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Credit limit

Help me understand, why would my credit limit be reviewed downwards if I have never delayed any payments

1 Dec 30, 2017

Change in credit limit and early repayment amount

Kindly provide me with the reasons why just last night after I successfully paid my previous loan in full and before time due, my credit limit and ...

1 Dec 30, 2017

Becoming kenya's zidisha liason officer

Hello, i have checked the zidisha staff,and its good they are from different countries around the globe. but its sad there is non from kenya. not t...

8 Dec 30, 2017


hello zidisha,is there a way i can clarify my account details. my id number,phone number and all, i think its good for members to clarify their det...

2 Dec 30, 2017

payment received but not recorded and got email bill

to the honorable mother julia kurnia & honorable zidisha team, I hope there is an explanation of our payment which is not recorded / written our de...

2 Dec 29, 2017

uploading of ID card

i have been asked to upload l copy of my ID card but don,t know where to upload it to. and l don't have a support ticket to send messages My loan...

2 Dec 29, 2017

Base Credit Limit - Zambia 0966780082

Early this month a message was appearing on my profile when I view my credit limit. This message was that my Base Credit Limit was K4,880. There ...

2 Dec 29, 2017


Why is the credit limit always changing yet we try as much as possible to pay without any late payments. I personally have cleared all loans that h...

3 Dec 29, 2017

Reduction of my credit limit

My next Zidisha limit has been reduced drastically, from Ksh. 227,000 to Ksh. 168,867. And i don't understand why reduction with that huge margin....

1 Dec 29, 2017

Difficulty in uploading my ID card

I find it difficult to upload my ID card on the dashboard. This is making it impossible to view what is pertaining on my dashboard.

4 Dec 29, 2017

Payments are not recorded

Good night I feel confused how else Payment for repayment 49,868 on October 28, 2017 is not recorded And just yesterday can email bills That my loa...

6 Dec 28, 2017

Approval of zidisha staff for loan submission

I ask for staff zidisha how long I have to wait for approval from zidisha staff to apply for loan

5 Dec 28, 2017

Suggestion for improvement of loan payment

Dear zidisha management, per my investigations, most of the Borrowers complain that they dont get text message on thier phones for payment notifica...

2 Dec 28, 2017

Repayments percentages not increasing.

My repayment percentages stops increasing after payment on the due dates which is affecting me negatively.

4 Dec 28, 2017


Hi. I requested for a loan of which you gave me 25 shillings that I sent back yet you are asking me to pay 2100? For what? Check your records well....

4 Dec 28, 2017

I have tried to puplish my loan but shows an error

Most of the time as i publish my loan isn't going through. Please assist i have followed all the process. Only later shows there is an error and as...

2 Dec 28, 2017

Deactivate my account.

I don't want to be here anymore. How do I deactivate my account?

8 Dec 28, 2017