisha members from. My country. Kindly accord me the chance. Thanks

2 Oct 11


what does a loan of 12Ksh mean

2 Oct 11

Access to loan

I invited Ishak Osman to the team but he find it difficult to access a loan. He information is gets stack when when login on Facebook through appli...

1 Oct 11

Unable to accept my loan.

My loan has been funded but cannot accept or confirm it.The message I am to send to my lenders before I confirm cannot be sent for me to confirm. ...

3 Oct 11

Loan Application

Dear goyimei.info. I did not finish my aplication well what do i do next?

10 Oct 11

Loan repayment.

Can one repay the loan in one instalment even though the period chosen is 3 instalments?

1 Oct 11


Howe do I pay my loan....what's the paybill

1 Oct 10

Loan Approval

Good morning, My loan is pending disbursement due to the fact that I have to update my picture of which I did. The loan is yet to be disbursed e...

1 Oct 10

Denied loan

Hello ZIDISHA I just wanted to ask why I have been denied loan and I have pay my last loan

1 Oct 9

Loans denied 11x submission

I want to ask mrsFitri who often communicates with me and mas Surono who is my vm now, I want to ask everyone why every time I borrow is always rej...

4 Oct 9

Loan application

I just paid my previous loan and I can't find a place to apply for a loan again though my loan limit has increased. Its for an emergency. Please he...

1 Oct 9

Refund of CRP

Have applied for refund twice last week and this week and it hasn't been acted on must we remind thrice.Am a volunteer mentor and this issues have ...

1 Oct 9

I havent accept my loans since i apllied the loans

I havent accept my loans since i apllied the loans,it almost one month ago

1 Oct 9

Loan and membership paid

I have paid my loan and membership fee but it’s still hasn’t reflected in my account yet

2 Oct 9