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Loan not funded

Hello my good lenders ? I applied my loan,and instead you fund it expired, I applied for second time now it remains 7 days and it is 0% funded ,wh...

1 Dec 2, 2017

my account closed

I posted here 5 days agi complaining over my account being closed but up to now no response have been forwarded to me, ,

3 Dec 2, 2017


Dear Zidisha I had requested for the change of my number starting last month from 0968678438 to 0969595051.the number I was using is not valid no...

1 Dec 2, 2017

Loan expedition

Hi, I would like to find out how one can expedite their loan?

2 Dec 2, 2017

Post a new loan proposal not showing on my Dashboard !

Hello the technical Team, I am kelvin Asante, and I have just finished repaying my loan fully. but instead for the create a new loan...

2 Dec 2, 2017

funded but loan expired

My account says that the loan i posted is fully funded, but the dashboard has no tab to accept the loan also says the loan is expired yet the fundi...

1 Dec 2, 2017

Loan disbustment

Look here my friend,i dont have an pending loan,if i had,how come you funded the 4th loan,the system is reading that the pending loan is the 3rd lo...

1 Dec 2, 2017

loans are not in accordance with the funds to be returned

why my pinajaman not in accordance with the funds to be returned I have tried to continue but still the same enlightenment please

1 Dec 2, 2017

Loan refund is difficult

I want to ask, I want to refund the loan. But the account number provided is not available when I have used the latest account number that has been...

2 Dec 2, 2017

the loan is too small $1

hello zidisha what can i do with a $1 and loan it's geting founding this is toooooo much zidisha thank you

1 Dec 2, 2017

Unfunded loan

Hi my loan has 4 days left to expire and it is zero funded and my business is terribly affected by the political crisis in our country Kenya so I a...

2 Dec 1, 2017

Expedition of a loan

How can I expedite funding of my loan. I can't see that option

2 Dec 1, 2017


Hello, I am writing to know if someone can change his phone number from the one was registered in the system,if for example he traveled to a differ...

1 Dec 1, 2017

Error in my account

I was recently refered here by a member who has been borrowing with you and I only managed to secure $0.01 this is unfair i think my account has an...

2 Dec 1, 2017

loan limit not increased

I took a loan in September and held it for three months but now after repaying am told that my limit did not increase because I did not hold it for...

3 Dec 1, 2017

Why bills installment so much more ??

Dear team zidisha .. Why my mortgage bill jd more byk. which initially only 6 weeks. now the bill becomes 4433 weeks. that"s right. cook I have to ...

9 Dec 1, 2017

Loan Application

I am trying to apply for a new loan but it doesn't update on my dashboard. It keeps showing "Post a New Application". Please help

1 Dec 1, 2017

Wrongful recording of my repayments

Please zidisha team, I am confused. I was supposed to pay my loan on 25/11/17 but I paid earlier than that date. My repayment repayment was not rec...

1 Dec 1, 2017