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installment payments do not go into credit

I already made payment but why still get email to make payment .. please solusinya

2 Dec 4, 2017

Closed account no MLF refund

Hi Mazuba, I see that you sent a message requesting a refund on Sept 25. Our team member, Sharon, replied to you on that same day (her message ...

1 Dec 4, 2017

Cancel my loan

Please cancel my loan please...I do not need it since you only sent Kshs 10/- this cannot help

1 Dec 4, 2017

Loan not dispersed.

Am into a business of cloth sales which I used to settle my wards school fess and take care of everything. This is my first time of applying for lo...

1 Dec 4, 2017

loan not funded

hello, its been 4 days now and not even 1%of the loan is funded. what do i need to do because i need the loan by the 12th december to go on with my...

1 Dec 4, 2017


As I was applying for the loan, I wrongfully uploaded a photo which was not mine, what should I do while the photo is saved to Zidisha and the pag...

1 Dec 4, 2017


Hello there, You people Zidisha team I don't know what's is going on with my account nothing is happening I wrote you an e-mail and you replied...

1 Dec 4, 2017

Complain loan tenor changed to many

I have complained many times about my loan tenor. my loan amounts to less than 431rb. with an 8-week tenor. 80rb / week installment. but why is my ...

3 Dec 4, 2017

the loan was twice unfunded

Hello .. It"s been twice I submitted a loan but not funded when I always pay on time and faster. Can anyone help me?

2 Dec 4, 2017

Loan not funded for second time

Dear zidisha Team, I am very much disappointed and sad right now because I have maintained 100% on time payment and have also made early repaymen...

1 Dec 3, 2017

Published Loan Not On My Dashboard Anymore.

Please my loan was published about four days ago and the last time I checked it was 15% funded. I was given Twenty-nine days for the funding to ela...

1 Dec 3, 2017

Unable to re apply after my expired loan application

My loan application has expired since 29th November. Several attempts made to open my dashboard from where I normally apply have proved futile. Now...

1 Dec 3, 2017

Last Installment Payment Not yet recorded

Please kindly inform me, my due date to repay the installment on December 1, 2017, but at the time I will make the payment. Virtual My account can ...

1 Dec 3, 2017

"Zidisha account has been closed"

Hello, Kind greetings, i have received a message to my dashboard indicating that my zidisha account has been blocked. Can someone kindly give the...

1 Dec 3, 2017

Past due payments -Ghana

I have been paying my weekly installments but the system I still owe 15GHS as past due payments. This keeps on reducing my repayment rate Please ...

1 Dec 3, 2017

Loan not funded

Its now forth attempt and my loan is yet to be funded.Which creatirie are you using if not the quality of loan proposal i have been cautious with. ...

2 Dec 3, 2017


I applied for 10 dollars but am surprised zidisha says I shall receive ksh10 ! This amount is far below one dollar! Please someone to correct this ...

24 Dec 3, 2017

Loan not funded

Hello my good lenders ? I applied my loan,and instead you fund it expired, I applied for second time now it remains 7 days and it is 0% funded ,wh...

1 Dec 2, 2017