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Loan not funded

This is my third time I'm applying for this loan but it is still 0% funded and above all I cannot find my loan application in the posted project li...

9 Dec 22, 2017

Is this a technical error

The home page of Zidisha website (DEC 22 13:30Hrs) shows that all loans have been funded yet mine is only 4% funded and not even appearing anywhere...

1 Dec 22, 2017

My loan not among in the project page

My loan cannot be found in the project page. please ,check it for me

1 Dec 22, 2017


please, i need the mobile number we pay through

3 Dec 22, 2017


As we reflect on this wonderful holiday, we must keep in mind that Christmas is not just any holiday but may be the most important one of the year ...

1 Dec 21, 2017


Hello, I had find a problem, before I applied for this loan it was showing me that it should be 1,259 ZMW but when applying it changed to 719 ZMW ...

1 Dec 21, 2017

Loan confirmation and publishing

Pls my current loan expired without been fully funded after two days of posting. When I tried to post a new one too every time I try to confirm and...

1 Dec 21, 2017

Credit limits

Currently on my wall, the loan is the one l had paid and was given a new loan and received this mail Dear Ogwang Beatrice Akoth, This is to c...

1 Dec 21, 2017

Uninsured loans

I am very disappointed with zidisha. Because of my loan. Sdh rejected 2kali. I sdh pay off debt sy. I speed up even. I"ve been sgt disappointed. Al...

1 Dec 21, 2017

Loan not there

Why am i not anle to see my loan project on the projects section?

1 Dec 21, 2017

Loan credit limit

Hello zidisha team, My loan is KES.35.00 of which had received and my second loan in KES.57.00. Please kindly assist me to realize the loaning serv...

1 Dec 21, 2017


i am trying to upload my ID card but its not even giving me the option to upload.it just remains on the dashboard

9 Dec 20, 2017

Projects List.

I can no longer find my loan application in the list of numerous projects .I humbly want to find out if my project can still be seen by the lender...

1 Dec 20, 2017

Ga can go to section 2

I can not enter, in part two but already ngisi smua data yg in want it

2 Dec 20, 2017


i have been receiving this email almost every week saying that . Dear Michael , this is notification that, in accordance with the terms of the loa...

1 Dec 20, 2017

loan funded but not disburse more than two weeks

Hello my dear zidisha i am VM and my loan has been fully funded more than two weeks now but not yet disburse and i wish to draw your attention to h...

1 Dec 20, 2017

Two separate Loan Accounts

I write to humbly ask for a quick review of my accounts. Am suppose to submit my last payment by today only to find that another loan I had comple...

1 Dec 19, 2017